Thanks to all couples and actors involved in #alldakingsrdead and to all who supported. I saw this project as my mixtape, something I could use to get you to understand and introduce you to the way I work.. I took a year to explain my point of view on photography and story telling. No shade to Beyonce but thats why I kinda clocked what she was doing, a lil disheartened though that artwork Ive had ready for about 5 years for another project that was to follow ADKRD will have to be changed as it looks just like her new artwork, encouraged though that great minds think a like and I obviously do not have her platform. With that being said Ive been thinking ‘Are my ideas and perspectives amazing or is it just about platform and branding?” Do you rate Morosky because Jessie and Billie do or do my pictures and stories move you? I Need to take time and make sure Im sure of what my aim is and personally think about why my ‘likes’ are my likes. My feeling is that ADKRD will evolve and continue to grow next year I guess more details when Im ready until then.. Safe init and Happy new year.

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