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Hippo Campus at The Old National Centre in Indianapolis, IN. 16 October 2016.

by Savanna Danoski


“Band of Brothers’ actors singing drill songs at the Bastogne War Museum”


Y/N: Ollie, It’s not that big of a de–

Oliver turns his anger towards you in a flash. 

OLIVER: Don’t even try! You both lied to me!

Y/N: Because we knew you would act like this!

BARRY: Oliver, we–

With one glare from the Arrow, Barry snaps his mouth so its closed tight, hiding his face behind his hand.

FELICITY: Honestly, Oliver you are overreacting!

He raises his eyebrows in defiance ready to argue, but Felicity had a special super power: the ability to make Oliver stop and listen.

FELICITY: Y/n could be dating some drug dealer with a wonky eye and probably some daddy issues but she’s dating Barry! He’s basically a small nerdy puppy!

Felicity quickly glances at a mildly offended Barry.

FELICITY: No offense. I just—what I mean is Barry is a good guy and he obviously cares about Y/N. Sooo, before you start shooting people with scary sharp arrows, stop and think.

Nobody has the courage to speak, and even if they did no one would know what to say. It’s a moment before Oliver finally sighs in reluctant defeat. He mutters under his breath.

OLIVER:(to Felicity) I’m not happy about this.

He looks back to you and Barry.

OLIVER: Don’t lie to me again. 

He sulks out of the room, leaving you with Barry and Felicity.

BARRY: So, that was….eventful.

Being Barry’s sister and dating Jesse would include...

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  • Trying to hide your relationship from Barry at first
  • Because
  • A) He has enough to deal with already
  • B) You didn’t know how this would change the dynamic of Team Flash
  • C) He’s never really approved of any of your significant others
  • Someone on the team [cough] CISCO [cough] accidentally letting it slip
  • Barry being surprised at first
  • But he eventually came to terms with it
  • Him wanting to get to know Jesse better
  • So he sets up double date with you and Jesse and him and Iris
  • Wally making a joke about how the two of you are sleeping together
  • Causing you to get angry at him and Barry to go into denial mode™
  • “What? Y/N? My baby sister? She’s a virgin… right?”
  • Barry acting weird around you for three whole weeks after he finds out
  • But he eventually comes to terms with it
  • Although he still can’t bear to watch the two of you kiss
  • Barry eventually seeing Jesse as his own sister
  • And after a while
  • He realizes that you two are a perfect match
  • And he knows Jesse will eventually become family

Dimitri: I fully acknowledge the suffering I caused others in the name of research. I admit that it might have been pride that compelled me, rather than my love for Claire. I ended my work on the time machine after the events in ‘Future London’ -

Alfendi: Yeah… but did you go to prison like Clive? Sure, you might serve less jail time, but it’s jail time either way. 

Dimitri: I was so blinded by my work, that I didn’t comprehend Clive’s true intentions. Then it was too late to stop him.  

Alfendi: Did you or did you not go to prison after kidnapping several scientists - and the Prime Minister - trapping them in Future London and forcing them to work on your time machine, against Claire’s wishes? 

Dimitri: Claire said she, Bill and myself must all pay - 


Dimitri: What are you talking about?

Alfendi: Were you punished for your crimes in Future London? Dad said Clive was led away by the police after the Mobile Fortress went down… but none of them even acknowledged you. Not even Inspector Chelmey! I get that on some level you were acting ‘in the name of love’ and you admitted to your crimes. It makes you a sympathetic person. But being remorseful and a pawn in Clive’s plans doesn’t excuse your crimes! If that was the case, Clive could go free for promising to atone! 

Dimitri: Of course I went to prison! I deserved to! I was just released after a few years… I think…

Alfendi: Prove it.

Dimitri: …You know, I can’t actually remember… 

Alfendi: *Looks at Level 5 like he’s on the office.*