Whoops, another non-sims post, but I kept meaning to post this eons ago and finally I got around to it! If you don’t know, @pistxl-sims sends out the CUTEST holiday cards and tho I missed out on the Thanksgiving card, I’ve gotten a Halloween and Christmas card! :’3 I was out of state when my Christmas card came in and January was such a busy month I kept forgetting to a. mention it even arrived or b. post a really cute picture of it. I tried to get some close ups of the details, because it’s really hard to capture those on my phone’s camera, but the details are just so cute! The little shimmery sparkles! The colors! Everything about them is darling!

Anyway, because adorable cards ought to be on display at all times, I’ve taken to displaying these on my bookshelf as such! 

I just wanted to show them off :333 

[  🎶  ]

Elle: Hey Prax.
Prax: Hey.

Elle glanced shiftily up at the camera recording them before meeting Prax’s gaze once more.

Elle: Have you seen Oliver?
Prax: How is it that there’s only two floors of this place open to us and only, like, a handful of us here, but somehow we’re always all over the place looking for people?
Elle: Huh?
Prax: I mean, you’d think it’d be easier to track people down in such a closed location, yeah?
Elle: Err, yeah? I… I guess?
Prax: To answer your question though, no, I haven’t seen him. Sorry.
Elle: [sigh] It’s okay, I’m sure I’ll run into him eventually.


Bubble: “O-okay all! Let’s talk gambling!”

Ember: “Gambling?”

Bubble: “Yup!” *quickly making stuff up* “Y-y’see, there’s a lot of luck in love. Lot of chance. It’s totally uncontrollable. You get your foot stomped on by some jerk at the bar and wind up having two kids with them. You meet somebody perfect and they stand you up on your first date ‘cause they got deployed the night before. You break up with somebody and instead of taking it well, they throw a Big Mac in your face.”

All: ???

Bubble: “W-what I’m saying is that fate plays a huge part in who you get with. So I thought it’d be cool to have a fate driven challenge! *notices a paper on the machine and grabs it* *reading from the paper* All of you have been given enough money to play the slots three times. Whoever hits a jackpot is immune!”

The night-time loop

1. Need to be up early for something

2. Go to bed early like a sensible person, but struggle to go to sleep because you’ve been basically nocturnal the past few weeks.

3. Worry about waking up in time.

Increased worrying leads to increased sleep difficulty which leads to… Yeah.
Time for a loop interrupt.