Allan/Fashionista Ken Hybrid by whatifchris
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@oak23 asked to see more pics of this particular Allan back in January and I kind of forgot… The Fashionsta Ken neck is slightly sanded to reduce the overall width, but could easily be reduced more (I ran out of sand paper).

personal project - Robin Hood.2015
soonsang works.
셔우드숲의 악명높은 3인 도적단의 막내 “앨런”
오빠 둘 밑에서 자라나서인지 사내놈처럼 행동하며
왈가닥 중에 왈가닥이며 대단히 드세다.
작은체구로 나무나 장애물을 잘타고 올라다니며
숲속에서 트랩을 만드는 능력이 아주 뛰어나다.
오빠 둘이 있지만 3인 도적단에서 사실상 본인이 실세라고 생각하는 성격.
마리온의 무리에 합류해서 숲속의 트랩으로 추격군을 소탕하는 역활을 해낸다.

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Got an interview tomorrow 😳🙄

Man I don’t care who you are, where you’re at, just pray for me. Pray for me, smoke for me, send good vibes my way, ask Jah to bless me, ask the Universe to help me, ask Jesus to take the wheel, ask Buddha to put me in his thoughts, ask Allah to prepare me for what may come. Atheists, just wish me luck. Light workers, ask my spirit guides to help a sista out. Voodoo Priestesses, ask the Orishas to watch over me.

Send me all the good frequencies you can.
You would be so appreciated on every level.


The Barbie Look Commercial from 1965 when Barbie and Her friends first got bendable legs!

I love these upbeat 60s commercials