Allegheny National Forest: It was such a beautiful places to visit. I have much appreciation for the parks we have on the east side.

Also, I flew all the way to Yellowstone, and the Grand Tetons last summer. I was hoping to see some bears, wolves, or at least a moose. Little did I know, that all I had to do was drive to Pennsylvania. A little baby black bear cub, ran out in front of my car. I had plenty of room to stop. I was in such awe. It was my first sighting. I had never seen a bear in the wild before. I was completely content. I suppose I should appreciate whats in my own “backyard”, so to speak.

Western PA

My first stop was in Allegheny National Forest in Western PA. I camped at Chapman State Park, a little park with developed campgrounds, some trails, and a little lake. Unfortunately, it rained nearly constantly the whole day, so I only ventured out for an hour or two at a time to explore the trails nearby. Though extremely muddy, there were some really nice points along the way. 

I ended up spending more time reading East of Eden by Steinbeck than out hiking, but the day was nice in its own way: relaxed and cozy. That night, surrounded by the complete silence of a sleepy campground, I pulled out my headphones and put on Carrie and Lowell, a fantastic album by Sufjan Stevens. 

The quiet, mournful album was the perfect complement to the damp darkness outside my tent. 

Since I only had two nights there, the next day I packed up my (very damp) camping gear and set off to Connecticut. On the way there took several detours and found some really pretty sights. 

Kinzua Dam, Allegheny National Forest

Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, Leonard Harrison State Park

The area was really gorgeous, and I look forward to comping back on another (hopefully more sunny) day. 


Kinzua Skywalk:

This used to be a full track, until a tornado came and wiped out half of it. I got to experience this from all different aspects. I walked out on it, I walked beneath it, amongst the rebel. It was really amazing to see something so grand in structure, twisted and mangled on the ground.