allafluttered replied to your postMy bracelet buddies:

Is it too late to ask for one? I think it’s really sweet that you’re making bracelets for your follwers. Much more personal than having a giveaway with one lucky winner. :)

Not at all!!

Anyone can ask for one if they want. ^^ Just might be a bit until I get it out to you since I have a line of people waiting. xD But I’ll do my best! 

Just send me in an ask:

  1. Name and address
  2. Favorite Disney movie
  3. Favorite Disney characters

And I’ll make one for you, dear. ^^


so its day 30 of my April Affirmations, the last day! (gonna turn into May Messages)

Each day I’m gonna tag one of you, my amazing followers, and just pass along a nice message. Just a little something so you know how much I appreciate you.

If you could please pass the love amongst your own followers i would really appreciate it.  Not everyone gets to hear how amazing they are often enough, so I’m going to start telling one of you everyday just that.

So the thirtieth name that came up for me is:


Happy Thursday!!!!!!!!!!! Hope your week has been good!!!!! Enjoy your Friday!!!!! Have a great start to your weekend!!!! We love you!!!!!