“One of the best things about adopting a rescued pet is the knowledge you are saving a deserving dog or cat from languishing in a shelter or being put to death.” This great quote represents only the surface of why it’s important to adopt not shop.

We all wish to be loved, and animals are no different from us in that matter. Unfortunately, the majority of animals that end up in shelters have been abused or abandoned in the past. A shelter is equipped with the basic amenities needed to ensure an animal’s life, but most shelters are lonely and often underfunded. They cannot guarantee an animal the emotional care it needs.

This lack of emotional protection is especially distressing when one realizes that in the 2015 alone, U.S. shelters took in approximately 7.6 million animals and adopted out only 2.7 million animals. This results in an incredible 4.9 million animals that are left in shelters each year. Not only is it difficult for caretakers to give each animal the love they need; since the population is ever increasing, shelters find themselves hard-pressed to provide animals with basic necessities and are forced to euthanize a great deal of them. By adopting a pet from a shelters, one could literally save an animal’s life.

Meanwhile, when one purchases from a pet shop, one is directly supporting the animal mill industry. Animal mills work by placing a wide variety of purchasable pets inside small cages and forcing them to breed as often as possible. Animal mills do not care at all about the welfare of the animals. Their priority is to churn out as many babies as possible and sell them for profit.

Due to the lack of compassion and care shown in animal mills, most animals often fall ill, fail to master basic social skills, and develop genetic defects as a result of inbreeding. These animals also have a much shorter lifespan than household pets and may be constantly covered in their own feces due to the unhygienic nature of animal mills. Purchasing from pet shops not only denies a shelter animal from the love they need, but keeps the animal mill industry profitable and viable for expansion.

Adopting an animal is the best way to support the fantastic work that shelters strive for and save a few lives in the process. If we want to stop the exploitation of our furry companions, we must embrace adoption and pressure animal mills to shut down. By doing so, we can ensure that our pets are not born through pain and misery - but care and compassion.

Reasons why Adam Hann is Amazing
(Overdue post)

- He’s very sweet and he gives fans his undivided attention .

- He’s super intelligent (did you know he studied biochem?)

- He loves dogs (anyone who loves dogs is great and deserves a Nobel Peace Prize).

- He’s extremely respectful to everyone.

- He probably supports Black Lives Matter.

- His floral suits are always on point.

- His hair game is goals.

- He’s just all around a really awesome guy.

- He needs to run for president and save America

Latetly I haven’t posted nor done much because it’s my last weekend before going back to school & I have to take care of my baby dog who got hurt & needs attention. Regardless of that, I did a brief summary with the characteristics of the Victorian Age to feel productive. Lovely weekend to you all. 💕

Emergency Commissions

So first of all, I want to say I know I owe a lot of people. I know it and I’ll work on them since I’m finally home.

But let’s see what we have here.
As some of you knew, we were working for more than 4 weeks with @vivynek0 at a place, well….It was like hell came to the surface.
They treated us like dogs. And of course not in the good meaning.

I personally got hurt, my old illnesses came back, such like tendon sheath inflammation //on both hands// and osteoarthritis of my knees. I told my bosses about these and they looked at me like I was lying. I wasn’t even able to walk normally at the end dammit.
And we’ve had enough after these 4 weeks and we decided to quit. We went to the boss to tell her and what did she do? Slam the door on us after we said what we wanted and started laughing with the others in the room.

LONG STORY SHORT: after all this drama and everything….they didn’t pay us off.


I don’t know how it is in America, but here, 300 dollars transferred to huf means a lot of money for a student like I am, and I didn’t work 8 hours of physical work //plus many overwork// a day for 4 weeks and got emotionally exhausted for nothing!

They said they’ll send the money on Monday. We’ll see. But I’m sure they’ll pay much less money than what we were supposed to get.


So this is why I need your help. I was counting on that money and so did Vivy. We’re kinda in a money trouble now.


((What fandoms can you ask for))


Undertale(+AUs, OCs, shippings):

Dragons(I don’t include them to furries, just the anthro ones):

Steven Universe:

Pokémon((Yeaaah, they aren’t furries either, whatevs)):

Custom creatures((still not furries, you give me a description, and I design it for you)):


- I only do sfw atm
- I don’t really draw humans, I haven’t drawn them in a while
- I don’t do Robotic/mechanic things, I can’t draw those
- I can’t do too detailed backgrounds


My prices:

//I’m willing to lower them just tell me if they aren’t equal to my art’s quality//

//I don’t have example for colored and shaded atm, but it’s similar to the full picture.//


Sorry for the high prices, but I really need money.

Wanna help but can’t afford to commission me or don’t like my style?

That helps a lot either.

And for those who still would give me a little amount of money….

The name is SugarBatArtwork.
Any little amount of money matters! If you can only give $1, go ahead! It means a lot to me!

Thank you very much for those who helps me, I love you to pieces! ♥


Let’s start off with 5 people. 0 spaces are free at the moment.
They will release as I’m getting done with the commissions. :3

But you can still write to me, I’m doing a hand written list either so I won’t forget anything.

- @genderswaptalerp

- @turtledoveanimations

- @stevextony223

- @aitwobecky

- @dragaura

If you want to commission me, IM me here on tumblr.

Dating a BTS Member Would Include: Rap Monster

Dating BTS Series

Originally posted by taestylips

  • “Y/N, you got no jams” “Shut the fuck up  NamNams™, neither do you”
  • Movie nighhhttsss !!
  • Giving him probably a rubber ball and hoping it won’t break too
  • “We can’t have nice things because of you”
  • “Are you trying to kill me”
  • *does seaweed dance* “WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS NAMJOON ??”
  • “I love you so much but right now I am just picturing how I will kill you”
  • Neck kisses

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anonymous asked:

spock/kirk for the ship thing

Drinks all of the coffee:

Jim, definitely. He needs it more. Spock tends to avoid caffeine in large doses.

Brings up adopting a pet:

Jim wants a dog, like a golden retriever or something along those lines, but obviously it’s not feasible in space, so it’s more like a ‘hypothetically if we settled somewhere’ type thing, usually when Jim is really tired and stressed. 

Kills the bugs:

Neither, Spock scoops them up and releases them outside.

Cooks the meals:

Spock loves to cook traditional Vulcan dishes for Jim, and since Jim is a disaster in the kitchen, it works out.

Starts getting into holidays way before they should:

Jim. He does it largely to raise crew morale, but also because he’s a giant dork. He usually ropes McCoy into helping him decorate the whole ship for every holiday, from every religion, from every planet. There’s always some kind of decoration on the ship. Of course, Jim gets the most into traditional Terran holidays, but you bet your ass he throws parties for all of ‘em. There are even Vulcan “high feasts” (“It’s a feast, Captain, not a holiday” “it’s a holiday, Spock” “It is simply an unusually intricate meal” “is there alcohol?” “There is a Vulcan equivalent” “Then it’s a holiday.”)

Initiates the couple selfies:

James Tiberius Perfect Hair. He has an instagram account that he is incredibly proud of, on which he posts selfies, pictures of stars, pictures of the bridge, pictures of McCoy being annoyed at him, creeper shots of Spock, a few really lovely pictures of the whole crew, and anything else that he wants.

Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries:

You would think Jim, but Jim Kirk learned a long time ago to write important stuff down. It’s actually Spock, because A, those things aren’t as important on Vulcan, and B, because he gets caught up in his work easily.

Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping:

When they’re on shore leave, and Jim goes shopping he always buys all the junk food he missed sorely when they were in space. That’s the one thing he hates about being in space: limited access to proper oreos and cheetos. The generic off-brand stuff that comes out of the replicators just isn’t the same.

Nicknames the other:

I think Jim would tease Spock and try to get a rise out of him, which of course seems to work, except for the faintest of green blush on his cheeks. That would be anything from calling him “cutie” in front of McCoy, to calling him “pointy” all day because of his ears (which Jim actually finds quite aesthetically pleasing but that’s not even the point). But I don’t think either of them would have any genuine nicknames for the other.

Dogminder - Calum Hood [FLUFF]

Requested by Anonymous

Summary~ You’ve always wanted a dog but never anticipated the care and attention it would need as well as the attention it would bring you

Word Count - 718

Lulu was yours as soon as you locked eyes with her; a gorgeous little Jack chi (Jack Russel/Chihuahua) with huge ears and soft ginger fur. You put in an application for her as soon as possible. What you hadn’t thought about when purchasing this love at first sight dog was the fact that she felt the same about you, and every time you even left the room her hair would form a spiky line all down her back and she’d howl louder than any dog her size. Because of that, she comes with you everywhere.

“Shh…” you pet her under your coat as you sneak through the opening doors of target.

You’ve been trying to train her not to howl but you’re yet to succeed and slowly, the fact that you can’t go anywhere without her has meant you’re slowly running out of supplies; most importantly right now being tampons. You stick your hand past the zip in your coat to allow her to chew silently on your index finger as you browse the aisles and when you get to the sanitary protection aisle you notice someone in what looks like target uniform following you.

“Hey,” someone hisses as you try to balance the dog and your basket at the same time.

You turn to see the red polo shirt that’s been following you staring at you with a slightly shit-eating grin on his face.

“It’s fine I’ll leave,” you say before they can say anything. “I didn’t think the target staff could be so picky”

“Wait wait?” he looks confused before glancing at his shirt “Oh no this is just a red polo”

“Oh,” you furrow her brow “Well then why are you in the tampon aisle?”

He walks over to you and stands on his tiptoes to look at the furball in your jacket “I can spot a hidden dog a mile away”

You smile.

“Can I see it?” his face seems to light up

You unzip your jacket and hand him the dog.

“She’s beautiful,” he beams. “What’s her name?”

“Lulu,” you tell him.

“I’ve ever seen a Jack Chi in person before,” he is more mesmerised by the dog than you are. “Why didn’t you just tie her up outside?”

“She can’t stand being away from me, she howls,” you tell him.

Then before he can reply you see a real target employee round the corner and cough loudly. You panic but he shoves the dog under his own coat.

“Thought it’d be you hHood,” the employee grins. “Someone said they saw a dog in a coat”

“Sorry Kev, she was just too cute to leave,” he covers for you.

“You’re banned Hood, now get the dog out of here”

This boy, still holding your dog, turns back  to you, “Finish your shopping I’ll take her outside”

You brce to hear her howling, worried tat he’s a dog napper but try andget on with your shopping.

When you leave, there he is stood outside hugging the dog as she licks his face.

“Lulu,” you call and she goes ballistic seeing you again. “I’m surprised you kept her quiet”

“I’m pretty good with ogs, you know I have a dog mnding servce if you need help,” he says.

“Wow, promotional or what,” you chuckle.

He reaches into hisback pocket and hands you a slightly bent card;

Calum Hood, dog minder, specialising in tempremental pups

“It’s kind of my excuse to see dogs every day,” he smiles.

“This would actually be really good for me,” you read the card.

He begins to faff saying, “It’d be great for e to help you, ‘cause you’re cute- she’s cute”

He blushes and you giggle.

“I have to get going,” he quickly covers, “Uh, just, give me a call… as in for dog minding or not, I mean, I’d better go”

Him being flusters causes you to almost laugh out loud and as he slips off Lulu barks ater him.


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Masterlist // Request

Loves: He haz them! Let him give them to you!

Ocie is currently at West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue in Eugene, Oregon. He was saved from hoarders and now he’s trying to decide whether he should become a dog instead of a cat. Here’s his list of reasons:

1. When he’s petted, he plops down on his side and rolls all around.

2. He follows his foster mom all around the house.

3. He likes to drag his blanket around.

4. He loves balls (all toys, really)

Now, he likes other cats but he’s not sure about dogs, which kind of makes us think he should stay a cat.

Maybe you could vote for which one you think he should do? Of course you’ll need to meet him to know for sure! Call Beth at 541-255-9296 to set it up!

And don’t forget to re-blog him; he needs as much feedback as possible to make the right choice!

my dash is e m p t y

y’all he lp me it is Empty and it is Lonely i need friends and just people to follow in general!!

like or reblog if you post the following,

• bungou stray dogs / bsd (love me some chuuya and atsushi)

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and there’s a good chance i’ll follow you! (maybe follow me back so we can be mutuals? i like making new friends)

have a good day! 

Cut Loose

Request by @sherlocked-whovian-1969A John x reader where the reader is older (like the boys age) and she works at a bar that the boys stop at and Sam and Dean compete for her but she beeline to John fluff and smut if you write it THANK YOU LOVE YOUR BLOG

Word Count:1996

Warnings: Implied Smut

“You know what you need?” your roommate, Jill, asked while you got ready for work.

“A million bucks? More dogs? A mansion so each of my dogs can have their own rooms? An all-expense paid trip to Milan so I can go shopping? A cruise with a hot, French man who feeds me grapes and reads poetry at sunset? How about three tiny—“

“A real date! With an honorable man who respects you as an intelligent, independent woman.” Jill cut in, exasperated. You didn’t know why she cared so much about your dating life. Or, lack of. You weren’t really even friends. Just thrown together by campus housing.

You rolled your eyes and kept working on your makeup. “I don’t have time for dating, Jill.”

“But you have plenty of time to hook up with slimy guys in the bathroom at the bar?”

Pretending to be offended, you gasped. “Only sluts hook up with people in the bathroom at the bar!” Then you grinned and went back to your makeup. “Everyone knows that it’s classier to sneak them into the back office.”

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anonymous asked:

How about mccree, soldier 76, and reaper if they woke up and they're dream "white picket fence" (or just normal) life with their S/O was a reality. Hopefully that makes sense


- It’s weird to him to feel this relieved, no more problems, no more overwatch/blackwatch. Just you and him.
- He feels safe and happy for while but this cowboy isn’t made for a calm life, he needs some adventure.
- He tries to drag you with him to travel for a bit, leaving the dream for a better one

Soldier 76:

- This is all he ever wanted; A nice and quiet life with the person he loves
- He enjoys every bit of his life, doing normal things with you
- Waking up next to you, having breakfast with you and walking the dogs together with you
- He still trains everyday to keep him in shape and be prepared if this dream life would fade


- He is confused, just confused. What did he do to deserve such a life?
- It’s better than everything he’d ever wanted
- Waking up next to you every morning, seeing your beautiful smile everyday without having to worry about any dangers
- He’s afraid that this is all a dream, that he’ll wake up and you wouldn’t be there

Do you think this guy’s cute? So do we! So why has Speedy been waiting THREE YEARS to get adopted???

He’s at Az Happy Tails Animal Rescue in Phoenix, and is 8 years old. He’s pretty much the happiest dog you’ve ever met! He’s loving and cute and good, and gets along with other smaller dogs. He’s house trained, well-behaved in the house, can use a dog door, and is super-loving, and crazy about cuddling and going on walks.

We know one more thing about him: He dreams every single day of having a person of his own.

Please email so they can tell you all about him… and reblog the heck out of this - he needs us!

Sausage Party

The problem with Sausage Party isn’t its reliance on immaturity, that’s what makes it horribly unfunny. The problem is with its message. 

1) Seth Rogen the Hot Dog is like “HEY the thing we all believed and are living our lives around is actually killing us. I have proof, you have to stop believing everything just like that. -Mason snaps fingers-

2) Hot Dog retracts his statement and instead says we should live a life of love and not worry so much about what each of us believes. We need to just live free lives. 

So right here you see the dichotomy of two very specific versions of atheism or most belief systems. 1 represents the more commonly held view of what it is: aggressive and fundamentalist. 2 represents the movie’s alternative, and ultimately it’s message. We should all act as a race and do what’s best for the race and beliefs really shouldn’t factor in to those basic elements.

So the movie has a remarkably responsible message right?

Oh except for how, at the end of the film, all the food embraces a life free of religion and decides to lose all morality. They just fuck each other. Everybody, gay, straight, polygamy, it’s all there. It turns into a giant orgy. 

So imagine that you’re seeing this movie and it’s handling atheism remarkably responsible and you say “hey, I can get behind this,” then the orgy happens and it turns everyone away. WELL WHAT THE FUCK

Atheism already has this stigma of being amoral, WHY WOULD YOU ACTIVELY PORTRAY IT AS AMORAL? Why give people a view on what the world actually thinks it is when you’re making a movie that goes against all those things? It’s accidentally irresponsible because the filmmakers couldn’t find enough restraint within themselves not to have every character fuck in the movie. 

That being said the rest of the movie is truly fucking abhorrent as well in it’s portrayal of “characters,” and how all of them just want to get fucked. That’s it. That’s all they talk about. Male characters, female characters. They all just wanna get fucked. Genius.

I don’t recommend it. I think actually hurts any sort of nuanced opinions one may have about Atheism. But as far as a comedy goes, I sat there mostly sad during the movie. I was looking forward to seeing it and it ended up just being miserable.

lemontictacs  asked:

Imagine Lucios s/o having 11 fluffy dogs. I thought of this at two am and thought it might be cute, just, 11 poofy dogs that love everyone (this probably makes no sense lol I haven't slept in 42 hours)


But. Yeah. Yeah, really. That’s. Such a great image.

Lúcio going skating or just running and just going out with the dogs in the sunshine to make sure they get exercise. PUPPY PILE. He cannot escape the dogs and their fluff.

And you cannot tell me that he wouldn’t be using, like, their little toe-taps on the wood/tile flooring as a little homage to his home life in his works.

And taking the dogs to the base is a one-way trip to a good day because everybody loves those dogs. There is not a single person on base who doesn’t, and yes, that includes the cat people who begrudgingly smile at them and throw a ball for them to chase after.

They’re sorta like his and his S/O’s kids!

anonymous asked:

You know what I think we should do? Declare the day Elizabeth fell into the pool International Liz Henstridge Day - when we'll wear leopard print/sparkles, eat churros, carry around a backpack full of EVERYTHING we might possibly need, jump into pools, do silly dances with our bffs or adopt aging dogs, or all of the above. I'm not on Tumblr and just wanted to put the idea to someone who I think will appreciate it :)

LOL I love it, buddy, thanks for sharing!

( @jemmasimmonsy, you might appreciate this, too!)

anonymous asked:

Have you read that one sterek fic called cornerstone? Just, I thought of you when I read it bc Stiles' dog is called Steve as in Rogers

*clutches heart* It’s so sweet that you thought of me because of that omg ;; ♥

I have read Cornerstone, yes. Several times, in fact. It’s one of my absolute favorite Sterek fics of all time, and I really want to give it yet another reread, because it is definitely worth it. It’s just so ridiculously amazing, and I love it so much.

And that Stiles’ service dog is called Steve (and, if I remember correctly, has Cap’s shield on its vest) is just another great thing about it. That and the incredible artwork for the fic.

1000/10, would highly recommend this fic.

Cornerstone by Vendelin (83.7k, E)

Suffering from PTSD, ex-Marine Derek Hale moves back to Beacon Hills to open a bookshop and find a calmer life. That’s where he meets Stiles, completely by accident. Stiles is talkative, charming and curious. Somehow, despite the fact that he’s blind, he’s able to read Derek like no one else.

you guys TOTALLY had the same idea and i love it. it’s amazing! i combined these requests and hopefully i’ve uh, managed to write something that gives you some feels.

request a fic from me!

Pairing: Sans/Reader, Papyrus/Reader

Summary: Sometimes it felt like it was easier not to date humans at all. But…

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true love
pet dogs
huge beds
overflowing pillows
flower gardens
most humans

and other unmentioned items
more valuable than
they are useful

sometimes even when
it moves you
it’s still no way to get there

sometimes that fact
makes it reasonable
to learn how

dizzy can be
all the reason
you need