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Oh i finally listen it!! Is really amazing, dan and phil are truly really good role models. Thanks for sharing!

Ok cool, yeah sorry i didn’t reply earlier I was working. They honestly are and they’re just really genuine and down to earth. No problem, and actually I’ve got to thank my mum for this. This is what happened:
Me: *comes home from Uni*
Mum: Oh hey! guess what?
Me: *so tired from the day* hm? what?
Mum: Dan and Phil were on the radio
Me: *Drops bags and canvas* WAIT WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? OMFG
Mum: Well not on it but they were mentioned on ABC radio
Me: ABC radio?!?! National fucking radio?? what did they say?  
Mum: They were talking about boys and the stereotype boys are faced with about their feelings and needing to be/look strong and the host was talking about how she went to TATINOF with her daughter and said that Dan and Phil are perfect role models for that and how they talk about their feelings or something 
Me: OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG *runs around the room and dies*
Mum: Which they are, I mean they seem really nice, clean cut and just natural. 
Me: *hugs mum*
Mum: aww whats this about? 
Me: I need to get my hands on the show, they would upload the talk probably right?
Mum: Probably
Me: I need to show the Phandom this
Me: *runs upstairs shuts the door and proceeds to research*

Let peridot love (also let people ship what makes them happy)

I am a multishipper, i only want peridot to be in love, she deserves love, I don’t care if it’s a normal ship or not, I ship her with everyone. Be proud of what you ship, it’s okay if never becomes canon, it has to make you happy.

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Behind the Scenes of Planet of the Dead - Part Two

Excerpts from Tom Spilsbury and Benjamin Cook’s article for DWM (#407)

Of course, it may have seemed like a long wait for a new episode since The Next Doctor last Christmas, but it was even longer for the production team - with David Tennant returning as the Doctor for Planet of the Dead after eight months away, starring in the RSC’s Hamlet. “There was a proper, genuine excitement when David returned to Cardiff,” says Russell [T. Davies].  “I’m not kidding, we were all buzzing! When I got to the readthrough, I realised, powerfully, how much I’d missed it.”

“David was in fine form at that readthrough,” says Gareth [Roberts, co-writer of Planet of the Dead], “and obviously glad to be back. The cast in any TV production always looks to the leading actor to set the tone, and he was straight back in there as the Doctor, no problem, sparking. I was sat right opposite him, and it was rather like being caught in an electric storm.”

“We’re not Doctor Who fans by accident,” smiles Russell.  “There really is something unique and special about that Time Lord and the life that he leads. Both the character and David himself fill the production with energy, and we’re all aware that we haven’t got many of these good times with David left.

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└ Arashi in Kimonos: then and now

got my raven arcana zine today and it is so freaking gorgeous!!! all of the art is ridiculously beautiful and it feels so nice to physically hold such a lovely collection of trc fanart in my hands ;u; im gonna stare at every picture in this book every day i swear, it’s incredible. all of the artists did a beautiful job. huge props to @cloven and @crowloop for organizing the whole thing!! it’s absolutely stunning! this fandom is so ridiculously talented

i told my very straight heteronormative friend about tjlc last night and she completely agreed with the gay or trash mentality and said that it absolutely had to be a romance because there is no other way with everything they’ve written into the show……………. honestly bless her i’m crying 

“So i thought me and Mr. Lee were over like 2 years ago… but OH NO. Freaking Jong Suk keeps pullin’ me back, me back. W is on freakin’ fire and god Jong Suk keep being ur rad self and showing me ur best every episode. HE NEVER FAILS. “

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“Holy crap! W is so good! Just finished watching the first episode (thanks to the previous confessions about the show) and I would highly recommend it as well! {Tw blood & stabbing tho}”


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okay but this is solely based on the fact that i frequently listen to atleast 4-5 songs from each of these albums.

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hi I was curious since you don't ship Ron and Herminoe if you shipped them with anyone else??? I've never really thought about it besides my aroace!Herminoe hc

Hello my dear! Thanks for being peaceful! 

I honestly haven’t really given them much thought. I definitely think Ron would end up in a relationship, he just phases me as the kind of guy that would find romantic relationships important. As for Hermione, I have to agree with you! aroace!Hermione who’s married to her career and her best friends sounds lovely!


I honestly have no idea how I got all of this shit from the United States to the United Kingdom like. It had to have been nothing more than sheer determination and willpower because it sure as hell ain’t fitting back the way it came over.

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What's going on with Sarah J Maas? I've never read any of her books but I was planning on picking up the Throne of Glass series soon. I've heard she's getting backlash but I'm just wondering why.

Pretty much, shes quite inconstant with her books, she romanticises abusive relationships, she will kill off/torture POC to further her white characters and she forces characters who are very clearly not straight, into heterosexual relationships.

A lot of people are just very frustrated by this, and I think the issue is that she doesn’t acknowledge the issues in the books and neither do her fans. I know in YA books most relationships start with some abusive aspects, however usually the author  will acknowledge that it’s bad and apologies will be made, character growth etc… but with sjmaas she will put women down to make the men better, she has a massive bad boy complex and pretty much hates anyone who isn't “perfect”. And once again, refuses to acknowledge her racist/homophobic content by adding characters who are of colour, or gay and then sidelining them so you never see them, because once again as long as her straight/white faves are okay she couldn’t care less.

She fucks with people and their ships and has no problem with ruining certain characters for her own personal faves and pretty much she trolls everyone and will make you believe your ship/fave character will be happy and then takes it away cause she has a biting/bad boy kink and would much rather have in depth sex scenes then character development.

so me n @floralalpacas are collabing to make a Pokemon/OC askblog/comic together n its gon be great ill hit u all up with links when the first post goes up and the blog is cleaned up more b)))  but for now I must get ready for my flight