If U.S. Land Mass Were Distributed Like U.S. Wealth (expanded version)

Data source: Domhoff, William G., “Wealth, Income, and Power” in Who Rules America?, UC Santa Cruz,

I drew the lines in a somewhat impressionistic manner.

Download the hi-def versions

This design was featured in a Huffington Post roundup of Occupy Art and was readers’ top pick.

This design appears in the major college textbook, Government in America by George C. Edwards.

Also see:

U.K. version | Canada version | Austria version

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If U.S. Land Mass Were Divided Like U.S. Wealth



Back to my theory about Rose being in Steven’s gem-

My boyfriend pointed out that when Lapis was freed the mirror (her host) had to be broken.

So if I’m right, rose wouldn’t be able to come out unless, well, if Steven dies.

Let’s say he were to die and rose immerses.. The same cycle can reoccur endlessly. And while that seems really spiffy with possibilities, the reality is mother and son could never coexist.


Having a major Suede revival and almost *squeed* when I, whilst on holiday in Edinburgh last week, stumbled across Fopp where they were playing, and I incidentally found, this wonderfull remastered expanded version of Suede’s debut album - which coincidentally is also the first CD I ever bought, back in the lovely year of 1993.

.:Ugh, I’m old:.

Back where the cars decide, where the lame star limps an endless mile, have I gone too far inside my mind?”

Suede ~ Breakdown [Suede, 1993]