All Time Low - Therapy (live) @ Helsinki 16/02/14

a summary of All Time Low's gig in Helsinki 24/6/2015

- Jack told a girl who just turned 18 she should’ve called him when she was still 15
- they were offended we didn’t bring them a dildo (“the only thing we asked for Christmas”)
- someone held up a sign saying they started a band because of ATL and Alex asked them if ATL could open for them on tour
- there was a lot of swearing and inappropiate things (on Alex and Jack’s behalf, of course)
- Jack wore a flamingo hat and Alex wore a moose hat (both hats given to them at the concert)
- Jack got two bras thrown at him
- Jack asked us to throw him a tampon, saying he needed one
- then I’m pretty sure someone threw a tampon at Alex
- Jack made a Zayn joke
- they took a lot of fans on stage (two of them were wearing Alex and Jack masks), danced with them and made them sing
- Jack made a fan say inaproppiate things in Finnish (about Alex’s dick for instance)
- the show ended with Jack taking his shirt off, doing like 20 hip thrusts and everyone dancing to Uptown Funk