NEW ZEALAND, Auckland : Students perform a Hakka for New Zealand’s All Blacks after their arrival at a parade and official welcome for the team in Auckland on November 4, 2015, following the team’s Rugby World Cup win against Australia. The New Zealand All Blacks returned to Auckland after they won the Rugby World Cup beating Australia in the final in England. AFP PHOTO / Michael Bradley                        

Final Exam

why is it that its so darn hard to study for your last exam! its exactly 12 hrs away yet here i am writing to the world when i really should be studying! but ive decided to make this my own personal diary i know you dont care but i wanna vent so here goes !!!!!

i am seriously sick and tired of studying and studying when everyone else is busy partying, why couldnt i be talented in some sport then i wouldnt have to study at all! get freaking paid for doing what i love ! well i guess i love being a physio but seriously so much study to do soooo much !!! and i still get paid less then an all black where is the justice??

suck it up!! i know thats what ill have to do !! i think i can do it i mean its the last exam after all!! i really dont wanna fail and i think thats what im scared of at the moment failing this exam and then having to repeat the whole freaking year again NOT BLOODY KEEN!!

writing isnt making it any better just making me more and more angry!! argh so i better get off maybe go for a walk clear my mind! 

wish me luck