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셔우드숲의 악명높은 3인 도적단의 막내 “앨런”
오빠 둘 밑에서 자라나서인지 사내놈처럼 행동하며
왈가닥 중에 왈가닥이며 대단히 드세다.
작은체구로 나무나 장애물을 잘타고 올라다니며
숲속에서 트랩을 만드는 능력이 아주 뛰어나다.
오빠 둘이 있지만 3인 도적단에서 사실상 본인이 실세라고 생각하는 성격.
마리온의 무리에 합류해서 숲속의 트랩으로 추격군을 소탕하는 역활을 해낸다.

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Have tawakkul.

You must have had those moments when you felt so strong, thinking: whatever needs to happen will happen.

That sweet feeling of trusting in Allah subhanahu wa ta’alaa is priceless, granting an amazing peace of mind.

Then there are the times you get tense.

You worry. You feel a knot in your stomach. What if things just don’t get better? What if I get ill?

Musa ‘alayhi sallam was standing with his people. He invited them to enter Palestine, but they refused. Why?

They were scared. Scared of the future. Scared to be hurt. Scared to fail. Then two courageous believers stood up and announced:

Enter upon them through the gate, for when you enter it, you will be the dominant. And rely upon Allah (have Tawakkul), if you are believers.
[Quran, 5:23]

Rely upon Allah, if you are believers.

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“We could join your band of worthy outlaws. If I can steal something from under the nose of the great Robin Hood, think what I can achieve of mere mortals, eh? Alan?”

“He’s an excellent pickpocket. He’s got a big mouth, I know, but his heart is in the right place. If you had a brother who’d done something wrong, you’d give him a chance, wouldn’t you?”