Alec rose to his feet and in that moment was the famous Alec Lightwood Kit had heard about, the hero of past battles, the archer boy with deadly aim.
“This is what I want and what I’ve chosen,” he said. “How dare you tell me it’s a tragedy? Magnus never pretended, he never tried to fool me into thinking it would be easy, but choosing Magnus is one of the easiest things I’ve ever done. We all have a lifetime, Zara, and none of us know how long or short it might be. Surely even you know that. I expect you mean to be rude and cruel, but I doubt you meant to sound stupid as well.”
She flushed. “But if you die of old age and he lives forever—” “Then he’ll be there for Max, and that makes both of us happy,” said Alec. “And I will be a uniquely lucky person, because there will be someone who always remembers me. Who will always love me. Magnus won’t always mourn, but until the end of time he will remember me and love me.” “What makes you so sure?” said Zara, but there was an edge of uncertainty in her voice.
“Because he’s three thousand times the human being you’ll ever be,” said Alec. “Now get out of here before I risk his life by waking him up so he can turn you into a garbage fire. Something that would match your personality.
—  Lord of Shadows, Cassandra Clare

“We are each of us—every single one of us—meant to be a lens for truths that we ourselves cannot see. ‘The system cannot include the systematizer,’ Kierkegaard once said, a clunky but accurate formulation of a problem that applies even to people who don’t have a philosophical bone in their bodies. Our lives burn up, and our minds within them, and all that we have sought so hard to retain in art or durable projects or familial memory. But to live in faith is to live toward a truth that we can but dimly sense, if at all, and to die in faith is to leave an afterimage whose dimensions and meanings we could never even have guessed at. Something of us—something most us, and least us—is saved and made available for others. This is as true of the politician as it is of the poet, as true of the teacher or the preacher, the mother or the father, as it is of a Danish philosopher.”

Christian Wiman, from “A Million Little Oblivions,” My Bright Abyss: Meditation of a Modern Believer (Farrar, Straus, & Giroux, 2013)

The Flash season 3 finale

HR was brave and he saved Iris by taking her place

it was a good way to go out; he is missed, by Tracy, by Cisco, by everyone

despite it not working out, I did appreciate that Barry tried to reach Savitar, tried to get through to him, and for a little bit, it seemed to work.

but it ultimately did not. It probably would’ve been too easy if it had, but I’m still glad they explored the possibility

Iris, Barry, and Joe sharing that hug and being happy that the future is better was beautiful

in the end, Iris saved Barry and that was really cool to see her have agency in this, to change her destiny and defeat the one who tried to kill her.

and we saw Jay Garrick, free from the Speed Force, and ready to kick booty

Cynthia saving Cisco, and then being all “we have a connection, jackass, so be grateful” was equally touching and mildly amusing

Harry Wells being able to get through to Tracy was nice. I’m glad he’s sticking around; it’s not that I didn’t like HR, I did, and him and Tracy were adorable, but I have more of an attachment to Harry.

Black Flash is dead. Probably because they didn’t want to use him a fix-all like in Legends; and because it was more profound they way they actually defeated this season’s villain.

Savitar is defeated, finally, by Cisco altering the speedforce bazooka, and finally by Barry, who refuses to let the pain and anger define him.

Killer Frost turned on Savitar, but didn’t completely become Caitlin anymore. And even though I kinda wanted her to, I also really wanted her to find a way to use her powers without being evil, and fortunately, she will be figuring out that very thing. That pleases me, because it’s something I, and I know other fans, desired for her from the moment we knew she had powers.

but the Speed Force needs a speedster in it (which, it didn’t used to, so why does it need one now). Which royally sucks because Westallen was just freed from Savitar, from the looming death, and they deserve to be happy.

now Wally and Jay must protect the city (until Barry gets back because he better damned well get his skinny ass back here and marry Iris and live a long, wonderful life)

I don’t care who you are you need to apologize

The Supergirl fandom crossed a huge and horrible line by violating the privacy of Katie McGrath’s brother in the most horrific way and WE ARE ALL to blame for this. No don’t try to say it wasn’t your fault. It’s all our fault. We have all seen some creepy invasive and rude stuff posted here. People insisting on asking Katie invasive questions she doesn’t want to answer or downright inappropriate ones, people who “amuse”themselves with the actors personal lives, people who send hate to the actors and many more creepy and unsettling things and we didn’t say anything. We ignored it, we didn’t want to cause a fuss, we didn’t want to be seen as taking a joke too seriously(because it’s all a joke eh?) and we helped to create an atmosphere where this could happen.

 Now it’s time to take responsibility . ALL of US need to go to   Rudhraigh McGrath’s twitter and apologize. Then we need to start behaving like normal goddamn human beings and not crazy fans. This is no longer “fun” or acceptable

vampires make oaths in blood behind churches
the crosses on their necks burn bright red circles
and leave behind all kinds of curses
no regards for the skin on their backs
dying’s just a waste of chance
while living’s just a waste of death
(which could be just as bad)

i guess we all have our demons
and i guess i do too
i guess we all have our secrets
but in this world it’s just me and you

angels pulled from garbage chutes
wings made of glitter and plastic feathers
hiding their grace in lace up boots
waiting for the day it gets better

i guess we all have our demons
and i guess i do too
i guess we all have our secrets
but in this world it was supposed to be just me and you


I’m obsessed with this song. Reminds me of Camren so much…

I know
We belong here
I’m searching for a reason to come home
I won’t let
Our hearts grow old
Until we’re all alone
And all we have is all we’ll ever need

I know we aren’t
Where we said we’d be
When we were 17
But I feel safe here
Lay with me
The stars watch us tonight

I’ll stay
For as long as you will know
I’m searching for a reason to call home
And I won’t
let our hearts collide
Until the moment’s right
And all we are is all we’ll ever be

I know we aren’t
Where we said we’d be
When we were 17
But I feel safe here
Lay with me
The stars watch us tonight
& that’s okay with me

Tell me all your secrets
Till the sun comes up
Know that I will keep them
Til’ we are old enough

Show me all your pictures
Of how we fell in love
So we can go back to the start

Lay, my, heart
By your side tonight

We, seem, to
Believe in a better life

Place, my, hand
By your heart tonight

Feel, your, heart
Beat as we shut our eyes

Tell me all your secrets
Till the sun comes up
Know that I will keep them
Til’ we are old enough

Show me all your pictures
Of how we fell in love
So we can go back to the start…

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Why she ain't got no head? She not allowed an identity?

nah, if she has a head, that mean she has a brain and yall know what happens when black women have brains :/ they start thinking which is only for the King of the household, y’all know we cant have that

-mod r

First World Stress

After 10 years of hearing my family and friends tell me that belt clip phone cases are goober-ish, I have finally converted to a phone case that doubles as a wallet. 

I’m very stressed and anxious without my belt clip. I really need that belt clip. I miss my belt clip. My belt clip is clearly an emotional crutch. So, what? Don’t we all have crutches of one type or another? Plus, now when I lose my phone, which I’m prone to doing, I’ll also lose my wallet. 


But, at least, I’ll look cool as I’m phoneless and using my landline to cancel my credit cards and schedule an appointment with DMV to get a replacement driver’s license. 

I am constantly, endlessly amazed by people’s inability to call a person who consistently does bad things “a bad person.”

This applies not only to people who are unable to see their own flaws (”I don’t know why you can’t accept that I just don’t like Black people, we all have our problems, I’m a Good Person”) but also like, when the villains of our society are called the villains they are, someone invariably stands up to say “But I met him one time at a party and he was a Good Man”

like guys

Mafia dons love their families, many abusers are charming and polite in public, and Hitler liked dogs

but at some point, the shitty things you bring into the world outbalance the non-shitty things you do and you have to admit that to yourselves.

The Secret MM Bad End 1
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> *It happens at the end of Day 4, in the Deep Story*<p/><b>How To Get It:</b> Only participate in chats with V in them/choose answers that show concern, worry or support for him.<p/><b></b> *VN opens after the branch, with MC in the apartment, scrolling through the messenger and re-reading the chats with V*<p/><b>MC:</b> *sighs*<p/><b>MC:</b> ...If only he would come here to take me away...<p/><b></b> *her phone rings, it shows 707 as the caller ID*<p/><b>MC:</b> *picks up the phone*<p/><b>MC:</b> Hey Seven, ssup-<p/><b>707:</b> MC! Oh, thank goodness you're alright!<p/><b>MC:</b> Yes I'm okay, Seven, what's wrong? Did something about the hacker come up?<p/><b>707:</b> That's what I thought, but this algorithm... *his voice cracks* I-I've never seen anything like it before...<p/><b>MC:</b> Seven... What are you...<p/><b>707:</b> I lost the camera feed to the apartment and even the security system has been disabled... M-MC...<p/><b>MC:</b> *doesn't answer*<p/><b>707:</b> Even V isn't picking up his phone... Gah!<p/><b>707:</b> I'm on my way there, MC! Just keep the door locked and don't open it until you hear my voice, okay?!<p/><b></b> *He hangs up*<p/><b></b> *A moment later, there's the sound of the doorbell*<p/><b></b> *MC has a choice to either stay put or call out, inquiring the person's​ identity. Neither option will change the outcome*<p/><b></b> *The sound of the door opening, closing and then being locked is heard. V appears in the hall. He's not wearing his sunglasses.*<p/><b>V:</b> Hello MC... Nice to finally meet you in person. *mischievous chuckles* You look so much more beautiful up close.<p/><b>MC:</b> V...?<p/><b>V:</b> I've been watching you from the start... Just waiting for a sign. *laughs* And now that you've given me that sign, I take it that you know what it is you've asked for...<p/><b></b> *As he talks, he walks closer and closer to MC, backing her up against the sofa hand, most probably making her fall backwards onto it. In her panic, she grabs the closest thing to her.*<p/><b></b> *CG appears- MC on the sofa with V hovering over her, playing with her hair as he gives her a sweet smile that barely hides the deep, dark desire in his now distorted blue eyes*<p/><b>V:</b> Oh... Quiet eager aren't we? *chuckles darkly*<p/><b>V:</b> I can feel you trembling against me... But your face is telling me something else, hmm?<p/><b>V:</b> Haha... Don't worry love... Since you didn't choose anyone-<p/><b></b> *His voice becomes a quiet whisper.*<p/><b>V:</b> I choose you.<p/><b><b></b> Bad End</b><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

I hate the word “fate.” the concept that it determines everything, Birth, encounters, partings, success and failures, fortune and misfortunes in life, etc is Fuckin bullshit. If our lives are already set in stone by fate, then why are we even born? There are those born to wealthy families, those born to caring mothers, those born and abandoned by their mothers, and those born into the middle of war or poverty. All these variables that determine what our mortal experience will be like, yet there is seemingly only 1 constant that we all have in common besides being human, and its the simple fact that, to our knowledge, all of us have been born into different races, countries, and genders WITHOUT A CHOICE. I didnt “choose” to be born as a male filipino/puerto rican in america, and you didnt choose to be born as whatever the fuck you are from wherever the hell you’re from. As far as we can remember, There was no damn rundown given to us beforehand of what life as a _____ male or female from a _____ class family living in _____ in the year _____ would be like so that we could decide what kind of life we wanted to have before being born, but when we become self aware as children and ask why we had no choice, they indoctrinate us with their hand me down theory that “
it was all determined by fate”.If that’s all caused by fate, then God is incredibly unfair and cruel. Because, ever since that day, none of us had a future and the only certain thing was that we wouldn’t amount to anything except a source of entertainment for god and its audience.
Fuck that shit! we spend so much of our short valuable time we have living in this perpetual state of monotony doing shit for work that we don’t give a fuck about so we can be allowed to survive just to continue to be stuck in this mediocre life as a slave to paper on a fuckin pebble orbiting around a tiny random star that is one of trillions floating around in an ever expanding void that our lil dumbasses call “space”… AND FOR WHAT? Just to die and possibly lose all our memories and knowledge. “But what about heaven and hell?” Shut the fuck up all that shit is here say, passed down theories from people who didnt even fuckin know why it rains, im talking about what is actually known, not what you believe. What the government and society tells us to do can’t seriously be ALL our species is meant to do is it? Like really? Thats all? cuz if so, i am certain mankind is without a doubt the laughing stock of the entire universe, and as much as id hate to admit it, WE DESERVE TO BE.

CRINGE WORTHY MOMENTS…we all have them haha! I want you to take a second to think about your most cringeworthy moment 💭 Tell me you didn’t try and erase that from your brain 100 times 😂 Everyone has one. Don’t let these moments haunt you, ladies!! Just laugh at them and know, no matter how embarrassing they were, you wouldn’t be the person you are today without them!

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Hi Donnie! Nicole again why do u guys wear colorful mask? And not black mask? Didn't u guys became full master ninjas Ninjas?

Ninjas don’t have colored belts. This isn’t karate. We don’t change colors as we level up.

Originally, when we were babies, Sensei did the same thing that most people do when they have twins they can barely tell apart. He assigned us colors. So he knew which one we were.

Because remember we are all quadruplets. Our colors at first were for identification. 

We are all full ninjas. We are not masters, we all still have many lessons to learn. Someday maybe we’ll all be as good as Sensei was.