so after seeing some rumors about logan lerman being a possible candidate for the new spiderman role… (i know, so 2011 don’t get my hopes again up internet) the next logical thing to do was to draw Percy Parker. ok bye. So here. Have a transparent troublemaking superhero for your blog talking to the other half of the ship of your choice just before they lock lips. (Also for weeklypjoprompts crossover prompt this week!!!)

This one goes out to @teamannabeth. I did promise I’d try to do my take on the ever famous “Why?” scene from ToA. So here you go! Merry Christmas, Danny! And thank you so so much for supporting my art! <3

Update: Annabeth in a matching sweater (ish)

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“Maybe one day it will be just you and me, my little blueberry. But not for a long, long time. We’ll take care of him, you and I. Won’t we?”

born to endless night destroyed me, pretty much, so bye.

this also goes as a birthday present to Kelly ( @impalas-companion ) . meet your soon-to-be fave family. sorry not sorry for spoiling you the other day woops.

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“We  stay together. For survival.”

for these prompts by becausepercico burdenedbygloriouspurpose and demonbabs (ps ur line totes won me over high five to you)

Send me =^● ⋏ ●^= and a character OFF ANON and i will maybe draw a really rough chibi sketch thingyof them bonus points if you flatter me with words HUMOR ME HERE.

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Confession scenes for if HoO were an Otome game… (part 1?)


Special thanks to psychohannahlyze for enabling me to do this and lucinv for helping me come up with lines. xx

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tremble, little lightning girl, you’ll never settle any of your scores

I got a little carried away with the details of the House Titanos dress woops. I’m also super pleased because I finished this in time for Glass Sword’s release day!!

And finally after 500 years, the Silver squad (plus one faux silver) is complete:

Cal [x], Evangeline [x], Maven [x]

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tale as old as time

so i’ve wanted to draw them for a while now. especially after le pharaon because i’m so weak for past lives. (there is only @lucinv to blame for dragging me to ML hell. LATE HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KOUHAI)

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also #1 for this year’s 12 OTPs of Christmas

“Yeah, well,” Nico said, “not giving people a second thought…that can be dangerous.”

“Dude, I’m trying to say thank you.”

Nico laughed without humor. “I’m trying to say you don’t need to. Now I need to finish this, if you could give me some space?”

“Yeah. Yeah, okay.”


“All right,” said Nico. “Grab the ropes, please. Here we go.”

Reyna and Hedge took hold. The air darkened. The Athena Parthenos collapsed into its own shadow and disappeared, along with its three escorts.

Less than a minute had passed when dark tendrils reformed on the grass that covered the hill, exactly where Percy stood. A slight figure emerged from the void and a moment later, the son of Poseidon felt a pair of warm, chapped lips pressed against his.

“You’re welcome.” Nico said, before once again melting into the shadows.

House of Hades, Rick Riordan (and Allarica)

What do you mean that’s not how your last chapter of HoH ended??? 


Nico is the new boy in school. He catches serial playboy Percy Jackson dating three different girls at once: Annabeth - the student body president, Reyna - the cheer captain, and Rachel - the art geek; none of them are aware that they are not the only girl in Percy’s heart. Nico, having been raised by a single mother, has seen the pain caused by boys like Percy, and he won’t stand idly by. Together with the three jilted ex-girlfriends, they hatch a plan to teach Percy a lesson. Things rarely go as planned, especially when Nico starts to think that he might be falling for Percy himself.


Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson

Skyler Samuels as Annabeth Chase

Brennan Benko as Nico di Angelo

Chloe Bridges as Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano

Jane Levy as Rachel Elizabeth Dare

I did it for science.

“I can still hear them sometimes.”

Sequel of sorts to this prompt. To properly showcase Michael’s height. I COULDN’T STOP AT ONE APOLLO KID WOOPS I DREW THE WHOLE GOLDEN RETRIEVER LITTER well, the boys anyway.

Send me =^● ⋏ ●^= and a character OFF ANON and i will maybe draw a really rough chibi sketch thingy of them bonus points if you flatter me with words HUMOR ME HERE.

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Featuring all new songs including “I Should Have Killed You”, “Greekfire-proof”, “Best Sword Ever” and the worldwide Chart-Topper “What Makes You from Cabin 10”

I wanna stay up all night and save the world with you~!

this is how i deal with the impending and inevitable final book of this series send help

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Argo Girls’ Album (x)

i got a bit carried away woops here is 90s anime bishie apollo

for @olympiaus‘ prompt:

emoji me up /  Other emojis

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i’ll swim and sail on savage seas with ne'er a fear of drowning

and gladly ride the waves of life if you would marry me

First time drawing anything from The Hunger Games (just in time for the last film too!) so I drew the otp for the bae. LATE HAPPY BIRTHDAY @roxxannene !!! 

This is sort of a mixture of their book-canon wedding day and the movie’s version of it ( I loved Annie’s veil in the trailer, okay) as well as the personal need to draw Finnick in something nautical .

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