So, it just dawned on me. Like, just. It dawned on me that normal people don’t bake cupcakes and take them to a bar. That is not a thing that regularly happens among people who work in a cubical all day, or with children in a daycare or what have you. Unless possibly there is a birthday. Other than that, baking and bar time very rarely intersect.

However, I am a musician, and Open Mic Nights can become like family dinners if done right. So, tonight, I called up all my lady musician friends, and said, “Hey, Open Mic has been a sausage fest lately, let’s take over and I’ll bring some sort of baked good.” So, instead of baking cookies and taking them to work, I baked cupcakes and walked into Barley Street Tavern with an instrument strapped to my back, ready to sing.

It was a good night. I saw all the gals. Hung with the bartender. Pet Shooter, the bar cat. And although to random patrons, I looked a bit silly, really it was like walking into my living room with a glass of milk and some cookies, only it was a Colorado Bulldog and a cupcake.


Here’s my cover of Before We Know by ALL YOUNG GIRLS ARE MACHINE GUNS! I thank them for giving me the chords to play this song! Love it! Hope you like!

Uke|Affairs Cover: Before We Know by All Young Girls Are Machine Guns 

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The girl in the white dress with cerulean polka dots. She dropped her book into a puddle in the street. The streets teemed with laughter and noise. She knelt beside it, lifted her book, shook the water from its pages, and eyed her reflection in the ripples. The book was all she cared about. She cracked its spine, and continued her walk through masses, peering through it as if it were a looking glass. Perhaps she saw things that were better than the world on the other side of soggy binding. 

She eluded them—the crowds with their grumbles, beeping cars revving engines, concrete—with each page made gray by the puddle that reflected rose blossom earrings and muddled eyes. 

There were so many people she didn’t want to touch. They rambled right past her, but the sun striking blue in the sky made swirls of clouds glow up there. She only came out to read and enjoy the sun and air that hadn’t gone humid yet. It never mattered that she drifted through streets, brushing past beings full of empty words, dusting shelves somewhere. The silence of home was too loud, and it chased her out of the house to read in clamor. 

“That’s dangerous, you know.” 

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All Young Girls Are Machine Guns - Sea Glass

He’s built like a bottle and breaks just as easily
You pour into him and you carry the sea
He pours into you, you’ve everything you need
Quenches your thirst, rocks you to sleep

Don’t let him fall if you can
His breaks would be numbered larger than the sands
And when it’s time to let him go
Take him a distant shore and let him float

Rebecca Lowry, aka All Young Girls Are Machine Guns, performs a cover of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston at a fundraiser at O'Leaver’s in Omaha.

(copyright Hilary Stohs-Krause 2011)

Rebecca will be joining me in the studio tomorrow starting at about 1:05 p.m. CST to play some music and answer some questions – tune into 89.3FM in Lincoln, Neb., or stream it live online at!

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Before We Know- by,  All Young Girls Are Machine Guns

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Benson Up! All Night by Aaron Shipp for The Heavy Duty

We played Benson’s 125th Anniversary last Saturday night. This is Aaron Shipp’s take on the night. It’s not a review per se, but he does manage to throw some nice and accurate words our way.

I’ve got to lose this buzz of the blues. So, when the sun goes down, down in Benson town when you come around, I’ll ask you to play.

Give A Damn!!!
  • Give A Damn!!!
  • All Young Girls Are Machine Guns

All Young Girls Are Machine Guns - Give A Damn (Live at Band Practice)

We had our first full band practice (well, sans the ladies) today with Jason, Will, Travis, and me. If this is any indication, we’re all in store for something pretty ridiculous.

No lies. I drove up to headquarters today and saw all the cars and got a little emotional. God help me, I’m so happy with them. I wish I knew I could keep them all forever and ever.