allah my hope


for the lovely Barzah


I am kind of-ish triggered because my friends mentioned my birthday and idk wow so much of my life has gone by and so many things I haven’t done and can’t do in the near future either and it’s just sad

My Hope (ALLAH)
My Lord. i seek your Forgiveness
My hands have spread for your Light.
I have pulled out the secrets of my Heart
And i have come to show my grief
I complain to You of my Heart Being Twisted
By a way (I.E. my life) that’s full of cruelties.
I started with it But ..
I don’t know how it shall End.
I don’t know of my hopelessness on this Day
Nor do i know whether i am Guided
I Don’t Even know my night or my Day.
Nor Do I invoked any one Along with Oh My Lord.
OH Lord! My morning is shackled up in my evening
Place your light in my heart.
I am thirsty for guidance
I don’t know from which waterspout [I.E. HOW]
Can i water my strength?
[i.e to fine guidance]
And the Beach has not enough water
[i.e no strength at the EDGE of my life]
To Extinguish the blaze in my Heart.
[i.e to comfort my worry]
I ask of your mercy, MY Lord .
I and my small Boat,
Alongside my sins
Are in tidal waves where no light can reach
They are being dried up to nothing but ..
I still Quietly have hope of your Mercy.
You Are My Hope (ALLAH)

O Allah, when I lose my hopes and my plans, help me remember that Your love for me is greater than my disappointments, and Your plans for me are better than my dreams. 


Oh Allah, when I lose my hopes and my plans, help me remember that
your love is greater than my disappointments and your  plans for my life
are better than my dreams
—  Imam Ali (a.s)