Natasha’s Win Tonight:

Okay, so, quick little sassy comments aside, I just want to put my thoughts down because this is such a monumental win for her and to see so many of my queer tribe celebrating in my dash makes it feel like a win for us too.

We just watched an openly pansexual woman who plays mostly queer characters win a popularity contest over the two leads from Canada’s favourite show. I said this yesterday but Natasha’s creative work this last year has been so vibrant and diverse, and there is something so poetic about the little queer girl who got picked on and shoved into lockers for her homemade clothes winning the Fans Choice Award to a standing ovation in a dress her mother made for her.

All any bullied kid wants is validation that they are worthy and like many of us, Natasha has been open about her struggle with anxiety and depression and feelings of self-doubt. Tonight, we got to shoulder one of our own to that stage and she got her big moment of affirmation from the mainstream too and nothing can ever take it away from her.

I would bet you my last slice of pizza that when she goes home tonightshiny trophy under her armand checks her social medias it will be our reaction she cares about the most and I’m so happy that she’s going to get to see how ecstatic we all are for her.

Get it girl, you did such a good job!


Swedish Royal Family Challenge: Day 9- Favourite Crown Princess Victoria moment

In 2013 Crown Princess Victoria became one of the first royals to stand up for gay rights when she attended the annual GayGalan, an awards ceremony for the LGBT+ community in Sweden. Her appearance was a complete surprise to the audience, who celebrated her with a standing ovation lasting almost 2 minutes. The overwhelmed Crown Princess quipped that the applause was unexpected as she wasn’t a winner and was “only here to hand out a prize.” This event perfectly exemplifies Victoria’s warmth, empathy and ability to connect to people from all walks of life, cementing her as a trailblazer for royals across the world. 

but boyfriend!ashton would be the most supportive thing ever. imagine it was your opening night for an off broadway show and he would make sure the band had an extra night off in new york so that he could drag the entire band and crew to your show. he would buy all the merch and playbills, with boquets of flowers and gifts. he would embarrassingly shout your name during curtain call being to only one giving a standing ovation to an ensemble member, and wait for you outside the theatre, arms full of gifts making you blush because everyone was staring at the ensemble member who brought a whole army. 

Theatre Kid (the Problems and Perks):

-Trying not to burst into song

-All those musical theatre puns no one gets

-The drama backstage

-Nailing the high note

-The entire cast joining in when you start singing

-Standing ovation 

-Hot, itchy costumes

-The looks you get walking around in full makeup

-Cast parties

-When the show ends, your life ends 

laineylovegirl  asked:

I just got the chance to read The Chosen One and wow girl!! It's so good!! I would like to give you a standing ovation for your writing on that one. IMO, it's detailed perfectly and it's obviously different from your other stories plots, but I loved it!! I'm excited for what's to come of that one. I hope you are doing wonderfully, that you are eating well, and resting!! ILY <3 xoxo

OML this is so sweet! thank you so so much, i never expected to get such sweet feedback from all of you 😭💓 this means so much, i love you!!!!! 💞

Haruto’s Log

What type of person is Izaya Orihara? Haruto’s Case

One Year Ago

What do I think of Izaya-oniichan?

Hmm, I don’t really know.

But when we were in trouble he helped us out, and he gives us meals and treats too! He said he would even give me any toy I would like too, but I can wait!

You see, before, when I told my dad and mom I wanted a toy they said “If you want something you have to work hard on your studies and exercise.” But I haven’t done any studying or exercise since I’ve been at Izaya’s place, and I talked with Himari-chan and thought that bothering Izaya wouldn’t do any good.

Izaya-oniichan says that sort of thing doesn’t matter, but when I really want something, I am going to properly help Izaya-oniichan!

Huh? What type of help….? Well, uhm, with a lot of things.

I am not really sure but maybe by helping carrying a bag or calling people over! There’s been times when scary people chased us, but Izaya-oniichan and Sozoro-ojiichan saved us!

But Himari-chan says I shouldn’t really trust him. I wonder why…?

I wonder why Izaya-oniichan saved us….? Afterwards, I wonder if it is alright if I don’t go to school….Not being able to see my friends makes me a bit lonely. But Izaya-oniichan says I will be able to make a lot of friends from now on. I wonder if that’s true.

Ummm, miss, what is your name? Nec? Ahaha, what I weird name!

Ahhhh, it hurts, don’ pull my cheeks.


About Izaya-san? He’s a good person! He’s a really, really great person!

When Himari-chan and I were in difficult times, Izaya-san lent out his hand towards us. He said we wouldn’t have to go to school, so he teaches us everything on math, Japanese, English, economics and science!

I’m not lonely at all! I got to make plenty of friends! There’s Sozoro-ojiichan who teaches me something called “juujutsu.” Then there’s Isozaka-san who teaches me on how to drive a car. There’s Lisa-chan who makes these amazing fireworks! And there’s Fujiura-san who tells me what mushrooms and grass I must not eat. And Mamiya-chan…she says nothing but bad things about Izaya-san, so I don’t like her that much…

Well, I only met them when we went to Tokyo, but Mikage and Kine both said that I’ve got potential. They teach me a lot of things!

What’s this? Yeah, it’s a new game console! Izaya-san bought it for me! I really helped out you see! Himari-chan and I helped keep the door shut so bad people wouldn’t get out of the back of the store, and we even handed over a bag full of pictures to the person we were told to bring it to! I also help push Izaya-san’s wheelchair. Izaya-san’s wheelchair is so light it’s easy enough for even me to move around! Even now there are times when bad people chase us, but it’s alright! If it’s only one person, Himari-chan and I can beat him while we’re running around.

We can do a lot of things if we listen to Izaya. I think Izaya-san has some sort of super power for sure! He sees the future! After all, Izaya-san would say “it turned out how I thought it would” no matter the situation and laugh.

Himari-chan calls Izaya-san a swindler, but just what is a swindler….?

But it’s been a while since I’ve talked to you like this, Nec-oneechan. This time you got to show me how to use that computer!

That’s right, I heard from Izaya-san that your real name is Hisae-san! Izaya-san says that your nickname Nec is actually from ahahhh-, hmmmph-.

That hurts, Nec-oneechan! Whey did you suddenly strangle me like that?!

Wha? You’re going to go kill Izaya-san…Wh-why?! No! You can’t do that! If you’re going to kill Izaya-san kill me instead!

Wait, Nec-oneechan! Nec-oneechan..!

Translation Notes:

There are some translations I have to point out that I had no better idea on how to word it. There’s a part where Haruto is listing off all the people who teach him different things. I should clarify that it is more probable at this point that he is learning “about” said material, not actually how to do as he has yet to demonstrate any of it. It was just super hard to word correctly from what I have been given. Also, “oshieru” in Japanese can mean “teach” or “tell” as in informing someone on a subject.

For those that do not know who Haruto is, he is the boy Izaya took under his wing from the last volume: “A Sunset with Izaya.”

Signs as Parents at Kids Performances

Aries: The one who gives a standing ovation when nobody else does (except virgo)

Taurus: Claps to the beat of the song, usually will stand up and do they’re own lil dance

Gemini: Backstage talking to all the set people saying “THATS MY KID!!!1!”

Cancer: Cries bc pROUD MOM

Leo: Dancing with them on stage

Virgo: Has a Lit up sign, screams for the child, (see aries)


Scorpio: Will act normal at the show, but after they will rave about it and take their kid to get ice cream

Sagittarius: Sells tickets, and watches and cheers in the background (also see cancer cuz v v emo)

Capricorn : Isn’t there cuz their at work, but spouse sends video (don’t worry, see last of scorpio too)

Aquarius, Cheers and marvels at the set and the costumes single tear at their child’s solo 

Pisces: knows all the words to the song, is wearing a handmade custom costume to match kid


Extreme apologies for taking forever to upload these pictures. Lucky me - I managed to get tickets of Aurelie Dupont’s farewell performance of Manon at the Opera Garnier the DAY BEFORE the performance (they were limited visibility seats, but, not complaining). This was my first, and unfortunately probably last, time seeing her perform in person. She asked Roberto Bolle to be her special guest partner for her final show. It was magnificent. There was a standing ovation of at least 20 minutes, and she was joined on stage by her 2 sons, her husband, and various other dancers current and retired who all presented her with flowers. Her sons wouldn’t stop playing with the confetti that was raining down gently from the stage. At the beginning of her final bow, when she was alone on stage by herself, she took one of the star shaped confettis, licked it, and stuck it to her chest. An étoile through and through. 

Chris Evans on “What Makes Captain America’s Relationship With Bucky So Special?”

The first footage from Captain America: Civil War dwarfed all others.

And amid all the bone-crunching action and eye-popping visuals, a single piece of dialogue quickly exploded on Twitter: “He remembered you. Your pal, your buddy, your Bucky.”

That line, delivered by Crossbones (Frank Grillo) to Captain America (Chris Evans), spoke to the most popular pairing in the Captain America movies, the one between Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan). But why do audiences cling so tightly to the relationship between Cap and his one-time best friend turned mortal enemy turned… something else entirely? Chris Evans has two theories.

First: It speaks to the core of who Captain America is as a character.

“The best thing about Cap is he’s such a sympathetic character,” Evans told BuzzFeed News on the D23 Expo press line. “He struggles so much [and] he doesn’t bleed on people. So to have a character who’s always taking his conflict in such a personal manner, when he has the opportunity to reconnect in a way that could be purely self-serving — it’s not for the greater good, it’s not for anyone else, it’s just for him and he’s put himself last so often, so many times — when you have a character that just remembers him and he has a flash of personal agenda, it’s rewarding. I like it. I like those moments where Cap gets to have a little nugget just for himself.”

Second: It’s all about Sebastian Stan.

“Sebastian is one of the best actors we could possibly ask for in this movie,” Evans continued. “He’s phenomenal and it’s enormously based on the chemistry Sebastian has established in the past movies. We owe him a lot.” (x)
Tom Hiddleston Gets Standing Ovation at Comic-Con, Reveals If He's 'Pokémon Go-ing'

It’s safe to say Tom Hiddleston is still Comic-Con’s No. 1 boyfriend.

The Kong: Skull Island star stepped onstage in Hall H to a standing ovation and Saturday’s panel had to pause every few moments for this exchange: Someone in the crowd: “I LOVE YOU, TOM!” Hiddleston: “I love you, too.”

“First of all, it’s very nice to see you all. Thank you for the warm welcome,” Hiddleston told his adoring fans.

The first trailer for the Godzilla counterpart – premiered at Con – is chock full of action, explosions and one seriously enormous gorilla. Hiddleston revealed shooting the movie was often as intense as it seems onscreen.

“I remember one night we were filming until about two in the morning in a rain forest in Australia,” he said. “At the end of the night, we realized there was a snake in the monitor tent. And they have some dangerous snakes in Australia!”

It was co-star Brie Larson who won the Q&A portion of the presentation, though, when a fan asked what the cast likes to geek out over and Hiddleston drew a blank. Larson asked, “Are you Pokémon Go-ing?”

“I’m not,” he demurred, before offering up this answer, which has to be the most Tom Hiddleston-y answer ever, “Sometimes when I’m sick I go and re-watch all the Fawlty Towers.”


I took LEO with me to see my bff/roomie ask-wiggles in her starring role as Princess Fiona in “Shrek the Musical!” She was EXCELLENT! LEO was great, too. Lots of noise, long down/stay, and tons of flashing lights, but he did so well. He did get a little excited during the bows because we gave the cast a standing ovation, but that was my fault because I was also excited beyond belief from ask-wiggles’ stunning performance! I also made him greet the cast in costume and wouldn’t you know, the only one he was nervous about was Donkey??? Idk, maybe it’s the ears.

Axe executive #1: “okay what haven’t we gotten men to buy yet”
Axe executive #2: “exfoliating body wash?”
Axe executive #3: “haha yeah there’s NO way we can make that shit manly. moving on”
Connor the baby intern: *bravely stands up, heart pounding, and approaches the conference table* “wait.”
*executives turn to look at him as one, noses wrinkled, ready to kick him out of the meeting*
Connor the baby intern: “SNAKE. PEEL.”
*long pause*
*slowly, gradually, executives all break into applause*
*standing ovation*
*executives begin to hug Connor and pound him on the back*
*one executive takes his chin and looks directly into his eyes*
*everyone starts to strip*

Darkness fills the room. The only light source is the glowing amp switch.

The cold sweat on your face distracts you from the impatient murmur of the crowd.

You hear two sticks clicking.

“One, two three four.”

Lights. A soaring rock beat fills the air. The crowd cheers.

You are filled with a burning energy. Almost instinctively, you and your ESP LTD FRX-401 begin shredding the ballsiest, most passionate solo of all time.

The solo is filled with so much emotion that audience members faint.

The song ends with a 20 minute standing ovation.

Journalists begin writing about you. You are instantly inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Paul McCartney calls you up regularly asking whether your new album has been released.

After a year, you start living out your days on that island you just bought.

That is what this guitar does to people. Just like that.


“Please sign Cedric!”
[August 10th, 2016]

What an emotional moment this was. After going toe to toe with one of the greatest wrestlers in the world today, Kota Ibushi, former ROH superstar Cedric Alexander received a standing ovation along with a “PLEASE SIGN CEDRIC!” chant. As Cedric stopped to take in that incredible moment, Triple H stepped through the curtain to shake Cedric’s hand and to give a thumbs up to the crowd, who responded with a resounding “YES! YES YES!” chant. I swear to you all, pro wrestling fills me with a lot of emotions, but pride for this young man is one of them that I feel so strongly right now. As I wipe tears from my eyes, I can only hope that this is the only the beginning of a great career for Cedric Alexander!


Time for a little recap of last night because I’m now rested and most of all, sober. The play was absolutely amazing. For a first performance since 2014, very few things went wrong and even though the performers probably wished the broken glass and Ben Foster dropping the phone didn’t happen, I personally love the unexpected and watching how people reacted to it. The audience was lovely, all the actors were spot on and standing ovation was so well-deserved.

At the exit, a long queue lined up by the box office. Amazing @i-heart-scully and  @campaignofmisinformation were there to hold my sweaty hands (or was it the other way around?). I gave her the new poster and a nicer print of the previous one. She said she had seen it before with several people bringing it to her and asked if I was the original artist so I explained how I had given it to her back in France and later had uploaded it online for others [eta: I just made the newest one available]. She really liked the new one too, started by signing her name and then asked if I wanted it dedicated to me so I sort of babbled “if you want it’s up to you I dunno pls” so she looked at the back for my name and wrote: “Kelly - Thank you so so much! Awesome (Work?Love?) - Gillian A”.

Anyway she was incredibly lovely, humble and kind. She clearly loves theatre and playing Blanche every evening and I am so profoundly happy that she achieved to make it happen in both countries she considers home. She truly deserves all the love and respect.

In 2008 I was lucky enough to to work as a background performer on the Star Trek reboot. Though I never met Nimoy personally, I was in a couple of scenes with him (marching in the background when Spock and Spock met, and sitting in the final scene of the movie when Kirk receives his title as Captain while Spock looks on from the balcony above.) 

I remember when we were all seated for the final scene and whispers started up, people started pointing to the area above us. ‘Nimoy was above us, did you see Spock up there?’ JJ Abrams then got on his microphone and introduced Leonard Nimoy, who leaned over the railing and waved down to us. And as one, like 100+ background and all the movie crew present, all stood up and gave him a standing ovation. 

I’ll always remember that moment, just as I will always remember what Star Trek means to me, and how it has affected my life and who I am as a person. Spock has, and will forever, hold a special place in my heart. 

 Goodbye Mr. Nimoy. You lived long, and you prospered. You will be missed.

hats off to the kingsman fandom for being so bloody fantastic and otherworldly like are you guys even real? we don’t even have a sequel confirmation & here we all are, sailing on our ships driven by hope and masochism. you guys deserve a standing ovation for your hard work and for being so damn nice all the time. unreal!