Skye’s bum was getting numb on the hard seat, so she stood and faced Felix. She told him all about Faye and her growing attitude, and then explained the war between her and Loxley which never seemed to have an end in sight. Somehow it continued into talking about everyone in her family, including her own relationship queries. It took an hour, and that was only the condensed version. Her water bottle was finished by the time she couldn’t think of anymore to say. Still, Felix had listened the entire time, nodding along and making sympathetic noises when appropriate. His gaze didn’t wander, and, somehow, he didn’t seem bored. 

“I take it back,” he said. “I’m glad I don’t have a sibling. What a headache. And well, I’m not exactly the best person to give advice on friendships or relationships, being out in the sticks as I am, but as a qualified agony aunt I can tell you that you don’t have to worry about other people’s problems.” 

“But it affects them…” 

“There’s a difference between worrying about their problems and worrying about them. You can make them feel better when life has them down, but obsessing over the whys will just exhaust you. And the whole relationship thing - maybe he’s a prude.” 

Skye screwed her face up. “A what?” Wasn’t that a dried fruit?

“A prude! You know, gets flustered by all that stuff. Maybe he comes from a conservative household or something.” 

some babs from @thefoldings (which you should 11/10 check out) :0

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My very favorite quote from Andrew Scott. It is just NOT the same if you only read the words…you have to hear it in his voice.  He’s absolutely one hundred percent fed up with this ridiculous kind of categorization.  


Sandy: Oh, hi Faye! Love your outfit, by the way.

Faye: Oh, thanks! I’ve been trying to go for an edgier look lately. I swear I heard “French girls” when I walked in, though.

Sandy: Oh yeah. Marwick was offering to paint me and I was joking about the Titanic phrase.

Faye: Ooh! That sounds romantic. You two are doing it right.

Marwick: Good to hear you’re giving us your stamp of approval, Faye.

Faye: What? You’re finally learning how to do romance the right way. Would you believe it, Sandy? When Marwick first came to this town, he thought having a one-night-stand with someone meant the people were in a relationship.

Marwick: Laugh all you want, Faye, laugh all you want. 

Faye: Hey, I don’t mean it in a bad way. But really, you two are sweet together.

Sandy: Thanks, I guess? Were you performing at the coffee shop today? How is the crowd treating you?

Faye: Really well - they’ve been asking me if I can perform there more often. And Lloyd, the barista, is really smug now - he’s been trying to get live music at the store for years now, while the grumpy store owners kept saying it would chase away business. Well, they’ve been proven wrong now! Anyways, have fun, you two.

She leaves and Marwick breathes a sigh of relief. Faye can sure talk a lot when she is in a mood for it.

Sandy: Your roommate is sure a fun one! She seems to really look out for you. If I didn’t know she’s into girls, I’d be jealous.

Marwick: I guess, we all tend to look out for one another here. We all have our problems and having someone to rely on is a really welcome thing. But I believe we got interrupted. You know, I’m really glad you’re here. 

Sandy: Me too. I’m always happy to see you.

rpshelf  asked:

11. What is something that would make your character fly into a rage?

A lot of things would, but most likely anyone being too handsy with Faye. All it takes is for someone to look at her the wrong way for him to open his mouth and throw a fist, much less actually touching her. As controversial as it may be, he very much sees her as his property.

Klaus had thought it was just Hope, Klaus and Faye all in the house (And given Hope was asleep he didn’t think much of it). But to someone such as his brothers or sisters, they would have easily heard the activities between Faye and Nik. Which was why he was glad they weren’t home, sometimes Klaus liked his space. He figured they were all out with their own little partners. Moving out of the bed, he slid his briefs back on, not bothering with anything else. Admittedly, the hybrid was hungry. Looking to Faye, he handed her his shirt, “Here, love.” Standing up, he walked to his door, “When you’re ready to walk, I’ll be downstairs making food.” He smirked with a laugh, walking downstairs and into the kitchen.


A Wise Woman Can Handle Her File

firstladyofcasterlyrock replied to your photoset“Yep, I shamelessly admit I have a pirate save. Worse: I have a pirate…”

It looks amazing! And I would love to see the story!

Thank yooou. And I will think about ever writing it down… but really… pirates… this can go wrong in so many ways.

firstladyofcasterlyrock replied to your photoset“The Hunt: Headgames Season 2 Chapter 2: Part I Previous /…”

I love how she can handle all these guys! A wise woman indeed…

She got a lot of training back in Denmark as an DI. I guess all that time spent with men made her an expert in handling them. That is in work relationships. Romantically she is still a big mess. 

jepensedoncjesims replied to your photoset“The Hunt: Headgames Season 2 Chapter 2: Part I Previous /…”

What’s in the file!!!

Wouldn’t you all - Faye included - want to know? *laughs* No really, I guess whatever you can find in a person’s file. How he got to be a detective. Why he was send to lay low in Alpine Meadows. And most importantly: why he assaulted the man he was send to prison for. Also… why is there an angry guy willing to kill him on sight? You know… everyday stuff.