‘So, why are you sulking?’ Aiden slides a beer across the bar at me and takes a swig of his own.

‘I was meant to be celebrating but everyone is busy, my brother is off doing something with Kennedy, and Jay suddenly remembered that he had a test that he needed to study for.’

'Celebrating what? You know, you never ask me to do anything. You forget we’ve been friends for 18 years but since we’ve been at university, you don’t want to hang out.’

'Because it would be so exciting to be third wheel,’ I reply, dryly.

Since they met, Aiden and Natalia have been inseparable. I am all for people being happy together but they have more PDAs than should be legal. Nobody wants to hang out with people who spend their life talking in cutesie voices and booping each other’s noses. I feel nauseous just thinking about it.

'I can leave Natalia with her friends, you know?’ Aiden says, as if reading my thoughts.

'Oh can you?’ I feign surprise. 'You are usually attached to each other like a rash.’ I take a swallow of my beer and add 'It’s gross.’

Aiden throws his head back, laughing. 'We’re not that bad. Besides, I like her. But you still haven’t told me what you’re celebrating.’

'I got an apprenticeship at the tattoo place in town. I start at the weekend.’

'That’s great, Ev!’

I shrug, the excitement I had felt earlier has slowly drained away as I had become more irritated with Jay. 'I guess. I won’t really be doing anything interesting yet; I’m more of a tea girl than a tattooist at the moment.’

Aiden signals the bartender over and orders another round of drinks. He tells him to throw in some shots and turns to grin at me devilishly. 'This is what you call a real celebration.’

I take the shot glass from him, downing it in one go. The alcohol burns my throat and chest and I cough, trying not to gag. 'Are you trying to get me drunk?’

'You might not be as much of a miserable cow if you are,’ he downs his own shot and slams the glass back onto the bar, grimacing. 'Fuck, that’s gross.’

'Why are you sulking anyway?’

'Natalia is going back home to visit her parents this weekend. I’ll be all by myself.’

I snigger, feeling the effects of the alcohol already. 'I’m sure you can cope. Might be good for you to come up for a bit or air anyway. Now, how about some more of those shots? Given enough of them I might even be persuaded to get up and dance for a bit.’

'It’ll be like prom all over again,’ Aiden teases, reminding me of the disaster it had been.

We’d been forced to go together, only because I couldn’t go with my brother as my date. Milo had taken Jess and everything had been okay until we’d drank the vodka that Jess had smuggled in. Minor Wolves had been set to play at the prom and they’d been severely punished when Jess, who was very drunk at that point, continuously said 'fuck’ throughout one of their songs. Our parents had been called to the school and Milo and I had been grounded for two weeks.

'It was fun though,’ I say, giggling at the memory. 'Mr Hadley’s face was a picture when Jess started swearing. I thought he was going to keel over and die from rage.’

'Ahh, that was back in the good old days when you had that ridiculous crush on me,’ Aiden winks, picking up another shot.

'It was only for an hour and it was probably out of pity. You were hilariously gangly and useless with all the other girls.’

'I grew into my limbs though, didn’t I? Hurry up and drink that, I want to go and dance.’

so my oldest kitty has worms, and until they’re gone he has to be kept away from the other three. i set up a room for him in my closet (his favorite kitty bed, toy, food, water, and a litter box), but i just feel so bad. :( i want to pull him out and snuggle him next to me, but i can’t risk him getting the younger ones sick. never again will simba go outside. :| poor bby is breaking mommys heart with his sad meows every time i visit him and play. 💔

I want to point something out. The game really did give me a set of identical triplets. I put them in CAS and aged them up to see what they were going to look like and verify this and that it wasn’t one of those things where all sim kids look real similar.

With the exception of some very slight variation in brow shape, they are, indeed, identical.

Yay me? I’ve honestly never known any of the sim games to do that before…

My anxiety feels really bad this morning but I keep thinking about my own issues rn like this and it keeps making me laugh


I’ve been giving this Legacy thing another go since I never quite managed to do it in TS3. I mean, I suck at following the rules and counting points or whatever, but I at least want to have the ten generations, the one lot (with a new house for every heir because building houses is the best part shush) and try and complete as many aspirations as I can.

The main reason I love the sims is because the sims all seem to have their own distinct personalities. It makes them very interesting to watch, to see all the little quirks they each have.

Someone make the Sims 4 creators bring sirens (mermaids) into the game cause I just had the strangest dream oh lordy

shirage replied to your post:You say it’s ok not to be noticed, but you were…

I cant believe this fandom still dares to bash on each other. Its like a bunch of jealous people because all they bash on is the happiness of others…because they dont have it. Childish.

yosogoto replied to your post:You say it’s ok not to be noticed, but you were…

What the fuck? Seriously?