allan goes travelling

I guess I also forgot to tell you guys about the Cake Story in East Hastings.

Simon, Katey and I didn’t pay CAD$40 to go to Whistler, BC on Tuesday because fuck that expensive shit.

So, we decided to stroll around Chinatown/East Hastings. That’s where all these pictures are from.

Upon turning onto East Hastings St, we see this SUPER sketchy bar called The Empress. As we walk in, everything is completely run down and cracking, except the bartender was presentable–amidst a senior homeless population.

A creepy-looking old lady asks Katey “You’re on vacation, aren’t you?”
To which she answers, “Yea, why?”
Old lady: “Well, I’ve never seen you before, and you look presentable, compared to everybody else here.”

Simon and I were sketched out by the comment and decided to leave, but right as we do so, a homeless man approaches us with a plate of cake in his hands, and says, rather much like Kevin from The Office, “Do you guys want cake? It’s someone’s birthday and they’re serving cake.”

We quickly deny his offer and run out of The Empress.

Back on the street, we walk towards our hotel, on West Hastings, but we stop at the sight of a crack whore lying semi-naked, passed out on the sidewalk.

She had a slice of cake next to her.