On the subject of presents, in these rural areas where natural magic is still pretty strong, I ort to mention the treatment of any witches or godmothers in the area.

What everyone hopes for, certainly, is a few of the nicer sort of witch or even a genuine godmother who’ll be free with the Health, Wealth and Happiness business, but it is vit'ly important not to leave out any of the touchier witches that might live in the vicinity, otherwise someone’ll screech ‘Ahhahaha!’ in the middle of the ceremony and the next thing you know is you’ll be up to your neck in poisoned spinnin’ wheels.  After all, how hard is it to invite her along, give her plenty to drink and a plate of ham rolls all to herself and keep her out of the way of your posh auntie?  Play your cards right and could could be ahead by one extra good wish.  She may be a bit whiffy on the nose, but it’s better than waking up a hundred years later and findin’ trees have grown up through the floor.  A bit of forethought is all it takes.
—  Nanny Ogg (as told to Terry Pratchett), “Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook”

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Hey, I need to ask... which are the rooms, that the Stan O'War II, has in total?

There’s the navigation room which keeps the interior steering wheel and all of our instruments, such as radar, radio, GPS, etc. Behind that is a small kitchen and dining area. The lower floor has a small living room with a seating area and a secured bookshelf to hold my books safely on stormy seas. Then we just have our shared bedroom and a bathroom. 


“…because in the end this was never the great love story of Tessa and Will (though they have a great love) or Tessa and Jem (though they have a great love) or even Will and Jem (though they have a great love) but the love of Tessa, Will and Jem. The three of them. They are and will always be, a triad. - Cassandra Clare


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