CASE NO.: 13-8265014-99

DATE: 17 JULY 1999
TIME: 2:43PM


Agent Wilkins:  I appreciate you calling in and giving your statement, Ms. Harrow.  And I do need to make you aware that this is being recorded.  Do you understand?

Ms. Harrow: Of course.

Agent Wilkins:  Could you start by giving me your full name?

Ms. Harrow:  My name is Regina Louise Harrow.  H-A-R-R-O-W.

Agent Wilkins: Great, thanks.  Now, you live at 3170 West 53rd, correct?

Ms. Harrow:  Yes, sir.  Apartment 29.

Agent Wilkins:  Noted.  Ms. Harrow, were you home the night before last?

Ms. Harrow:  Yes, I was.

Agent Wilkins:  And did you notice anything unusual between the hours of 10pm and 6am?

Ms. Harrow:  Unusual?

Agent Wilkins:  Yes, ma’am.  Did you see any strange people hanging around, hear any strange noises, anything of the sort?

Ms: Harrow: Oh Lord, what’s happened now?

Agent Wilkins:  We are investigating a case of a missing person.  

Ms. Harrow:  Oh, goodness.  Um, well, I went to bed around 11pm, and I tend to sleep pretty soundly, but uh, no, I hadn’t noticed anything like that.  Do you mind me asking who this is about, exactly?  Who’s missing?

Agent Wilkins: I’m afraid I’m unable to give you any more information than I already have.

Ms. Harrow:  It’s got to do with that lady in 35 right?  I swear, it always has to do with her, the poor thing.  This is probably the fourth or fifth time that I’ve had to make a phone call like this, and each of those times it was regarding the woman in 35.

Agent Wilkins: I’m sorry, Ms. Harrow, it’s an open investigation and I’m not at liberty to discuss it any further.  Now, is there anyone else that lives in your apartment with you?

Ms. Harrow: Just me and Billy.

Agent Wilkins:  Would it be alright if I spoke with Billy?  

Ms. Harrow:  Do you speak cat?

Agent Wilkins:  I’m sorry?

Ms. Harrow:  Billy is my tabby, sir.  Unless you speak cat, I doubt you’d be able to understand a thing he meows.

Agent Wilkins: [chuckles] Unfortunately, feline is one of the few languages I am not fluent in.

Ms. Harrow:  Right.  Well, are we about done here, then?  I’m sorry, but I didn’t see anything, didn’t hear anything.

Agent Wilkins:  Yes, ma’am.  I do ask that you keep this number on hand, and please don’t hesitate to give me a call if you think of anything else.  I’ll give you a call back if I have any further questions.

Ms. Harrow:  Will do.  Bye now.



CASE NO.: 13-8265014-99

DATE: 16 JULY 1999
TIME: 6:31PM


Agent Wilkins:  This is Special Agent Joseph Wilkins on July eighteenth.  I’m with, I’m sorry, what did you say your name was?

Mr. Lewis:  I didn’t.  It’s Michael Lewis.

Agent Wilkins:  Thank you, Mr. Lewis.  And you understand that your statement is being recorded?

Mr. Lewis:  Yeah, yep, you said that.

Agent Wilkins: Sir, do you live here alone?

Mr. Lewis: Oh, well, uh, I mean, yeah.  I have visitors every once in awhile that stay over- wait, is that why you’re here?  Was there another noise complaint?

Agent Wilkins: No, sir.  Do you have company now?

Mr. Lewis: N-no, it’s just me.

Agent Wilkins: But you had company last night?

Mr. Lewis: I had a few friends over, yeah. But they’re long gone.

Agent Wilkins:  Around what time would you say they left your apartment?

Mr. Lewis: Oh, I don’t know, um [inaudible] 2am?

Agent Wilkins:  Around 2am?

Mr. Lewis: Maybe 3am.  Yeah, probably closer to 3am.

Agent Wilkins: Mr. Lewis, did you happen to see any suspicious activity last night between the hours of 10pm and 4am?

Agent Wilkins:  Mr. Lewis?

Mr. Lewis:  I’m sorry, what did you ask?

Agent Wilkins:  Did you notice anything suspicious between the hours of 10pm and 6am?

Mr. Lewis:  [inaudible] sleeping.

Agent Wilkins:  You were sleeping?

Agent Wilkins:  Sir, I’m going to need you to answer verbally.

Mr. Lewis:  Oh, yeah, s-sorry.  Um, yeah, I was sleeping.

Agent Wilkins: But you said that your friends left close to 3am.

Mr. Lewis:  Yeah, yes they did.

Agent Wilkins:  How do you know when your friends left your apartment if you were sleeping?

Mr. Lewis: What’s the deal, man, what’s going on here?

Agent Wilkins: Excuse me, sir?

Mr. Lewis: Why are you asking me all of these questions, man?

Agent Wilkins:  As I said when I first arrived, we are investigating a missing persons case, and I’m just asking around to see if anyone saw anything.  

Mr. Lewis: Who’s we?

Agent Wilkins: Again, the FBI, sir.

Mr. Lewis: Right, right, you showed me your badge.

Agent Wilkins: I did.  

Mr. Lewis: But I already told you, I didn’t see anything.  My friends were here.

Agent Wilkins: Right.  Remind me, how did you know what time they departed?

Mr. Lewis:  They told me.

Agent Wilkins:  Did they wake you to tell you they were leaving?

Mr. Lewis: No, they, uh, they told me today.

Agent Wilkins:  Ok.  Hey, could I get the names of your friends?  Maybe they saw or heard something as they were heading out to their car.

Mr. Lewis:  Um, I mean, should I be just giving out- uh, I, yeah one sec.  Let me just grab a pen.

Mr. Lewis:  Here’s their names and numbers.  They probably won’t answer.  They don’t answer numbers that they don’t know.

Agent Wilkins:  It’s ok, I’ll leave them a message.  Everyone’s got voicemail these days, right?

Mr. Lewis: I guess.

Agent Wilkins:  Thanks for your time, Mr. Lewis.  Here’s my card, it has my cell and office numbers on it.  If you think of anything, please give me a call.  

Mr. Lewis:  Nice card.  Looks official.

Agent Wilkins: It is an official business card for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Mr. Lewis: Right. Ok, so, bye.



CASE NO.: 13-8265014-99

DATE: 17 JULY 1999
TIME: 5:17PM


Mr. Spalding:  Hi, this is Kevin Spalding.  Did I, um, did I call the right number?  Is this, uh, Special Agent Joseph Wilkins?

Agent Wilkins:  Yes, Mr. Spalding, thank you for calling.

Mr. Spalding:  Yeah, sorry about missing you earlier.  I was out running an errand and must have just missed you guys.  

Agent Wilkins:  Not a problem, sir.  Before the interview, Mr. Spalding, I do need to make you aware that this conversation is being recorded.  

Mr. Spalding: Oh. Right, ok.

Agent Wilkins:  Like I said on the note that I left with my card, Mr. Spalding, I just needed to touch base with the tenants at 3170 West 53rd, and get a statement.

Mr. Spalding:  A statement about what?

Agent Wilkins: We are investigating a missing persons case.

Mr. Spalding: From here?  Someone’s missing from my building?

Agent Wilkins: Yes, sir, although I’m not at liberty to divulge any more information at this time.  

Mr. Spalding: Ok, ok.  Yeah, what can I help you with?

Agent Wilkins:  Could you begin by spelling your name for me?

Mr. Spalding: Yeah, uh, it’s K-E-V-I-N J-A-M-E-S S-P-A-L-D-I-N-G.

Agent Wilkins: Great, thank you.  Mr. Spalding, forgive me for forgetting, but which apartment do you reside in?

Mr. Spalding: Number 2.  It’s the Building Superintendent’s apartment.

Agent Wilkins:  And are you the Building Superintendent?

Mr. Spalding: Yeah.

Agent Wilkins:  Are you married?  Have a roommate?

Mr. Spalding: No, I live alone. I’m not home much, though, due to all the repairs and shit, ya know? Ah, shit, sorry- sorry.

Agent Wilkins: Don’t worry about it. [chuckles] It happens all the time.  

Mr. Spalding: [laughs] I’m sure.  But, anyways to answer your question, not married.  I live alone.

Agent Wilkins: And were you home the night of the 15th?

Mr. Spalding: Not last night but the night before? Yeah, yeah, I was home.  

Agent Wilkins:  Did you happen to notice anything suspicious between the hours of 10pm and 6am the next morning?

Mr. Spalding: [humming noise] No, can’t say I did.  It was a quiet night, really, not even a call for an emergency repair or anything.  

Agent Wilkins: So you didn’t see anyone suspicious in or around the building?

Mr. Spalding: No, I mean, I had my tv on all night, so I guess if something went down, maybe I wouldn’t have heard it.  I don’t know, man.

Agent Wilkins:  Alright.

Mr. Spalding: Sorry I can’t be more help.

Agent Wilkins: You’ve been a great help.  Mr. Spalding, I’d like to ask that you keep my number handy, so that if anything comes to mind you can give me a call.

Mr. Spalding: Yeah, of course.  And if you need anything else from me, just stop on by.  I’m always around, no time for vacation and beaches.  

Agent Wilkins:  Thanks for your time, Mr. Spalding.  I really appreciate you calling in.

Mr. Spalding: Not a problem.  



May today begin the weekend for all of us.