You know how much I love that the kabby fandom is so close and there is like no hate with us. I love that a lot. This was just brought out as I was skimming this fic that wasn’t predominantly kabby they were just weaved in and there was two comments. One was totally bashing on cl,exa And the other was all like take this be,llarke fic out of the clexa tag when really this story was largely cannon and had hints of both ships and it wasn’t focused on any it was the whole show fic. Anyway this really just made me roll my eyes and sigh cause really why he need for hate. There is always predominantly cle,xa and bell,arke fics in our kabby tags on ao3 but we don’t hate. So really this is just a I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

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To all of my friends out there and ESPECIALLY my trans friends, if you hadn’t done so now, PLEASE GET A PASSPORT.

President Obama made it VERY easy to get your gender marker changed on your passport. All you need is:

- An ID that resembles your current appearance (just get a new photo taken on a driver’s license or ANY government issued ID)

- Passport photo that resembles your current appearance (From any drug store)

- Proof of legal name change (if applicable)

A physician statement that indicates you have either completed or are in process of treatment for gender transition (the hardest part)

No surgeries, no red tape, no bullshit. And when people try to harass you or puush you around because “Hahaha your ID says your x” Whip out your passport and shut them DOWN. I carry mine wherever I go and I know a lot of my friends who live in the south do so as well. 

This law could VERY easily change under a Trump presidency and I haven’t been as serious about anything as I am about this. PLEASE GET A PASSPORT. Even the passport card (which is half as expensive as the book is!!!) will do. Just please if you can, get ONE ID that matches who you really are.

And I know to be able to get all of this together is a sign of privilege in the first place, and from one black, trans, queer women to all of my vulnerable siblings I will rot in a jail cell before I let this country harm any of us and I this I swear. I will NOT take this lying down.

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