Here, have all of these Jurassic Land AU ideas !!!

I’m making a page too (it’s a work in progress) about all of the ideas I have because it’s a killer idea wow, thank u mayflydecember for bringing this into the world. Link to page [ here ].

Expect more later. >:^)


We were eighteen and had begun to love life and the world; and we had to shoot it to pieces. The first bomb, the first explosion, burst in our hearts. We are cut off from activity, from striving, from progress. We believe in such things no longer, we believe in war.
 ―    Erich Maria Remarque,  All Quiet on the Western Front


dear vanessa,
             your many kindnesses i will always carry with me. such generosity has not been a part of my life. and i thank you, for your affection and understanding. in my most frightened and lonely moments,  y o u   w e r  e   t h e r e. and such light, you brought to me. but i am made for the dark; as we both know. i am fir for only one place and i should have been there, long ago. deep in cold clay, on a forgotten hill. your road, may be difficult. but mine is doomed. so we walk alone.

written,  w i t h  l o v e; ethan.
i can give you an eternity of peace with t h e  m a n  y o u  l o v e;

I’ve been cruising around succulents care blog posts and i just can’t believe the number of people who forget about their succulents for weeks and kill them with underwatering?? how do you forget you have fat plants, they’re amazing. I stare at my plants multiple times a day, and document them with photos once a week. how can you have plants right there and not love them


We’ve slowly seen a friendship. They’re such different kinds of characters. Big personalities, huge flaws, big secrets… And so I battle two instincts: one is that it’s really fun to see two people who kind of hated each other and become allies and you know the other instinct, which is it would be fun to kiss Chris Messina. -Mindy Kaling//PaleyFest 2014

Brittany S. Pierce is not a lesbian.

Brittany S. Pierce is not a lesbian.

Brittany S. Pierce is not a freaking lesbian.

When will fandom AND media stop labeling her as such?


sweet like honeydew
I love it when you come around
Its just me and you
gal, and you

9pepe4 said: So… what’s your theory on what Thor was about to say about Odin? I’m curious :)

ladyofmidgard said: Oo, now I want to hear your theory on what Thor would have said about Odin if he’d gotten the chance. Care to share?

I guess I should have seen this coming. :-D These are both in reaction to my tags on a photoset from Thor & Loki’s mountaintop scene in the Avengers, and this dialogue:

Thor: I thought you dead.

Loki: Did you mourn?

Thor: We all did. Our father…

Loki interrupts him and the scene rolls onto other things. In my tags I mentioned being desperate to know what Thor was going to say about Odin and that I have a theory about it. 

So. *cracks knuckles* Here we go. Kinda long because I have important Odin feelings, okay?

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Percy sat at his desk inside his apartment’s little office. He had been living in London for about seven months now; outside was a flurry of snow and he could hear Muggle children running around outside, yelling about Christmas presents they just recently received. Ever since the summer, Percy had no contact with anyone in his family except for when he passed his father at the Ministry. Even then, Percy would hide his face behind whatever he was carrying, whether it was the Daily Prophet or his brief case. At first, he liked living on his own with no one to bother him, to make fun of him, to constantly put him down for following his dreams. He walked out of the Burrow with his head held high and no regrets whatsoever. Yet as time went on, Percy began to feel lonely. Sure, there was the Minister of Magic, who he was working for, and countless other people in his office, but when he returned to his small and empty apartment, loneliness would creep into Percy’s mind. 

Occasionally, Percy would sit at his desk, a blank piece of parchment in front of him, his quill angled just the right way so he could write out his feelings. He thought he hated his family, but he soon realized he missed his family more than he would care to admit. Now, on this cold January evening, Percy decided he would try to write to someone in his family. He dipped his quill into his ink and positioned it to write.

Dear Mum and Da-

Did he really want to address his parents like that after what happened? He crumpled the piece of parchment and got a new one.

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Because nobody bothered to read my tags in my previous post (even though I am partially at fault for spamming nonsense there)

Nozomi is primarily a Urologist because it allows for more interactions with the lovely radiologist YZW, though I acknowledge the fact that it is rare to have it as the first option of specialty considering Nozomi‘s tendency to grope people

And just for laughs, of course she has a minor specialty in O&G. Hilarity ensures XDDDDDDD