Some more of the rarer dialogue I’ve heard, ft. Tracer and Mercy. 

Tracer: “Alright, Lena. You can do this.”

Reinhardt: “We all have faith in you, Tracer!”


Mercy: “We have to believe there’s still something to be saved.”

Tracer: “You’re right, Dr Ziegler. I know there’s still hope for the future, but it’s up to us.”

(Loki x reader) Can’t sleep pt.5

A/N: I made this angsty, I apologise. I hope you guys like it tho! I’ll try to make the next chapter more fluffy 

Warning: Injuries/comatose, etc

Words: 1305





Loki sat on a discoloured uncomfortable chair in the hospital waiting room, silent and afraid. He hadn’t spoken for quite some time and Thor who was sitting next to him, was getting more and more concerned by the minute. Loki didn’t just feel sad, he felt numb. He felt helpless. He was so used to be able to do something to help. Now, all he could do was wait.

Thor put his hand on his brother’s shoulder hoping for some kind of reaction, even if it wasn’t a friendly one. He hadn’t moved, spoken, and had barely blinked for the past two hours of them waiting. He just wanted him to react to his contact and show some sign of movement, but he didn’t even stir. He simply stared at the floor, occasionally fidgeting with the skin of his cuticles which caused his fingers to bleed. Thor also felt helpless that he couldn’t do anything to help ease his brothers pain. That’s all anyone felt at this moment. Helplessness.

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Why you keep attracting emotionally unavailable partners

For a long time I didn’t understand why I kept attracting unavailable partners. I especially didn’t understand why I was attracted to these men that were making me miserable.

In order to break a pattern, you need to become aware of it and understand why it keeps happening. Awareness is always the first step towards change.

Why do you fall for these unavailable partners?

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In short, Humanism is being good without god. It is above all an affirmation of the greatest common values we human beings have: the desire to life with dignity, to be “good.” But humanism is also a warning that we cannot afford to wait until tomorrow of until the next life to be good, because today– the short journey we get from birth to death, womb to tomb– is all we have. Humanism rejects dependence on faith, the supernatural, divine texts, resurrection, reincarnation, or anything else which we have no evidence. To put it another way, Humanists believe in life before death.
—  Good without god- Greg M. Epstein

171010 shinee : 안녕하세요 태민이에요! 정말 설레게 준비했고 여러분도 애타게 기다렸던 저의 정규2집이 곧 발매됩니다ㅎㅎ
막상 다가오니 긴장되지만 그래도 함께 좋은 추억 쌓으면서 같이 외롭지 않은 가을을 보내요^^
(trans) hello this is taemin! my second full album, which i prepared with excitement and you all desperately waited for will be released soon ㅎㅎ
now that it is actually happening i am nervous but let’s build good memories together and spend a not so lonely autumn^^

Guys, don’t worry.  Yuzu’s got a long history of redeeming himself in the free skate- he’s been competing for a long time, and his mental state only gets stronger and more mature with experience and time.  

Even if he doesn’t get gold, he is still very likely to make it onto the podium.  If you take a look at his past competitions, you’ll see a trend.  At Skate Canada International 2016, he was 4th after the short yet still managed to win silver overall; at SCI 2015, he was 6th after the short and silver overall.  At Worlds 2012, he placed 7th in the short program, then went on to earn the bronze medal (with one of his most amazing, memorable performances to date, IMO).  Just recently at 4CC 2017, he placed third in the short and then got a season’s best, breaking the 200 point barrier, to earn the silver. 

The point is, we should all have faith in him.  One less-than-ideal skate with a few mistakes doesn’t dictate the success of someone’s season or their career.  Don’t forget, this is the Yuzuru Hanyu who won the Olympics and the World Championships at age 19, was the first man to break the 100, 200, and 300 point barriers, and has won 4 consecutive GPFs- and that’s only naming a few of his illustrious achievements.  We, his fans, of all people, know better than anyone what a trooper and a fighter he is, and how he thrives under pressure.  And above all, even if the judges decide to give him less-than-satisfactory points, that’s not what truly matters.  As Yuzu himself has said, a score is just a score, whereas a performance is a performance, and something completely different altogether.  Who else gets the crowds fired up like he does?  Who else can skate with such finesse, passion, and prowess?  He’s a brilliant performer, through and through, and that’s something that can’t be defined by any number of medals or awards.

So come on, fellow fans!  Don’t let the doubts and worries get you down!  The free skate is yet to come, and with it, another precious chance to see our genius at work!  Let’s direct our most positive energies to him, spread plenty words of encouragement, and have faith in the man who has proven, time and time again, that he is worthy of being a champion!

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Idk if you'll understand this feeling I have but..Season 2 is here and the first ep. was amazing and I'm excited for the others to come. But then something in the back of my head reminds me that S2 might be only 12 eps still. Which means no uprising arc, which also means absolutely no Eren & Levi moments. So then it brings my hype a little down. Maybe I'm just starving for Eren & Levi interaction, both anime & manga wise. And in this season, we won't get any of that :/ which has me kinda sad.

I’ve been thinking about that alot lately, but hey. At least that means that there will be another season with TONS of Ereri moments :) I just hope we won’t have to wait forever for another season again :’) That was painful.

Maybe they already have another season lined up for us. Maybe we will already be dead by then. Maybe are dreams will come true and we’ll get one of those accidental kisses that happen in Naruto with Naruto and Sauske but with Levi and Eren instead. Who knows.

All we can do is have faith that the producers won’t cut out those small, yet meaningful moments between Levi and Eren :’) That’s why we got them fanarts and fanfics 👌👌

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Jm, how do you describe your faith? Are you Christian Catholic or other?

Christian Catholic. I don’t really know how to put it into words. All I know is we have a faithful God. Whether we’re faithful or unfaithful, the Lord will continue being faithful to us.

Oxton Airborne, Chapter 11: The Cycle of History

Summary: Lena arrives at Watchpoint: Geneva; Emily arranges for herself, Davis and Aaron to do the same; Lena takes a fabled test flight.


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Canvas - Chapter Three

Sound of Silence 

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

Izuku trained every morning at 6AM. When All Might moved into the Class 1A dorm, he joined Izuku on the field, a welcome addition to Izuku’s mornings. The transition was seamless and natural. It was as it had been for those ten months of hell, before All Might passed One for All to him. Before U.A. Before Kamino.  

When the field was empty that morning, Izuku hadn’t thought much of All Might’s absence at first. The retired hero was still healing from his fight with All for One and usually appeared on the sidelines of the training field while Izuku was still warming up, a steaming thermos of tea in hand and huddled in his long coat against the morning chill. Some days he contented himself with watching Izuku train, allowing the boy to think through his own movements. Other days he got up, walked onto the field, and gave Izuku small tips and advice lightly disguised with casual jokes. All Might’s raspy laugh and praise echoed loudly across the field in those early morning hours. But not today.  

Izuku gripped his cell phone tight, All Might’s voicemail repeating from the speaker. Izuku hung up and bit his lip. An uneasy feeling coiled in his gut and the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. All Might always called back on the rare occasions he couldn’t answer right away, but it had been hours since Izuku’s first call.

Where are you? Izuku nervously bounced his leg, glancing outside. The overcast sky was far too dark for midday. The clouds hung ominously low, still heavy with rain. Early fall winds blew through the cracked window and sent a chill into the room. It smelled like rain.  

Izuku almost launched off his bed when his cell phone rang loudly.

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Sooooo….I think we now all have hope/faith, assuming RAS isn’t a complete moron and I legit don’t think he is…however, the show airs in just 8 hours, yet no sneak peeks, no promo photos for next week, no press releases past next week….Hmmmm…..someone’s wanting to cliff hanger us (which, BTW, I take as a GOOD sign).


AHS - beyond predictable conclusion to a predictable, cliched story all along. Ryan Murphy does a very shitty job of wrapping up arcs once he’s done his shock value, doesn’t he?

Best episode of The Mick this season….they’re now back to their season 1 groove….THAT twist was hilarious and I truly didn’t see it! Highly recommend!

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D! man I sorry to hear that thing are getting worse for you man please fight on. Things will get better D just think everyone is going to have your back you’ll get through it. We all have a lot of faith in you but most importantly you gotta have faith in yourself as well bro!!!!!

This is so sweet thank you 💕💕💕 theres just so much tragedy surrounding me rn its hard to remember the nice things this really made me smile~D

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Daily Bread, 11.19.17

Today’s Scripture
“Knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.”
James 1:3-4, NKJV

Lacking Nothing
God wants you to be perfect and complete, living in His abundance, and lacking nothing on this earth. That may seem like a stretch from where you are today. It may seem far off; but in an instant, things can turn around. God has set up a system of blessing for you, and it starts with His Word. The Bible says that God has given each of us a measure of faith. We all have faith, and it’s up to us to develop it. Romans 10:17 says that faith grows as we read and study His Word. Faith, in turn, produces patience, and when we allow patience to have its perfect work in us, we will lack no good thing.

Today, no matter where you are in the process, the key is to keep moving forward by reading and hearing His Word. His Word is alive. His Word will heal your heart and restore your soul. His Word will produce patience in your life so that you can move forward, being complete and lacking nothing all the days of your life!

A Prayer for Today
“Father God, thank You for Your Word which lights my path and directs my way. I choose to put You first place. I choose to meditate on Your Word, knowing that You are leading me in Your paths of life in Jesus’ name. Amen!”

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love of my life, you are going to do so great on this midterm! i believe in you and we all have faith in you. you are sosososos smart and beautiful and overall carry such an amazing energy so strut that confidence i know you keep in your backpocket in case of emergencies 💖

mary, my angel mi mariposa i love you so much thank you for the support :’)

The proposition - Luke Hemmings [SMUT]

Requested - yes

Summary~ Luke is always teased for his lack of experience sexually, especially since, as the school star football player, he could be getting some any time he wanted it. The thing is, he only wants you, Miss tech, running the school website, documenting everything for the school news channel along with being the go-to girl for anything tech related. You didn’t even know until one day 3 boys make a proposition you can’t refuse.

a/n: In these terms football is soccer if you get confused

Word Count - 1646

“Bears versus Sealions!” you exclaim as the camera is turned on you. “It’s 2 all with only 5 minutes left to go but I’m sure we all have faith in our sealions to claw back victory”

You have two first years a your camera men for the year though, even collectively, they have no camera abilities.

“Time out!” shouts the captain of the opposing team, making a ‘T’ with his hands.

The crowd groans as the timer is paused and the Bears are brought into a group huddle.

Suddenly you feel an arm around your shoulder and you turn to see Luke Hemmings, star striker, beaming down at you, “It seems we have an exclusive interview during this break, with Mr Hemmings”

“Good day Miss [Y/N], you are doing a mighty fine job as usual,” he says.

“We may as well talk school wide gossip while we’re here,” you begin. “Is it true that you have earned yourself a football scholarship to graduate a year earl?”

“Well aren’t you an A+ journalist, yest it is true, I shall be leaving Valley High, and the Sealions,” he leans on your shoulder making you giggle.

“Won’t you miss your beloved school?” he nods, “What will you miss most?”

“The best tech consultant/journalist on the planet,” he winks before being called straight onto the pitch again.

“Well you heard it here first”

“What was that?” Calum asks Luke as they jog out to their places.

“Nothing,” Luke dismisses.

“Just ask her the fuck out, that way you get laid before you leave for college,” he sighs.

Luke hits Calum’s arm pretty hard before the whistle is blown and they have to run for the ball. Trying to impress you, he manages to score a goal within minutes, effectively winning them the game.

“If that’s what she makes you do then you need to never lose her,” Calum says when he sees Luke checking to make sure you were watching.

“Oh, fuck off,” he says.

In the last 5 minutes of game play Luke almost scores another goal but doesn’t quite. 

Still the game is won by the Sealions and, caught up in the glee of victory, the goalie Ashton screams, “Victory party at my place!”

You weren’t planning on going to the party but when you receive an influx of texts from the football team all the way to the chess squad all begging you to go you decide to throw on your nicest back dress and make an appearance.

“Everyone hide, the press is here,” your closest friend on the football team, Michae, jokes when you walk in.

“Shut up I’m quite clearly off duty,” you gesture down at yourself.

“And quite the fox you are too,” he slushes slightly, obviously already drun slightly

“Have you asked her yet, Mikey?” Calum appears at his friend’s side.

“Asked me what?” you ask.

“We have a proposition for you,” Ashton pops up behind you making you jump.

“I’m not sure I like the sound of this,” your brows knit together.

“Just hear us out,” Calum clearshis throat, “Little Lukey, bless him, he’s never y’know done the deed,” Calum couldn’t have been less subtle as he makes the necessary gesture to help you join the dots. “And we thought, we can’t send our buddy to college a virgin, but that’s a going away present that none of us can give him, and Luke has some standards that are quite tricky to get around”

“He only wants his first fuck to be you,” Michael adds bluntly.

“Me, why me?”

“He’s…” suddenly very articulate drunk Calum begins, “Infatuated with you”

“So what? You want me to take his v-card?” you tilt your head slightly.

“You don’t need to, we just thought we’d run the idea past you,” Ashton says.

“Well, don’t get me wrong, I’d love to, but whatever happens, happens, thank you boys,” you say turning to walk deeper into the party. “I will do my best”

With the new information of Luke’s crush on you fresh in your mind you decide to wash it away with a drink, but the same one drink is in your hand hours later and only half drank.

“Flat,” you mutter to yourself when you take a sip so you go to the kitchen o pour yourself a fresh one.

“[Y/N],” the familiar voice chirps when you enter the room..

There’s Luke leaning against the kitchen counter.

“Hey, I havent seen you all night,” you point out.

“I’ve been here for a while,” he adds raising the cocktail of soft drinks and vodka he seems to be nursing.

“I might join you,” you toss your half full cup in the bin and lean next to him.

“Having a fun time?” he asks.

“Nah, I’m not even sure why I’m here,” you shrug. “How about you, this could be your last high school party after all?”

He shakes his head.

“I know what’ll make it better,” you take his hand and pull him out into the lounge before shouting, “Who’s up for a little 7 minute in heaven!”

Naturally a large group of drunken party-goers form a circle with you and Luke leading the game to begin with but as the numbers dwindle Calum and Ashton take over so when the bottle spins and lands on Luke they smirk at each other.

“Luke, you get…” the pretend to think for a second before saying, “[Y/N]”

He glares at them which you  “Don’t notice” and proceed to pull him to the cupboard that had been occupied by 3 or 4 couples before you two.

Luke turns on the light once inside, “You don’t need to do anything with me,” he blurts out quickly.

“Do you want to do anything with me?” you question.

He nods, “Of course I do, I just don’t want you to feel like you need to”

“Then I don’t see a problem,” you smile pulling his lips to yours by the neck.

You tease him, allowing your lips to only brush his briefly before giving in to your urges and letting a rhythm take over you. His tongue wastes no time in brushing against your lips, begging for entrance which you grant. Luke’s hands roam up and down your sides instinctively squeezing your ass until a quiet moan vibrates against his lips, making hims smirk.

7 minutes pass easily like this but no one comes to collect you, so Luke takes the initiative to break the kiss and pull you out of the cupboard into a bedroom that is unoccupied. You tug at the hair at the nape of his neck when he presses a hurried kiss to your lips. He groans and finds a seat on the bed, allowing you to straddle his waist. With the alcohol in your veins it takes no time for your blood to boil with lust, fueling your needs. You grind against him and he groans once more. For someone with little experience you can’t help but notice that he seems to know what he’s doing, moving your dress so it’s around your waist. You take it off quickly leaving you in only your underwear, his eyes become the size of tennis balls raking over your barely clothed body, the bulge in his jeans growing more.

“Lie back on the bed,” you tell him and he obliges. “I know you don’t reallk know what you’re doing, so how would you like me to take control?”

He nods, “I would like that, a-a lot”

You smile at him with a hit of menace but mostly reassurance before removing his jeans at an agonizingly slow pace. Next you unbutton his shirt and leave wet open mouthed kisses all the way from his collar bones down his chest and to the waist band of his boxers. 

“Fuck,” he breathes and you can feel his heartbeat quuicken.

Toying with his boxers you look up at him to see if he’s ready for you to continue and he gives you a nod. Before you take off his boxers you remove your bra, making him whine. You move up his body so your straddling him again and kiss him sweetly. Taking both of his hands in yours you guide them to your breasts and he starts to massage your chest, tweaking his thumbs over the nipples every now and then. You’re so caught up that you don’t even notice his hands ghosting down your sides and gradually pulling off your panties.

“Jesus Christ, [Y/N]” he moans at the sudden lack of clothing between the two of you.

“Tell me what you want Luke, this is all about you,” you whisper in his ear.

“I want you, just you,” he pleads.

With that you hover yourself over his length and get him to grip your hips so he can adjust your pace. You lower yourself into him only to be filled with pleasure both at the feeling of hi inside you but also at he sight of Luke writhing beneath you slightly. Involuntarily he bucks his hips up to meet yours making you whine and begin bouncing up and down.

It doesn’t take long before you get close to you edge so you question, “Are you close yet Luke, I’m so close baby”

“So fucking close,” he replies.

“Come for me, honey,” you smile seductively clenching around him slightly, causing him to reach his climax in seconds.

You let him ride out his high with you hitting yours only shortly after and falling against his chest, rising and falling rapidly as he regains his breath.

“That was amazing, thank you,” he pants.

“No need to thank me,” you reply. “Just promise you’re not going to get up and go brag about it like most guys would”

He shakes his head wrapping a toned arm around you and pulling you close.