reddie’s son falling for stenbrough’s daughter

i hope this hits the spot anon! i assumed you wanted hcs since you didn’t specify. if you haven’t, read part one and part two of reddie as parents for context!

  • stenbrough totally mulled over the idea of children for a while - they probs were both like ‘nah not right now’ for a long time
  • i feel like seeing the other losers having kids and having to be uncles/godparents warmed them up to the idea tbh
  • so probably a couple of years after reddie adopted elliot, stan and bill adopted a little girl named faye
  • faye is a beautiful, prim and proper princess that stenbrough loves with their entire beings
  • like ok alice is the oldest and elliot and faye are the same age so THEY HAD PLAYDATES ALL THE TIME
  • i’m telling you right now that faye did not like elliot when they were children bc
  • and elliot would always hit her. but don’t get it twisted faye is a princess but she always hit back and told him to knock it off
  • ofc when they become older he stopped doing all of those things but she still found him annoying bc… richie 2.0
  • because of being the same age they genuinely grew up together and hung out, etc.
  • so then one day elliot and faye were over at stenbrough’s house doing homework (well, faye was doing homework - elliot’s was finished bc he’s the type of kid to do his homework in class and during passing periods so he won’t have any when he gets home)
  • and faye was struggling with maths so elliot helped her out and he would just watch how she chewed on the stick on her mechanical pencil and how her her blue eyes would roll whenever she got frustrated
  • elliot was just kinda in his head like ‘oh shit… i think i like faye… i think i really fucking like faye’
  • and over the next few weeks he just watches all of her movements and falls in love with everything she does and asks to come over all the time and does everything in his power to make her laugh but he doesn’t know how to make her his girlfriend
  • so what does he do? act like his pops and does dumb shit bc he doesn’t know how to ~~express these feelings
  • he starts picking on her again bc even in high school he still does childish things bc he can’t express his gd feelings like a normal person
  • faye gets all annoyed with him all over again bc he teases her mercilessly
  • so once he figures he’s not doing smth right bc faye isn’t falling in love he goes to big!!! sis alice for advice
  • alice is pm like ‘tell her you like her, dumbass.’
  • and he’s so nervous to tell her so he asks the dads how he should tell her and ofc they give conflicting advice
  • “just be like, ‘you’re one fine honey, and i want you to be the lola bunny to my bugs’“ “no! that is a terrible idea. just speak from the heart elliot”
  • WHEN ELLIOT FINALLY GOES TO TELL FAYE HE’S ALL NERVOUS AND STAMMERING AND SAYING STUPID THINGS LIKE ‘i know you must have a lot of guys after you… or maybe not… i don’t really know BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN YOU’RE NOT PRETTY!!”
  • and then ends it with that pick-up line richie gave him and is silently regretting all his decisions
  • and faye is just staring at him but then she smiles and is like “i know you like me idiot, i was waiting for you to stop being a jackass and actually say something”
  • elliot’s so relieved and he asks if she’ll go out w/ him
  • and she’s like “yes, but you gotta get the stamp of approval from my dads.”
  • and in elliot’s mind he just remembers all the times stan glared at him for picking on faye

“Look at my eyes, Faye. One of them is a fake because I lost it in an accident. Since then, I’ve been seeing the past in one eye and the present in the other. So, I thought I could only see patches of reality, never the whole picture. I felt like I was watching a dream I could never wake up from. Before I knew it, the dream was all over.”

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You know, I would have loved to make a confession about how much I love Echoes and whatever… But I can’t. I’m currently being hounded by reviewers on my Fire Emblem fanfiction with reviews telling me to kill myself, saying my writing is trash or my story is trash… All because I like Faye and actually don’t call her the antichrist of the series. Look, people can like whatever they want, have whatever opinions they want, but don’t you dare tell me that opinions that differ from yours makes it okay for you to hound someone and tell them to kill themselves and insult their work!

I have been reading and writing fanfiction for 13 years, always had guest reviews on, never blocked anyone. But ever since this game came out, I cant have guest reviews on anymore and I actually had to block someone! This isn’t the Fire Emblem fandom I know and love.

Faye - What Could’ve Been

Oh, Faye. When she first appeared on Alm’s cipher card, in the background, many people were pleased, but skeptical; While it was great that the idea of having more girls in Shadows Of Valentia (especially in a cast as short in women as fe2′s), many thought that her characterization wouldn’t be that great, and that she would be reduced to another female character with less personality than a piece of cardboard (at most, she would be another childhood friend stereotype). I myself got hopeful due to loving her design to death, and I thought that maybe, just maybe, she would become a very fun character.

…Well, at least she still has a very cute design. Let’s try to make her better, shall we?

First, let’s see what we’ve got:

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Faye x Silque “””S”””

Yup, I wrote another one. It’s good practice, I might make writing fake supports not just for echoes but other stuff a thing I do sometimes. Maybe. Anyway here are some more cute girlfriends, also my first time writing Faye (and Silque) giving me some much needed practice to prepare for…more ladies ;) Hope you guys enjoy this one~

Faye: Silque?

Silque: Yes, Faye?

Faye: Um… What are you planning to do after this is all over? You know, the war.

Silque: Oh? Where’s this coming from, all of the sudden?

Faye: …

Faye: N-never mind. Forget I said anything.

Silque: Oh, you needn’t shy away, Faye. It’s quite alright.

Silque: Truth be told… I think that after this conflict is over, I’d like to continue healing.

Faye: Oh… Oh yeah?

Silque: Yes. This war has left many injured in its wake… And there will be more to come.

Silque: I feel bound to help as many as I can. It’s all I can do, really.

Faye: Wandering the land healing… That sounds like something you’d do.

Faye: It’s…it’s really noble. I’m happy for you.

Silque: Then why do you look so upset?

Faye: …

Faye: It… It’s so silly. I knew this was going to happen. I was so scared, but I knew.

Faye: Everyone is going to slip away…

Silque: Please don’t say that, Faye.

Faye:  I’ve never really dreamed of more than a quiet life in Ram Village.

Faye: But I knew none of the boys felt the same. They all wanted more. Especially Alm.

Faye: They want…adventure, to do great things. I always knew they were going to leave me.

Faye: Even though they’re my friends… There’s a distance, there.

Faye: The only times I haven’t felt that were when Celica was in Ram…and…

Faye: With you. The way you kept approaching me, wanting to know me… It made me feel strange.

Faye: It still does. Though… I like it, now. Your company is nice. You’re…really nice.

Faye: Too good a person to want to stick around with me…

Silque: …

Silque: Did I ever tell you how, when I was a young girl, my mother left me all alone at a priory?

Faye: W-what? No, you didn’t…

Silque: It was a terribly lonely existence. I still carry that loneliness with me.

Silque: We are kindred spirits, Faye. Perhaps that is why I’m so drawn to you.

Silque: Or perhaps this is what Mother Mila intended for me all along.

Silque: But either way, I know now that I want to keep you close to me.

Faye: You…you really mean it…?

Silque: I do. I could never agree to settle down in Ram Village, but…

Silque: I wish for you to accompany me on my journey. Perhaps as a devotee of Mila, yourself.

Silque: I will never allow you to feel so alone again.

Faye: That’s…that’s really… Yes! Y-yes, oh yes, I want to do that with you…

Faye: Oh, Silque… I’m getting so emotional, I’m sorry.

Silque: Don’t apologize. Your smile is such a lovely sight.

Faye: …

Faye: Silque?

Silque: Yes, Faye?

Faye: …Kiss me?

Silque: Heehee… Gladly.

Let’s say Spike survived. Would he ever go back to the Bebop? If not, would you dare think they’d never meet again? Would he snoop, here and there, to make sure they’re okay, but avoid them all? Avoid her? If Faye saw him again, alive, without a word in months, maybe years, would she shoot him? Kiss him? 

Either way, would he stop her?

ASKS - Changelings

Asks sent to my main, answered here, regarding students who are stolen away, what happens to them, what replaces them, and what happens to their replacements

Anon said: what about changelings attending elsewhere university? like changelings that always knew they were fae but never interacted with their kind before? what about changelings “betraying” their heritage and siding with the humans on campus?

It’s generally silently expected among the Fair Folk that if it ever came to open warfare, changelings would be loyal to the courts rather than the University. It hasn’t ever gone quite that far, but nevertheless there have absolutely been times when changelings stood by their human friends and siblings in open opposition to other members of the Gentry. Most of the time this isn’t viewed as betrayal; beyond court dealings they tend to be extremely individual, and clashing with another one of the Fair Folk isn’t terribly unusual. When one of the courts is involved, however, things tend to go poorly for the defiant party.

enderblogs-17 said:  Hey, I just finished reading your “Elsewhere University,” and honestly, so many questions. First, does a person know they’ve been taken? Can they bring themself back? Do they remember anything when they’ve returned? How do you know something is done by the gentry (I think that’s what you called them) and not by humans? Do they exist in other regions? I’m so curious and fascinated, but please, if this crosses any lines, don’t publish. I don’t want to get you in trouble with the gentry.

Hahaha I appreciate the consideration! Okay - generally you would know if you were taken, yeah – you’ve gone from your dorm room to a candlelit underground hall full of blooming cherry trees, or something else equally Not Dorm. If something stole you away because it’s infatuated with you, you’d likely be doted on for at least a short while. If you were stolen away because something hated you, you’re probably somewhere less nice.

It’s definitely possible to bring yourself home – you could appeal to the one who stole you in the first place; if they think they love you it’s sometimes possible to convince them to free you again. You could buy your way to freedom, with whatever gifts and items you have on you; you could win it in a game of skill. If you are lucky enough to be beloved of the crows, they will lead you home. If you are brave and clever and know enough of the rules to navigate the Elsewhere, you could escape on your own. If none of these work, someone will come looking for you eventually – your lover, your friend, your sibling, your RA.

Unless they have explicitly given up their memories, then they would remember their time in Elsewhere for as long as they are on campus. Once off campus the memories fade quicker than they should (although the more Involved you were, the more you hold on to, and there are other ways to remember).

I think in general it would likely be hard to know if small weirdnessness had been committed by the Gentry or by students. It’s a college, after all. The whole premise of the comic was that there is so much weird shit that it’s already difficult to tell.

They do exist in other regions – Elsewhere U isn’t the only place where the Elsewhere meshes through. Most of the other places are schools as well, but not always, and the nature of the Gentry tends to vary depending on each region’s folkloric bones.

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Sir Lockie of Albrand & Lady Faye: The Stars That Fell Too Soon

Lady Faye began as a squire from House Albrand in the midst of the Nohrian Civil War, a bloody conflict between the last heirs to the Nohrian throne. The noble house was split in two, one siding with the abominable Lord Oswald, and the other siding with the young brothers King Hugo and Prince Garon. Faye was still young when she escorted Lady Katerina around Nohr, but she proved her mettle in the final battle as vanguard. She was made a knight and royal retainer to the royal family alongside her colleague Sir Zhara, who went on to serve Princess Diantha.

As retainer to the crown prince, Lady Faye served as Xander’s primary swordplay instructor once he decided to follow the path of the blade. Known for her raucous laughter that echoed in the halls of Krakenburg, the knight loved to tease the young prince but dispensed good advice, even though Xander didn’t always appreciate her words. Despite her great affinity with the fellow knights of the order, Lady Faye swore to never marry and was well known for spurning the advances of many men who wished for her hand in marriage.

Sir Lockie of Albrand, the son of Violeta of Albrand and Sir Gunther, was chosen to serve his cousin, the crown prince, from the very moment he was born. Xander regarded Lockie as one of his closest confidants, third only to Princess Diantha and Prince Marius. Quiet and thoughtful in his early days, Lockie made quick friends with the crown prince, and they often spent long nights together in the family libraries to read their favorite books together.

Lockie greatly admired the many warriors and knights in his family, but he simply could not stand blood so much that he fainted at the sight of it when he was young. His struggle had not gone unnoticed by his cousins and Lady Faye, who all helped him over come his fear. He later reaffirmed his position as Xander’s right hand and retainer when he won the family tournament in a display of honor and good restraint. Many likened Lockie to his father, Sir Gunter, and expected that he would follow the same noble path, but fate made it not so.

In the second wave of the Nohr-Hoshido conflict, a strategic error left the crown prince stranded without reinforcements against Hoshidan soldiers. Lady Faye and Sir Lockie fought with their lives to protect their crown prince and help him escape the overwhelming number of enemies. Distraught by the loss, Prince Xander relented in his assault on Hoshidan lands and agreed to an armistice with the High Prince of Hoshido. He grieved for two years afterwards and could not bring himself to hire new retainers until his siblings raised concerns about his health.

Today, a new pair of retainers walk beside the crown prince. But the memory of waking up on Lockie’s abandoned horse still burns in his memory. His fallen retainers were give a hero’s funeral, and their names are enshrined in the many plaques that line the Garden of Champions.

Well, this was a long-deserved bio.

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Patiently hoping for supports so I can fulfill the wrong side of a love triangle.

Really though, I am curious to see exactly how they’re handling Alm’s relationship with Faye. I don’t have to wonder about Alm and the three guys so much, but who knows what direction they’re taking Alm-Faye in (besides some kind of romance on Faye’s side). I’m hoping subtle (and less romance-centric than what I drew haha), but… we’ll see.

I’m excited for Faye anyways. Now we can bump up the non-magical, non-peg knight reps up to two, I think? Was Matilda the only other one? Idk, but I’m making Faye a cav whenever I pick up the game, and she’s going to be adorable.

Faye Valentine is literally the most tragic character of Cowboy Bebop. She’s stuck with the debts of a conman. She’s so bitter and discovers via an old Betamax tape that she was this optimistic starry eyed little girl who was so excited to grow up. She became this selfish angry jaded person but after seeing that tape she becomes obsessed with finding that place because she thinks if she does she’ll find her home her happiness and who she was. She’ll finally belong which is something she has been longing for since she woke up in the future. She finds this place and it’s been wiped off the planet. All of it is completely gone and she’s left with nothing. No answers. And to top it all off she loses the man she loves. Neither of them say I love you to each other but Faye all but expresses it in her and Spike’s final scene together. She couldn’t get the man she loves to stay. To let the past go and choose a future with her. She loves Spike. He’s the only man she’s ever truly loved and she loses him. She loses everything. And it’s so incredibly sad. I love Faye Valentine. She is one of the greatest female characters in the history of anime, and she makes me feel so much my heart just breaks for her.

I don't often talk about my sexuality

But every cunt trying to bring hate and negativity to Faye’s blog because of her amazing idea of creating an inclusive lgbtq tarot deck is making me want to speak up.

I’m asexual and proud of it. It’s taken a lot to become comfortable with my sexuality because of how invisible and erased it is by all the people saying it doesn’t belong in the LGBT community. We have our own struggles when it comes to being accepted, which means we are oppressed. Saying that we are oppressors is fucking bullshit. I mean sure there may be some problematic people who identify as ace and are oppressors but as a community we are just as valid yet just as erased. Seeing all the hate Faye is getting is hurting my heart. Not only because she is a kind soul who doesn’t deserve it, but also because it’s hateful towards who I am.

Please don’t spread hate. If you have an opinion either keep it to yourself or calmly and politely ask to start up a respectful conversation. You’ll find many in the community will be happy to discuss and educate if you’re polite and willing to try to understand.

         what the actual fuck why are there fucking goddamned 700+ of you like who the fuck what the fuck and why the fuck.

         anyways idk here’s the people i will follow 4ever as well as some special mentions because goddamn i love you all and faye is a fucking sap no matter what they tell you. 

**please note that if you’re not on this list and i follow you, i still love you!! i just cannot possibly put 450 people on a list, my dudes.

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PHOEBE TONKIN GIF HUNT  — as faye chammberlain

Under the cut you will find 300+ HQ small TEXTLESS gifs of Phoebe Tonkin in the role of Faye Chamberlain. All these gifs were made by me and I will periodically be updating this gif hunt as I make more. Please like, reblog or message me if you use these gifs, or add them to your own gif hunt. You may use these gifs to make gif icons and static icons, under the condition that if doing so please credit me and you must link me. Enjoy!

• LAST UPDATED: August 2017

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