joey’s endless list of crossovers :: dominique holmes + lila manning ( @peterparcour )

For years, I felt so lost. I didn’t have any sense of belonging or had the will to really live. Then when I met Lila, I don’t know, I just feel like I have someone in my life I could always count on. She’s pulled me off the edge more times than I can count, and I am so thankful to have her as a friend.


emilia’s crossovers: Jacqueline Lewis + Robin Davis ( @cptainsrogers )

“You know, now that SHIELD’s been dismantled and we’re out of a job, maybe I can convince Tony to hire us at his company.”

“Us working at Stark Industries together is literally a recipe for disaster… I’m in.”

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Halloween Aesthetics + Animal Kingdom OCs (1/?)

Aurora “Rory” Cody  Harley Quinn 
Violet “Ottie” Cody  Mermaid
Millie Reynolds  Batgirl  @chuck-hansens
Wendy CodyCarmen Sandiego → @drbobbimorse

Morgan & Daryl

“I can’t believe that you rolled your ankle Dixon.” She was astonished that the badass was taken down by a minor injury.

“Not a word Morgan. Not a word.” Daryl grumbled putting his arm around the women’s shoulders and shifting some weight off his foot.

He said not a word.

Instead she laughed.


my endless list of plot bunnies: Stephanie Triggs

“Why are you crying, my love?” Sigyn reached out her hand, gently grazing the back of her husband’s knuckles with her own. Loki looked up from his hands to meet her weak eyes. If there was anyone in the entire universe that could always manage to make him smile, it was Sigyn. But smiling became hard when he knew what fate had in store for his precious wife. 

“Because it’s the end, isn’t it?” Loki asked gently, taking her hand in his. He met her soft brown eyes and pursed his lips together. He leaned forward, pressing a soft kiss to the back of her hand. Sigyn smiled at him, meeting his eyes. “This isn’t the end.” She whispered. “I promise you.” Sigyn told him, squeezing his hand with what strength she had left. His eyes softened as he got up from his chair. Loki leaned down and pressed another soft kiss to her forehead. “You better not break that promise, Sigyn.”

Stephanie Triggs never grew up wanting to be an agent for S.H.I.E.L.D. In fact, she knew that if she could go back and change things… she would. She doesn’t mind her job completely though, being a good agent and liking her superior officer, Agent Maria Hill. However chaos ensues with the capture of the villainous Loki, a trickster god who seems to have her confused with someone else. No one is certain what to do, especially when Loki’s accusations are confirmed by his adoptive brother, Thor, who seems just as baffled at the sight of Stephanie. The agent isn’t completely sure what these two gods want with her, but all she knows is that she has a job to do and under no circumstances is she going to let the world end on her watch. 

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The Shadowhunter Girl Gang
[ft. Mattie Louvel, Anya Cartwright, Kaden Wolfhart, and Evie Calloway]

You can’t break us. - k.s. (insp.)

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stories i probably will never write :: electra gallagher

Being a fucking Gallagher was a damn curse. For starters her father was none other than Frank himself. She could never stand him, hell he still doesn’t know her name and keeps calling her Erica. Electra was part of dysfunction family and they didn’t have rules in the house. (That was already a bad sign.) However she’s used to it. Her father, Frank was and still is an unemployed alcoholic and her mother, Monica is an addict. She never had caring parents that took care of their own children. The closest thing to a parent was her older sister, Fiona. 

It felt like she was the only one who wad willing to take care of her and her other siblings. When you live in a dysfunctional family like Electra, you never turn out to be an angel. She had her own demons but she never tried to show it as she found it pointless. She covered it up with partying, getting drunk and smoking.

 But was it that really surprising? She’s a Gallagher after all.

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a plot bunny: ginela lund (a marvel/thor oc).

“i was cast out of asgard and you did nothing to help me!”

those were the words that had haunted ginela’s mind for so long. thor was right. she could’ve done something to help, argue with odin or at least fight for thor considering he was the heir to the throne. but she understood odin’s motive, how cruel it may have been to send his son to earth without his hammer.

ginela belonged to a long-gone family name with a mysterious past that not even odin himself knew of. she was raised in asgard, almost in the same home as thor because odin had taken pity on her as a child. her red hair marks that she is not fully asgardian and her power to manipulate liquid in any form is a reason as to why she’s always guarded by one of odin’s warriors.

despite her respect for odin, she followed thor to earth weeks later, only to find him in the company of jane foster and her family. then, of course as if it wasn’t already bad enough, loki planned an attack on earth that put both her and thor in a bad spot.


teen wolf plot bunny: Freya Daehler

Freya has had her twin brother’s back from the moment she exited the womb twelve minutes after him. The two Daehler twins have made it a point to look out for each other, sticking together when it seems like the rest of the world is against them. When Matt nearly drowned, Freya was the one dragging him back to the surface. It’s what she’s always done, keeping her brother from sinking when the darkness gets too much. But lately the darkness has been dragging Matt down more than usual. 

And Freya isn’t sure she can save him this time. 


ryder blake + dean winchester

      i’ve l o s t the girl that i once was 
                       this is a w a r that i can’t win.


supernatural ladies :: [insp]

evie andrews by me

kat moore by @thetenthdoctorscompanion

ryder blake by @whittymores

elle winchester by @missjanuarylily

lizbeth oswald by @god-dammit-barb