a synopsis of the fans' current attitude toward supernatural.
  • supernatural:THE WORLD IS ENDING.
  • fans:again?
  • supernatural:yes but this time it's WORSE THAN EVER BEFORE.
  • fans:worse than <i>all</i> the other times?
  • supernatural:YES.
  • fans:uh-huh.
  • supernatural:EVERYONE IS DYING.
  • fans:oh no.
  • fans:yup
  • fans:no yeah, we got it. oh no. wow. we're so scared.
  • supernatural:THE WORLD IS-- oh, oh no it's ok. we're fine. everything's fine. it's--it's over now.
  • fans:oh well thank God we were so concerned.
  • supernatural:...
  • fans:...
  • supernatural:...
  • fans:...
  • supernatural:THE WORLD IS ENDING!!!!
  • fans:oh boy here we go--

hey i just want to know if anyone else with adhd/add finds this relatable but:

yknow when people ask you a question and they tell you to answer with “the first thing that came to your mind” but like 20 things have already come and gone all at the same time so you can only respond with “uh”

Varzy: You think Neo ever took on Cinders appearance to mess with Roman and/or Emerald?
Kepler: uh only all the time
Varzy: Roman glances around the room and walks over to the door. “Neo come on, I respect her authority faaaaaar too much to…” he says loudly, before shutting the door and locking it. “okay we’ve got like an hour at best, also I love you.”

well i ended up,, walking home in snow up to my thighs

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Who is W.D Gaster?

Wonderful question, my dear anon!! I hope you’re ready for a history lesson.

I’m putting this under a Read Me cause OH BOY there’s a lot to go through (Some spoilers for UNDERTALE may be present!)

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Trace: Yeah cause they’re all drunk, like all the time . Uh, the round one at the back, that’s Protein Powder, and the big dark-haired guy, is Zack, they’re like one. I’m not even sure that’s legal. Brendon Urie: He just likes working out. Trace Cyrus: Okay, the little dark-haired skunk is Jack. He's really weird, and, um…he is with Jeff, the bearded one who looks like he’s in pain. Probably holding in a wheeze. Brendon Urie: maybe they will drag you again. Trace Cyrus: SHUT UP!

Brendon Urie: Finally there is Rian and Cassadee. They have been together for years. 

Trace cyrus: He told me to take a joke once 

Brendon Urie: that’s because you are a fucker

this is beautiful

“this is the third time today that you’ve sucked my cock. you really like it that much?” hudson laughs licking her lips and pulling the girl away from her lap. as much as she loves her mouth, she’s not sure she can take it much longer. “i know you don’t want to have sex but maybe instead of sucking me off all the time you can uh rub your pussy lips against me? no sex just real close grinding?”

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What do the Matsus smell like?

osomatsu: he smells like the house. and the house smells weird. sweaty neets in the same room as each other all of the time. cat piss. old books for some reason. peaches. it’s kind of gross? but they don’t really notice it because they’re in it all of the time.

karamatsu: he just smells straight up weird. a combination of the nasty, stale house stench and. sweat. it’s pretty unpleasant. and he wonders why girls don’t talk to him. hmph.

choromatsu: he probably smells like the house, too? when he goes out, he walks through a spray of like. the little cans of? things that make your house smell good that you spray in the air? it smells like lavender. it’s okay, i guess. but it makes him cough all the time.

ichimatsu: death. no, just kidding! uh probably cat piss. the cats have probably peed on every single one of his articles of clothing. it’s really gross. rip.`

jyushimatsu: he smells like. man. he sweats a lot? a lot of the time he’ll smell like b.o because he forgets to put on deodorant. ew.

todomatsu: peaches! he spends his money on a good-smelling peach perfume. he desperately tries to hide the nasty stench of the house, and he succeeds! woo

like, genuinely im wondering…as a dysphoric woman and feminist, what do u need to do so ur no longer considered a “terf” by these ppl….. ???

not be a radfem or call urself one ever? bc ive never referred to myself as a radfem and dont consider myself one

consider urself trans?? um, done that

 spend a long time binding every day and otherwise trying to pass all the time as far as possible?? bc, uh, yeah, done that

get a boys’ haircut, boys’ clothing, watch youtube videos for hours and hours on end to train urself to have masculine body language and masculine speech patterns, to hold eye contact like a male and sit like a male and walk like a male and do voice-deepening exercises until ur throat is sore?? check

 struggle with body dysphoria for as long as u can remember?? check

cry urself to sleep bc u just wish u were a man?? haha check

had introduced urself w a male name and presented as male as u can?? check

lie abt being male on the internet?? lol yup check

have mainly “masculine” hobbies and interests and not fit in with girls when u were growing up? check

love girls? check

 go to pride and hang out in the trans area and meet other ppl like urself?? check

have many trans friends and be fairly immersed in the online trans community?? check

stare with longing whenever u see a lanky guy in his twenties around ur age with mousy blonde hair and glasses, not bc ur attracted to him but bc thats what ill look like when im a man~ ?? check

hate every male you meet even if he’s a nice guy bc u cant help but resent him for being lucky and being born with what u want so badly and he doesnt want it like you do he doesnt work for it he doesnt deserve it like you do? check

feel unjustly resentful towards transwomen even tho u kno that its not fair of u and they did nothing wrong and u hate urself for it but u cant help it bc why would anyone possibly ever give up being a man?? check

plan to start testosterone and eventually a double mastectomy?? check

its not that dysphoric women arent “trans” enough to meet these people’s definitions of a Good Tran. aside from maybe a couple factors, we face the same struggle as they do wrt body dysphoria, self-disgust, doing anything to make th pain go away. and when i meet people like this irl (as i quite often do bc art school/lgbt social circles/gay scene etc) they are polite and courteous and respectfully ask my pronouns and treat me with love and care as one of their own…partially, i think, at least, bc they can recognise tht im like them.  its not that they dont consider us trans bc we arent “trans enough” its just easier when ur online nd ur writing a “terf list” to wilfully ignore the fact that some of the people u include on it face the same problems that u do and u can get more Genderist Points. but thanks, to everyone who’s put me on terf lists.honestly, thanks for ur culture of harassment and the way u r so cruel on forums to “cis” people who are just trying to understand, thanks for the ~die c1s scum~ and the callout posts and the terf lists and the petitions, really, i really appreciate it bc honestly if the online trans community hadnt been so fucked up and horrible id probably never have questioned it and id probably still be neck-deep in gender ideology and id never have found myself safe in the arms of gender-critical feminism, id never have even begun to start trying to feel comfortable in myself. lol honestly thanks for being so hostile and cruel bc u showed me tht i dont belong with u and i dont want anything to do with you, at all. 

karasuno's kingdoms
  • *wherein everyone has their own kingdom*
  • Daichi:Land of the Daichi. if you want in *gestures to other volleyboys* spend 20 minutes with them without wanting to cry or pull out your hair
  • Suga:suga land!! if u live here u will smile!!! all the time!!!!! for real tho
  • Asahi:u-uh um??? idk but u can come in if u want
  • Nishinoya:welcome to the thunder nation. have fun rolling
  • Tanaka:the COOL kingdom!!!! just say "Tanaka senpai you're the best!<3" and you're in
  • Kageyama:this is Kageyama’s Kingdom and if you don’t like volleyball or milk please leave
  • Hinata:hi my kingdom is hinata's SUPER c00l kingdom and if you want to enter pls tOSS 2 ME
  • Yamaguchi:Yamland. lol sorry but there aren't any yams here

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captain canary + 50 😊

“I think we need to talk.” The most dreaded words in the history of relationships. it never means anything good when someone says those and Len has heard them all to many times before.

“Uh oh, what have I done now?”

he tries to play it cool, not to let her see how much this is paining him right now. He doesn’t want to lose Sara.

“Why would you think you’ve done something?”

“Because you want to talk. That never means anything good.”

Sara chuckles. “Trust me Len, it ain’t that. I can’t get rid of you if I wanted to, which I don’t want to. I say we need to talk because you left your socks on the floor again and I’m not picking them up.”


It’s a relief.


would uh.. would it be okay if I took another crack at burly!Cloud sometime in the indeterminate future..? I’m not satisfied with my first attempt, and this is really new to me, but it’s still been on my mind, so… It’d probably be something like practice sketches, or maybe like.. a small dinner date at a diner that he unintentionally overdoes pigging out on, if I’m feeling adventurous. Or something. I dunno like all I know is that the hankering for it hasn’t gone away, but if that’s not people’s cup of tea I don’t wanna be making a butt of myself or anything hahah

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Hi, I'm just very curious, but what obstacles have you overcame being that you're bisexual and autistic? I've had face many confusing fights with first being bisexual and then figuring out that I'm gay, but I can't imagine going through it again while being autistic. I don't mean to offend you in any way, but I would love to get some insight and learn a little bit more about it.

Hey don’t worry, this isn’t offensive!

I’m assuming you mean how has being autistic effected being bisexual and my struggles with it?

If you want me to be honest, it’s effected me a lot. Being socially “delayed” due to autism, I really didn’t experience attraction uh… at all for a LONG time. As a kid and even until I was like 11 or 12, people in general made me uncomfortable and I preferred being alone. I refused to even watch live action films as a child haha. I went through a period of time where I believed I was aromantic and asexual due to what I believe was largely autism making it hard for me to process my own feelings as well as develop attachments to people in any serious way.

I think that having an unstable sense of identity is a more common autism trait than people like to discuss - One of the reasons so many autistic people identify as trans is because having a disconnect from gender is common among autistic folk. I believe from personal experience that it goes beyond gender, and identity in general can be difficult for autistic folk to grasp. So for me, figuring out I was bisexual took… a long time. I tried really hard to narrow down EXACTLY how I felt. Being trans made it a bit hard too, because I felt like any label I chose would be taboo - heterosexual would appear gay to many, being gay.. well, would actually make me gay, and being bi or pan was basically just combining those two problems into one haha. I wasn’t sure what attraction I felt towards what people and how to properly relate to it or categorize it.

And even now tbh, I can’t say for sure I can perfectly explain how attraction works for me. I know I’m attracted to my datefriend, haha. Bisexual ended up working the best for me because at this point I know that (if I wasn’t taken ofc) gender doesn’t matter when it comes to who I’m attracted to, even if I can’t 100% perfectly narrow down what form of attraction I feel sometimes.

I hope this makes sense! It’s a bit hard for me to describe, but I tried haha


“Hey, Pal, wanna help me out here?”

The sentence is normal. There’s nothing special about it. Ethan asks MacCready for help all the time—whether it be with carrying endless amounts of sh—uh, junk—or holding something for a minute or providing cover fire. And MacCready does—because he’s being paid for it.

The sentence is normal, but it’s the second word that makes MacCready’s head snap up, makes something in his muscles itch. Pal. One syllable, three letters, and it fits too well between all the other words Ethan just said. It sounds like it belongs there, like it suits… everything, really. A quiet definition of—of whatever Ethan and MacCready are, of what they’ve become.

It fits too well. It’s too familiar, too affectionate, and MacCready knows he should point it out and make sure it doesn’t happen again…

“Sure thing, Boss.”

…But he doesn’t.