I really look up to and appreciate Amber from f(x). Not only does she seem to really appreciate her fans but her message is, despite being very redundant, necessary for everyone to hear. That everyone is beautiful. She’s the reason I got into K-pop. Without her message I wouldn’t be here today or be the person I am and honestly I am so thankful. And I’m sure there are other people who have idols that have changed their lives for the better.


Jessica - WONDERLAND Official MV

I expected exols to be bitter about bts getting the daesang but the fact that the ex'act album producer said exo “should” have fun is ridiculous. I didn’t that an adult with a business relationship to the topic would have the same maturity level as a few biased teenage fans. It’s also ridiculous how people say we should respect his opinion when he was basically saying bts didn’t deserve to win. “exo should’ve won” and “I wanted exo to win” are so different and this is coming from a non fan.