Out There (Reprise) (+Finale)
Mark de Groot, Marina Brouwer, Pedro Alves
Out There (Reprise) (+Finale)

My cover of the gorgeous Out There Reprise :) Together with my awesome friends Pedro Alves and Mari Brouwer. This is a part of the Grand Finale from the Disney musical: The Hunchback of the Notre Dame. With the official English lyrics by Stephen Schwartz and Alan Menken’s fantastic music. The Someday and Bells of Notre Dame parts are still in German.

Quasimodo and Antoine by me.
Loni by Mari Brouwer.
Charles by Pedro Alves.
The Someday and Bells of Notre Dame parts by the original German cast of “Der Glöckner von Notre Dame”.

You can find the English lyrics below:

The world is cruel

The world is ugly

But there are times
And there are people
When the world is not

And at it’s cruelest
It is still the only world we’ve got
Light and dark
Foul and fair

Out there…
Out there
Waiting there for me
Love… and fear… and heartbreak
Still we’re born to be
Out there…

Our fight will be won then
We’ll stand in the sun then
That bright afternoon
Till then
On days when the sun is gone
Hope lives on
Wish upon the moon
Change will come
One day, someday soon

Morning in Paris, a new day is here
Sing the bells of Notre Dame
Ending the tale of your poor balladeer
Sing the bells of Notre Dame
And I wish I could leave you a moral
Like a trinket you hold in your palm
Here is a riddle to guess if you can
Sing the bells of Notre Dame
What makes a monster and
What makes a man?

Sing the bells, bells, bells, bells…

Whatever their pitch
You can feel them bewitch you
The rich and the ritual knells
Of the -

Bells of Notre Dame!

Disney Princesses and the My Little Ponies they collect:

Snow White: g1s, loves all of them and doesn’t mind if they’re not mint

Cinderella: g1, g3 and g4 but only MOC

Aurora: g2s, no matter how beat up they are, she’ll take them all

Belle: g4s, owns all the international releases and  wants complete waves of all the blind bags

Jasmine: All gens, but they MUST have all their accessories.

Ariel: g3s only. Largest collection of Mcdonald’s ponies you’ve ever seen.

Mulan: Will hunt down every piece of merch available. Owns more merch than ponies.

Pocahontas: g2s and all the g1 wingers, and only loose.

Rapunzel: g4 and g3s. Also makes pony art.

Anna: Loves g4 and g3.5, doesn’t care about complete sets and just buys whichever she thinks looks the cutest.

Elsa: g2s, especially the Europe Only releases.

Merida: g1, and she will hunt down your Nirvanas.

Tiana: Actually just helps the others out in their quests for ponies.