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Since my Historical Shitpost powerpoints always seem to make people laugh, Here’s the Beginning of Important Figures of the Revolution. This one will be presented in many, many parts! So here is part one! 

[Powerpoint on the Founding Mothers] [Powerpoint on the Founding Fathers]



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What happens when a character casts such a long shadow that pop culture can’t entirely leave him behind, but at the same time that character is firmly rooted in a time and place from which pop culture has itself moved on? The somewhat less than reassuring answer can be found in the film “Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze” (1975), the TV series “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century” (1979-81), and the TV series “Flash Gordon” (2007-08). In all cases, it’s probably fair to say the Pulp Era characters in question simply didn’t successfully transition to the modern era.

Even the cult film “Flash Gordon” (1980) produced by Dino De Laurentiis succeeded only insofar as it created an over-the-top campy and color-saturated reimagining. A lot of fun to watch? Absolutely. But it didn’t result in a new iteration of Flash Gordon being a serious and credible late 20th century pop culture character in the same way that, for example, Han Solo from Star Wars was. Put simply, it’s extremely difficult to reboot Pulp Era characters for contemporary pop cultural tastes.

It was with this in mind that I recently purchased “Avengers of the Moon,” the new Captain Future novel by Allen Steele.

Captain Future is my favorite pulp character. The Captain’s backstory is about as “pulp-y” as it gets. As a child, Curtis “Curt” Newton – Captain Future’s real name – was orphaned when his parents were murdered by the malevolent Victor Corvo. Curt’s father, Roger, was a brilliant scientist who had relocated to the Moon to work on his experiments. After his death, Curt was brought up by The Brain, the disembodied central nervous system of Roger’s colleague Simon Wright; Otho, an android who was a master of disguise as well as an effective combatant; and Grag, a powerful and self-aware robot.

Captain Future was universally revered by the citizens of the solar system, a solar system it should be noted teeming with sentient alien life on several planets and moons. The Captain and his Futuremen worked closely with two members of the Planet Police, the solar system’s interplanetary law enforcement agency: Marshal Ezra Gurney, a senior Planet Police official whose speech and personality seem better suited to the Old West than to outer space, and Joan Randall, an agent who had feelings for Curt although their relationship never developed into anything serious.

The stories were quite imaginative albeit formulaic. But there was just something about the chemistry of the characters that really worked, Curt Newton was the young, handsome space hero, as adept with his mind as with his fists or his proton pistol. Otho and Grag bickered and insulted each other constantly but cared deeply for each other. Simon “The Brain” Wright was the elder statesman. While not achieving the notoriety of Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers, Captain Future, created by Mort Weisinger and written primarily by Edmond Hamilton, still reigned from his secret base in Tycho Crater on the Moon over his pulp science fiction empire from 1940 to 1951.

Enter journalist and sci fi author Allen Steele. Steele previously dealt with Captain Future somewhat obliquely in his 1996 Hugo Award-winning novella “The Death of Captain Future” in which a fan of the pulp hero acts out a fantasy based on the exploits of the character. In “Avengers of the Moon,” Steele attempts the impossible task of rebooting the Captain Future universe for modern sci fi fans.

The novel is set in the 24th century rather than the early 21st of the original pulp series but earlier in Curtis Newton’s reimagined timeline: Newton is not yet Captain Future but a somewhat awkward youth, understandable given his limited contact with other humans and unique upbringing by his surrogate family. Early on in the novel, Newton learns of the murder of his parents by Senator Victor Corvo two decades earlier and plans revenge.

While Steele’s Curtis Newton is credible as the man who is not quite yet the hero he will become, the Futuremen diverge to a greater degree from their pulp incarnations. Otho is harsher than the lovable rogue of the 1940s. At one point he actually threatens Simon Wright with death. An interesting plot change is that Otho was originally supposed to be the body for the brain of Simon Wright but because Otho’s own brain developed sentience so rapidly, this plan was abandoned on ethical grounds. As a result, the Brain remains in a drone that flies using ducted fans rather than the force beams of the old sci fi magazines. Grag is more robotic in temperament. Ezra and Joan initially treat Curt with disdain and the very name “Captain Future” invites eye rolls and laughter rather than the awe and respect displayed from the very first pulp story, “Captain Future and the Space Emperor” (1940).

One of the saddest concessions to modernity is that Captain Future’s spaceship, the Comet, is reduced to a 20 year old yacht that has to hitch a ride on a lightsail ship to travel from the Moon to Mars. This much diminished Comet even lacks the power to lift off from Mars’ surface were it to land there. Thankfully, a worthier successor to the vessel is hinted at near the novel’s end.

The solar system civilization from the pulps survives surprisingly intact with the assorted aliens of the worlds of the system being rebooted as human beings who have been genetically modified to accommodate failed or incomplete terraforming procedures on the various moons and planets.

I won’t spoil the plot further except to say that not too surprisingly by the end of the novel, Curt Newton has accepted the mantle of Captain Future and the name now commands respect rather than prompts derision.

Anyone picking up “Avengers of the Moon” with the expectation that he or she will rediscover the magic of those old sci fi magazine stories will be disappointed, not because of any failing by the author but because that’s not the purpose of this book. Steele could have written a novel in direct continuity with the 1940s Captain Future universe but it would have been merely a pastiche. Instead, he chose the much more difficult task of trying to capture the soul of those wonderful old pulp characters and transplant them into a grittier and harder science fiction story to appeal to modern readers. In this all but unworkable endeavor, the author probably comes as close to success as is possible.

Reading “Avengers of the Moon” is like meeting some old friends for the first time in 20 years and discovering that they are now rather different people. And that’s okay. It means you can both reminisce and get acquainted. This iteration of the pulp icon is clearly the product of a culture that is older, less confident, less optimistic, and more cynical than the culture that produced the original. But that’s exactly the kind of culture that needs a hero like Captain Future.

Old School Science Fiction recommends adding Allen Steele’s “Avengers of the Moon” to your summer reading list.

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*jumps in between Alfred and Allen* How does a bastard orphan- (Same Admin Jay same)

*Allen pushes Alfred back* 
“son of a whore and a Scotsman-”
*Alfred slides forward on his knees*
“dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot-”
*Allen steps in front of Alfred and covers him*
“in the Caribbean by providence, impoverished, in squalor-”
*Alfred knocks Allen over*
“grow up to be a hero and scholar?”

(great now they won’t stop fighting, thanks anon.)

Robert/Cora/Edith/Tom/Violet/Mary: It’s what Sybil would have wanted.

Sybil: Uh… do whatever you want, I’m super dead. 

//Oh hey lookie what is did-

Hamilton AU!

Thendy Hamilton
Molly Lafayette
Ace Schuyler
Alice Schuyler
Katie Schuyler
Boris Mulligan


My ref wasn’t big enough to squeeze Tendy Laurens or Henry Washington in, but I may do them later!


I jumped from one roof to the next, the heels on my boots clicking with each jump and footfall in my pace. I kept a hand on my sword when I jumped, not wanting to lose me weapon. 

I heard a loud explosion below me, and stopped to access the situation. Meta with super strength just robbed the bank and was currently trying to get away. I wasn’t blessed with super strength in my arms, but that particle accelerator gave me super strong legs.

I jumped from the roof of the 60 floor office building, landing and creating a small crater around the impact sight of my landing. The loud thud caught everyone within a 2 block radius’s attention, and I rose up slowly from my knelt position. 

An abandoned car a few meters away, which still had it’s radio blasting, had Yonce’ by Beyonce playing loudly over the speakers. A smirk formed over my features.

“Damn, I love this song.” I chuckled lowly, walking towards the Meta, who was holding bags of money. I pulled my cross up and kissed it, letting go and letting it fall back into it’s position as my necklace. 

With a flip of my (H/C) hair, I whipped out my sword, spinning it a few times in my hand, before getting into a fighting stance. 

The Meta starred at me, wide eye for a moment, before dropping his bags and turning his full attention to me.

“Pretty little kitten wants to fight, how cute.” The Meta purred, running his eyes up and down my body.

“Well, this pretty little kitten has claws. Let’s consider this a fair fight, you win, you keep your money. I win, you’re going with me to Iron Heights.” I purred, twirling my sword.

“Deal kitten. I’ll try not to break you in 2 seconds.” He smirked, before running forward and trying to grab me. 

I dodged his slow attack quickly, bringing one of my legs up behind him, kicking the meta to the ground. 

He snarled, turning his head, and I saw multiple veins bulge out of his neck. I smirked down at him, pointing my sword at him. Before I could react, he grabbed my sword, throwing me through the air and into a nearby car.

“Kittens been de-clawed.” The Meta laughed, holding my sword and examining it.

My eyes widened, and realized it was my turn to take the defensive. I pushed my body off the ground, my (H/C) hair falling over my eyes. 

The Meta ran at me, rearing back one of his fists to punch me. I timed it perfectly, and brought one of my legs up in a powerful high kick, and it came in contact with the Meta’s fist. A shock wave rippled through the area, shattering windows as it went. The sheer energy of our attacks balancing each other out, caused both the Meta and I to fly backwards.  

My sword flew in my direction,and I grabbed it quickly. 

Before I had a chance to react, a red blur flashed passed me, tying up the Meta, I was just fighting, and coming to stand before me.

This man in red was vibrating his body so I couldn’t make out his features. Clever.

“Okay speedster, who the hell are you?” I groaned, standing to my feet, holding my sword in one hand and keeping the other across my stomach.

Suddenly, wind rushed past me, and I found myself inside a circular clue, white, and grey room, full of technology I had only ever dreamed of using, and 5 other people.

Behind a row of computers stood a girl with long, red hair, staring at me wide eyed. Then there was a girl, maybe 16, standing behind an older man who I presumed to be her father. Then, there was a Latino boy standing off to the side, twizzler hanging from his gaping mouth as he stared at me. 

Then there was the man in the red suit, who in a low, vibrated voice, spoke with authority. 

“Who are you?”

“The names Lectus. Nice to meet you Flash.” I said, sheathing my sword, and holding my hand out to the popular speedster.

“What does that mean?” The scarlet speedster asked, looking down at my hand.

“Lectus means kick in Latin” I hummed back.

I smiled kindly toward him, letting my hard, cocky exterior fall, flashing him a warm smiled. At my sudden mood change, he reluctantly shook my hand.

“I do have one question though Flash, why did you bring me here?” I asked, putting one of my hands on my hip.

“He’s jealous of your abilities and hero qualifications.” The Latino said, laughing as the red speedster shot him a death glare.

I laughed, looking back over at the Latino, smiling and laughed, causing his face to redden. 

“NO! Well, maybe, but I brought you in cause a majority of my team wanted to recruit you.” He said, pulling off his mask. Cute, but average,guy.

“Hm, I might have to take you all up on that offer. But, I need to know you all’s names?” I asked, running a hand through my (H/C) hair.

“I’m Caitlin.”

“Harrison, and this is my daughter Jessie.”

“I’m Barry Allen.”

“And my names Cisco.”

With a warm smile, i stated my name. 

“The name’s (Y/N) (L/N), ass kicking extraordinaire.” I said, and that caused Cisco to laugh, making me laugh as well.

A sudden beep on a computer screen caught us all of guard, and Caitlin rushed to read it.

“Robbery on 4th street Barry” She said, looking up at him. Barry pulled on his mask, and  I unsheathed my sword, getting ready to leave.

“Oh no you don’t.” Cisco said, grabbing my arm just as I was about to follow after Barry’s zooming figure.

“We have to run tests on you, figure out your powers.” Caitlin said, walking around the row of computers and in front of Cisco and I.

“It’s simple. I have strong legs. Can I go now?” I whined, trying to pull away from Cisco’s surprisingly powerful grip.

“Nope.” They both responded, dragging me to another room.

—- 2 Months Later —-

I sat in the cortex, watching The Princess Bride with Cisco for maybe the hundredth time, quoting every line with him as the movie went along. 

We had our legs propped up on the cortex’s semi circle desk, our legs intertwined. It was 2 AM, and we were on maybe out 6th movie when I noticed Cisco was sound asleep next to me. 

Cisco and I became close friends during my time as a member of Team Flash, and he even helped give me a new name. Illusion. It sounds way cooler than Lectus. 

I honestly can’t keep myself away from Cisco. He is infectious. From his smile, to his nerdy comments, to his sass. Everything about him is amazing. No wonder I have feelings for him.

That’s when I heard whimpering, and I turned my head to see my favorite guy in the world scrunching up up his face in his sleep, and whimpering. I rolled my chair closer to his when he started to cry in his sleep. 

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, pulling half of his upper body into my lap. I ran a hand gently through his hair, before singing a lullaby based off of a song from the play Hamilton.

“My sweet Cisco, what to say to you?

Domestic life, had always been my style,

But when you smile, you knock me out, I fall apart. 

And I thought I was so smart.

You will grow and change with this great city.

I’ll bleed and fight for you. I promise I’d die for you.

If I give you what you need, will you stay with me.

I’ll give my all for you, I’ll give my world to you.

And you blow us all away,

Always, always.

Yeah you blow us all away.”

I hummed the last few notes into Cisco’s hair, kissing his head gently as he stopped crying and latched onto my arm. 

With a soft smile, I fell asleep, holding Cisco slightly in my arms, hoping to push his nightmares of Eobard away. 

Awwwwwwww you sang to him. That’s to cute. I loved writing this. So much fluff, it’s amazing!