allegra does her nails


Morrigan-Inspired Nails!

  • Thumb: Margot and Shannon “necklace” with Blakely
  • Index and Middle: Blakely
  • Ring: Margot base with individually placed glitter pieces from Vivien
  • Pinkie: Blakely with Harley “flies”

I knew what I wanted to do with Morrigan’s manicure for a while, but only just decided to do the individually placed glitter pieces that I really wanted to use to emulate the scaley gold part of the dress. Yeah, that took … 2 hours to do? Maybe? I don’t remember, I was watching OITNB. I’m also really happy with how the necklace turned out! I made it by painting the gold color first, letting it dry for a few hours, and then placing nail tape in that pattern and painting Blakely over it.

I picked Blakely because—and it’s kind of hard to tell in the pictures—it’s a beautiful color that shifts between purple and green. It seemed a bit more magical than solid colors, and is dark enough to be a color I think she’d use to paint her own nails. I was originally going to put flies on each nail, but they ended up not being as precise as I wanted, and also made the whole look busy. I liked the ones on the pinkie, though, and decided to keep them :)

Overall: I LOVE this one and wore it for about a week!