Dating Jeff Atkins would include :

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-Him still being flirty towards you and making you laugh and roll your eyes at all his attempts, especially when he’d purposely try to embarrass you while at it

-Him sneaking to your house at night to call you out from your window to go hang out with him and always finding a way to convince you to agree

-Helping him along with Clay to get his grades higher, only to end up having some fun together as you’d both be busy joking around

-You and him encouraging and helping Clay with his social and love life as much as you both can as you’d see him as your friend

-Wearing his varsity jacket for fun, only for him to like it on you so much he really doesn’t mind lending it to you, especially when he’d feel the air being cooler

-Going to his games just to cheer him on and for him to always ask you for a slushie date whenever he’d win

-Him telling you and encouraging you to be yourself and do what you’d enjoy to do, as he wants you to be happy

-Holding hands a lot while walking down the hallways at school simply because he misses you too much and just needs to feel you for a moment

-Him taking you for the funnest and coolest parties, only to always make sure that he’s right by your side to to take care of you

-Your parents actually liking him a lot and always inviting him over for dinner simply because they get along with his kind and genuine personality

-Soft kisses that can end up rough, only for it to have actually been the start to when you lost your virginity

-Him always trying to cheer you up with different surprises and dates whenever you are down, as he doesn’t like to know that you’re sad

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@sugaspiano is this how you feel when I screw with your drabble prompts jfc

also: why are all gifs of people cuddling in black and white?? and super intense saturation ?? answers, i need answers


Mark is down to cuddle, ok. He’d love being able to be close to you and just be content to feel you beside him, especially after a long day. If you asked him to cuddle with you, he’d get all smiley and blush before pulling you into a hug and falling onto the nearest soft surface. He seems like the type to just sort of sneak up on you and pull you into a cuddle session while you were watching tv or reading a book because he missed you lmfao. Mark would love to see your face while cuddling, I think, and would listen to you talk about your day, your worries, or whatever crossed your mind. He’d just love to hear you talk when you were close to him he’s a fluffy baby


I get the feeling Jaebum wouldn’t really ask for cuddles, he’d just sort of pull you into his arms if you were both on the couch watching something and that’d be as close as you got. But if you asked him to cuddle you, he’d practically melt. He’d like it if you laid on his chest so he could see your face and play with your hair, a small smile on his face. He would like silence while cuddling so he could just bask in the fact that he loves you so much and you’re right there with him and wow it’s so unbelievable he’s so lucky. Also, silence is good for watching movies, and he seems like the type to like watching movies with you in his arms aww


Okay but let’s be honest, he’d be the one always wanted to cuddle with you. He’d constantly ask and follow you around like a lost puppy, but when you finally give in, he’d act like you were the one that had come onto him for cuddles, shooting you a wink and doing that eyebrow thing he does- you know the thing. That said, he would love cuddling with you on top of him so he could feel like he was protecting you. He’d also love spooning, but only if he was the big spoon, otherwise he’s out. Jackson’s one to trace circles on your back, stomach, wherever his hands happened to land and would love talking to you about anything that happened to come up in conversation. 


Jinyoung wouldn’t really like to cuddle all the time, to be honest. But at night before you went to sleep or when you two were sitting on the couch talking about your days, he’d be happy to just lie next to you, hold your hand, play with your hair, and trace your features. He’d listen to you talk and voice his reactions or opinions where necessary, but he wouldn’t really do much of the talking unless you asked him questions about his life. Unless something was really bothering him, he wouldn’t want to burden you with his problems while cuddling, so he’d try to make you smile or laugh with his stories. 


Youngjae would love cuddling, which is good considering he’s the cutest thing on the planet. He’d smile brightly if you asked him to cuddle and would just sort of wrap himself around you- he’d be really clingy when cuddling, awwww. He’d have his face on your chest, his arms around you, his legs just sort of enveloping yours. If you ran your fingers through his hair or down his back, he’d be in heaven. Youngjae seems like the type to joke around with you a bit while cuddling, too, because he loves it when he makes you smile or laugh


BamBam wouldn’t really cuddle that often outside of when you two were drifting off to sleep, actually. The way he sees it, there’s a million other fun things you guys could be doing, so why would you waste time inside? If you asked, though, he would probably give in. At first, it’d be nice, normal cuddling- you two would be facing with your arms around each other as you talked about whatever came to mind, but Bam would get bored and start tickling you or play fighting and everything would sort of stop making sense from that point on


First things first, Yugyeom loves cuddling with you because he can express how much he cares for you through simple actions rather than through words. And he likes the way you smell, but he would never admit it. He’d melt if you asked him to cuddle, a smile bursting forth with a little laugh. He wouldn’t really have a certain position he preferred over others, so you two would just sort of flop anywhere on the bed/couch/whatever and make it work. It wouldn’t surprise me if he decided to change positions in the middle of cuddling, suddenly throwing himself on a different part of the bed and tugging your hand to follow him 

Dating Tony Padilla would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him picking you up in his car to go to school and back, as well as drive you anywhere you need to be simply because he’d rather have you safe with him

-Him being super protective of you and always stepping in to keep anyone from hurting you in any way, only to always comfort you

-Him taking you on long rides and sightseeing whenever you are stressed out over something and he just knows somethings off

-Being friendly and caring towards Clay just as much as he is as you’d all always all hang out together

-Him never missing anything when it comes to something important in your life such as an important recital or a game of yours

-Short and quick goodbye kisses before going to classes or leaving each other and actually never missing one since you had both started

-Making fun of his height whenever you’d wear any type of footwear that would make you slightly taller than him, only for him to shake his head and jokingly threaten to leave you alone

-Dates to Monet’s whenever you’d need to study for an exam, only for it to turn into you both having fun rather than study

-Him liking to drive by your house at night, making you look out your window and see him inviting you over to hang out

-Him keeping his eyes on you at parties to make sure you’re alright, only to end up rarely drinking in order to drive you back safely home

-Experimenting with new things when it comes to sex as you’re both rather curious

-Your parents liking him enough to always invite him in for dinner or even family trips, making you both so happy that they feel that way

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