If Baymax was an Android AU.  Baymax still sounds and acts like himself, but looks like Tadashi’s clone…

Uh, so yeah, when I first thought of drawing a gijinka, the above image popped into my head first.  I started cracking up in the middle of a Japanese subway… >.>  Anyway, went with Dashi-clone version ^ ^

Also, extra! <3

And really guys, I shouldn’t have to say this, but PLEASE DON’T REPOST MY WORK. Nothing demotivates me more than seeing people lopping up my comics and reposting them.  Thank you so much to those who have been telling me about reposts.  If you want to continue seeing my doodles, please, please just reblog.  Thank you. m(_ _)m


31-32/50 favourite tweets by band members x

cas is a little shit who likes to wander around naked and sprawl across the bed naked and just do a lot of things unnecessarily naked and dean really wishes he would stop because it’s impeding upon his ability to function like a normal human being

if you buy thor a cup of coffee (and ask him nicely), he’ll recharge your cell phone for you.


The first day that we met, we came to Duluth, and…we got there late August, but I guess they had the week off- all the other guys had the week off- so we didn’t know that coming in. We stayed at a senior’s house, they weren’t there, and the coaches called me and said, “Mason Raymond’s coming at the same time, so you guys will hang out for a few days by yourself.” So he got in, and you could tell he was a little bit of a lost puppy and didn’t really know what to do- he was hungry when he got in, and I was like, “What do you feel like eating? There’s not much around the house.” So all there was was some eggs, some bagels…I think some cheese, and I just put together a nice egg sandwich, and he was amazed. He wanted them for the rest of the two years.


everyone complains that clint isn’t in this line up shot

but i’m 100% certain that’s because these nerds showed up at hawkeye ranch out of the blue and clint is talking to them about how they should have called him first and chewing them out about the ultron situation while he pads around the kitchen in his pajamas angrily making them all sandwiches


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Congratulations, Yahoo! You just paid ten bucks for a picture of Full House star Dave Coulier.

6 Ridiculous Tumblrs That Yahoo Just Paid $1 Billion For

Irritating punctuation enthusiast Yahoo! recently agreed to pay $1.1 billion for popular blogging site/My Little Pony porn host Tumblr. This was big news for a couple of reasons. First of all, Yahoo! is not only apparently still a thing, but also somehow has a billion dollars to throw around. Secondly, a lot of experts have been questioning whether the deal makes good financial sense. Which of course is ridiculous — Tumblr has approximately 108 million blogs … that’s only about $10 a blog. And just look what they’re getting …

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