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I do feel as if writers are sometimes overlooked, or even taken for granted in the DL community. All artists deserve respect and I feel like when writers are taken from, a lot of times, it is swept under the rug. So, let’s support writers! Support the people who spends hours writing something they likely won’t even read back themselves to enjoy. 

Science Fact: Because the gravity is significantly weaker on the moon, epaulettes could be as big as you wanted and they wouldn’t weigh you down.


I am having so many feels from @kadi219 ’s caps of the preview for White Lies Part 1.


hello everyone!! school is starting up (very) soon and i need money to afford supplies and the like!!

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more examples

Okay, but today in class we had to start an animation. It included this one simple sketch of a person doing a really exaggerated jump.

Before we started though, our teacher showed us a key frame example of what we had to do. I didn’t think much of it, I just kept paying attention until, by the end of it, the person landed on their on all fours and, as they stood up, they put their hands on their hips in a really kind of smug pose.

The motion was so fucking Chat Noir that I swear I could actually hear the little stick guy grin and say in the most smug way possible “You see, my Lady? I told you I could do it!” And the fun thing is, I was not the only one who was reminded of him, another friend of mine who is also an ML fan thought the same!

Now all I can think of is Chat trying to impress his Lady with the most unimpressive and stupid stuff, and Ladybug not finding it in herself to stop him because it’s funny and he looks so excited that it’s actually kind of cute. Damn it.

Life is Strange: New Game+

Points Awarded (Episodes Completed): 10 x 5 = 50
Points Awarded (Optional Photos): 1 x 50 = 50
Current Point Total: 0

[] Extra Dialogue Options - 20
[] “Paradox” Choices - 10
[] Alternate Hair Styles - 5
[] Alternate Outfits 1 - 5
[] Alternate Outfits 2 - 5
[x] Delete Warren - 60
[] Photo Guide - 10
[x] Save Victoria alternate - 20
[x] Save Nathan alternate - 20
[] Episode 4 alternate: “The Escape” - 100
[] Remixed Soundtrack - 30

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Can we take a moment For Liam header on twitter where Harry's arms literally REACHES AROUND THREE MEN?!?! Just imagine how nice it would feel with them wrapped around you instead

OMGSH i just looked it up and was going to attach it, but i couldn’t save it *sobs*

Well, that’s the dream.  His long strong muscly arms would probably wrap all the way around your back and his hands could cup the sides of your waist or even reach your belly button if he squeezed you tight enough.  It’d be a safe cocoon against the world, and you couldn’t really escape even if you wanted to.  He’d press you so tight you could feel the rumble in his chest when you nuzzle into his neck and he does that one laugh people do without opening their mouths. And if you’re ever sad he’d know just what to do, holding you and making you feel secure, safe, and wanted.