( J’suis en train de cuisiner et j’allais dire “putain, j’aime trop les quenelles” mais j’ai réalisé que ça pouvait être super mal interprété… )


land H2O © Agnese Samà

land H2O © Agnese Samà

land H2O © Agnese Samà

land H2O © Agnese Samà

land H2O © Agnese Samà

land H2O © Massimiliano Spadoni

land H2O © Massimiliano Spadoni

land H2O © Agnese Samà

land H2O © Agnese Samà

land H2O © Agnese Samà

land H2O © Agnese Samà

land H2O © Massimiliano Spadoni

land H2O © Massimiliano Spadoni

land H2O © Massimiliano Spadoni

land H2O © Agnese Samà

land H2O © Massimiliano Spadoni

land H2O © Agnese Samà


International workshop 16 > 26 jun 2011

Allai, Oristano


Paesaggi Straordinari, Rintala Eggertsson Architects, Paolo Mestriner - studioazero,Massimiliano Spadoni Architetto, Luca Poncellini, davide gamba, Luca Molinari


NABA, Politecnico di Milano, Associazione Paesaggi Connessi, Comune di Allai, Carlo Salvatore III Laconi

Gruppo di progettazione

Abdulrazzaq Yazan Ali Ghalib, Baykova Victoria, Bagouraki Chara Evanthia, Dalia Mahmoud Lotfy El Sayed Mohamed El Saadany, D'Eramo Martina, Hun Tsai, Donyagardrad Yasaman, Kaya Ozden, Lando Francesca, Lacu Maria, Mourino Carretero, Nuri Adriana, Nardini Caterina, Nikeshina Dina, Orhan Zeynep Ipek, Ozbay Derya, Petrovic Sonja, Porras Vazquez Nataly Magaly, Rollandi Irene, Samà Agnese, Sathakku Ilyas Ahamed Hussain Ifthikarudeen, Utbjoe Pettersen lene, Vougiouklaki Stella Maria

Welp, we did a thing. 😍

Thanks to you all for the well wishes and excellent advice. We couldn’t do a cat visit with him, but our adoption counselor allayed our fears by telling us more about his personality and how he thought he’d react to cats (probably interested and/or scared). All adoptions have a 30-day grace period in case it’s just not a good fit, and since we were just as smitten today as we were yesterday, we knew we had to do it.

The puppy formerly known as Duncan, coming your way July 6, i.e. after he says goodbye to the boys.

Tu m'as brisé le cœur deux fois, tu pensais quand même pas que j'allais te laisser recommencer ?
—  sivouplé les mecs arrêtés de faire vos p’tites victimes, ça m’fatigue…

Derek Hale :

The family is a very sensitive subject for Derek, he lost so much over the years. So when you told him your pregnancy necessarily he was happy. Happy to have a child with the woman of his life. But he quickly became overprotective with you. He was afraid that something happens to you, something happens to the baby, that still the good thing happened to him in his life like always. Of course you understood his reaction, you knew all he had gone through but it was very heavy for you. He talked to you like you’re a little fragile thing. So you’ve faced him about it, you told him what you had on the heart. Of course he had trouble putting aside her protector instinctive but you knew allay fears and prove to him that while you’re alive nobody will touch your baby, the fruit of your love.

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Stiles Stilinski :

You and Stiles frequented for some years now, while you were both relatively young. Your pregnancy was a real shock, a real surprise. Of course even though she was not wanted, you were still happy. This little baby growing inside you was still the fruit of your love. As a general rule Stiles is a very positive guy so when you began to have doubts about the need to bring this child into the world or to raise he was able to restore you strength. Moreover, Stiles knows what it is to live without his mother so he insists that his child have his mother. Especially that Stiles is convinced, you will make a great mother.

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Isaac Lahey :

When you have learned your pregnancy you immediately alerted your boyfriend and the least we can say is that he was much less happy than you. One could even say that he was not at all happy. Isaac had became his habit to avoid the subject, to pretend that the child growing inside you, did not exist. This lack of interest in your child was a source of many disputes between the two of you so when you could not go, you threatened to leave. You said you could raise this child alone. Isaac realized that this was not the empty words then he opened his heart. He confessed the true reasons for his behavior. He was simply afraid. Afraid because he had never known a father’s love, he had never lived with father things apart misfortune and of course his death. He was afraid to be a simple copy of his father and to hurt your child. So you drove all his doubts made him understand that he will be the best father in the world for that child, for your child

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Peter Hale :

You were pregnant with Peter. Although you were excited about becoming a mother, you were devastated at the idea that it is of Peter. Not that you did not love him, on the contrary Peter is the love of your life. But he is far from being a father figure, and deep down you know that the idea of being a father again would probably do him no pleasure. He does not maintain good relationship with Malia, rightly but then why it would be different with the baby you wore. When you could not hide it, you were forced to confess everything. He was not happy, but not for the reason you thought. He was not happy because you told him too late. He looked happy at the idea of being the father of your child, but he wanted to just be in every moment of your pregnancy.

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Scott Mccall :

Your pregnancy with Scott you’re not scared, you did not hesitate for a second before saying to him. You had enough love to give to a child. Scott is a very generous but it is also a boy who was raised in poverty, his greatest fear is that his child lacks something. He wants to raise him in the best conditions possible. He took it very seriously, it was almost a personal matter for him. But you still wanted to remind him that indeed your child had a father, but he also had a mother you get involved you as much as him so that your child does not lack anything and you reminded him that the most important thing was the love that you gave him.

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Jackson Whittemore :

Jackson is the kind of guy who thinks only of himself, you knew it yet. You had a little adventure together, nothing serious though. So the day you learned you were pregnant you tell him even you know he probably don’t care about it. And in fact, he fled his responsibilities knowing that having such a young child would bring his that difficulties especially for his future life. You expect nothing less of him, especially since he was not in love with you then he would make even less effort for your child, then your child because this little baby will probably never have the chance to know his father. You’re gonna have to face it alone with the help of your friends Stiles or Lydia.

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Quand j'ai ouvert ce tumblr, je ne pensais pas que j'y prendrais autant goût. Je m'étais dit que ça me passerait rapidement, que dans trois ou quatre mois, j'allais le fermer. Mais finalement, je m'y suis plu. Et quand je vois qu'aujourd'hui, vous êtes 900 à me suivre, j'ai encore du mal à y croire. 900, bordel ! Merci !

The Court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges is not so much a piece of legal reasoning as a hymn of praise. It lauds marriage as having the power to confer “nobility and dignity,” impart “a life that could not be found alone,” and allay “the universal fear that a lonely person might call out only to find no one there.” These statements—utterly disconnected from the realities of America today—are at once quaint and cruel…

Christians must counter the Court’s marriage idealism with their own marriage realism. Marriage exists only between a man and a woman, yes, but it is also not the be-all and end-all of existence. This latter belief, which has done so much to contribute to marriage’s decline, started in the churches before making its way to the courts. Let it be stopped in the churches as well. As more and more Americans live more and more of their lives outside of marriage, Christians must recover the forms of radical solidarity that gave St. Paul confidence when he said that it was good not to marry.

We must also reject the sins that we continue to cling to despite the fact that brought us to this moment. Marriage would not now be hymned as a realm of personal discovery and individual autonomy if Christians had not denigrated celibacy, embraced divorce, and popped the Pill.

—  Matthew Schmitz, among the contributors here
Quand ma mère veut que j’ouvre ma fenêtre

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oui c’est vrai il fait surement 40 degrés dans ma chambre mais quand j’ouvre j’entends les voitures qui passent, les enfants qui crient et (pire que tout) le voisin et ses potes faire des blagues tordues ou parler de cul. Franchement je préfère crever de chaud qu’entendre des mecs dirent “cette pute m’a pas sucé” ou “non mais comme si moi j’allais baiser ça”. Oui le respect est mort, les filles !
Deep in Kurdish Heartland, Finding an Enduring Bond With Israel - Opinion
Seth J. Frantzman was apprehensive about jetting into Kurdish Iraq, surrounded by ISIS and other hostile forces. He found surprisingly strong backing for Israel — and a lasting bond to the Jewish people.

Writing for an Israeli newspaper, flying over territory held by ISIS to a Muslim country in the heart of the Middle East could create difficulties. “Don’t worry, they love Israelis here,” Huff told me. He asked if I could bring along a prayer book. I had also been in touch with an organization called Shevet Achim, which helps children with life-threatening heart problems by flying them to Israel for treatment. “Can you bring us Polycose, a dietary powder? There is an extremely malnourished child who needs it,” their local volunteer asked. So we had two large canisters with giant Hebrew writing on them, and I couldn’t stop thinking how odd it would look at customs: a Jewish prayer book, and some canisters full of white powder.

On the ground in Kurdistan. all fears were allayed. Old peshmerga fighters cradling AK-47s reminisced about the 1960s, when Israel helped them in the war against Saddam Hussein.


The night was sweltering, and so what was the use of a jacket now. It sat beside him as he awaited who would usually come to the bell tower of St. Paul’s at this hour.
But even the airy, open tower did nothing to allay this awful heat…
Alas, that did not matter. She would come. She would always come–that strange, loathsome girl with soft hands, who always insisted on holding his.
Ronald wondered why he even bothered to meet her most every night anyhow, only to be berated by her, and to berate her in kind. But she had a pretty voice, despite the venomous words that would be carried by it.
Oh yes, he remembered her voice well, that one time under the cover of night…
He thought back to that time now, as he sat upon the ledge, staring out into London-town. But in the blue hues of the sky he thought of the flush upon her face, how intense it was, just as intense as this sky above him.
And speak of The Devil, she appeared! There she sat beside him, admiring the sky of indigo flowers, thinking whatever thoughts ran about in her funny head.
“Oi,” he addressed the girl with a nod, before a light, playful grin settled easily upon his face.

i have a lot of things to say today so forgive me

when i started learning muay thai, it was to manage my stress and emotions better and to learn self-defence in a bid to allay my ptsd

which is why it feels so incongruous and uncomfortable when the coach talks about losing weight (how we shouldn’t eat so much or what we do in class will be negated). which is. like. not only a bit eh considering my struggles with food, exercise and my weight, is also kind of ??? the wrong message?? i feel? and also potentially harmful to others as well?

a lot of the ways things are taught in muay thai class are meh to me tbh… like. they’re always saying “u punch with less strength than the girls!!” and stuff to guys to motivate them and it is very !!!!! and also sorta strange considering that both coaches are female

on a good note tho i broke my coach’s students’ record today lmaoz for the greatest number of consecutive punches (beating the guys so hAH) altho that was largely b/c i am hyper-competitive and i went the last of my group so i knew their numbers and deliberately aimed for a higher number than theirs but sTILL

J'ai essayé de me remettre a Twitter et en fait, j'y allais tellement plus que tout les abonnés que j'avais se sont barrés. Et c'est bizarre mais ça m'fait penser a la vie de tout les jours. Quand t'es plus tellement la, le monde passe à autre chose. Le monde te fou de côté et toi, quand tu reviens t'as l'impression d'avoir été un rien.
C'est ça Twitter, quand tu racontes pas ta vie tout les jours, on te fou de côté comme ça.
Puis bon, raconter sa vie dans le vide ça a le même effet que de parler en pleine rue aux heures de pointes : les gens ont autres choses à foutre que de t'écouter.