Tamsin was created after Calypso and made to be a part of the generation one clones. Only the second clone to ever be created from two people, Tamsin was part Alexis and part Calypso. They were never a part of the field agents or the group of clones who left on missions on a daily basis. They were created first when Calypso’s system malfunctioned but soon after Calypso was fixed and this left the clone forgotten. Merely a backup in case a backup plan was ever needed. After some time they were integrated into the research team from The Garden – the first clone (that was not tortured or experimented on) to not be a field agent.

As a researcher Tamsin learned many things and had access to valuable information and since no one was ever really paying attention to them it was easy for the clone to obtain information that could be used against Cosima. During their time in The Garden, they learned not only about the things Cosima had done but also about the rebels and their cause — and suddenly the loyalty they’d been told they had to have to Cosima faltered. The rebel’s seemed far more appealing than their creator. And this mentality lead to Tamsin betraying Cosima. At first it was from within. They became the rebels inside spy and gave them all the information they wanted. The clone was the one to leak the information about Noah and how he was the first clone ever from the NEW INTELLGENCE and then about Alexis, how the resurrection division had been created all thanks to her. They helped the rebels get inside The Garden to steal the experiment and clone. It was then that they saw an opportunity to leave and took it. Everyone would be looking for the missing clone and experiment — they surely wouldn’t notice the absence of a simple clone who was nothing more than a researcher.

Their escape was a success and Tamsin managed to stay under the radar for the following years. The clone is now one of the rebel’s greatest informants since they still have valuable information that can help the resistance on future missions. All of these years Tamsin has not left the Pyre’s underground facilities (this makes them the fifth person besides the deceased Jacob siblings to know about the place) in fear that some of The Garden’s people might be looking for them to bring them back. After all, torture is the price for treason.

  • Alexis Hammond: The clone has no idea who Alexis besides the fact that the woman is a very important experiment to The Garden Facilities. This is why Tamsin does not understand their own fascination with the woman. If she is nothing but a simple experiment why do they feel like they know them. Without really knowing that the reason behind their rare interest is because Alexis is their original.

  • Calypso: Cal and Tam carry a mother/daughter like relationship. Everyone always thought that their relationship was rare and that Cal was faking her emotions for the newest clone due the way Calypso has been created and stripped from her emotions. But they have always been genuine about their relation with Tamsin. The clones during the time they were both at the Garden Facilities were almost inseparable at times. Despite Tamsin would be in no danger, Calypso would always be around making sure that Tam was safe, protecting them. Hovering over them just like a mother would do over a child. She cares about Tamsin as if they were the only thing that matter in the world and though they never agreed to the idea of Tamsin joining the rebellion, she still cares for them and would do anything to keep them safe. Now that Tasmin learnt about Cal being on the City, they believe Calypso has left Cosima’ side and joined the rebellion but they do not know the truth and how the other is nothing but a traitor. And when the moment comes for the truth to be revealed. They’ll be truly devasted.

Tamsin is a generation one clone and a rebel. They are portrayed by Imogen Poots and they are currently Unavailable.