When he is not playing bass with Mellow Mood, Giulio Frausin usually grabs his guitar for his personal project, The Sleeping Tree.
After an album (Leaves and Roots, 2008) and a self-produced EP (Stories, 2011), in 2013 he released Painless with La Tempesta International, produced by Paolo Baldini (Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, Mellow Mood). Colours, that came out in January 2015 for La Tempesta, gathers together a handful of remixes from Painless, performed by young Italian artists such as IOSHI, Bound, Niam.

The plan is the following:
31 January 2015 / Le Mura / Rome IT
1 February 2015 / Rien21 / Florence IT
2 February 2015 / Gattò / Milan IT
3 February 2015 / BLAH BLAH / Turin IT

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