There it is.  There’s that elusive but satisfying smile I think about every
time I close my eyes.

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From a "which of the 100 characters should you fight" post -- Murphy: Do we have any actual concrete evidence that Murphy would be good in a fight? Like we saw him “fight” Wells but honestly Wells doesn’t know shit about fighting and sure he’s killed two people but like ok… as long as you are not unconscious when Murphy decides to kill you you can take him. Fight Murphy. He’s not that tough.

out. /cracks knuckles. 

first of all, we don’t know that wells doesn’t know shit about fighting. in fact, we saw wells counter one of murphy’s attack and turn the tables. he had knife to murphy’s throat. if that’s “not knowing shit about fighting”, then damn. i’ve had it all wrong for a while.

but considering this is about murphy not being ‘that tough’, i would like to point out that john murphy at one point during that fight had charged into wells with enough force to knock him down. i’m not sure how many fights you’ve been in, but in my experience, knocking someone who is the same size as you ( or bigger ) off their feet isn’t easy. also, wells had a little bit more muscle on him than murphy — and yet, wells only got the upper hand towards the end. murphy held his own. ( s1ep2 )

i feel like i should also point out that his thing with wells was a knife fight and not just a physical fight — and in the same vein, we need to keep in mind that murphy taught himself how to throw those knives with at least relative accuracy. he’s not a professional. he wasn’t trained. it was all self-taught and for a seventeen year old who had only been practicing for a day … well, you see where this is going. ( s1ep3 )

our next piece of concrete evidence is the time he punched jasper square in the nose without losing his equilibrium ( after hitting bellamy over the head with a log ). let me also clarify this point really quick: fighting requires a certain amount of strength and stamina; granted, adrenaline plays a huge role in someone’s ability to fend for themselves, but you can’t tell me that murphy swinging around and throwing punches right after hitting someone over the head with enough force to actually knock them unconscious for a couple of seconds is considered ‘not being all that tough’. ( s1ep4 )

the last example i wanted to talk about was john murphy punching a grounder in the face. yes, chaos ensued after the fact. no, we didn’t see much of murphy during the whole fiasco aside from his stupid hair flopping about at the side of the frame, but you would think that someone who ‘isn’t that tough’ wouldn’t be brave enough to pick a fight with a man who was at least twice his size and much stronger. ( s2ep10 )

never mind the fact he’s often armed, be it a knife or a gun, and even the weakest person can be dangerous with weapons. i’m not saying that john murphy is incapable of being beaten ( as we’ve seen by how many times bellamy has smashed his fucking face in ), but i don’t think it’s fair to say he isn’t that tough?? like, we’ve seen him fight a handful of times and it doesn’t look like he’s that inexperienced. 

this probably could’ve been articulated better and i encourage bygoness to add more to this post or correct anything i might have explained wrong

basically what i’m trying to say here is — john murphy isn’t an untouchable badass. he’s been beaten down many times. he’s started fights he couldn’t finish. he kind of lets madness drive him and gets a little arrogant when he brawls, but he isn’t someone you should get into a fight with and expect to go down within seconds. i mean, unless you’re bellamy blake.

5 Seconds of Summer at Hogwarts: Ashton Irwin - Gryffindor

Gryffindor is one of the four Houses of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, founded by Godric Gryffindor. The particular characteristics of students sorted into Gryffindor are courage, chivalry, and determination. The emblematic animal is a lion, and its colors are red and gold.

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I got an Xbox recently. And you reblog a lot of gaming stuff, out of the people I follow. Do you have any recommendations?

DRAGON AGE! PLAY DRAGON AGE! But play them in order like start with Origins, then Dragon Age 2, then Inquisition, otherwise going back to the start with it’s ancient graphics and gameplay will make you want to diiieee. But yeah basically DA has a really engrossing storyline, wonderful fleshed-out characters, and is probably the best game I’ve ever played for female representation. This is a game built to have a full experience playing as a female character, and there’s such a wide variety of female characters through the series it’s wonderful. Also dragons. And hot shy templar boys. And Captain Isabela.

Also I would genuinely recommend the Assassins Creed series… with the caveat that I refuse to play the latest one because they cut all the women/POC from positions of importance and only elevate their precious scruffy white dudes. But I have a deep and abiding love for the Ezio games, Assassins Creed 2 and Brotherhood especially. I started with those and with a bit of googling to understand the overarching plot, it made perfect sense and got me into gaming. AC1 is important for story and can be a lot of fun, but like Dragon Age: Origins you should play it first if you plan to at all because shitty gameplay is harder to withstand after playing the later games. I personally liked AC3 once it got going, but MAN did it take time to really start! On the other hand, once it did it had probably the hottest video game husband I’ve ever had outside Dragon AgeBlack Flagged was useless, boring and obnoxious imo but some others liked it. As I said, I haven’t played Unity and I don’t intend to.

TBH anon, I don’t play a wide variety of games because most of them are made for boys and don’t appeal to me. I know the reboot of Tomb Raider is meant to be amazing, but it’s still sat on my shelf bc I meant to play it after exams last summer then got depressed and didn’t. I know Skyrim has legions of fans, but I was warned that if I tried that shit my addictive personality would mean I never got out alive. 

For the LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY stay away from Castlevania. It’s fucking terrible, I have literally nothing good to say about it. I bought it literally because of Robert Carlyle voicing the main dude, but even that wasn’t enough to get me through that shit.


“Jake… you up?" 

In the darkness, Danny’s silhouette painted a dark black slash against the soft morning blue haze of the living room. He stood, unmoving within the door frame to his bedroom. Fear like a living creature tickled at his skin, raising his flesh in goosebumps, panicking his mind like rats in a cage.


"JAKE. Wake up.”

She had the same nightmare every night, never a chance it could change or divert from the bad things. The same old party, the same old guy and the same horrible, horrible event. The same thing she saw every time she closed her eyes. For whatever reason Beth had fallen asleep while leaning against the van, a small blanket was lying over her but she hadn’t been the one to put it there. Almost out of nowhere she began to kick and scream and flail her body round. Her hands and feet hit the van a few times, and eventually she woke up, sweating and crying. She looked around for a moment before locking eyes with someone else. “You should be asleep.” She mumbled.

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there’s a shop that sells the cracked and normal gems on etsy, also you can make it w/ resin!! there’s a few tutorials 4 that. also !! i’m gonna have rose done for saboten! >:3

Maybe i can do both versions of Lapis then!!! I would just need different eye contacts and gems. Thank you for telling me,,


I don’t usually draw doodle backgrounds, but when I do…

…apparently they come out pretty cool.

Casual artistic Arthur drawing in his sketchbook in his pjs is something I didn’t know I need but then i did and now I must share it. Also filters for your color changing needs.