The Kpop industry needs someone like Bobby - on and off stage. Instead of giving off the “I’m too cool” vibe, Bobby just wants to enjoy himself and show support no matter if the performer is from his own label, his friend, or someone he looks up to; boy doesn’t have any prejudices. He was also the first one to give EXO a standing ovation for their performance. Remember, Bobby is still a TRAINEE. A trainee just did first what none of his sunbaes did. He set the example.

He is the reaction fancam of an idol we all have waited years to see; we don’t want stone cold faces for 4 minutes.

Bobby, I look forward to your debut.


“To me, bad taste is what entertainment is all about. If someone vomits watching one of my films, it’s like getting a standing ovation. But one must remember that there is such a thing as good bad taste and bad bad taste.” - John Waters

And here lies the Winner of Supercon 2014. The Cabbage man. He received a standing ovation once he won an award in the Cosplay Runway. Wheeling his cart over, he accepted the award and the crowd started chanting and applauding rhythmically, “cabbage man. cabbage MAN. CABBAGE MAN. CABBAGE MAN!” He started to walk off, but after a few more chants, he walked up the stage with a cabbage in hand, then took the mic from one of the judges…

There was a moment of silence, but then he raised the cabbage in his hand, and majestically yelled, “My cabbages!!!” And we all cheered. It was great.

[ I then laughed at the thought of those 3 people who never watched ATLA or LOK, and were probably thinking wtf was wrong with our generation and why cabbages were awesome. ]
Tom Hiddleston Gets Standing Ovation at Comic-Con, Reveals If He's 'Pokémon Go-ing'

It’s safe to say Tom Hiddleston is still Comic-Con’s No. 1 boyfriend.

The Kong: Skull Island star stepped onstage in Hall H to a standing ovation and Saturday’s panel had to pause every few moments for this exchange: Someone in the crowd: “I LOVE YOU, TOM!” Hiddleston: “I love you, too.”

“First of all, it’s very nice to see you all. Thank you for the warm welcome,” Hiddleston told his adoring fans.

The first trailer for the Godzilla counterpart – premiered at Con – is chock full of action, explosions and one seriously enormous gorilla. Hiddleston revealed shooting the movie was often as intense as it seems onscreen.

“I remember one night we were filming until about two in the morning in a rain forest in Australia,” he said. “At the end of the night, we realized there was a snake in the monitor tent. And they have some dangerous snakes in Australia!”

It was co-star Brie Larson who won the Q&A portion of the presentation, though, when a fan asked what the cast likes to geek out over and Hiddleston drew a blank. Larson asked, “Are you Pokémon Go-ing?”

“I’m not,” he demurred, before offering up this answer, which has to be the most Tom Hiddleston-y answer ever, “Sometimes when I’m sick I go and re-watch all the Fawlty Towers.”


“Please sign Cedric!”
[August 10th, 2016]

What an emotional moment this was. After going toe to toe with one of the greatest wrestlers in the world today, Kota Ibushi, former ROH superstar Cedric Alexander received a standing ovation along with a “PLEASE SIGN CEDRIC!” chant. As Cedric stopped to take in that incredible moment, Triple H stepped through the curtain to shake Cedric’s hand and to give a thumbs up to the crowd, who responded with a resounding “YES! YES YES!” chant. I swear to you all, pro wrestling fills me with a lot of emotions, but pride for this young man is one of them that I feel so strongly right now. As I wipe tears from my eyes, I can only hope that this is the only the beginning of a great career for Cedric Alexander!

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Sigh. How about we focus on what really is creepy? Tabloids making profit off a teenager's supposed love and sex life for several years. A teenager's sex life being illustrated by pre-arranged photo ops in the papers. International press capitalising on a teenager's hyper sexualised image. Numerous 'walk of shame' situations selling only one narrative. The strategic objectification of a teenager. Reducing his worth as a person to his 'sex life'. And his PR allowing it. It's absolutely sickening.

Can we all give Mr Rooney a round of applause and standing ovation! In our opinion, THIS is the real truth, whether people like it or not. 

The guy is acquitted on ten counts of child molestation. No one said, ‘Sorry Michael.’ No one said, ‘Michael, we knew you were innocent.’ No one did a BET tribute to him then. Nobody played his music and did a marathon then. Nobody rallied up and did a concert. Why should Michael have to go on tour to raise money? How come all of the artists didn’t band together and say, ‘Hey! You know what? Let’s do a tour like Michael did the “We Are The World Tour” and let’s raise some money. Let’s get this thing going.’ No one did that. Tookie Williams is the founder of the crips gang. They were trying to get him pardoned from the death penalty and half of Hollywood showed up for this man. What I can’t understand is like, ok people didn’t want to go near Michael Jackson when he was in trouble. But they show up for a guy who executed families. A little girl begged for her life and he executed her. They said because he wrote in his time in prison he wrote children’s books that he tried to turn his life around. He was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Well, how about the millions of children Michael Jackson has helped over the span of his career? Yet two children come with some false allegations and those two children become the two children that destroy him. It’s crazy.
No one talks about when he did the Victory tour, I remember as a kid Michael being on tour with the Victory tour right? And every night on the news they would announce that Michael Jackson donated his money from every city that he did, he donated it to a new charity. He donated his money from the Victory tour to charities. I thought that was amazing. I’m like, wow! This guy’s donating millions of dollars every night to a new charity. Then he would stop in every city and every city he would stop at a hospital and visit kids that were burned, ill or whatever. He took the time to do all that.

Cory Rooney, Songwriter, Record Producer, Epic’s Vice President of A&R

Signs as Parents at Kids Performances

Aries: The one who gives a standing ovation when nobody else does (except virgo)

Taurus: Claps to the beat of the song, usually will stand up and do they’re own lil dance

Gemini: Backstage talking to all the set people saying “THATS MY KID!!!1!”

Cancer: Cries bc pROUD MOM

Leo: Dancing with them on stage

Virgo: Has a Lit up sign, screams for the child, (see aries)


Scorpio: Will act normal at the show, but after they will rave about it and take their kid to get ice cream

Sagittarius: Sells tickets, and watches and cheers in the background (also see cancer cuz v v emo)

Capricorn : Isn’t there cuz their at work, but spouse sends video (don’t worry, see last of scorpio too)

Aquarius, Cheers and marvels at the set and the costumes single tear at their child’s solo 

Pisces: knows all the words to the song, is wearing a handmade custom costume to match kid

Things about 9x11 "First Born" #7

The most amazing and at the same time saddest thing about the whole episode though was how tragically beautiful Jensen conveyed Dean’s bone deep weariness. It was in everything. It was in the way he moved, the way he carried himself, the way he talked, the way he looked. But most of all you could see (and feel) it, when you looked into his eyes. Nothing but emptiness showing. Just a shadow of himself. Or, if you will, succumbing to his shadow. Becoming his shadow. His darkness. Too tired to fight it. Too tired to care about anything at all. Just clutching a knife. Clutching a bottle. Living on steady liquid diet. We’ve been talking about Dean’s metaphorical death ever since the season premiere. Right now though it seems, Dean himself might be on a rather focused journey on to the actual one. And the way Jensen portrayed all of it. In such subtle nuances. Just… Standing ovations to you, Jensen! Standing ovations.


Extreme apologies for taking forever to upload these pictures. Lucky me - I managed to get tickets of Aurelie Dupont’s farewell performance of Manon at the Opera Garnier the DAY BEFORE the performance (they were limited visibility seats, but, not complaining). This was my first, and unfortunately probably last, time seeing her perform in person. She asked Roberto Bolle to be her special guest partner for her final show. It was magnificent. There was a standing ovation of at least 20 minutes, and she was joined on stage by her 2 sons, her husband, and various other dancers current and retired who all presented her with flowers. Her sons wouldn’t stop playing with the confetti that was raining down gently from the stage. At the beginning of her final bow, when she was alone on stage by herself, she took one of the star shaped confettis, licked it, and stuck it to her chest. An étoile through and through. 

Chris Evans on “What Makes Captain America’s Relationship With Bucky So Special?”

The first footage from Captain America: Civil War dwarfed all others.

And amid all the bone-crunching action and eye-popping visuals, a single piece of dialogue quickly exploded on Twitter: “He remembered you. Your pal, your buddy, your Bucky.”

That line, delivered by Crossbones (Frank Grillo) to Captain America (Chris Evans), spoke to the most popular pairing in the Captain America movies, the one between Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan). But why do audiences cling so tightly to the relationship between Cap and his one-time best friend turned mortal enemy turned… something else entirely? Chris Evans has two theories.

First: It speaks to the core of who Captain America is as a character.

“The best thing about Cap is he’s such a sympathetic character,” Evans told BuzzFeed News on the D23 Expo press line. “He struggles so much [and] he doesn’t bleed on people. So to have a character who’s always taking his conflict in such a personal manner, when he has the opportunity to reconnect in a way that could be purely self-serving — it’s not for the greater good, it’s not for anyone else, it’s just for him and he’s put himself last so often, so many times — when you have a character that just remembers him and he has a flash of personal agenda, it’s rewarding. I like it. I like those moments where Cap gets to have a little nugget just for himself.”

Second: It’s all about Sebastian Stan.

“Sebastian is one of the best actors we could possibly ask for in this movie,” Evans continued. “He’s phenomenal and it’s enormously based on the chemistry Sebastian has established in the past movies. We owe him a lot.” (x)

In 2008 I was lucky enough to to work as a background performer on the Star Trek reboot. Though I never met Nimoy personally, I was in a couple of scenes with him (marching in the background when Spock and Spock met, and sitting in the final scene of the movie when Kirk receives his title as Captain while Spock looks on from the balcony above.) 

I remember when we were all seated for the final scene and whispers started up, people started pointing to the area above us. ‘Nimoy was above us, did you see Spock up there?’ JJ Abrams then got on his microphone and introduced Leonard Nimoy, who leaned over the railing and waved down to us. And as one, like 100+ background and all the movie crew present, all stood up and gave him a standing ovation. 

I’ll always remember that moment, just as I will always remember what Star Trek means to me, and how it has affected my life and who I am as a person. Spock has, and will forever, hold a special place in my heart. 

 Goodbye Mr. Nimoy. You lived long, and you prospered. You will be missed.

hats off to the kingsman fandom for being so bloody fantastic and otherworldly like are you guys even real? we don’t even have a sequel confirmation & here we all are, sailing on our ships driven by hope and masochism. you guys deserve a standing ovation for your hard work and for being so damn nice all the time. unreal!

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I think one of the reasons Will is often branded incorrectly as being 'weak' because his overall nature is outwordly submissive and for some reason people have an exceptionally hard time telling the difference between the two concepts. Just because an individual has a submissive nature and is more comforted by dominant forces does not in anyway make them weak/woobish. Call it whatever you will. In fact there is no correlation at all between the two. Will was,and still is,one of the most (cont)

[…] inherently violent,dangerous and toughest characters in the show. He still is. And this is shown many times both with his internally aggressive and abrasive attitude and in his utter determination despite having his entire head and body work against him. Will is smart,clever and fully capable of both handling and controlling himself. He knows the tricks,he knows the ways to get things done and need I remind,is strong enough to break his own finger,get out of cuffs,and take down three men. All three of whom were bigger than him,and easily over powered him. But again,until people get the concept of submissive=/= weak out of their head,he’s unfortunately always going to be seen as such in some respect. And it just isn’t true. Will isn’t weak in the slightest. If he WERE? He wouldn’t still be here.

angel choirs are descending upon me

Axe executive #1: “okay what haven’t we gotten men to buy yet”
Axe executive #2: “exfoliating body wash?”
Axe executive #3: “haha yeah there’s NO way we can make that shit manly. moving on”
Connor the baby intern: *bravely stands up, heart pounding, and approaches the conference table* “wait.”
*executives turn to look at him as one, noses wrinkled, ready to kick him out of the meeting*
Connor the baby intern: “SNAKE. PEEL.”
*long pause*
*slowly, gradually, executives all break into applause*
*standing ovation*
*executives begin to hug Connor and pound him on the back*
*one executive takes his chin and looks directly into his eyes*
*everyone starts to strip*

My first time performing for an audience was in tenth grade. It was a sketch I wrote, and my drama teacher chose it to be performed in front of my entire tenth-grade class. It was about a white kid who wanted to fit in with his black friends, so he tried everything he could think of to impress them. It was a sketch full of stereotypes, and to an all-white audience it would probably have been received with crickets and uncomfortable silence. But to my diverse class it was received with uproarious laughter and a standing ovation. And to get tenth graders to stand for ANYTHING is a huge victory.
That day after the performance one of my teachers, who was white, asked me if I thought the skit was racist. I was shocked. How could satire be considered racist? I hadn’t said anything demeaning. I hadn’t used words that were hurtful, and I sure as hell hadn’t said I was superior to anyone. Luckily I had a friend stick up for me and risk getting detention doing so. My friend happened to be black.

Friend: How was what he did racist?
Teacher: He was showcasing stereotypes. He was encouraging people to laugh at African-Americans and the way they act.
Friend: But some of us do act like that.
Teacher: Well, that doesn’t make it right.
Friend: No, it makes it relatable. I KNOW people who act foolish and coonlike. And those people are ridiculous to me. Shane was making fun of BLACK PEOPLE, he was making fun of a group of black people who act ridiculous.
Teacher: Well, I disagree.
Friend: Well, you’re not black. You don’t understand what it feels like for white people to walk on eggshells around us. Scared to say anything that could be misconstrued as racist. Making us feel like we should be treated with kid gloves because we can’t take the fact that our skin is a different color and some people don’t like us. I LIKE laughing at shit I relate to. And I like that a white person was doing it. It made me feel more a part of society and less like an outcast.

Now, I know it sounds like I’m making that conversation up. It’s too perfect and too well crafted to be an actual conversation between a high school student and his teacher. But it really happened. And it really changed the way I thought about comedy. There are things people are afraid to joke about, things people think are taboo, but I don’t want to ever be afraid to go into that territory. Everybody just wants to relate and feel like a comedian “gets them.” I think it’s the reason I have such a diverse audience on YouTube. Because I truly relate to people who feel like they don’t belong. I might be a white guy who hasn’t been ignored by a taxi driver, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what it’s like to have people treat me like shit for being different. I don’t ever make jokes that are hateful for no reason. If one of my characters says something completely over the line and offensive, the audience isn’t meant to be laughing with them, they are meant to be laughing at them. Laughing at how stupid the character is for saying something so horrible, because there are people in this world who say horrible, stupid shit. And instead of just sitting back and taking it, I like to make fun of them.


I Hate Myselfie A Collection of Essays by Shane Dawson

This needed to be said. This needs to be spread to more than just the people who watch Shane Dawson or just the people who bought his book.
Canadian Coach's Heroic Gesture Allows Russian Cross Country Skier To Finish Race

Things went from bad to worse for Russia’s Anton Gafarov in the finals of the men’s cross country skiing sprint at the 2014 Winter Olympics, but luckily for him, there was a kind Canadian nearby. 

Gafarov crashed and broke his left ski during the race and was doing all he could to make sure he crossed the finish line in front of the home crowd in Sochi. When things couldn’t look any worse, Canadian coach Justin Wadsworth appeared out of nowhere and ran onto the course to help Gafarov by replacing his busted ski with a shiny new one.

The 27-year-old won’t go home with a medal, but he was able to finish in a sea of roars from the Russian crowd, which gave Gafarov a standing ovation as he crossed the line. 

Last night, at the end of the Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions performance and the (first) standing ovation, the creative director came out and said that they were going to perform two more songs.  He proceeded to ask that the audience ‘do their very best.’




I feel bad for the people who left during the applause, thinking it was the end.