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A thing that I noticed when I made gifs for 10x03 was that when Dean's hunting Sam in the bunker we get lots of full body shots of Dean, mainly from a view from below, making him appear more dangerously, while we get a lot of close ups on Sam, showing us more of his emotions and how this situations affect him. laoih(.)tumblr(.)com/post/100705676871 Not sure if that's a director's choice, but... :)

Oh dear, 



really, we had Jensen talking about reading Hitchock and watching horror movies to decide what side will Dean come from, and what side will Sam, and that he wanted to make Dean’s movemetns uncomfortable for the watcher’s eye. 

From Jensen’s M&G in VanCon this summer: 

…He explained how he planned this out for days/weeks ahead of time, He studied the old Hitchcock movies, using the technique where the “good guy” moves from left to right (the natural way that they eye wants to move) while the bad guy moves from right to left (which appears jarring on a subconscious level). After all this, he spread it all out on the kitchen table at home to map out everything that needs to be done. Then he started coming up with different ways to make the hallway look different. [here]

The close-ups in this episode were amazing director choices (a thing he learned from Kim Manners, which is, amazing!) 

Basically, all the awards to director Ackles.