A list of what the coach put in the notebooks:

kazu - beat kazu

haru - beat haru

mizo - show your true se- no wait keep it to yourself jc

ton - “seiseki”

ichiro - we all know you’re injured, baka

gen - your rival is still ichiro

sho - visit sakura

kin - “be a man”

gin - not even your bro

dou - not even your bro

hisashi - people are different you mongrel

takeru - seriously just chill out

takuya - don’t spoil your bro or you’ll spoil the broth

takumi - he’s only your bro

saku - be a dragon

chen - get everyone to stick their leg in the air

Radio 1 Breakfast Show
  • Radio 1 Breakfast Show
  • 27th September 2016

The team discuss Harry’s Another Man magazine cover, or as some might say, him singlehandedly saving the magazine industry.

Alternatively titled: ⬜⬜⬜👦🏻👦🏻👦🏻

just watching OoTP and it just got to that classic scene where sirius starts his two year nap behind that veil lol it cracks me up because sirius is such a drama queen and it only gets funnier when remus is crying because sirius is always so cranky after he wakes up and he doesn’t want to deal with that later and harry is all screaming and sobbing because he forgot to hug him goodnight and it’s just such a classic moment because hahaHA sirius please you’re so extra

when people compare/confuse my comic with UT thats one thing bc seems like an alright guy but when ppl look at ghouls and ask “oh this reminds me of/have you read/you should really read [REDACTED]!!! its got cute skeletons too!!” and im like *tight smile + nodding* but inwardly im like MMMMMMMM bc the creator is. [screams with my mouth closed]

mysticsandwonders replied to your post:“Looking a little… dark there, love.”

Chevali watched him carefully before responding. “I am always here just for you~”

oh that’s so sweet of you! Though you were always too sweet to me~

Corrupt put a clawed hand and brushed it against Chev’s cheek.

Sweet with soft skin too,you really are pretty. I wonder how pretty it would be after if it was all cut up?” he then quickly clawed her cheek giving a good chuckle.

Superfruit’s video today was of them and some other folks trying a Filipino delicacy called ~balut~ that’s basically like… a partially developed duck fetus still in the egg. and i feel like it was a biiiiiiiit ~culturally insensitive~ because of course, the running joke throughout the whole thing was “omg ew it looks so nasty i can’t eat it” (even though most of them did try it and weren’t grossed out by the taste) but yeah at the same time that I’m like, cringing along with them, I’m also like “daaang this is kinda fucked up, i think”

but then like

i wonder what kinds of American foods someone from another country might gag at the thought of, and make outrageous videos of them and all their friends screaming at it in fear. There must be something, I’m sure.