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what are your all time favorite video games?

O BOY…..uh, this is tough but like in particular order:

  1. Dark Souls/Demon souls
  2. Witcher 3
  3. Harvest moon (wow wtf is this doing here)
  4. Bioshock Infinite
  5. Ib/Witch’s house /Forest of drizzling rain/Crooked man/etc (I REALLY like rpg horror games lmao)
  6. Final Fantasy VII (I am weeb trash)
  7. Dragon age 2

Games that I haven’t played but watched playthroughs and enjoyed greatly:

  1. Silent Hill 2
  2. The Wolf among us
  3. Bloodborne ( I WANT!! A PS4!! AAA!!!)

I’‘m probably forgetting some but that’s the general just of it


Everything is so askew இ﹏இ’’’

  • punching your partner in the face because they’re not acting the way you want them to actually is abusive
  • referring to your partner using homophobic language and slurs is abusive
  • not caring whether your partner is in physical danger is abusive
  • this is not a debate
Chirstmas (Derek Hale + pack)

I sat down in the passenger seat and threw my bag in the back seat. I made myself comfortable. When he sat down he looked over at me and just nodded at my presence. 

“Did you really think you were leaving Beacon Hills without me?” I asked looking over at him.

“I was hoping you’d show up.” he smiled at me and I laced our fingers together.

“Is that an actual smile from the Derek Hale.” I faked gasped.

“I smile all the time around you it’s nothing new.”

“Uh it is to the entire world.”

“Whatever one is enough for me.” I smiled at him and gave him a peck on the lips.

“I love you.” I smiled.

“I love you more.” he said softly and I grinned.

“Where to babe?”

“I don’t know, I was just kinda thinking we could figure it out on the way.”

“Sounds perfect.”

Derek and I ended up Utah, in a big ranch house far away from the rest of society, just how he wanted it. We keep in touch with everybody back in Beacon Hills but they were all wrapped up in their drama. Honestly it was a relief to us, to not have to worry about it. Derek and I spent everyday together relaxing being glad that we escaped the supernatural world for now. We would just lay on the couch some days watching movies and cuddling, or other days we’d drive up to the city and find something cool to do. We were just enjoying ourselves for the moment.

For our first christmas gone, I wanted to spend it with pack and I know secretly Derek did too. We spent days preparing. We wanted the house to be absolutely perfect. We decorated to the limit. I was constantly on the ladder and Derek even had glitter all over his hands. We had lights everywhere. Derek and I stepped back to admire our work. This is exactly what I’ve always dreamed about. Settling down with the perfect guy, decorating my house for the holidays, doing fun and cute stuff constantly. I was so happy.

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Hey Kat, could you tell us a story?

Before they were married, Brent Seabrook and Dayna had broken up for, like, two weeks and Seabs replaced her with a lookalike girlfriend, and it was sad/hilarious/a little weird. Then Dayna came back to him, and all was right in the world. The end.

*applying for something* alright

*needs a reference* not alright

Chamber of Commerce

Idyllwild, CA

Here’s one for ya: A woman called the other day.

She:  What is the elevation there in Idyllwild?

Me:  5300ft.  We are a mile high.

She:  Oh.  Okay. Well, what is the elevation in the summer time?

Me:  Uh…The elevation is the same all year round, m'am.

She:  How do you know?

Me:  Because our analysis showed that switching to daylight savings time instead, was more cost-effective.

She:  Oh, okay thank you.

Me:  You’re very welcome.

**End Call**

Me:  *thunks head on desk, laughing*

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how would the inners n outers group dynamic change if Michiru and minako roles as senshi were switched around, with Michiru as the first awakened senshi and an inner and minako being an outer.

“Michiru awakens first” is literally my Exceedingly American AU ahahaha. 

BUT AS TO THE REST. Man, it’s kind of hard for me to wrap my head around, because I don’t think Michiru would take to Mina’s role at ALLLLLLLLLL. I don’t think Michiru has leadership in her, because leadership requires giving a LOT of fucks, and Michiru, man, she has a fuck shortage. 

Things Michiru Kaioh can give a fuck about:

1) Haruka

2) The end of existence (maybe) 

All these girls are press-ganged into service, and they all react to it differently, but Michiru I think, cares the least about their “duty” She shows up and does her job, same as she did when her parents took her to music lessons and fancy schools and probably fucking dressage class and flower arranging, and I don’t know, rich kids. 

Haruka is what made her COMMIT. 

So I think she’d be an ineffective leader. Honestly, I think she’d be an ineffective leader even if she wanted to lead, she just doesn’t have a gift with people in a positive way. 

Although there would be a lot less hand-wringing about Haruka TAKING UP THE MANTLE OF SAILOR URANUS. It would just be Minako shoving it into her arms and like, tossing a fistful of confetti. “Congrats, homo, you’re a space princess.” 

I'm gonna ask her to marry me

So being on tour with 5sos meant many great things. Being with your beloved boyfriend, michael, 24/7, getting to explore the world, and of course watch each and every show from the front row. Tonight’s show had already kicked off, with you and some other tag alongs in the pits, screaming like you do every night. Every so often you felt Michael smile down to you, at times the camera flashed towards you to show you smiling back on the big screen.

The majority of the show was over, you were just lucky you get to replay it every night of tour. Just before she looks so perfect played, there wasn’t the usual “thanks for the amazing show see you soon” chat between the boys, but a more serious one. They exchanged smiles and slightly nervous laughs, which of course caused screams from the thousands of fans. Michael began ‘I’ve got something to say guys…uh…who knows all time low?’ Which once again caused a tidal wave of screams. Next thing you know Alex Gaskarth was entering the stage, guitar in hand. The commotion didn’t die down when Calum asked for you to come on stage, the cameras showing you to the audience again.

After being dragged from your spot in the pit, you reached the stage, quickly running to Michael for comfort- being in front of thousands of people wasn’t your forte. Before you could ask what was happening, Alex began strumming on his guitar, playing remembering Sunday ((this part is carrying on from fixed part 2)), which was yours and Michael’s ‘song’. You were beyond confused, no matter how much you tried to shout to Michael to ask what was going on he still wouldn’t tell you. The soft sound of the acoustic guitar played, laced with the sounds of Alex’s roughed voice and the slightly off key chant from the audience. The lights were bright, yet mellow colours, creating a slightly relaxed vibe.

At this moment, every thought in the world was going through your head. You didn’t know what to think, or do for that matter. Soon it all became clear. Alex slowed the song to sing a very drawn out 'I’m gonna ask her to marry….. Me…’, which caused you to stumble and put your hands over your mouth in shock as Michael got down on one knee, with a small box in his hands- which were shaking a lot. In one hand he held the mic, as he told you how much he loved you and that he wanted you and only you. It was slightly hard to understands, being drowned out by the deafening screams being hurtled at you, but you knew what he was saying through the sincere look in his eyes that were locked to yours.

It was a strange occurrence but the crowd was almost silent when he had finished his speech, only leaving the acoustic guitar in the background to create atmosphere. But this part was a no brainer. Marry Michael? The one who is always there for you, no matter what and makes you feel like it’s ok to be an idiot because he is too. “Yes” you said, although it was barely audible, due to the size of the room and the sheer shock in your voice. Michael could see from the look in your eyes what you said and a huge grin swept his face, as well as yours. Michael stood up, almost losing balance, as he hugged you in the tightest hug you had experienced- filled with love, hope and relief. After what felt like an eternity, but was more like 30 seconds, you pulled away, as he placed the ring on your finger. It was slightly too big but it didn’t matter as it was everything you had ever wanted.

Once the initial shock had settled down you jumped up and down with excitement, which Michael joined in with, both of you giddy with the feeling of love. You were brought back to reality when Luke, Calum and Ashton almost simultaneously congratulated you, which lead to them begin to play she looks so perfect-which Michael tactically dedicate to you, as you were escorted off stage by Alex. From backstage you could hear the load but muffled song playing, whilst being congratulated by Alex and some passing backstage crew. This is when the emotions hit you and you burst into tears, creating confusion from passers by, but you were just overwhelmed with happiness.

Once Michael made his was off stage to meet you, he was too confused by your tears, but as you smiled at him he realised and simply trapped you in another huge hug. Between you, you could only make out “oh my god”, “is this real life” and “were gonna get married”. He placed a kiss on your lips, desperate but full of adoration, which sealed the deal.

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Bill/Ted - 16 or 18

Look, this is not wrestle, so normally it would go on my other blog. But it came to this one, and it delights me, and if you’d like it to be wrestle then just pretend that it’s Kendrick and London.

The person who sent this to me knows who they are ^_^, but ALSO. Paging tedtheodorelogan. Yo. I feel this may be relevant to your interests.

18: “Every time I see you, I fall in love with you all over again.”

“…and…hm…and, uh, every time I see you, I fall in love with you all over again…dammit…”

“Dude.” Ted flops over the back of the couch, leaning his elbows on Bill’s shoulders. “That’s a good line. That’s like. Romantic.”

Bill laughs. “You think?”

“That’s deep. That’s, like, So-crates level deep.”


“So who’s it about, dude?” Ted rests his chin on the top of Bill’s head. “Is it about the babes?”

Bill blushes vividly. “Shut up, Ted.”

“Is it about Missy? That’d be weird. Remember when we–”

“Shut up, Ted.”

“So who’s it–”

Bill tilts his head back, almost toppling Ted off the back of the couch, and kisses him.

Ted blinks. “Dude. Dude.”

“Shut up, Ted, it’s about–”



Ted thinks about it for a moment, shrugs, grins, and says, “I can’t really air guitar when I’m holding myself up like this. But that was excellent.

Bill slumps back with a relieved sigh. “Good.”

“hailing hydra as a joke or drawing a death mark on your arm is ok because the people who do it are just nerds not nazis, people dress up as bad guys all of the time”

UH. There’s a difference between, say cosplaying as Loki and showing up in a Death Eater cosplay, or casually glorifying the Death Eaters, and the difference is mainly what said character/organization might represent. The lives of random fictional characters isn’t really much of a matter, to me at least. It’s a bad guy thing, it creates drama in the story etc etc, it isn’t necessarily biased. And while it is obviously amoral and committed by possible psychopaths, it doesn’t make people overly uncomfortable. As long as you aren’t being overly creepy while cosplaying as a character who has killed people, then go for it.

Idk, if you find nerd-nazi symbols to be no problem, chances are that you aren’t European, and don’t have living family who have literally experienced the holocaust. It’s not far enough behind, historically speaking, to be joked about. Just like that you don’t make jokes about alcoholism at your friend who has an alcoholic parent. I don’t mind that the characters were made, because drawing inspiration from history is a neat thing. I mind that people are being sympathetic and thrilled by these characters and organizations.

If people started glorifying fictional characters based on Al-Qaeda, that’d be pretty distasteful, wouldn’t it?

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One of the most hated villains of all time, obsessed with a single color, dialogue that made them sound like a evil Pinocchio

I hear evil pinnocchio and all I see is

but that doesn’t really go along with the single color thing and last I checked he wasn’t one of the most hated of all time so uh hhh h hhh idk man you got me 

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Hi! For the gym leader prompt. I think you'd might be fairy or grass gym and your signature pokemon all around would be Liligant, a shiny one at that. I don't know you but your blog just gives me that feel that Shiny Liligant really suits it.

(The ending to this is fucking weak but I worked at this every moment I had free time to do so today ((which unfortunately wasn’t very much)) and I don’t think it’s too bad. Posting from mobile, so if it looks funny, sorry about that. I opted for the Grass type, mostly because I do admittedly have a bias towards it. Haha, I got good type suggestions.

Also where the hell do people get the confidence to constantly write tiny fics and post them as comments/asks bc Jesus christ I do not have that but I hope this turns out OK regardless


Beyond the doors it was the quiet fragrance of blooming flowers and warm, fresh, crisp air that greeted her. She took slow deep breaths, relishing the warm sun and slight breeze; the perfect weather for her first day.

Clive sat at the base of the gym statues, nodding at her as she walked past him into the gym. Trainers poked their heads out through the branches and called out hello’s, hidden in the treetop canopies waiting for the gym challengers to pass by. She gave them all grins, calling back with her own greeting as she hopped from branch to branch and giant leaf to giant leaf.

A treetop gym. By far her best idea yet, and she reminded herself to get her friends extravagant gifts when she shut down the gym for the night. They’d outdone themselves, bringing it all together as she handled the paperwork and particulars of the gym registries.

She maneuvered through, excitement overtaking her as she darted up the ladder-like stairs to the tallest point of the gym, one of the few parts of the gym not formed from leaves and branches and trees. She whooped in excitement, slightly out of breath, sprawling over the leaf-covered platform joyfully. There were simultaneous pops as she rolled from her stomach to her back, and when she looked up three sets of eyes looked down at her in various levels of curiosity.

The pokemon trainer game a chuckle as she turned back over and got up on her knees, sweeping the three into a hug.

“We did it you guys! We’re finally here!”

She let out a breathy laugh, one hand moving to give the Phanthump and Brelloom a rub to the head, the other still wrapped around the blue-leafed Lilligant by her side. Releasing them she stood, turning to stand proudly from her perch. She raised her hand, signalling with a thumbs up, and Clive waved and returned her gesture, standing up and looking to the doors in anticipation.

They were finally open for business.