Warm things

Blankets, dinner, radiators, vomit, plutonium, baby star-nosed moles, embers, hugs by entities other than snowmen, the very recently deceased, sincere welcomes, ex-hot potatoes, armpits, socks, intensely-processing robot philosophers, lost ghosts of the desert, places where cats have sat, crusty lava, the trails of the recently disappeared, scarves, beaches, breath, the axles of the great all-rodent hamster-wheel angular momentum challenge, radioisotope thermoelectric generators, sun-warmed pavements, fossil-powered planets, the foreheads of the feverish, sleeping bags, baby chicks, tea, pee, sinister engines, summer afternoons.


Melanie Martinez + Songs titles.

Flo rolled her eyes in annoyance as Beca and Chloe were once again lost in their own world.

“Becs, try this pose… you need to close your mouth babe…” Chloe was trying to take the cutest picture of her girlfriend, who, in turn, was trying to mirror the pose of the painting behind her.

“Ok. I’m filming you now… don’t laugh!!”

Beca let’s out a little giggle, and before she knows it, she’s ruined Chloe’s video.

“Sorry Chlo… it’s too funny! I just can’t-” she bursts out laughing.

“Now you don’t look like her babe!” Chloe pouts.

“I could catch Malaria, be taken to the hospital, sent by to Guatemala, and slowly walk back here and they wouldn’t notice… the only reason I’m still here is because I lost the bet, and the alternative was to go and see where Lily hid that body…” Flo grumbled under her breath.


What a difference 24 years makes Alternating views of Subaru Impreza WRX STi, 1994 and Subaru WRX STI, 2018MY. The  Subaru Technica International version of the WRX was first introduced for the Japanese market in February 1994, this week the latest version (the 5th generation model with minor styling tweaks and an all-electronic Driver Controlled Centre Differential all-wheel drive system) was revealed

2017 Aquarius Forecast

The Sun takes up residence in your sign toward the end of January, so the focus shifts from the hard bottom line of Capricorn into a more eccentric, progressive way of thinking that you can readily identify with. This is the time of the year to see that there are possibilities everywhere and that you can be more than just a cog in the all-important wheel of change. You also have big humanitarian tendencies, Aquarius, so helping others will be a major focus of the coming month.

The end of May brings a Saturn-Uranus (your ruler) trine, which highlights your originality and has far-reaching ramifications. Let’s say you invent something new or propose a new idea to a think tank or local charitable organization, and it’s not likely to stop there, Aquarius. You’re obviously destined to do great things for the world, and this aspect reminds you to go big or go home. Don’t think local, think global and beyond.

Your home planet turns retrograde at the start of August, so your power to disrupt the status quo and flip things over on their sides diminishes just a bit. Now until the end of the year is a good time for you to rethink your old beliefs and free yourself from those that aren’t really working for you any longer.

Career & Finance

A willful Mercury-Uranus conjunction in March helps your career reach new heights, because as your lower mind and higher mind merge, you’re able to come to a profound intellectual understanding. The thing is, Aquarius, it’s easy to start to feel full of yourself as you surpass peers, co-workers, and even bosses in your professional knowledge, but getting a big head won’t help your cause.

If getting ahead is your goal, bragging about it won’t help you get to where you want to go. Instead of using your superior intellect to put others’ down, use it to better yourself. With increased knowledge will come eventual power and progression, but right now is the time to develop your mentality (especially in areas of communication) so that you can better yourself at some point in the future.

The end of a Mercury retrograde period in the beginning of May marks a good time to get back up to speed, especially if you’ve been feeling a touch behind when it comes to technological advances in the past three weeks. You pride yourself on being up-to-date on all of the latest gizmos and gadgets, and this aspect offers a window of opportunity for you to be the ‘it’ person in this area.

If you’re employed, expect co-workers, employers, and employees alike to come to you for technology-related advice, and if you’re looking for work, this is the field to target. Submit your resume electronically or use a potential employer’s app or navigate their website to get the info you’re looking for. Does anyone even use email anymore?!

A rare Lunar Eclipse in your sign at the start of August is rooted in change, as you may have been feeling some pre-shocks to this rumbling for the last several weeks (and will continue to leading into the coming months). This is a time of endings and beginnings, and because the emotional Moon is in your visionary, progressive sign, the opportunity for change is immense. Though it will affect each person differently, of course, one thing’s for sure – change is coming, Aquarius, no matter how slight or earth-shattering it may be! What others think becomes less important, and professional happiness/satisfaction come from making your own decisions confidently and without worry regarding judgment, recourse, or consequence.

Love & Relationships

When the Sun exits your sign and floats into watery Pisces mid-February, your world gets much more emotional. Uncomfortably so at times. So what does this mean for your love life, Aquarius? Your intuition is at its peak, so you feel your way out of and into more romantic situations, which is a very different sensation than using your typical logic and reason.

The thing is, you can trust your emotions to lead you down a good romantic path, but you just don’t have that much practice doing it. Trust yourself. Trust your instincts and feelings. Be compassionate. Be sympathetic. And suspend belief for just a moment here and there, because it’s those fantastic, magical moments that can change your love life for the better.

A Venus-Uranus conjunction in the beginning of June hints at an exciting or unusual relationship that breaks the barriers and confines of a traditional union, so if you’re single this is definitely something to look forward to. You don’t really have a 'type,’ but if you did this person would probably be well outside of that range. Look for someone to enter your life who shatters your beliefs on all things love-related, and helps you believe that true love can exist. It may be fleeting or it may be long-lasting, but either way you’ll become a believer.

If you’re an attached Water Bearer, this aspect suggests shaking things up within the confines of your current relationship. Who says things can’t be exciting even though you’ve been together for a while? You never did fit the mold of a conservative lover, and now is the time where that’s more evident than ever.

A Venus-Neptune trine in the middle of November adds a hint of fantasy and romance to your sometimes humdrum love life, so keep those fantasies at the ready if you have a chance to act them out. This is more of an ethereal, soft vibe where intuitive thinking and clever make-believe role play rule most of the energy, but there’s also the possibility of hardcore, explicit actions if that’s what you’re into. Just remember to keep things light, and that making your daydreams a reality can be satisfying and enchanting.

Two Cars

Request: Can you do an imagine where you get in a super bad car accident and shawn is at home with his fam but there’s a storm so a flights have been canceled so he can’t see u and he’s freaking out

“I’m on my way home now, Shawn,” You laughed as you spoke into the bluetooth speaker that was connected to your phone so you could always have two hands on the wheel at all times.  Safety first.

“And how was work?” Shawn asked you.  You could picture him lounging around on the couch in his family room.  He was back home in Canada for the holidays, taking a much needed break from the crazy year he had.

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