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💌 for a letter my muse would write to yours.

meme: a letter lucas would write to
grace while she’s in a psychiatric ward

Dear Gracie,
It’s the twelfth of July, but you won’t receive this until tomorrow afternoon the 13th when you’re finished painting in art therapy. I’ll be in Seattle then, following up on a string of murders. Nothing for you to worry about, you’ll see me Friday. I’m writing this at the bureau and it’s past midnight, but I’m not alone. Crime doesn’t sleep, so neither do we. I think it’s selfish the way we hide from personal demons the same way criminals do, except we avoid homes and they avoid us. What I’m getting at is regret. I should have been there for you when clozapine got you sick, or when you overdosed on Lord knows what. You needed help but nobody did. I’m sorry I can’t won’t get you out of there and I know it sucks. Just do what the doctors say, work hard, and we’ll be home again in no time. I need you to. I can’t sleep, the bed’s too big without you.
Love, Harper

P.S. Wiggly misses you, he hasn’t moved from the bottom of the dirt tank. Consider this a get well soon from your bug friends.

Today is a good day

I made a friend at the bike store. The bike store one road from my house (!!)

Apparently he lived in my house before me, haha!

He checked out my baby and got me a new chain (he says “ooohhhyeah. It’s definitely time for a new chain”), greased up all the wiggly parts, and tightened up some stuff. He said everything else looks good.

The only bad side of today is that we have no idea what the ipad pass code it and it’s never been connected to itunes…so it’s delete everything time 😒 but since I don’t know what’s on there anyway… it can’t be that important right? Well, it’s gone.

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I loved the Drabble!!!!!!! Eden and Harry teasing each other is so adorable! Imagine the both of them teasing their children together hahaha tooooooo cute! Or even, William and Harry teaming up to tease Eden!

i know they do! i’m sure they tease their kids from such a loving place. i think it’s a way for them to see their kids’ personalities. to see who they’re growing into. 

“Harry, is River looking a bit taller to you?” Eden asks as she puts a plate in front of her. River loves to snack on something as she plays in her playroom that’s slowly become play rooms. Grapes are her favorite but blueberries are ok too. Carrots are good too but her tooth is all wiggly now so she’s been holding off. 

“River? No, no can’t be. She’s still small.” He scoffs. 

“You’re right, maybe it’s just her shoes.” Eden agrees as she picks up River’s scattered toys that have overflowed into the kitchen. 

“I’m big!” River’s ears perk up from her row of toys. 

“Says who?” Harry questions the small girl defending her height. 

“Me!” She places her hands on her hips, because she’s seen her mum do it. And Harry doesn’t remember agreeing to getting a copy of his wife. He doesn’t remember a dotted line he signed above that would have him deal with all that they both are. Because one is plenty but two Eden’s is just…perfect. 

“Don’t believe you, sorry princess.” He shrugs taking a grape off her plate. 

“It’s on the wall! I’ll show you! Mummy marked it! M’not small, was small before m’not small now!” 

Eden still can’t believe Harry managed to talk her into marking up their walls to keep track of their growing children. There’s nothing wrong with a measuring tape and notepad for keeping track. But Harry absolutely needed the ‘in the movies’ ordeal. 

“No? You’re not small now?” Harry asks curiously, enticing her further. 

“Not small now.” She shakes her head hastily. 

“Well alright, only if you say so.” He surrenders. 

“Say so.” She cuts him off as she reaches for another grape. 

and i think i’ve got it somewhere in my pile where eden gets inevitably teased by harry and will because she and river are the only short ones left. and harry and will think they might as well be the same height. which really isn’t fair because eden keeps telling Will to stop growing up on her. because one second she’s telling harry that she’s pregnant on their wedding day and the next second she’s pushing him out and the next he’s 6′1 and going to university. 2 hours away??? 2 whole hours. how dare he. the audacity. 

thank you so much for reading the drabble! i’m so glad you liked it! thank you for writing to me as well! 💗  💗   💗  

Have you ever loved someone so much,

That just looking at them makes you wanna cry? Not tears of sadness, but tears of pure joy. Joy in knowing that the person you look at so intensely is the person you know you’re spending forever with.

I’m so wonderstruck about the fact that I found my twin flame. I never knew I would cross paths with her so soon in my life. Nearly 23, and my future is so bright already. I’m so at peace with myself. I’m no longer anxious about my future. I feel so at home with Cassidy. It’s ridiculous. All that swiggly wiggly gushy love feelings you gag about in old movies, is seriously the type of relationship I have with her.

Last night- We sat in silence. Holding each other. Feeling our hearts racing so fast. Both knowing that our love is beyond comprehension. We never fight. We never disagree on anything. We make decisions together, we do everything together. Day in and day out, her and I grow stronger and stronger.

Her and I discuss that fact that every “relationship” prior to ours, doesn’t even sum up to what we have. None of them seemed real. So fake and didn’t bring us happiness whatsoever. What we have is beyond real. I seriously want all my friends to feel what I feel.