allah forgives

You had sex before marriage? You had relationship after relationship? You were addicted to drugs? You drank? you smoked? you clubbed? you had boyfriends? you chilled? The world has shattered you?

Your mistakes are not greater then His mercy. Your sin is not greater than Allah’s forgiveness. Your shortcomings are not more encompassing than His gentleness. Your falling is not greater than His raising. An entire life of bad can be completelty wiped away through a sincere heart, a humble soul and a teary eye.

—  Shaykh Mohammed Aslam

{ وَمَن يَعْمَلْ سُوءًا أَوْ يَظْلِمْ نَفْسَهُ ثُمَّ يَسْتَغْفِرِ اللَّهَ يَجِدِ اللَّهَ غَفُورًا رَّحِيمًا }

( And whoever does a wrong or wrongs himself but then seeks forgiveness of Allah will find Allah Forgiving and Merciful )

also a quick message from my muslim friend to the muslim women in america: if you ever feel the need to stop wearing your hijab due to fear of violence, then that’s okay. allah will understand and forgive. i know i’m “just” a german muslim but american muslims shouldn’t have to live through this, it’s unfair and i want you all to be able to show off your religion with pride, BUT YOUR SAFETY COMES FIRST. allah forgives. please remember you are still valid and loved.

The word “shams” (sun) is feminine, and “qamar” (moon) is masculine. The sun burns itself out to give light and life to everything around, and the moon is muneer, meaning it reflects the light. Within itself it has no light; it radiates the brilliance of the sun. So when we shine as men, the implication is that we are reflecting the glorious light of our women.”

-Sheikh Abdullah Azzam (R.A)
Here with Dr Mohammad Shawwaf( H.A) from Hama.

اللَّهُمَّ اغْفِرِ لِي، وارْحَمْنِي، واهْدِنِي، وعَافِنِي وارْزُقْنِي

O Allah forgive me, and have mercy on me and guide me and give me good health and provide for me. 💕

The Prophet (ﷺ) said:

“I guarantee a house in Paradise for one who gives up arguing, even if he is right; and a house in the middle of Paradise for one who abandons lying even when joking; and a house in the highest part of Paradise for one who makes his character excellent.”

[Abu Dawud]

How beautiful is it that a servant forgives the one who backbites about him or who slanders him, and stays silent when he could have responded, all for the sake of Allah. How beautiful then will be his meeting with Allah? Imagine Allah saying to you, “You showed Mercy and forgave My slave, so today I forgive you.”

The Prophet Muhammad(ﷺ) said: “Allah, Blessed and Exalted is He, says, ‘O son of Adam, as long as you call on Me, I shall forgive you of what you have done, and think nothing of it. O son of Adam, even if your sins were to reach up to the clouds in the sky, and then you were to ask for My forgiveness, I would forgive you and think nothing of it. O son of Adam, even if you were to come to Me with sins nearly as great as the earth, and then you were to meet Me after death, not worshipping anything besides Me, I would bring you forgiveness nearly as great as the earth.’“ (Tirmidhi) ✨