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Nanami Yoshie

Since I love making sim, when I read @glitchysims status I was excited

So, I made a sim!

  • Download on the gallery, id nimoekokoro
  • Also tracking the ashtag #glitchysims nd #pixeid
  • Maybe I’ll upload the tray file!

Hope you like and you’ll use in your game :)
You can change whatever you want, but requires a few cc:

skin overlay (babychoux) / hair / blush / lipstick


And so, the three of them sat, one in silence, the other two somehow joking and bickering at the same time. Francisca passively came to know her granddaughters new friends, and decided along the way that they weren’t so bad. They seemed like honest people. No pretense, no silliness. They were grounded, in a way that many weren’t. 

Sure, they argued, and cursed, and they couldn’t handle their spice, but Francisca had to admit they were better than the friends she kept at Rita’s age. 

A memory flashed before Francisca’s eyes. She stood in a park, surrounded by people whose faces she recognized but they had no names. They were her friends from all that time ago.

Francisca didn’t remember much at all about her life anymore. It all became a distorted blur once the reaper severed her soul from her worldly attachment. Yet, somehow she recognized her granddaughter immediately, even though time had passed and Rita was older now.

How many years had she been wandering? 

Having Rita nearby was enough for Francisca to form a weak tether to the world of the living. Memories came flooding back. Francisca’s granddaughter, Rita, was first, but then she remembered her grandson. A ghost boy, whose name she’d soon recall. Then her children. Three of them. Two boys, a girl. Oh, the girl gave her such grief. Yet, the memory of her felt warm, and nurturing. Francisca had a husband, too,long lost to time and memory. A mother, a father. An enemy. A fortune. A fantastic loss. Sitting atop the sea, a town she called home. A lifetime of trials and successes came back, back into her mind like a flower garden finally sprouting again after the last bitter cold of winter was dissipated by the peaking sun.



Here’s fifteen sims that I made for my sim making challenge! I don’t know if I am going to continue it, but I’m gladly sharing the first half of results with you. I guess you may use them as townies, or spouses for your sims, or whatever.

TOU: Do whatever you want with them, except claiming as your own, reuploading or changing face features! Some of them have names that I mentioned in the posts, but you can rename them, it’s up to you. You can tag me if you use them.

They’re all in one archive, so you can choose the ones you want to keep. All the sims are numbered in the picture, so you’ll easily find the one you like in the archive. I recommend using Sims2Pack Clean Installer for their installation.



Much to Rita’s dismay, Francisca’s eyes locked with hers and a moment of recognition flashed across her transparent face. Crap. Rita was really done for now. Francisca floated over to their table and took a seat beside, who had just walked over with his own serving of spicy curry. The tension between Rita and her silent abuela made the next few seconds stretch on for what felt like minutes. Eva and Sterling clearly didn’t notice the fourth guest joining them at the table. They talked and laughed like nothing at all was amiss.

Rita sprang to her feet, heart echoing in her chest, sweat bullets streaming down both sides of her face. 

Rita: “I uh…really have to go to the bathroom. I will be a while. Don’twaitup.”

She turned, rolled her eyes at herself for coming up with such a lame excuse, and took off. She ducked and swerved around fair-goers until she disappeared from her grandma’s view. It wasn’t until she ducked into one of the bathroom stalls that her breathing relaxed to a semi-normal pace. They weren’t gunna catch her tonight. If they were going to take her back to Windenburg, she’d go kicking and screaming.