Alex Gaskarth, All Time Low: "I hate fighting, but this guy was coming in so strong"


The frontman of the Baltimore pop-punkers is a handy chef, and dated Taylor Swift… sort of.

The last rumour I heard about myself
A few years ago there was a pretty heavy online rumour that I was dating Taylor Swift. It was hilarious, ‘cause I’ve never met Taylor Swift. But I was going along with it: “Yeah, we’re totally dating, it’s awesome, we love each other very much.” I had a girlfriend at the time, my now fiancée, and she was like, “Ah, what’s this all about?”

The last time I was starstruck
A festival tour, two years ago, we were doing a bunch of shows that the Foo Fighters were headlining. I did get a little bit nervous around Dave Grohl. I was trying to be cool and talk normally, but secretly deep down I was like, “I love everything you do! You’re the best!” But I was stumbling over words, knocking into things awkwardly.

The last time I had a tantrum
I have meltdowns when I’m too hot. I get really overheated and I sweat. I think we were at a signing at a record store, and it was the middle of summer and they had no AC running. We had to sit there for two hours and sign, and I felt horrible, 'cause I wasn’t mad at the kids, but I was just being mean 'cause I was so uncomfortable. Kids are taking pictures and I’m dripping with sweat and feeling really gross, and I kind of unloaded on the people who were organising it a bit. I really try to rarely have moments like that, but I felt like an animal at the zoo.

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