One of my favourite dramas set in the 17th century is actually a series for children called The Children of the New Forest. It’s based on a Victorian children’s book written by a High Anglican Tory so some of it is kind of….Victorian in its values (at least the book is) but it is the cutest and it’s probably what first exposed me to 17th century Britain so I hold it in high esteem.

Anyway, it’s basically about a group of rich children whose country house is destroyed by Parliamentarian forces (it’s set during the ECW) and they have to go into hiding in the New Forest, because there’s a price on their family’s heads. They’re “adopted” by the poor forester who secretly harbours royalist sympathies so he looks after them but he’s also strict in that he expects them to live like him so as not to raise suspicion about who they really are. They go through all sorts of mishaps and troubles (even rescuing and adopting an imprisoned Spanish Rromani boy called Pablo, who makes them food from hedgehog). In the end, they end up paving the way for Charles II to leave England after the Battle of Worcester and he personally thanks them. It’s very cheesy and sweet but it’s a children’s adventure story first and foremost.

At one point, the children decide to come up with new names to suit their new identities. The youngest child, Edith Beverley says she wants to call herself “Henrietta Maria, after the Queen!” She’s told no, that’s a silly undercover name. So she says something like “I hate you all! Why can’t I be Henrietta Maria? If we’d gone with Prince Rupert, he’d have let me be Henrietta Maria!”

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Leonard pulled a sheet off something vaguely rectangular. It seemed to Vetinari to be all wooden wheels and long thin spars which, he saw when he moved closer, were inscribed thickly with letters and numbers. A number of the wheels were not round but oval or heart shaped or some other curious curve. When Leonard turned a handle, the whole thing moved with a complex oiliness quite disquieting in something merely mechanical.
“And what are you calling it?”
“oh, you know me and names, my lord. I think of it as the Engine for the Neutralizing of Information by the Generation of Miasmic Alphabets, but I appreciate that it does not exactly roll off the tongue.”

– ENIGMA | Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant


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