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hi guys i need your help, so i kind of want to do a bc with chell but “bc” doesnt stand for bachelorette challenge but instead for BOARDERS CHALLENGE aheh :d

but i want chell to run a sort of old haunted boarding house but of course she’ll need boarders and maybe 1 or 2 staff too. i would make the sims myself but honestly id much prefer having some from you guys it gives my game more variety and is 10000 times more fun and spares me from making 8 toby clones

i havent sorted out how id go about it yet, im thinking i dont want more than 8 sims in the household because i just cant pay attention to that many sims so there would only be maybe 5 permanent slots sims would be fighting for.  and i dont know if i want to do like an actual challenge where sims get killed off maybe or something? or maybe do groups at a time and once 1 sim gets eliminated another would take their place until there’s only 5 left or?? idk idk im still working stuff out aheh. but i would definitely want to be accepting a bunch of sims to make it more fun so i do need your guys halp. ;-;

like to me its already halloween time and i need some halloweeny things on my blog. plus challenges are so fun to play with aheh especially when spooky magic things are involved (AND MURDERRRRR) >:} but i guess what im asking is would anyone be interested in this enough to make a sim for me even? ;-; like here i am getting all excited before i even have anyones attention, i need to go calm down


“Well, I think we better go now!” chirped Aubrie. “I mean, you can never spend too long sitting in silence with acquaintances and staring awkwardly into the distance, but it’s getting a bit late. Nice meeting you, Cassandra!”

so my hiatus is finally over && i’m back && ready to do things but please note that these next couple of days i’ve got a poop load of makeup work to do bc ( && i quote ) ‘ it will raise your grade average if you do it, but you don’t have to unless you have the time ’ which basically means ‘ do it ’  bc hey somehow the registrar put me in all ap classes when i moved here sOO I’M GONNA DIE SOMEONE PRAY FOR ME

Mini-Hiatus (ish)

Hi guys, so I’m on holiday in Derbyshire at the moment, and I think it would be quite nice for me to take a bit of a break from tumblr whilst I’m away. I’ll still be liking you guys posts and possibly answering asks n things, but I won’t be posting. It’ll be nice for me to have a little break. See you in a few days!! 

Got distracted while working on a lot for Candace and Ellis’ date *__*

“See, that’s where you’re wrong. She is literally the easiest person to mess with. Even easier than you.” Elliot smiled.

I took a bite of my PB&J, “Actually, I have a chronic case of the gullibles so… you can’t tease me. As much as it pains me to say it, you’re right. I just wanted to disagree with you so…” I tilted my head and gave him a sarcastic look.

It was the sixth week that had passed sisnce school started. It was doing perfectly, but my saving grace was Elliot. I loved teaching, don’t get me wrong. Lunch with him, just joking around, was surely the most important reenergizer of the day. 


Hey look! It’s a mix of me and all-things-geekie! We came up with Caslica as our ship name if we had one and I figured if we did ever meet, we might make a sim that a mix of us.

I tried to mash us together. You have long hair and I had short hair so I went to for kind of a bob cut(?). The dip dye red is because of my (natural) red hair. Since you have blue eyes and I have brown, I did the kind of eye with blue around and brown in the middle. The shirt is long sleeve because of your alpaca sweater and the dark sleeves is just because. (Also, on the ears I put hoop earrings since in my first holes I have hoops. I decided not to go extreme like my ears which both have three holes and my left ear has a cartilage piercing.)

Yay for Cas doing something productive 👍🏻

JoH Spoilers

I just beat Jaws o’ Hakkon for the fourth time and not only did I FINALLY get the Firestarter trophy, but I have a few THOUGHTS to share.

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One of the two Bohemian Garden dresses I wanted to convert for TS4. Re-UV’d and for the most part, ready to go. I need to re-make textures for it since all Sims 3 things are gray like this.

The major hold up is the rigging, though. I’ve tried mimic-ing the rigging from several dresses and such, but so far they don’t look very good in-game.

I play a horse racing sim. Just got a nice chestnut colt by Thirty Silver Pieces out of Orlesian Chevalier. hell yeah I named him Thom Rainier why wouldn’t I!?

just mad disappoint the damn horse isn’t silver black. of all the fucking colors.