Riya peered inside and discovered a beautiful, old wooden box that looked like a record player and about 7 or 8 little metal records with holes in them. Riya gingerly pulled the object out and placed it on the weathered side table. Xe had never seen one of these contraptions- was that a crank on the side?- but figured that it couldn’t be far off from a /real/ record player, right? So Riya pulled out one of the records, lined it up and placed it gently into the cabinet. 

Reaching over to start cranking, xe started examining the photo in the lid. It was a photo of a beautiful countryside..

Riya felt the crank start to give resistance at the exact moment xe realized the photo was was a view of the bluff out back! Xe let go of the crank. How cool to see the land here before xyr home was built! The music began. It sounded like a carousel, and it was louder than Riya expected!

Then Riya’s heart skipped a beat. 

It was a song xyr mother used to sing when the weather started to get nice every year. 
(For your listening pleasure- be aware- these music boxes really are loud)

♩ ♫ There’s a time in each year ♫ ♩  That we always hold dear ♩ ♫ Good old summer time ♫ ♩  With the birds and the trees-es   ♩ ♫  And sweet scented breezes ♫ ♩ Good old summer time ♩ ♫ When your day’s work is over ♫ ♩ Then you are in clover ♩ ♫ And life is one beautiful rhyme ♫ ♩ No trouble annoying ♩ ♫ Each one is enjoying ♫ ♩ The good old summer tiiiiime!  ♩ ♫ ♭

So much history in this home, and no one ever mentioned it! Why didn’t my parents ever mention this?!

*Looks into the camera like xe is on The Office*

simgaroop asked:

For the meme: A, B and S :)

Yay! Thanks for asking :D

A: Tell me the story of how you started playing.

One of my sisters had a friend who had just got Nightlife (so this would be about 2005) so she lent us the base game of Sims 2 and University to play. The sister quite liked it, but I rapidly became obsessed. By the time OFB came out, I was hooked enough to buy it. And then, you know, ALL THE THINGS.

B: TS1, TS2, TS3 or TS4, and why?

TS2 by a mile. Never played TS1, found TS3 endlessly frustrating. I have played TS4 a bit and quite like it, but all my babies live in TS2 and I’ve put hours and hours into building and decorating and making and getting everything just so.

S: Post your favourite screenshot.

I need 3 because of reasons.

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I was playing around for a bit and then I go home and freaking Bob and Eliza Pancakes are JUST IN MY H OUSE?? i HAVEN’T EVEN MET THEM, YET THERE THEY ARE

it’s pretty great


New Series, New Character: Olivia Joelle a.k.a. I’ll rarely make any other expression except a stankface (Mark 1)

dirk-dreamer asked:

J, P, & Z :)

Thanks for asking Jessy <3

J: Do you play with challenges? If so, which is your favourite?

I have STARTED bunches of challenges, including but not limited to an apocalypse challenge, an ISBI, a rainbow legacy (both hit a stall at the start of gen 5 but I want to get back to the ISBI still) I’m pretty sure a normal legacy once, two Nepheris-style BACCs, that treasure hunting challenge… I have finished an asylum challenge, a xenophilia challenge, and that one where you survive seven toddlers. My favourite challenge I guess is more of a play-style, which is following Nepheris’ BACC rules. My main hood MacKillop and my favourite neighborhood I don’t play very much, Far Cry, are both based on that setup.

P: What’s your favourite career?

I love all the silly outfits in the Entertainment career :D If I had to choose one to work in, though, it would be Education, because hey, stick to what I’m good at.

Z: If you were a sim, what would be your traits?

I’m going to answer this sims 2 style: about 1 point sloppy, 1 point shy, 1 point lazy, 7 points playful, 4 or 5 points nice. Aspiration Knowledge/Family with possibly Pleasure in there too.


…I don’t know if you’d call this fanart, but here it is. I was messing around on the Sims 4 for the past few days while trying to create my OC Nadia, based off of female Corrin from Fire Emblem: Fates. I used quite a bit of custom content: for example, the pointy ear, the headband, and the hair being the main three. I also didn’t look for stockings/leggings with no foot part since she has bare feet and likes it that way. I might get to that eventually. Techinically, she’s not complete yet because her eyes aren’t the correct color. I know Corrin has red eyes, but Nadia is going to have gold/yellow because of her connection to Arceus, the Pokémon god of everything. I don’t know of how to recolor things in the Sims 4 (but it seems more complicated than the Sims 2), but I’ll do my best research in trying to find out. All of the other outfits (aside from everyday which is the first listed) were guesses.

Sims 4

Custom Content Creators

I’ve been wanting to play sims 3 a lot lately but i find i have to let my creativity and ideas build up for like weeks or even months before i can sit down and build a house and then what sucks is i have so many ideas and then when i try to make the ideas come to life I FUCKING CANT and I’ll usually defer to using a floorplan I’ve found online and then decorate it and tweak it so it’s what i want but it’s just so aggravating. so I’ve taken to remodelling pre made houses in the towns and that seems to be Better but it’s still the worst feeling in the world to have so many ideas and not be able to express them the way you want to

i just remembered that i used to invite my neighbours around to my house and then kidnap them by leading them into my “cool shed” in the backgarden which was actually a secret prison with lots of tiny rooms where i held all my captives, after i’d trick them inside and then take away the door/and furniture on the sims 2


okay eleven y/o me or however the heck old i was

you might want to slow tf down