allegra martin


Bernie: Wow, congratulations, Al. I’m so glad to see you’ve finally gotten over me!

Allegra: Bernie Davenport, you are the most conceited Sim I’ve ever met! How dare you barge in here and act as though we are old friends, as though you never cheated on me with someone half my age, and as though I would spend my days pining away over losing a “catch” like you. Ha! Don’t forget who kicked whom to the curb, mister. 


Martin: Allegra! It’s been too long. 

Allegra: Martin! How are you these days? 

Martin: Better than expected, certainly. Joshua and I recently moved into a new home for elders only. It’s a nice place: quiet, homey, has a pool, and it’s only a short walk to see my grandchildren. I was hesitant at first, but now I’m so glad I agreed to it. You should consider it for when your daughter moves out. 

Allegra: Actually Charlie’s already gone. If this place is near your old house, it’s not that far from the bus depot. It would be nice to be closer to Charlie, that’s for sure…