On Gillovny/Not Gillovny

What bothers me, really bothers me (aside from a relationships reality being the recurring and loudest drama in a fandom), is this.

We are a fandom based on belief. Hell our very show is based on belief. There is no shame in believing, in clinging to a belief until it is completely flattened. Or even then. We’re all a little Mulder.

But we’re also a smart fandom. Because our show is about science. About proof and making your own mind up about a thing. Becuase we’re all a little Scully too.

So why are we prepared to hand over the reins of our minds to a few loud voices? Why are we prepared to divide ourselves so firmly across a battle line on each side of which there is no convincing proof one way or another.

When did we stop accepting responsibility for our own beliefs? When did we lose the strength of our own convictions?

At what point did it become the norm, become necessary for people to form anonymous mobs to attack people for not sharing a belief. There’s room for all of us, there are ways to avoid opinions that upset you. I have friends with whom I stringently disagree but still consider friends. Disagreement and debate are part of every relationship. Disagree. Respect others and distance yourself from those you can’t be civil too. Like you would in real life.

Because as much as there’s room for believers and sceptics there should also be room for the uncertain, for the fence dwellers. There should be room to move, to reconsider based on evidence, to change and to evolve. People should have space to do that without being shouted down on their own blogs.

So can we please just pause? Can we stop nailing our banners to one side or the other? Can we leave space for consideration and discussion? Can we remain sceptical of hazy facts and rumours but still weigh them for merit? Can we ask questions without being screamed at?

Can we please, PLEASE, quit shouting and take responsibility for our own belief and acknowledge the rights of others not to share it. Loud voices are not always right, they’re just loud. An anonymous crowd can be just one person over an over again.

Be smart. Reject toxicity and baiting and question endless dangling of facts that may never materialise. Believe what you will. But believe wisely, not blindly

It’s what Mulder and Scully would want.

I’m honestly still in a state of shock that Cas called Dean a lumberjack… Can we talk about that. We go over how Dean has such a ~thing~ for how Cas dresses (whatever he says) but oh my god has poor Cas been suffering ALL THIS TIME?

“Alexander edgy man~”

I am SO sorry for the shitty makeup and unfinished wig! But i saw this and i fucking had to recreate this!

I also happened to have the clothes and pireceings in My  …….A friends closet. But yeah while you’re at it go check out HalpDevon their blog is pretty swell and how the kids say it? NEAT!!. :D 

 AAAnnnnnnnnd lets just pretend that my gryffindor scarf is actually a slytherin!

Daily Misadventures

Brother: I don’t want to go to the party

Mother: You should go and have fun with your friends

Brother: But I don’t want to. You don’t force her to go to parties

Mother: She doesn’t have friends so there’s no need for her to go


  • ratings of Eyewitness: *go up by 0.001%*
  • James Paxton: fucking christ. I am speechless. I cannot put into words how grateful I am to be able to share this experience with you. As the show is growing, my gratitude is also growing. I want to thank beautiful Tyler who is so talented, like everyone else on this show. We deserve this so much. This is incredible. what a beautiful life this is, thank you so much thank