I’ve been a fan of these guys for a number of years now,  One of THE most under rated bands to come out of North Carolina! Some words of advice, Listen at considerable level!! (if listening on laptop, do yourself a favour and get some external speakers)

They are ridiculously talented, please support them at


Keeping guard over their territory which is the World famous Bonny banks of Loch Lomond, what a place to call your home. I took this on a fairly overcast drizzly day, So just like most other days in Scotland then :)

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An 'artists' gripe

My name is Allan McEnroe. I have a website

As probably most photographers & artists have thought at one point or another…Am i wasting my time here? Is my work any good? Is anyone even interested? So many questions but very little answers out there, I guess time will tell and be the only marker in knowing to some respect…….the answer.

I have been creating things from other ‘things’ to make…..'things’ for as long as i can remember, from making small wooden characters using an old potato peeler from tree branches while sitting on top of a friends porch at 14 years old to detailed acrylic paintings on canvas to getting myself into the most uncomfortable positions in some strange places around the UK,Europe and beyond, in order to get 'that’ special shot that catches my eye, Its not a choice, I feel compelled by my creativity to do these things. Strange maybe but its true non the less.

I just want to say to anyone out there and to whoever may be reading this, If you can help or have a contact or know of someone who could bring exposure to my work weather its my photography work or artwork, I would be really interested to hear from you, as i have found exposure and interest a  bit of a bugger so far.

But let me say this, I believe 'art’ as a concept/word Is very pretentious, uninteresting and down right boring, and to tell you the truth it seems to be a bit of a trend for example to put an old wooden chair with one of its legs sawn off,put a red shoe under it,put in a giant white room invite people in to stand and work out what the meaning is, What’s that about? How an earth do these people calling themselves 'artist’ get away with this while some of the most talented artist out there(not me) struggle with no proper hope or interest,then in the end, give up and end up serving nasty and utterly illegally reared chicken from kfc or the likes. It just is'nt right……not just struggling artists but kfc’s practices. SEE

I very gratefully welcome all help and support you have to offer.

Thanks for reading…..I know its been a hard old slog ;)

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