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Actually, really knowing someone doesn’t mean anything. People change. A person may like pineapple today and something else tomorrow.

Let me introduce you all to my Inquisitor, Faye Lavellan. Frankly I adore her with every fiber of my being. Though this is gray scale, she’s slightly tanned with red hair and green eyes, as well as her tattoos and eye makeup being green. Perhaps I’ll upload a colored version sometime. 

I romanced her with Cullen (bae =w=) and she was the first and only inquisitor i made so far. I feel guilty having another inquisitor, but I really wanna try having a dwarf too. She came to befriend Dorian, but besides that I didn’t take much chance to explore a bit more with the game and her. However, I really would like to~

A Better Future (part 7)

Faye watched as Cassie stirred on the old couch. The girl groaned as she sat up and rubbed her tender cheek.

“What’s going on? Where am I?” She grumbled as she glanced around the dark room but only saw Faye.

“You’re safe.” Future Faye answered.

Cassie’s eyes went wide and she shouted indignantly, “You hit me!”

“Kind of had to.” Future Faye shrugged. “Your present memories are merging with your future self, which is how we got discovered and future you was able to get through the wards.”

Realization dawned on Cassie and a somber looked covered her face. “Just kill me.” She whispered dejectedly.

“What?” Future Faye asked perplexed.

“Kill me and we can fix this whole mess. No one has to die.” Cassie pleaded but the fear was visible in her eyes.

“No.” Future Faye asserted.

“But-” Cassie began to protest.

“I’m not just trying to save the future. I’m trying to save you.” Faye cut the girl off.

Cassie looked away. “Maybe I’m not worth saving.”

Future Faye stood up and began to search around the room. Cassie watched her confused. Finally she grabbed a bag and pulled out a walkie-talkie and began to fiddle with it.


“Fay-”She heard Adam’s voice get cut off.

“Where is she? Cassie!” Jake’s voice resounded through the device.

“Jake?” Cassie called out tentatively.

“Cassie, are you okay?” His voice cracked with worry.

“I’m fine.” The girl stated reassuringly.

“Are you sure, Faye’s not threatening you to say that?” The panic was still evident in Jake’s voice but at a much lesser degree.

“I’m okay.” She said calmly.

“People care about you Cassie.” Faye said with a serious expression. Her hand on the knob turned the device off.

The blonde witch nodded solemnly. “Where are we?”

“I’ll tell you once we have a plan but right now we need to stay hidden and that means leaving you in the dark. I’m not sure how much time it takes for our memories to merge so we are going to have to be quick.”

Faye played nervously with her hands. Normally she would tell people to fuck off and stop staring at her but at this moment she couldn’t. She wouldn’t admit it but she was scared.

“You weren’t surprised when we- when they kissed.” Diana said as she sat next to her.

Faye looked up and met Diana’s eyes before looking down once more. “I wasn’t.”

“How long have you known?” Diana whispered.

“Not that long.” Faye said with a sigh.

“And you didn’t tell me.” Diana reproached.

Faye looked up again seeing the pain behind Diana’s eyes. “I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.”

Diana nodded and took a deep breath. “How close are we?”

Faye didn’t blink, her eyes bore into Diana’s. She felt her heart quicken but it wasn’t panic, it wasn’t uncomfortable. It was nice.

“We’re married.” She murmured.

Diana’s face fell and Faye felt her stomach drop at the reaction. “But I’m- I mean she’s pregnant. Did I-”

“No.” Faye cut her off and she smiled softly understanding why Diana was skeptical. “The baby, it’s mine.”


“I don’t know, but it’s mine,” Faye assured, “ours.”

Diana exhaled deeply, a look of doubt flashed her face but then she gently grabbed Faye’s hand. She did not look at Faye as she did this but the gesture itself spoke volumes. For such a small action, it made Faye’s heart flutter. She held the hand firmly, hoping everything would turn out okay and if it didn’t she could deal with it as long as she had Diana by her side.

“We’re going.” Future Faye stated as she pocketed a knife.

Cassie looked at her with wide eyes. “Where?”

She had been watching future Faye gaze fixedly out the window. She had no idea where they were and was reprimanded when she tried to look behind the curtains. But based on the high Windows she assumed a basement.

“Here, for protection.” She handed Cassie a knife and the walkie-talkie. She took a deep breath and looked at Cassie in the eyes. “If something goes wrong, you run and contact Adam.”


“Let’s go we don’t have much time.”

Using a chair, future Faye climbed through the window and Cassie followed. She glanced at the destroyed backward and then at the sky. She saw a strange glimmer.

“Why does the sky look like that?” She frowned.

Faye stopped. “Force field, keeps us in and others out.”

She grabbed Cassie’s hand in order to continue and they squeezed through an opening in the wooden fence to the other side.

Cassie stopped when she recognized the house, her grandmother’s house, her house. It look in very good condition, probably one of the only few buildings left like that. They walked up the porch but stopped when they saw the door knob moving.

“Mistress Balcoin,” A dark skin man greeted as he came out the front door, “You return so soon.”

Cassie glanced at future Faye and then cleared her throat. “Change of plans.”

The man nodded and held the door open. He eyed future Faye warily but said nothing.

They entered and closed the door. They glanced back as of expecting the man to come in any second.

“Let’s do this.” Future Faye stated walking up the stairs.

They opened Cassie’s bedroom door and Cassie froze when she saw that it had not change much. She wasn’t sure what she was expecting, maybe something dark, black satin. They went to the secret compartment. Cassie opened it and smiled when she saw the skull.

“It’s here.” She said as she took the object out carefully.

“Good let’s go.”

“Mommy?” They froze.

At the entrance stood a young blonde girl with vibrant blue eyes, she looked just a bit older than Jake Conant.

“What are you doing in my room?”

Cassie grabbed future Faye’s hand tightly unable to reply. The sound of quick footsteps ascending the stairs snapped them out of their shock.

Future Faye grabbed the girl who screamed and took out her knife placing it on her neck. The little girl screamed just as future Cassie and the man at the door, ran in.

“Let her go.” Future Cassie commanded.

“Now what makes you think I’m going to do that?” Future Faye taunted with a smirk.

Cassie noticed that future Faye’s hands were tense a clear contrast to the confidence in her voice. She was trying to act calm but the fear was there.

“You won’t make it out if this house alive.” Future Cassie promised.

“Then neither will your daughter.” Future Faye spat back.

“Mommy, help me!” The little girl screamed, tears running down her face.

“It’s going to be okay, Amy.” Future Cassie tried to comfort the girl. It was strange to see her caring knowing all that she had done.

Cassie wanted to tell her to let the girl go but her throat was dry and she knew that it would be a bad idea. They needed leverage if they were to make it out alive.

“What do you want?” Future Cassie growled.

“To leave this house with the crystal skull.” Faye demanded.

Future Cassie drew a knife out and the man took a menacing step forward.

“Do you want your daughter alive?” Future Faye threatened. “Maybe I’ll leave her with a little memento like you left me.”

Future Cassie didn’t blink but the anger behind her eyes grew.

“The things I’m going to do to you.” Cassie smiled maliciously. “Then I’m going to go after Diana and make sure that bastard of yours is never born.”

Future Faye tensed, anger covered her face and she pressed the knife firmly on Amy’s neck. A small dot of blood appeared causing Amy to whimper and Future Cassie took a step forward. Faye pressed harder ignoring the sobs coming from Amy. Future Cassie froze.

“You’re an idiot.” Future Cassie growled at the man next to her. Future Cassie’s body shook with anger and Cassie got the sensation that the older witch would explode any second especially with the tense way she held the knife.

“Forgive me-” The man’s words died in his throat as future Cassie plunged the knife into him, pulled it out and he fell to the floor with a gasp.

“Faye.” Cassie croaked in fear. The woman before her frightened her to no end.

“Move.” Future Faye ordered gesturing to the doorway. Future Cassie moved grudgingly and Cassie, future Faye, and Amy walked out. They descended the stairs slowly watching as future Cassie followed slowly.

“What are we going to do?” Cassie whispered.

“Run for it.” Future Faye ordered.

“That’s your plan?” Future Cassie asked feeling defeated.

“Got anything better?” She mumbled as they reached the main door.

They opened the door and turned to see the body Charles Meade. The man smiled evilly.

“Run!” Faye screamed.

She threw the little girl towards Charles catching him off guard. The man stumbled and they dashed through the fence as they heard the door open. They slid through the window just as the fence was blasted behind them.

Future Faye stood at the wall chanting as a green light illuminated the wall and a door appeared.

“You’re dead Faye!” Future Cassie roared as the windows exploded.

Future Faye opened the door and Cassie ran in. She saw Faye stumbled with a pained expression and then close the door.

She began another spell and the door glowed red.

“Let’s go, I’m not sure how long that will hold.” She heaved.

Ignoring the booms and screams of rage from the other side, Cassie ran holding onto the skull tightly. Her heart was beating wildly in her chest and she could barely feel her legs.

“Straight.” Future Faye ordered harshly as they reached a fork in the dark hall.

“Left.” She said once more until they reached a dead end.

Future Faye leaned on the wall. “His parietibus sanare.” She mumbled while placing her hand on the wall. The wall glowed green and a door appeared. They walked in.

Faye watched as Cassie walked in out of breath and looking terrified, followed by her future self who looked pain.

“We did it.” Cassie panted as she held out the skull.

“Faye.” Future Diana called out in relief as she ran towards her wife.

Future Faye took a step forward, face pale and clammy she gave a small smile.

“Diana.” She whispered before she plummeted forward. Future Diana screamed, a knife was sheathed into the woman’s back and a red spot marred the shirt.

“Shit.” Future Adam cursed as he ran towards them. Future Melissa gasped as everyone watched the scene before them carefully. He pulled the knife out and placed his hand over the wound.

“The blood will stop the wound will heal. The blood will stop the wound will heal.” Adam looked panicked as he recited the spell.

“It’s not working.” Future Diana cried.

“I’ll get Henry.” Melissa stuttered a she picked up her son and left through another door.

“Let’s try out together.” Future Adam grabbed future Diana’s hand and they tried the spell together, once more with no results.

“It-it’s not working.” Diana choked out again as she held the other woman in her arms. “Faye you promised, you promised me you wouldn’t do anything stupid. You can’t leave me. I need you, our child needs you.”

“I’m sorry.” Future Faye whimpered her eyes half opened.


“Shit!” Adam cursed as the walls shook. “They’re coming.”

“Faye!” They heard future Cassie’s voice down the hall.

“You have to leave, now!” Future Adam ordered them.

“We can’t.” Diana shook her head furiously.

“Faye, Melissa, do the spell with the crystal skull and you should be back in your time without any problems.” Adam commanded desolate.

Diana watched the scene torn. The portal wouldn’t last open much longer they needed to jump through; soon. The only past witches left were Diana and Faye. Faye grabbed Diana’s arm and tried to move her.

“We can’t leave.” Diana protested as she yanked her arm from Faye’s grip. “They need help.”

Faye pleaded with her eyes. “The only way we can help them is by going back and preventing this.”

“No,” Diana shook her head, “you’re- she’s hurt.”

“Diana!” Faye panicked as she saw the portal shrink in size.

“No Faye!” Diana screamed.

Faye could feel her heart thumping wildly in her chest. She glanced at her future self in her partners arms. Her shirt had a dark spot on it as future Adam pressed his hands against the wound trying to control the bleeding.

Her eyes locked with the wounded women. “Go.” She mouthed.

Faye swallowed and grabbed Diana by the waist. Using all her strength she hurled their bodies toward the portal getting sucked in by the magic. She felt the familiar pull in her stomach and the deafening wind in her ears. They were going home.

“And like the sea, I'm constantly changing from calm to hell.”
Meet HELENA FAYE, she is TWENTY-ONE years old and is a FREAK in the Freakshow. Helena is sometimes confused as CANDICE ACCOLA and she is unfortunately CLOSED.

Helena Faye was born into sin, possession and darkness. She wasn’t the product of a passionate moment between two people, who loved each other tenderly; she wasn’t the product of two high school sweethearts. She was the product of “science” – as they called it. But the brutal reality was from the moment Helena was brought into the world, she was doomed to be cursed for eternity. Her mother, Cynthia was labelled as a “witch”, one who was captured by a group of people in the 1930’s– Satanists, who believed witchcraft descended from their master, the Devil, Cynthia was caged up for two years, she became a prisoner and whenever she dared to try and escape they’d only inflict torture onto the woman before caging her up with a mere water and food bowl – treating her like an animal. The sadistic humans soon realized Cynthia was old material, they needed a new source, and they needed a child of a who they believed to be a so called witch. Which led to Cynthia getting pregnant against her will, she tried everything to get rid of the child; from suicide attempts to black magic, but nothing worked. This child, her first and only child was going to be born into the sick and evil environment and the absolutely heart shattering truth was – there was nothing Cynthia could do to prevent it.

March 17th 1945, Cynthia went into labour, without a hospital or anyone with medical training on hand, the child birth was messy, unsanitary and deadly. Killing Cynthia, as she caught one mere glance of her baby girl, muttering the name Helena as her ice blue eyes closed and her weak heart stopped, lying in a pool of her own blood as the baby cried out for her Mama or Dada. The cult-like group blessed the child in a chant, the child of a “witch”; Helena Faye. There isn’t a single record of Helena’s birth, according to the system Helena Faye doesn’t exist. In complete honestly it’s a mystery to how the baby survived in the conditions she was kept under, the conditions appalling, often left screaming her lungs out till eventually she wore herself out and drifted off into a light sleep. She wasn’t given affection; she wasn’t entertained with sweet games, new toys and smiling faces. She would lie in her crib in the men and women would surround the bearing, reading out sinful chants; in their mind, Helena was going to carry out the new breed of witches – the true breed of witches. Dark and pure evil.

From the age of five the first experiment on the blonde girl was made and from that moment it became a filthy goddamn horror show. Incision after incision was made, with chips and tracking devices locked in underneath her flesh. With no proper surgical equipment, Helena was often fully awake when the experiments took place, strapped to a chair and gagged as the sadistic, satan worshipers kneeled beside her, cutting, injecting, examining. The wanted to know exactly how a witch operated, if they could be cloned; what they truly were. Helena never went to school, she never left the abandoned building she was born into, her leaders; her devil’s simply wouldn’t allow it. Helena was lucky to have survived up until the age of 14 – the age the experiments – her life took a leap for the worst and almost murdered the young girl in cold blood. Wanting to know how strong the witch was; what she was capable of, they threw the 14 year old into a sealed tub of ice cold water. Hours passed and Helena was almost frozen to death, her body like statue, but the piercing, gut wrenching a squeal that left her lips didn’t stop and that’s when it happened. An electrical storm, wires, bulbs, machinery all bursting into dust before Helena and her icy eyes. The tub struck with a lightning bolt and Helena rising from the water. Her skin purple, bruised, wounded and scarred as she smirked softly to herself and limped out of the room – the torture room as she called it. But the storm wasn’t enough to allow the girl to run – if anything it made the devils more thirsty – thirsty for blood – blood of a witch. Everything became more brutal as they thought they knew the “witch’s” power – the ability to control and make electricity. There was something they needed from Helena, something that would change her life – they needed their tribe of dark witches to populate and this led to Helena’s pregnancy against her will at age 17.

The child was born just before Helena’s eighteenth birthday, she’d tried everything to get rid of it, from suicide attempts to black magic – It was like her mother’s pregnancy all over again. The baby was a boy and a stillborn; it didn’t have a single moment to breath to see his Mama as she cried out in pain. It was traumatizing for Helena. However, the woman she now views as her guardian angel saved her on her 21st birthday. After years of prays for help and love, it was heard when the blonde hit her birthday. Elsa Mars knew of the satanic cult, in fact, she had her eye on them for years before she acted - using her manipulation to gain access into the hole they called home. From there, she quickly took Helena while the girl slept, the blonde woke up in a new setting - a tent in what she assumed was a sick joke pulled by the people who had abused her for the past twenty-one years. But it wasn’t, the tent she was in was her new home. A place known as a freakshow, where many broken and tainted souls reside. Helena is gentle to those who surround her, she isn’t one to cause any drama in the show. However, that doesn’t mean she isn’t suffering. She began downing painkillers and soon enough she became a crumbled, addicted wreck. The pills are the only thing that takes Helena away from reality – her reality; she’s often drugged up and fading between the real world and her fantasy world. She views herself as an angel - a heart made of gold, so much love soaked inside her. 


There are two sides to Helena - sober, fragile Helena and drugged up, cooky and spaced from reality Helena. The first is often covered and rarely comes out. The first is fragile, like a china doll that has been smashed so many times, the only thing left of it is one million tiny pieces. Her mind is filled out sadness and recurring images of the intense torture she was put through for almost nineteen years. But the drugs take that away - the painkillers are Helena’s lifeline, she sometimes blacks out and overdoses but the Helena that would be viewed from an outsider is chirpy, with a beaming smile and a rich sense of humor and a laugh that could make anyone swoon. But that Helena never existed, that Helena is made of pills. Her scarring is severe and because of that Helena is almost always covered up, the only scarring she allows visible at times are the scarification angel wings that were cut into the flesh of her back at age fifteen. Helena is a broken angel and unable to be glued back together.


Cynthia Faye: Helena has spent twenty-one years believing that her mother was dead. However, while Cynthia’s birth of Helena was bloody and dangerous, Cynthia did survive, only Helena doesn’t know that. Cynthia regularly visits the Freakshow to see her daughter, yet has never plucked up the courage to speak to her.

Hestia St. Claire: Hestia and Helena’s names both start with the letter H, but that’s not the only thing the two girls have in common. They are both known as the “witches”, “the magicians” of the freakshow. The girls get along well, despite their personality differences - Helena being angelic and soft, while Hesita is fiery and harsh.

Isobel Fontaine: Helena sees Isobel as her fairy godmother. From the minute Helena found herself at the Freakshow Isobel fed her, bathed her and nursed her back into somewhat of good health. Though Helena will never truly know the meaning of good health. Isobel then went on to mentor Helena and help her to understand and gain control of her abilities. Belle is one of the few people Helena trusts and loves with all her tainted, yet innocent heart.

Sorry for all the pictures but Faye had to be in one. Who ever thought I’d own a Honda again?

Hello All faye here just wanted confirmation: am i actually awake or am i just in a mcbusted nightmare???????????

troybanner asked:


  • Who’s the first to wake up in the morning: Troy and he makes Faye wake up not long after him to which Faye is hella grumpy and just 0/10
  • Who’s the one to make breakfast: this implies that they both feel like cooking in the morning.. part of me says troy and part of me says they’d probs hit up a diner or the kitchen staff u feel 
  • Who’s the one to serve the other breakfast in bed: prob faye if she was feeling hella generous one day but then she’d have to wake up before troy so
  • Who would suggest a quickie in the morning before work: prob troy :~)
  • Who suggests they both ditch work to lay around all day: faye would but she wouldn’t even like say it out loud she’d probably just make troy answer the door and there’s like a dominoes guy with 3 pizzas ready and some cheesy bread and he would just know 
  • Who chooses the movies: Faye usually but sometimes she lets Troy pick
  • Who initiates kissing during the moving, thus distracting the other from the movie all together: i feel like both of them would do this?????? 
  • Who orders lunch: lets go with troy
  • Who steals food from the other’s plate without asking: both lbr it doesn’t even matter if they both ordered like a grilled cheese and fries they still steal each others
  • Who curls up next to the other and falls asleep due to a full tummy: faye bc cute
  • Who distracts the other from trying to work at home: faye and troy gets mad bc important shield stuff or he is very immersed in his architecture blueprints
  • Who asks to go get ice cream like a five year old: faye bc they’ve done this already
  • Who takes pictures of their partner eating ice cream: i can see this being troy but he’d make it seem like it’s a cute thing and be like ‘aw babe’ and not let faye know that there’s chocolate ice cream all on her chin until it’s too late and it’s on social media 
  • Who makes a sexual joke about the dripping ice cream on their partner’s face: wow answered that last q without even seeing this one so imma go w troy 
  • Who cooks dinner: they both do :-)
  • Who cleans up the kitchen afterwards: neither
  • Who stays up until 2 reading: does troy like to read? lets say troy bc faye sure as hell doesn’t 
  • Who stares at their partner while their sleeping: troy maybe??
  • Who kisses their partner while they sleep: faye but she’d probably fuck it up and like accidentally fall on troy and wake him up 
Biggest ... Baddest of Them All

Biggest … Baddest of Them All

Biggest, Baddest Ass of All… By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter You are the biggest, baddest ass of all Everyone clears a path for you When you come through Don’t no one dare to piss you off They will be beaten to a pulp by you Yes, you are the biggest, baddest of them all You commit your hideous crimes No one would think of Much less have the nerve to do Yes, you are…

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“Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches
in the soul, and sings the tune without words,
and never stops at all.”
Meet CYNTHIA FAYE, she is THIRTY-SEVEN years old and is a NEIGHBOUR to the Freakshow. Cynthia is sometimes confused as JENNIFER MORRISON and she is unfortunately CLOSED.

Summer 1915. The ear-piercing squeals of a honey-haired woman smashed against the gunmetal grey walls that appeared darker than ash in the night. The faint glow of a mere buttermilk candle the only source of light. Ocean irises that radiated with several different shades and washes of blue glanced down at the bundle covered in scarlet liquid – her daughter. The eyelids of the new mother heavy than bricks, her ripe blood beginning to slow in her veins. The legend of the curse had awoken – the curse that stole generations of woman in the Faye bloodline. The curse of a womb laced with poison and once that womb becomes empty and a child is born, the mother who carries that womb meets her death. And Regina Faye was another blonde-haired mother who fell victim to the curse. A tiny five minutes after her first and only daughter was born, she met the afterlife – five minutes after Cynthia Faye was born.  The problem that has stained the generation of Faye women isn’t just the childbirth curse, but another. Time after time again, woman after woman has been accused of what some may call the worse sin known to man. Witchcraft. The word had floated around the globe since the beginning of mankind and tragedy after tragedy has occurred because of it.

Like everything in the world, when one good is born, to weigh it out, a bad is born. When God was created, so was Satan and those who followed the devil believed witchcraft was the devil’s magic – theirs to hold in the palms of their dainty hands. And unfortunately generations of women and children have fell victims to these devilish creatures. For centuries the surname Faye was a ticket to a doomed life, Regina Faye was one of the first and only to escape the grip of the Satanists who took her captive for seemingly endless years, forcing themselves on the fragile girl and torturing her to breaking point. They believed her body, mind and soul belonged to them and because of this belief they planted a seed inside her – the seed of another child that would be born into distress, sin and misery. However, Regina Faye was a fighter through and through and at seven months pregnant a miracle occurred when she escaped their inhumanity, going into hiding and giving birth to baby Cynthia. While she escaped the curse of Satanists, she didn’t escape the curse of a poisoned Faye womb. Cynthia was raised by three bubbly dressmakers in a small village. They provided the motherless baby with comfort, food and warmth, but the four women were stained by a horrid poverty. Dressmaking wasn’t the easiest business; the makers thought they were blessed if they had one buyer a week. Spring 1928. Cynthia was growing up to have the classic traits of a Faye woman – milky skin, honey hair and glowing hues. Money was tight and the Satan worshiping cult were searching far and wide for their child, as they called Cynthia. It was the year the wanted baby girl turned ten that the only people she had to call family betrayed her – handing her over to the Satanists for what? A measly bag of coins.

The betrayal cut raw against Cynthia’s porcelain skin, her mother going through absolute hell to ensure she would not fall into the hands of evil, only to be given to them by the women who raised her. Who she dared call family. It was from that moment onwards that Cynthia was doomed to be drowned in sin, possession and torture. She never learned the meaning of the word love. Never found love. Never received love. She was trapped in endless abuse until the day the curse of a poison womb rained down on her. For the next three years Cynthia was numbed into cruelty. Told she was the devil’s daughter and that she would give him what he wanted. Another daughter. Cynthia was impregnated three times after she was raped, however only one child was born into the world – the third, when Cynthia was a mere 16 year old. After the pain Cynthia experienced she made the decision to self abort the first two pregnancies. Not wanting any child to experience the lack of food, the caged torture, the verbal, psychical and sexual abuse she herself endured for almost two decades. The third only survived because Cynthia was monitored all day and night through her pregnancy, the cult refusing to let Cynthia rid them of a child to raise from birth to be the devil’s daughter. By the time Cynthia was eight months pregnant, she was dangerously ill – in fact it’s a miracle she was able to deliver the baby when she did. All the crying, pushing, pain for seemingly endless hours left Cynthia with a severe infection. Nothing was sanitized and as a result Cynthia was left oozing with an infection that led her to mutter the name Helena before her delicate eyes closed and the Satanists believed her broken heart stopped. Her baby girl was taken away from her and Cynthia’s body was dumped on the streets. As far as the cult were concerned, Cynthia Faye was dead and Helena Faye would be the next witch to deliver the devil’s daughter. However, they were wrong. 

Cynthia’s heart was barely beating when she was dumped on the streets, but one of the dressmakers who had taken her in years ago and who had also sold her to the Satanists found her cold, fragile body laying among the filth of the streets. That’s when an overwhelming rush of guilt hit the dressmaker and she quickly carried the 16 year old’s body to help. For weeks, Cynthia was on the edge of death. She had barely been fed and whenever the dressmakers would feed her anything, she would throw it back up. She suffered from severe nightmares and bed wetting. There even came a time where the dressmakers debated letting the broken angel go to heaven rather than allow her to live with the eternal mental pain she would have to hold close to her. But they didn’t. They nursed Cynthia back to good health and for years, Cynthia worked in their store, as a dressmaker. But the one thought that ran through her mind was about her dearest Helena and where she could be. Was she alive? Dead? Had she escaped? Cynthia’s mind was filled with unanswered questions. It was when Cynthia hit the age of thirty that she up and left, wanting to know the answers to those questions. She stopped by every town - even returning back to the Satanist’s chambers to find they had been murdered and no body of her daughter was  in sight. Helena was alive. Cynthia searched for years until she came across the Freakshow. Until she came across the electronic angel. A blonde with the  ability to create electricity. The same ability as Cynthia. It was then that Cynthia realized that she had found Helena. She has yet to build up the courage to visit her daughter - her brave baby girl who escaped. Instead, Cynthia lives next door, watching the Freakshow regularly and praying that she plucks up the bravery to introduce herself to Helena. Her daughter who she has only held once - 21 years ago. 


Cynthia is very welcoming and polite. As soon as she meets a stranger, she will smother them with compliments and manners. She can become attached easily and borderline possessive, as when she meets someone who shows her the slightest sign of love, affection or kindness, she instantly feels the need to cling herself onto them. After all, she was sold to a cult who showed her nothing but abuse and harm. The polite blonde is slightly childish for her age, however she is very determined. Her determination and drive are for her daughter - to pluck up the courage to speak to Helena, to hold her and tell her she is proud of her. Cynthia suffers from extreme night terrors - a disorder she hasn’t been able to overcome since she was 16, since she escaped the Satanists.


Helena Faye: When Cynthia gave birth to a beautiful baby girl twenty-one years ago, she was able to hold her once and mutter the name ‘Helena’ before Cynthia was presumed dead. Because of this, Cynthia hasn’t laid spoke nor held her daughter since. However, every single show Helena preforms in, Cynthia is right there in the audience. Watching her brave little angel use her delicate power. Cynthia desires nothing more than to be the mother she never could be to Helena.

Isobel Fontaine: Since Cynthia found the Freakshow and more importantly - found out her daughter was indeed in the show, Cynthia has been incredibly observant of who her daughter talks to her and who her daughter is close to. Isobel Fontaine - the black-haired witch has stood out more than anyone to Cynthia. Noticing how motherly Belle is towards Helena. And while other mothers would loathe Isobel, Cynthia is nothing but grateful towards to the woman. She regularly visits Isobel’s tent for a cup of tea and a chat - Cynthia’s way of taking baby steps to introducing herself to Helena. Cynthia hopes to tell Belle that she is Helena’s mother and seek guidance from Isobel as to how she should reach out to her long lost daughter.