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Marilyn’s first screen test was shot in 1946 on the set of Betty Grable’s film, Mother Wore Tights. The test was arranged by Ben Lyon, directed by Walter Lang and shot by Leon Shamroy. Allan “Whitey” Snyder did her make up (and would do so during her entire career). The silent test, shot in color, called Marilyn to walk across the set, sit down, light a cigarette, put it out and exit. The test resulted in Marilyn’s first movie studio contract.
Petitioning Amazon - Please start a transgender fiction genre that doesn't include erotica.
Amazon; Please start a transgender fiction genre that doesn’t include erotica and/or sexual content. 

There is a growing desire for people to read books that are about transgender character’s facing issues pertaining to Gender Identity Disorder, transitioning, and other psychosocial aspects of being transgender that doesn’t contain sexual scenes. Transgender is completely unique in and of itself and should not fall under the banner of gay or lesbian fiction and transgender fiction deserves to have a genre all of it’s own. 
The issues people suffering from Gender Identity Disorder is different from being out homosexuality and our fiction reflects that. 

In the interest of equality, we implore you to start this genre, so people who are interested in learning about transgender through fiction can have an easy place to search for such titles by authors like Katie Leone, Tanya Allan, Karin Bishop, Madeline Bell and a host of others who write wonderful stories that don’t contain sexual content. 

Our hope is to have two categories added to genre field so people can easily search for books without finding undesired results, as well as inclusion into top 100 lists that celebrate our fiction as the field grows (as you do for erotica titles). We would like both Fiction>Transgender> and also Juvenile Fiction>Transgender for those titles aimed at helping teens and younger dealing with Gender issues. 

We thank you for listening as you voice our concerns.

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