AU : Little More You Θ Devonne & Charlie

A little plot in her mind formed as she was dreadfully trying to make her day interesting. She checked her bag to see if she still has the duplicate to Charlie’s flat and fortunately, she still had it. The brunette quickly changed to her casual dress and drove to Charlie’s place. The girl knocked on the door and when no one answered it, she assumed that Charlie is out. She unlocked the door using the spare key she has, the house looked completely the same since she went there last week. The magazines were still in their previous place and the bowl of cheetos was still at the coffee table. Devonne chuckled as she collected the trash and tried to tidy up the room a bit. Devonne felt like doing something cute since she will be needing him for tonight and in order for him to do what she wants, she has to do something cute or special for him so she can hold something against him. She walked to the kitchen and contemplated what she should cook for him, since it was late she decided to prepare a simple dinner for him, mac and cheese to be exact. It didn’t took her long to finish the dish and it didn’t took long for her to realize that what she cooked does not look like mac and cheese, but rather pasta floating in a yellow liquid that even herself feared if it was edible. She heard someone walked inside and she was positive that it was Charlie considering she locked the door. She turned around and light smile at the boy. “Dinner is ready?” doubt laced with her words as the unsuccessful bowl of mac and cheese was on her hand. 

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AU: Everything and the Nothing » Harlow & Daniel

Being at the bottom of the school’s food chain is a nightmare in anyone’s life, but Daniel seems to be handling it pretty well. The facts that all his life he had been bullied and pushed around by the people around him made the boy get used to that feeling and is unable to feel anything beside that. He never knew what the feeling of being welcome is like, that’s probably why he never complains about his state. Even in his own home, his abusive father would just push him around and treat him like a slave rather than his own son. Every morning he goes to school with he same judgmental eyes on him, he tries to ignore, but sometimes it just burned the small ego he has.  

He walked the crowded halls of the school and was unable go to is locker without anyone pushing him or tripping him. The boy unlocked his locker and placed all the books he did not need and grabbed the ones that he will need for his next period. The boy closed his locker and was about to head to his class when the beautiful brunette he have been admiring passed by. “Hi” he greeted her with a smile. The girl’s brown hair perfectly cascaded down her shoulders and her brown orbs kept him in a trance. “H–how are you?” he asked in hope to make a small conversation with her.

If you wish to be firm upon the truth and the way of Ahl us-Sunnah before you, beware of Kalaam (the discipline of seeking theological knowledge through debate and argument) and the people of Kalaam, and of disputation, arguing, analogy and debating about the Religion. Listening to them, even if you do not accept from them, throws doubt into the heart. This is sufficient for you to be destroyed. There has never been any heresy, innovation, innovated sect or misguidance except through theological rhetoric (Kalaam), disputation, argumentation and analogy. These are the gates of innovation, doubt and heresy. [“Explanation of the Creed” by Imam Al-Barbahaaree]

While this point contains a prohibition of disputation, it does not forbid what is necessary as regards rebutting and replying to the doubts and false beliefs spread by the innovators.

The average person should do his best to shield himself from those who corrupt beliefs. Instead of trying to guide the misguided yourself, refer them to the learned in religion.

If someone has AIDS and you are not a doctor you will not begin treating them and operating on them no matter how much of a well wisher you are. It would be cruel to the patient and asking for trouble for yourself if you were to attempt their cure. Similarly, do not debate with the misguided nor allow them to influence you.

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Yakinlah rezeki itu jaminan Allah “Barangsiapa yang bertaqwa kepada Allah, maka Allah akan menunjukkan kepadanya jalan keluar dari kesusahan dan diberikanNya rezeki dari jalan yang tidak disangka sangka dan barangsiapa yang bertawakal kepada Allah, nescaya Allau mencukupkan keperluannya (At Talaq ; 2 - 4)

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