i present to you … punk/fem!phan :D a.k.a. Phillipa “Pippa” Lester and Daniella “Dani” Howell.

i feel like as girls, both Dan and Phil would be so into the cool piercings and dyed hair that they prefer to keep short and also cat-eye eyeliner because yes. (is it just me or is fem!dan really hot ?? lmao bye)

please do not repost or steal or anything of the sort, as this took hours to do and i’m very proud of it <3

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42, 86 ;3

42. Are you available?
I’m single and ready to tingle (that sounded gross I take that back)
86. How can I win your heart?
Initiate conversations with me because I refuse to talk first and I never will, let me pay attention to you 24/7 and don’t get annoyed by me, tell me how much you like me all the time/let me tell you how much I like you all the time lol, do the uh……pda…..with me like all the time non stop forever, be very clingy but not possessive or scary and don’t try to guilt trip me lol

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Top five favorite rappers?

uhh it changes everyday of all time ? uh aesop p.o.s. lupe uh fickin gambino idk leave that last one open

how do you politely keep turning down a guy who keeps pressuring you to go out with him and then proceeds to make you feel bad when you say no 

also it’s irritating as fuck when every single background character in a show constantly feels the need to remark upon the apparently-gonna-be-canon-later m/f romance

either tauntingly or trying to play matchmaker idc if i have to hear “you love him, don’t you” or “aww you two are like a married couple already” one more time i’m going to eat a brick

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Uh, phillip, last time I recall you said all anime/manga is bad. Yet you watch JJBA, care to explain?

all anime and manga is bad 

jjba is a lifestyle

Exam Study, according to the Hogwarts Houses
  • Slytherin:"Whatever. I'm dropping out of school for a career in dark magic anyway."
  • Hufflepuff:"Yay for me! I'm trying!"
  • Ravenclaw:"Exams aren't for another three months, so...time for another all-night study session."
  • Gryffindor:"Uh, yeah of course I studied...for an hour... on the day of the exam."


[FANCAFE] 150418 Jang Yijeong

취담(醉談) - Drunken Words

You seem fine
I should get going now
I’ll just drink a bit and go
Even though I don’t drink very well 

Looking at your smile
My heart uselessly clenches
I’m a goner, even after all this time
NO you’re difficult

It’s raining a lot uh
Still, imagine meeting here of all places, I’m inwardly pleased
Are you doing well? How is that cold you always had
Ah, No, I just came out to meet a friend
Seems your friends are over there, I won’t specifically introduce myself
Since it would seem intrusive, since we don’t have any relationship now

I hate saying it out loud but
We should acknowledge this reality
Have fun, I’ll go to my table, You look great

I say and as soon as I turn around,
Against my will I hold back the tears
I’ll endure and won’t lose, Alcohol suddenly comes up too
And I think of our past memories

That’s right, listen well
This isn’t just an excuse for me
We’re different than the others
It something for just the two of us 

Even though I regret leaving you,
Even if I’m trying to hold onto everything,
I definitely want to say everything but,
I can’t say it to you

You seem fine
I should get going now
I’ll just drink a bit and go
Even though I don’t drink very well

Looking at your smile
My heart uselessly clenches
I’m a goner, even after all this time
NO you’re difficult 

trans cr: his-torybegins
please take out with full credits

Uh huh, hi guys.. apologies for not being actively on here and just running off a queue.. and unfortunately, that’s probably not going to change any time soon. I have virtually no desire to be on here of late, so with that being said, I probably will not even look in my inbox right now or for awhile. If you’ve messaged me within the last couple weeks, please note that I’m not ignoring you at all, just haven’t had the time or energy to be on here.
I’m on about every five days to replenish my queue, so don’t worry about that. My blog will remain active even if I’m not actively on it.

Thanks for understanding maybe~ o3o