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My name is Brianna, I’m 18, almost 19 from the U.S. and I’m looking for a new pen pal. Recently a few of my pen pals stopped writing to me so I’m down to one and I’d really like to add a couple. I’m looking for someone that will consistently write to me and not quite after a couple letters. I understand busy schedules but if you don’t respond for a few months, I’ll probably move on. 

I’m a very personal and emotional person so get ready for some heart pouring. I also enjoy listening and giving advice if it is desired. I like a lot of things, heres just a few:

Music. I listen to all types of music from Indie rock to Rap. I listen to country occasionally but I hate every second of it.I play the ukulele and sometimes put cover videos on youtube. 

Reading: I read mostly fiction. My favorite series is Percy Jackson and my absolute favorite book is Slaughterhouse Five. I’ll read pretty much any fiction but non fiction takes some coaxing.

I watch an unhealthy amount of Netflix. This summer my biggest accomplishment was watching all twelve seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. Other shows I like include The Office, Parks and Rec, Avatar the Last Airbender, Orange is the New Black, etc.

Others: Legend of Zelda, photography, psychology, music theory, creative writing, art, social media, etc.

Thanks for reading, if your interested, feel free to send me an email at or kik me at wallflowerofagirl. Please note, I’m looking for SNAIL MAIL only!

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LOL, Megan! I agee with you so much about how some of these people are suddenly lifelong EDM fans. I followed some of these blogs before and never heard a word about EDM or Calvin . Now they are pissing their pants and typing in all caps about how Calvin has new music coming out and squeeeeling in excitement. It's just funny to me too.

I mean….they can like what they like, I’m not shading them at all, but I just think it’s silly to act like you’ve ALWAYS loved Calvin when we alllllll know that isn’t true. It’s okay to admit you started liking him when Taylor dated him. 

what she says: i love freeze your brain

what she means: If you look at Freeze Your Brain at face value, you could easily interperet it as simply about JD’s fixation on 7/11 and his issues oversharing. But it’s really more about a place that feels normal and familiar and safe in a frightening and new situation. It’s easy to overlook this, as a lot of the song is made to be comedic. Take the lines “When mom was alive/we lived halfway normal./Now it’s just me and my dad,/we’re less formal” for example. During the musical, it’s easy to focus more on Veronica freaking out than on JD’s words and their meaning. This is done intentionally, as if to show that JD hides how hurt he is about his mother’s death with other emotions, as many people do. Towards the end, it is shown that JD uses slushies to control a possible self-harm habit and self-destructive thoughts, and that’s when the gravity of the song hits you. Despite sounding light-hearted, Freeze Your Brain is about a teenager trying to hold onto the one place that makes him feel safe and happy no matter where he is. If you consider the possibility that his mother introduced him to 7/11, it’s also about trying to recapture childhood emotions, despite the fact that so many things have changed.

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Heathens — Twenty One Pilots

Empty Gold — Halsey

Rumour Has It — Adele

M.A.A.D. City — Kendrick Lamar

I Hate You, I Love You — Gnash ft. Olivia O’Brien

One Dance — Drake ft. Kyla & Wiz Khalifa

No One — Alicia Keys

Echelon — Angel Haze

A Drop in the Ocean — Ron Pope

Gravity — Sara Bareilles

Novocaine — Fall Out Boy

Elastic Heart — Sia

Save My Soul — Jojo

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Yeah they're adults THEY drink, curse, watch porn, fantasize (I think its obvi) basically if Bangtan wants to listen to a song with lyrics like "I'll fuck her till she pass out got her feeling crazy with my tongue" THEY CAN like they're are human.

Whoa whoa lolol Are there ARMY who are upset about the song? I mean they just did a cover dance, for a choreographer that Jimin has liked for a long time. And this is just the song that the dance goes with. I mean they are all of age and therefore can listen to this type of music. Not like BTS dont curse or drink. 

And beyond that BTS loves music, all types including hip hop music too. They’re rappers. They’re going to listen to these types of songs. They’ve listened to songs like this even before debut when some of them werent of age. 

I need some acceptance here people


Kai. 17. He/Him. FTM Pre-Everything.
I play basketball, & Ps3/4. I listen to mostly all types of music but RnB, Hip hop, & Neo Soul are my favourite 🎧. Im in need of more LGBTQ+ friends/followers so don’t be afraid to follow me and message me @kvnghalle i may look mean but I’m pretty nice 🤘🏽.