Steroline S6 - Things we learned from the deleted scenes

6x08 - Stefan confirmed that him and Elena were just friends and nothing more so him moving on from Elena happened in S5. Damon knew that Caroline had a thing for Stefan because Bonnie told him and it was obvious. It was obvious to Damon because he didn’t have blinders on like Stefan i.e. Stefan not thinking about Caroline that way because she’s his friend. Stefan’s little smile when Damon says its obvious that Caroline had a thing for him shows that it WASN’T one-sided he was happy about the fact that she liked him. The fact that Damon told him to take the blinders off and then Stefan has his epiphany at the end of 6x08 when he talks to Caroline shows that was indeed the scene he realized he’s been falling in love with her this whole time.

6x12 - STEFAN FIXED THE COFFEE MACHINE and he knew exactly how Caroline likes her coffee. Elena nudging him about the fact that there’s something between them and Stefan making it fairly obvious there is but he can’t worry about that now because of Liz. This drives home his whole “I want it to be perfect” speech in 6x19 (which happened in 6x13) he really didn’t want to pursue anything with Caroline while she was emotionally vulnerable with her mother being sick. I also think this shows that him kissing her at the cabin wasn’t intended and it was because the moment was perfect and she told him she never really hated him. Same with the scene in the woods in 6x13 you could see how badly he wanted to kiss her but he didn’t push because of her Mom.

6x15 - The knock on the door right after Caroline turns it off is Stefan, which means he was LITERALLY seconds too late… just let me die.

I feel like no matter how Mofftiss writes the johnlock kiss, it’s going to be monumental, it’s going to be a stunning moment for everyone, and no matter how they write it to go it’s going to play out like Martin really gently sliding his hand along Benedict’s jaw and hesitating, breath to breath on each other’s lips, Martin’s eyes darting up to Ben’s at the last second just to double check and then closing the gap between their mouths and the sound Ben is going to make, I just don’t see Martin being able to kiss him the first time in a way that is not quiet and still and a little wondrous with the importance of what this represents

imagine people wearing ‘sylar field ed.’ wristwatches, imagine 'wildcats’ cheerleading costumes for halloween, imagine a fast food chain promoting their newly added to the menu waffles as 'yatta!’, imagine the wave of newborns across the globe called 'peter’, imagine the 9th wonders comics being cherished and highly priced among sellers, imagine 'activating evolution’ being a bestseller three times over.

imagine a world where the old heroes are not being prosecuted or hunted down from what they are but rather admired and loved

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I feel like a bad fan for not being excited that river is coming back, i loved her ending in tnotd and the last thing I really want esp after s8 is any love triangle bullshit like can the doctor and Clara just get some happy times please and everyone leave them alone I really don't want to be one of those shippers but it's coming out of me and I feel disgruntled

Anon, you are me 22 hours ago. :D Let’s go on a journey together.

Number one, you’re not a bad fan. You’re a bad fan if you’re antagonistic and an asshole to others. That’s a bad fan.

I’m going to give a really simple response to this right here: don’t worry too much about it. We know literally one thing: River is in the Christmas Special. We don’t know her part, we don’t know who else is there, we don’t know the plot, or the title; we’ve got nothing. Might as well use that energy to be hype for s9.

But now beneath the cut I’m going to answer you point-by-point because, and I’m not kidding, I literally went over this last night with a couple friends as I was working out my feelings.

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i had so much more i wanted to do today but i ended up making this instead

an attempt to fit the new ladybug show to the PV music! this has to be one of my favourite tracks ever and i wanted to see if i could retrieve that haunting vibe the original concept had, or at least make it slightly less bubblegum pop. i tried to match the sequences to the PV ones too!

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Ok but to everyone who says he's changed: did you ever consider he might be pulling back from fans BECAUSE of all the nasty messages? That maybe attacking him is the problem? Because to me, that seems way worse than, I don't know, being happy with someone

you are speaking my mind anon. honestly if it was me being attacked because I posted a photo of a damn tattoo that he could have taken from anywhere on the internet i would have been out of there in no time. ever since the rumors with Martina people have been attacking Gian nonstop, saying nasty comments & that ‘he’s changed’. honestly he deserves all the love for still being the most active on social media, interacting with fans etc.

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To everyone worrying about system members not fitting roles: It's okay! Not all systems have roles, especially not non-DID ones. It's okay to not have any headmates with roles, it's okay to have some with roles, it's okay if all of them have roles. It's okay if they get roles despite not having any earlier, or stop having roles or change what role they have. No two systems are gonna be exactly the same, and roles or lack thereof don't determine how valid you are :)


Slate: They haven’t changed you, Booker…not one bit…      

[Booker shoots him in the head.]      

Elizabeth: I suppose it was mercy. Comstock’s men would have taken him.      

Booker: I suppose it was.      


Slate: You’re a tin man now! A tin man!

[Booker leaves him to his thoughts.]

Elizabeth: You spared him.

Booker: It wasn’t no mercy. Comstock’s men will surely take him.

i never realized that they still sort of mention the same thing bc i never kill slate lmao

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synapticnetdive in the way that she and Vincent could probably just fall asleep on top of each other on a sofa and when they wake up it's not really weird because they're just that good friends. Why am I even anon, you know who this is fff

In response to this meme.


HELLO, beelzemonblastmode!!! [ Frantically waves hand at. ] Also, they are the best of pal and I wouldn’t trade them for anything else. Although, I suppose there is going to be a lot of explaining to be done if soldierandscientist did come upon them, eh? ;)

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