Let’s look back on some of the things we did as a community

Re-enacted Jack’s fabulous selfie

Made photo shop edits with this famous picture:

Made a whole bunch of puns when Jack went to Indy (thanks to wiishu​ XD)



Saluted Steve when he launched into space

Wore pajama pants on our heads when Jack reached 600k followers on Instagram



Beanie wars!

Man, we do a lot of crazy stuff in this community, and I’m sure this isn’t even half of the crazy things that we’ve done! But I am so happy that I get to be a part of the craziness with all of you guys, we’re all one, big, weird family, and that’s just the way I like it! :) ~<3

Surprise Parties

Requests: Can you do one where Reid gets jealous of the time you spend with Rossi cause you have a “thing” for older guys but in all reality he’s helping you plan Reid birthday party?

Could you write when Spencer and Reader are dating then they had a big fight and then end up fluffy? Thanks

A/N: I hope that you like it! :)

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I am devastated by the death of Roddy Pipper this man was a trailer blazer for the world of wrestling! He proved that you not need to hold titles or main event numerous PPV to be legend in this business you can do it with one thing CHARISMA. This man had buckets full of it. This man invented the word HEEL with the swing of one coconut! While most kids were were all about Hulkmania I fell in love the cool dude that wore a kilt! I mean you talk about Wrestlemania he proved me with two of my fave memories. Wrestlemania One Pipper and Mr Wonderful v Hogan and Mr T and WrestleMania Twelve were he stood in a parking lot in Anaheim baseball bat in hat ready to make Goldust “a man”! When you look back his career the IC title run in 1992 being his only title run you will see Roddy was unique in he didn’t need titles! This guy was the king of promos! Piper Pits was legendary! I mean as I said with swing of a coconut against the head is Jimmy Snuka Roddy invented the word heel! I could listen to this dude for hours he made you sit up and listen! As a Dean Ambrose fan one of my fave moments was the night of the legendary Piper Pits with The Shield! Here came 3 young up starts who had been running through the WWE and had been taking name after name! But Roddy never blinked an eye! He went word for word with them and when asked the important question of WHO GIVE THIS OLD MAN A MIC! He told them what the wrestling world already knew HE TOOK IT! To give a promo is one of the best gifts you will get as a wrestler! Some get it and some don’t - RODDY PIPPER HAD IT! So as I wipe my tears I would like to say THANK YOU RODDY PIPPER you made wrestling FUN! Something that is offend forgotten that wrestling is FUN! RIP RODDY PIPER

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why do u call aliens a gender

listen my friend of presumably beautiful intentions, the problem with my human gender contortions is that there is no way to articulate them that is outside the binary that my culture demands– or it is very very hard for me to do so

like all my culture really acknowledges is man and woman, in very specific constraining ways where man and woman are a complementary conversation that i have honestly no idea what to do with, but i can’t explain that, and i can’t explain why i feel outside of that, and i can’t explain what outside of that would even look like

the great thing about aliens is that they too are outside of everything we currently know or could even imagine. it would be ludicrous to call an alien a man or a woman, there are– so many unbelievably bold and strange varieties of existence that we might yet know or be

that is why basically

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(AU) Isaac, just the man I've been looking for! I feel like with all the crazy occurrences around here - you know, Cora being Cora and little cannibalistic princesses rushing around - that we haven't had the chance to talk about your stay in our town. Or how exactly things work around here. I'd hate for you to make a mistake because of that... particularly one involving plots with pretty little red headed white witches.

(AU) Charming, I am glad you been looking for me. No, we haven’t had the chance to talk, but I am staying at Granny’s bed and breakfast. So, how do things work around here? Oh, yeah I met the little red headed white witch I helped her trap some people that were mean to her, but I had to send them back bcause Hook didn’t them in his ship.

I watched Deep Down again today, and something Fred said to Wesley got me really riled up.

Fred: You really don’t care anymore, do you?

Me: Oh no no no no no no. Uh uh. You did not just say that to my boy. Sit down and lemme explain you a thing.

You don’t know the first thing about how much Wesley cares. You have no idea how dedicated he is to all of you. The man gave up everything trying to keep Connor safe, and you all turned your backs on him for it, and he still didn’t stop caring.

Yeesh, I mean look at Angel and Cordelia. They were the ones he’s known the longest and was the closest to, and they seemed to be the ones who hated him the most after what he did. But when they went missing, he spent months relentlessly searching for the both of them.

Look at this. Look at this freaking screencap here and tell me what you see.

You know what that is? That look in Wesley’s eyes? That’s love. That is absolute, unconditional love. Love for a man who hates him. Love for a man who tried to kill him the last time they were in the same room together.

Want more? How about this?

Fire is raining down from the sky. The world is coming to pieces around them. And Wesley is clinging to an injured Gunn, keeping him safe in the middle of all the chaos. Gunn, his former-friend-turned-romantic-rival. Gunn who can’t stand him anymore. Gunn who would be just as happy if Wesley had stayed away from the team for good.

It didn’t matter how much his friends hated him, Wesley never stopped loving them. He never stopped caring.

And another thing. Nobody ever taught Wesley how to love unconditionally. That’s not something he had growing up. It’s something he had to learn on his own. And he still does it better than a majority of the people in either series.

Don’t you dare say Wesley doesn’t care.

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Do you think Jack ever found a husband? I'd like to think so, but it seems like a lot of guys would be turned off by her general demeanor.

I’ve never had Jack as an LI but I think she deserves to have all the meaningful and abuse-free relationships she’s looking for. Whoever ends up being her partner (it might not be a man and she could have more than one partner) will have found someone who will be loyal, affectionate and reliable. The abuse she suffered isn’t going to make things easy for her.
At the same time, I think she realized post ME2 that what happened to her made her the person she is today but it can’t stop her from trying to achieve her goals and becoming the person that she wants to become. That’s why I trust she’ll be alright, marriage or not.

can you believe how real it all is. it’s so much, i can’t believe it sometimes. it’s so real that john has heart eyes, looking at sherlock like he’s magnificent, ethereal, otherworldly. and when john’s not looking, sherlock gazes openly like he’s never met someone so honest, brave, kind, wise, and generally just the best man he’s ever met. and then they’re so close, all the time, to being something else, but they’re not, they’re just not. they run all over, joke about dating, ask other people about their dating habits, and while they’re so mysteriously pining, they’re so open with each other. talking and eating and living and they’re feeling, they’re feeling so many things - comfort, chemistry, safety, danger. how could anything be better than this? how could it all go to shit, when clearly we’re ready to take anything that’s thrown at us? but god, then he had to go and die on john, and john’s fucking broken. he’s so goddamn broken. and it’s so real, his pain is so real, because he resents that they were so close so many times, chests brushing, smiles playing on eager lips, but they never took the chance and now he’s gone. and it sucks. but then he’s back. and that sucks. and they’re both so overwhelmed with what could have been that they miss what could be happening now, but that wife, that wife is involved and they’re realizing it, at least sherlock is, and he’s so overwhelmed that he’s back to drugs and they’re so confused and lost, and then he’s shot and john is like, that’s it. you can’t hurt him anymore. but instead of blocking everything and anything from hurting him, he lets him go. he knows he’s going somewhere inescapable, but he lets him, because part of him believes he’ll survive and god, another part just wants this all to get easier. and maybe it will if part of him dies again. maybe it’ll finally kill him if sherlock leaves. his heart’s dead anyway, and sherlock was all that was left. but no, let’s pass it off as some “dangerous force” that destroys everything. not the most interesting, tender, beautiful, wonderful, intense, chemic force you’ve ever encountered. and what the hell happens from here? where do we go from here, john? i’m back, alright. she’s still here. what do we do? i’m so bloody in love with you, and you’re not with me, fine, but let’s work it out. i just need to be around you, to have you in my life. i’m not good for you, sorry, i know it, but please just be around me. let me be with you… and john never wants to let go ever again, but he does, again and again because he thinks he has to. he doesn’t. just tell him, touch him, reassure him that it’s real! god, this story is so real and romantic and it’s a love story and i’m crying so much and i can’t breathe, why are they so dumb

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even with your explanation of the trope, lolita still doesnt fit the trope.

i feel like everyone who says this hasn’t even read lolita. like come off anonymous and talk to me about it properly. why doesn’t she? why would you refuse to see dolores as her own person who deserves to be analysed as such? dolores’ character has more to her than what humbert did. i see so many people discussing humbert, but i couldn’t care less he is just an evil man. why don’t we actually talk about dolores away of him, because she is her own fucking person. you clearly can’t even see this by the fact that you called her lolita, like that is one big sign that you don’t really care about her character at all. her name is dolores haze, she is a person, she is more than the worst thing that had ever happened to her. the trope actually lets us look at that, but hey, to you she is just ‘lolita’, the figment of humbert’s imagination so why bother right??

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Love your art! I started to drawing much more now because I am inspired by your art! I was wondering, how you come up with these clothing ideas? That is my weakness, usually when I draw clothes, I always draw a hoodie and some pants!

thank you! Im so glad to hear I can help inspire you

I like drawing clothes and imagining up designs. Try looking at clothes, that’s really it. Mix and match things you see and be imaginative. A lot of the designs I do are things I wish I could wear and make too, so… that helps ahaha. It’s a lot of practice also, you will get the hang of it. When I started all I did was hoodies and sweat pants too man. Secret? I still don’t know how to draw shoes and i just BARELY started to understand how to. Just keep practicing! Good luck anon !!

Roy Orbison on the phone, this was a common sight for Carl Perkins.

   They had met in Little Rock, Arkansas. Carl had first heard Roy’s demo ‘Ooby Dooby’ through Sam Phillips. ‘’Man, he can sing! He’s got that Bill Monroe high thing goin’.’’ Carl said.
  ‘’I really like that voice, but you know, he’s not a good-lookin’ boy at all.’’ Sam said handing a photo of a chubby, narrow eyed, odd sad smile, Orbison. Never one to be judgmental–but still was, and had seen himself and Elvis standing side by side in the mirror, Carl had to agree.
  ‘’Well, if he don’t make it, it’ll be because of the way he looks.’’ Carl said.

   Upon meeting Roy, Carl found that he was more introverted than even his older brother Jay. Roy spoke softly, and his shyness carried on to the stage. He’d stand in one space, hardly moving a muscle, even when playing ‘Ooby Dooby.’ What he lacked in personality he made up for with passion, when singing his ballads, like ‘Indian Love Call.’ The audience was “absolutely warped” as Carl recalled. Though none of it saved Roy from Carl’s teasing.

   One night, during a long trip together.
   ‘’Man, if I looked as good as you do, I’d have it made. Big, broad-shouldered, long, tall man– you know, you should comb your hair fancier.’’
   ‘’I ain’t got enough, Roy!’’ Carl answered, patting his thinning locks.
   ‘’You got enough!’’ Roy insisted. ‘’Shoot, man, what you got’s dark. You got plenty of hair. You look great.’’
   ‘’That’s one thing I got going with you–you about half-blind!’’ Carl laughed.
   Orbison chuckled. They drove a little further, during that time Roy spent it looking at a picture of his girl Claudette, finally he looked up and said.
   ‘’Carl, oh, I love her so much. What a gift to see Claudette.’’ He sighed.
   ‘’Boy, you drivin’ me crazy about that ol’ugly girl.’’ Carl kidded him. ‘’Lemme see her picture,’’ 
   Roy eagerly handed his wallet over. 
   ‘’Man.’’ Carl gasped as he studied the photo, ‘’those some pretty lips.’’
   Roy smiled.
   ‘’Look like peaches.’’ Carl continued, making sure to sound like he was impressed. ‘’Look like a peach split right down the center, don’t it?’’
   ‘’Man, and they taste like a peach.’’ Roy bragged.
   ‘’Well I don’t know about that.’’ Carl said, ‘’but I will if I ever get around her, ‘cause I’m gonna kiss her. You talk about them lips so much!’’

   Roy would voice to Carl his concerns regarding career trajectories, and how that might effect his and Claudette’s future, if he didn’t make it–or not enough to support them.
   ‘’I wanted to get myself set up in the music business to making good money if I could. We’re gonna marry–she’s already said yeah.’’
   ‘’Roy, I’m gonna tell you somethin’,’’ Carl would answer in his most sagacious manner. ‘’You’re gonna fool around and be out here on this road, and you’re gonna go back to Wink one of these times, and as pretty as she is, some ol’long legged cowboy’s gonna have her around the waist. If she loves you like you say she does, and if you love her like I’m believin’ you do, you better get back to Wink and forget how you gonna live. That will fall in place. Instead of that hamburger you chewin’ on there, tear it in two and give Claudette half of it. And both of you can live on love and half a hamburger. It’d work. You can do it.’’
   Before responding, Roy thought over what Carl said. ‘’Carl, you’ve given me some good, sound, fatherly advice there.’’ He would mod in agreement, deadly serious.‘’Dagum, she’s not used to that. She comes from a pretty wealthy family.’’
   ‘’Well, you can use that too!’’ Carl pointed out. ‘’She can borrow a little from her dad and see you through. You got to go where love leads you, man! And if you don’t…’’

   As Carl expected, with concern etched on his face, Roy suggest they stop for a coke.
While the others went into the store, ‘’Where’s Roy?’’ someone would ask. When they went outside, he could be found yapping away long distance to Claudette.

Via, Go, Cat, Go, The Life and Times of Carl Perkins by David McGee.

kirstencamille said: me and my twin actually had a shift at work together today and a little old lady had us bailed up for like ten minutes and asked all the common questions “what’s it like being a twin?” “are you identical?” “as kids did you dress the same?” haha

Ah man, I don’t like it when that happens! I remember one time in primary school me and my sister had a dance thing and we were dressed differently and one of the teaching assistant started saying stuff like ‘why aren’t you dressed the same’, ‘I thought all twins dressed the same’ etc and since we were little we were really stubborn about looking different and making sure people got us right and corrected them when they didn’t. So everyone always says ‘don’t you play games with people’ and were like ‘no, not really’ and they are always like ‘omg I soooo would’, and I get mistaken for her too much anyway I’m not going to purposely do it! 

Something about what that person said just rubbed me the wrong way man I know that I shoulda maybe left that to the op to deal with for themselves if they wanted but like. When people get so over defensive of Zexal that when someone says “I think Arc V took an idea that Zexal had and improved upon it” they go nO!!!!!!! ZEXAL HAD NOTHING BUT GOOD IDEAS IT’S GOOD LOOK AT THE PRETTY THING!!!!! I just. That’s not at all what they were getting at buddy slow down but while we’re on that note you’ll be a lot happier in life if you can learn to accept that some of the things you like can (and should, for reasons that are a whole nother damn essay) be subject to criticism and just because you like them does not mean it was good, in fact, you can like bad things, it’s fine, I constantly funnel trash into my mouth in the form of anime, trust me I am an expert on this, and people saying that an aspect of a thing was not as good as another thing is not a goddamn attack on that thing or it’s fans jesus fUCK

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Get to know the blogger: tell me why you love Frankenstein. Heck, tell me all the things you want to about Frankenstein. *chin-hands*

Oooohhh my goodddd … …ok. First off, it’s rife with gay coding. I mean … you have to know what you’re looking for (sorta). . but straight out the gate in Walton’s letter’s he writes, “I desire the company of a man who could sympathize with me; whose eyes would reply to mine” … “I bitterly feel the want of a friend.” There is a lot of talk throughout the book of friends, companions and gazing into each others eyes. From multiple male characters. Repeatedly. And I simply have no space to get into the platonic and romantic relationships of Walton and Frankenstein, Frankenstein and his Monster, and Frankenstein and Henry Clerval his “““friend”““ (and how Victor is so. . so. . soooooo much more interested in spending time with Henry than Elizabeth and how Victor finds himself disgusted by his Monster having relations and breeding with the female monster he is making and uhg)

Which leads to one reason why I love the story. . Victor rejecting what he has created. . Victor rejecting that aspect of himself he sees as monstrous. The monster is actually described in the book as decently handsome … I mean, not by living human standards. . frightening, but not hideous.

and I love the Monster . . oh lord I love him. He becomes a Monster because he is told that’s what he is. Repeatedly. By everyone, and most scarringly, by his “father.” The Monster is also sassy …my favorite line is when Victor meets with the Monster on Mont Blanc and he says, “Begone! relieve me from the sight of your detested form" then the creature just places his hand over Victor’s eyes and, “Thus I relieve thee, my creator.“ The Monster takes away everything Victor loves so all he has left is his Monster and he gives him what he wants, which is his full attention, as he chases him to his death into the North pole.

I also love little enfant terrible Victor who is a clinically depressed, closeted university student who just fucks up.

Just … . I’m no expert… just a frothing fan-person…Here are books I would highly recommend if you want to get elbows deep into Frankenstein:

Frankenstein the 1818 edition edited by James Rieger now as for the actual novel itself. . you will want to give up reading it. It’s dense … it’s a slog. . but it’s so so beautiful …I definitely did the whole reading pages 2-3 times before moving on…and as soon as I finished it the first time, I read it again.

Frankenstein illustrated by Bernie Wrightson, which has the most gorgeous and perfect and fitting illustrations I’ve seen for a story.

The Man Who Wrote Frankenstein by John Lauristen a controversial little gem proposing that Percy Shelley actual wrote Frankenstein and also that the subject of male-love is the main point of the novel.

Don’t wanna read? Wanna watch? Honestly. . Hallmark’s version of Frankenstein on Netflix is the closest you’ll get to the book. Also Danny Boyle’s play with Cumberbatch and Miller.

Also … my absolutely favorite Wrightson illustration:

I have no idea if any of this was interesting or makes sense. I just fucking love Frankenstein.

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“I don't know,” admitted Lilatha. The rest of the students also shook their heads. “There are layers to understanding all things,” said Sotha Sil. “The common man looks at an object and fits it into a place in his way of thinking. Those skilled in the Old Ways, in the way of the Psijic, in Mysticism, can see an object and identify it by its proper role. But one more layer is needed to be peeled back to achieve understanding."

You do in there call him worship like ive until now what if i hope. lilatha? psijic?

Look, I’m about to tell y’all some real shit.

nobody owes you ANYTHING, and YOU don’t owe ANYBODY ANYTHING

time waits for no man or woman. the earth will not stop rotating on its axis because you are upset

the world is not fair

that is something we MUST understand

take it how you want too and apply it how you want to, shit you can be an asshole if you want too, my humility won’t be the one in question

things become a whole lot easier to deal with once you accept this

the world is a shitty place, filled with shitty people, who do shitty things

people are going to lie to you and people are going to envy you just like there will be people who will admire, and commit to your plans

the world isn’t all bad though but when its time for you to grind that just means it time to leave people behind.

what is done is done and its you who control your future (for the  most part anyway)

i just everybody to do well 

i want everybody to be able to bounce back

i want everybody to be able to deflect bullshit too

but if anything man, just remember sometimes you are just going to have to take that L to reach something far greater

this could apply to so many things

y’all just be easy… on yourselves