they were gonna build a development with a bunch of empty mcmansions across the street from my house but my crazy dad went to all their meetings just to scream at developers until they left.

only good thing he’s done


Hey guys its finally out! Our resident evil lets play is all about me screaming!

Oh Tony’s face here…how I love it. Its all about Bruce in this moment, about how the two of them are already on the same page with each other and they’ve known the other a few hours. How magnificent, brilliant, sharp, don’t give him any bullshit Bruce is. Tony just from this look on his face how gone he is already on all things Bruce. Just screams that’s my man :).


Fic 470: Quiet Time

A sweet little bit of Heavy Hitters fluff!

The winter wind buffeted Coldfort as it roared down the valley. Windows rattled in their panes as the worn and knotty wooden walls groaned. Steam hissed through pipes that rattled as the ancient furnace burned brightly in its basement cave, doing everything it could to keep the snow at bay.

Scout let out a contented sigh. The wind could howl and scream all it wanted. It didn’t have a chance against a 6’4” Siberian mountain.

As he lay in bed, his head cradled by one massive arm, the raging storm outside seemed to be a million miles away. The terrifying roar that had sent both RED and BLU scrambling back to their bases earlier that day were muted now with Heavy’s body between him and the wall, buffering him to the worst that nature had to offer in the middle of the frozen north. Behind him was a old pot belly stove with warm red coals that burned with a steadfast resolve and radiated warmth against his back.

Warm front, warm back. What more could a guy ask for?

Well, there was one thing.

Opening his eyes, he craned his neck up to catch a glimpse of Heavy’s face, and hoping to find a pair of blue eyes looking back at him. Unfortunately, the man’s eyes were shut, and his chest rose and fell with the calm evenness of someone well on their way to Slumberland.


Not even Scout was that cold hearted. The big guy needed his beauty sleep after all.

He reached up and lay a hand on the side of Heavy’s face. A day’s worth of beard prickled against his palm and he couldn’t help dragging the pad of his thumb along the square jaw beneath it. Beneath the fuzz he could feel nicks and scratches, scars from a lifetime before RED and before Teufort. Times Heavy didn’t really talk about, even as he told his stories about Mother Russia and “the old country” (the latter always being in an even more exaggerated accent than normal).

There was a particular scar that sat right behind Heavy’s left ear that he’d never gotten him to talk about. It was a nasty thing, still red and angry looking even though Scout suspected that it might be older than him. That was the one he’d asked about and only gotten a slow shake of the head in return.

“I prefer to talk of happy things.” Was all that Heavy had said.

His finger ran the length of the scar before slipping back down to Heavy’s cheek and his slightly crooked nose from one fight too many. Probably a bar fight. A Russian bar fight. Or maybe a bear fight. Or a bear fight in a bar. At any rater, Scout could only imagine what the other guy must have walked away with. Black eye. Busted lip. Probably carried out by his buddies.


Heavy’s voice, heavy with sleep, rumbled through him.

“Thought you were asleep.”

“Is hard to sleep with little krolik bouncing around in bed.”

Scout put on a pout. “I wasn’t bouncin’. I was bein’ nice and quiet.”

“Have funny idea of ‘quiet’, krolik.”

“Well,” Scout propped himself up on his elbows and waggled his eyebrows, “you could always try shutting me up.”

There was a grunt, and suddenly Scout yelped as he found himself wrapped up in a pair of massive arms and pinned to an equally as massive chest.

“Or I could just hold you still.”

“Yeah, I suppose you could do that, too.” Scout looked down at Heavy. There was a sleepy smile on the big man’s face that was just out of reach of his lips. That crooked nose, on the other hand, was just in kissing range.

So he kissed it.


“Yeah, but that’s why you love me.”

Heavy chuckled but nodded his head.


TalesFromYourServer: Customer talked about his "daddy" and threw silverware at me

I was coming into my shift and it was midday so we usually only have one server on so the girl that was there transferred some tables to me so she could leave. One of the tables she told me she had gone up to 3 times and he wasn’t quite ready to order so I should probably give him some extra time before I checked on him and then she went back to finish her side work.

Not three minutes after he was transferred to me he came storming up to the counter and threw his menu and silverware at me and demanded to be served, which was shocking to say the least, so I tried to be calm and apologize for the wait and started to explain that there must have been a mix up in the shift change. he didn’t care at all about that and screamed that he had been waiting for hours to be served and his waitress was obviously racist because of him being Asian (I work in a super diverse college campus restaurant and he was from a town in Iowa so it was an odd accusation)

he demanded to know the server’s name and so I told him, planning on just texting my boss and explaining that she did nothing wrong, and he told me his order and stormed back to his seat. I figured I’d try and give him perfect service so he wouldn’t make more of a fuss but when I brought his food back he started telling me all about how he knows the owner (which most people do, so this meant nothing) and how his “daddy” was a super powerful man who worked with Steve jobs and that he had 10 startup businesses around the Midwest and he deserves to be treated with respect because he is the backbone of this country.

he emailed the boss and has come in at least 3 more times and complained about his server being racist if we didn’t give him flawless service (being at his table before he sits and getting his food out in under 5 minutes is his definition of flawless) and gone through the same rant about his dad every time. seriously the worst customer I’ve ever had.

By: lobstergoop24

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Daenerys calls him "my lord" and he doesn't seem bother because he answers with "your grace" when he could have called her "my lady" and we know he does it because he realizes that the north can scream all they want about being independent, but at the end of the day they are not. Jon being in the south, asking for help and "accepting to be insulted" only shows that they are far from it. They need the south or they will die. They are not independent, they are just lucky that winter came.

I agree with most all of this, anon! I am a little confused about why they are “lucky” that Winter came. The North is the most screwed out of everyone in this scenario.

But I also think the North isn’t really independent. They only broke away after Robert’s death. If a just ruler sat the IT or was uniting the 7k, they would be for it like they were when they rallied behind Robert in the Rebellion. 

I agree that Dany is NOT insulting them. She isn’t. She is a queen and has every right to call herself as such. I would like her to call Jon “Your Grace,” but I understand why she doesn’t.

I also understand why does call her “Your Grace.” Because he is the one who is asking for help, favors, resources, etc in this situation.

But here’s the most important thing that I think all of the antis are forgetting. It doesn’t really matter if Dany doesn’t address Jon as “Your Grace” right now because CLEARLY the leaks are real now and we know from them that three episodes later Jon literally offers to her in private to bend the knee and relinquish his title or whatever and she is basically like, “No, it’s okay.”

So like???? Where is the evil queen I keep hearing about because it certainly isn’t Daenerys Targaryen.

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I'd really love to see Kyungsoo in a zombie movie, all the blood and violence, screaming and grunting, so much action with all the quick decisions, holding guns or a blade of some sort, ah~ I'm excited just thinking about it. Maybe I'll write something

omg i had never thought of him in a zombie movie but that sounds perfect, it’s all i want, i can picture him so clearly, i just know he would be good at all those things
In Front of The Children - RedMageCole - Dangan Ronpa - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Despite Togami’s prayers; a month of hell passed and Togami could tell this was no dream. The babies were all screaming and crying, and even though Togami knew Fukawa had a tendency to get exhausted easily, she still cared for all of the babies without taking a breath of fresh air; not like there was any fresh air in the house with eighteen babies. Togami stopped Fukawa in a rare second the eighteen babies were all asleep.

“Touko, aren’t you tired at all!? How can you not be questioning this… this!?”

He signals to the eighteen sleeping babies in the eighteen different cribs. Thank God that Togami had a fortune to take care of these babies, even if it was going to cost every single penny. Fukawa simply sighed happily.

“How can I, Byakuya-sama…? We’re finally a loving family… and I couldn’t be happier…”

Summary: Fukawa’s DR3 fantasy comes to life as she and Togami are blessed with octadecuplets (eighteen children at once).

Pairings: Byakuya Togami x Touko Fukawa
Rating: T (once again, Fukawa does not say lewd stuff; they’re in front of the children)
Word count: 1637
Comments: Commission for hopefragment! Click here for more information on commissioning me!

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hello father i'm sorry you feel like shit and you're having a bad day but i love you a lot and i'd smooch you if i could ( ˘ ³˘)♡ a virtual smooch and a gift! 🐌his name is jerry

Jerry is awesome omfg best gift of 2017, thank you so much~ It started out super rough.. I didn’t sleep all night because I was screaming and crying but it’s okay now ; u ; I honestly just can’t wait to sit in bed and do nothing for the rest of the night. I wanna be able to lay down with an empty mind and feel how soft the bed is

The pain was worse than anything I’d experienced before. In a terrified moment of clarity, I remembered Z’s breaking, consoling them out loud while privately wondering why didn’t you fight it? Why did you let it take you when you knew it would put us in danger?

Shame plunged me deeper as a thousand scaled claws pressed me down, crushing me until all I could do was scream. Too late now to apologize, to be a better friend. Too late to even call myself their friend, for not trying to understand, for underestimating them, losing patience with them.

Every terrible act, every uncontrollable thought, every trace of human weakness scraped itself off the floor of my heart. It filtered up to blot out the sun, asking me again:

Wouldn’t everything be better if you were gone?

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Let's say some cruel force from above decided that you can watch just FIVE B99 episodes for the rest of your life. Which five do you choose?! Good luck ;)

(light screaming) heck this is so difficult to answer omfg but ill do my best. hope u dont mind me adding my thoughts here !! 

  • the bet - iconic episode. game changer. and also canonically the night our buddy our pal jake peralta  became obsessed w amy forever (fell in love w his future wife)
  • the party - one of my fave eps of tv ever. the comedy? spot on. it never fails to make me laugh every single time. the entire squad being a lowkey mess TM around all the Adults? v relatable. last but def not least the way it addresses really important issues such as homophobia in the work force? cemented this episode as one of the best b99 episodes ever in my mind.
  • johnny and dora - this episode im still screaming. all !!! the (so many) truly iconic jake x amy moments. i also really appreciate the development of charles and rosa’s friendship in between. also a lot of comedic gold between gina and terry trying to steal that letter like this ep has so much ! we’re honestly so blessed w johnny and dora.

  • halloween III - okay i gotta include a halloween episode. this one had everything. everyone had amazing lines and parts in this ep, it was hilarious, and it ended w an incredible amy win and her iconic roof top speech which i loved, and she also made some v important points. queen of the nine-nine!
  • moo moo - this episode was just so?? good and important?? in addressing systematic racism / police racial profiling, ive seen so few tv shows do what this episode did; its just so iconic and so important. also jake and amy as parents;; adorable and amazing

some others which i have personal soft spots for 

old school i love and rewatch a lot because jake straight up punched a homophobe in the face and thatll always be a Golden Moment for me

the road trip because it was just all around a beautifully entertaining ep 

the wednesday incident because there are a lot of lowkey bi moments on b99 but jake is pretty damn bi in this one/its almost lowkey canon. ill always wish for it to be canon but for now my bi ass will quietly rewatch this + all the other eps with arguably very bi moments of him and his bisexual best friend rosa diaz. 


this was so hard to choose omg. there are just so many good eps; im so thankful to have this show to rewatch anytime and not have to just have five eps for the rest of my life ;) thank u for the ask!