don’t get me fucking started on straight, cis fans who say queer fans aren’t allowed to discuss on their personal, overall irrelevant blogs if an idol’s queer because “don’t assume!! you’re trying to out him!!” when of all people we know how it feels to be outed and the fear that comes along with it. cuz news flash a few queer fans being like hmm maybe this idol isn’t straight/cis on their blogs isn’t going to out an idol to all of korea. and straight, cis fans are the ones who fetishize gay men and push ships on idols like “ooh they hugged!! they’re totally boyfriends!!” just to validate their precious ships. wow sorry we’re talking about a male idol possibly not wanting to fuck you but you seemed to get off just fine imagining him getting a dick rammed up his ass.

i just remembered i have a test i havent studied for and 5 hours of homework due tomorrow

i love college

‪rn i’m watching a rly good show on netflix called The OA, and it’s such a cool show that manages to work in mental illness and gender and race and class, but still keep a really cool sci-fi suspense story going (it’s almost like this is something pretty achievable in most media, but writers are choosing to ignore it *gasp*)
what’s REALLY cool, and what a lot of ppl are psyched about, is that it actually has a young trans man PLAY a young trans man in the show !!!!! WHAT!!!! you may remember a while back, a casting call was spreading around looking for young asian trans men with no prior acting experience– the guy who auditioned and is now in the show is @lilskeletonprince ??!!!!?!??? i remember when all this was news but had no idea when the oa was coming out and now i’m so h appy???!!

it’s really cool, the group of characters called together to lead to whole thing are so different from one another its almost unbelievable, and yet im still so excited to watch them in the next episode. so ya pls watch The OA on netflix now,, thank u

joshua in very nice era

“jisoo, say something to the international fans!” 

“hey guys.” 

“something longer…” ©

Been on vacation this week so my head’s getting pretty fuzzy… Hiding from the world and all the bad news out there… Hope everyone is having a great holiday season regardless!

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That line is so ridiculously awesome-stupid, it should be a contender for Comic Book Quote of the Month.



I love this crossover and fans on both ends of DC Fandom and Ranger Nation so far on feedback seem to want to see more of it :)

In case you missed the news, JL/MMPR #1 is out now!

Buy your copy here at Comixology:

Or at your local comics shop today!


I have a lot of feelings about the latest chapter of “Flowey is Not a Good Life Coach” and this sums up most of them

Bonus ending!

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Tumblr has revealed the lists of bands who dominated the site throughout 2016.

The ‘Year In Review’ takes a look at the acts who have the most posts, re-blogs, likes and searches across Tumblr over the past 12 months.

Unsurprisingly Twenty One Pilots, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, All Time Low and more have made it onto the lists, with Twenty One Pilots being the only band to feature twice on the albums list.

 See the bands + albums lists below.


01. 5 Seconds of Summer
02. Twenty One Pilots
03. One Direction
04. Fifth Harmony
05. The 1975
06. Fall Out Boy
07. Little Mix
08. My Chemical Romance
09. Panic! at the Disco
10. All Time Low
11. Bring Me the Horizon
12. Arctic Monkeys
13. Black Veil Brides
14. Paramore
15. Pierce the Veil
16. Gorillaz
18. The Front Bottoms
19. Bastille
20. ColdplayALBUMS

01. 'Lemonade’ by Beyonce
02. 'Blurryface’ by Twenty One Pilots
03. 'Blue Neighbourhood’ by Troye Sivan
04. 'Made in the A.M.’ by One Direction
05. 'Anti’ by Rihanna
06. 'Sounds Good Feels Good’ by 5 Seconds of Summer
07. 'The Life of Pablo’ by Kanye West
08. 'Agust D’ by Agust D
09.  'Vessel’ by Twenty One Pilots
10. '1989’ by Taylor Swift
11. 'Cry Baby’ by Melanie Martinez
12.  'Death of a Bachelor’ by Panic! at the Disco
13. 'Views’ by Drake
14. '25’ by Adele
15. 'Badlands’ by Halsey
16. 'Lotto’ by EXO
17. 'Mind of Mine’ by Zayn Malik
18. 'Joanne’ by Lady Gaga
19. 'Purpose’ by Justin Bieber
20. 'Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys’ by My Chemical Romance

Talking about the alternative community, @staff told @billboard, “The alt kids feel at home here. Tumblr is like where you go to share your passions. Usually the kids who are into these bands are going to the shows, buying the merch. They’re the people up in the front. They’re the people making art about the things they love. Music is their life. When you find a space like Tumblr where you can live your life online with the people who feel that same passion, you can share your fan art, you can share your silly fan fiction, just in the same breath that you share these true emotional stories about what happened when you met the band, or the moment you got the album, your reaction.”

Secret is Out: Part 6

AN: Here is Part 6, as voted on twitter! Enjoy!

Prompt: What happens when secret identities are taken away from every DC superhero?

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

    “You know you don’t have to wear the glasses, right?”

    Clark glances back at you in the mirror, before looking back at the glasses, “I suppose it doesn’t matter. They’ve pasted both versions of my face all over the news.”

    You crawl out of bed and jump on to his back, so that you’re hanging off his back. When you can’t quite manage it, he smiles and bends down a bit. Wrapping your arms around his neck, he makes sure you’re secure before straightening again.    

    “You realize it’s the same face, right? This one just happens to be void of glasses.”

“I know, I’m just going to miss it.”

You kiss his cheek, “Miss what?”

“Being able to walk around without being recognized, or taking you to dinner without

being ambushed by reporters. Going to work without being stared at.”

    You wince before letting go, and sliding off his back, “You’re nervous, aren’t you?”

    “More than a little.”

    You nod, “Understandable, because if I worked in our office I’d give you lots of grief over writing articles about yourself.”

    His eyes focus in on you, “You do work in my office.”

    You snap your fingers, “That’s right! I take the photos, and dig up information, silly me.”

    He stares at you, “You have something planned.”

    You shrug before sending him a smirk, “Guess you won’t know until we get there.” And without another word you walk into the closet and change. When you’re done, you come out to find him staring at the door.

    You whisper, “Is there an alien on the other side?”

    His tone has a bit of bite to it, “Nope. Just lots and lots of neighbors.”

    You roll your eyes, “The neighbors have been trying to steal a glance of you since the news broke. You just keep flying out the window.”

    “There’s other women out there.”

    You roll your eyes, “Do I look worried? I have Shayera and Vixen at my beck and call. I’ve got mad back up, so it’s time to kick the farm boy persona, remember you’re in the city and get a move on, before we’re late.”

    He pouts a bit, but allows you to push him towards the door, you pull it open to reveal several of the little old ladies who live on your hall. You give him a look that says, “This is what had your tights in a twist?” before focusing on the neighbors.

“Good morning Ms. Ghent, Ms. Libby, how are you this morning?”

They smile, “We’re fine dear. Just here to tell you something.”


“Yes, we just wanted to let you know we got rid of those girls who were trolling around.

You and Clark are a match made in heaven, and just cause he saves the world doesn’t give them the right to come trolling around.”

    You smile, “Thank you Ms. Libby. To tell you the truth Clark is a bit nervous, this is our first time going out with everyone knowing.”

    Mrs. Ghent snorts, “Nonsense. Clark Kent is just as good a man as Superman. In fact this whole thing just makes the world seem a bit less crazy.”

    You glance at Clark to find him smiling, “Thank you Ms. Libby, Mrs. Ghent. Let me know if you ladies need anything moved, okay.”

    They smile and send the two of you off with a tin of cookies. The front door to your building is a bit of a different story. It’s filled with reporters and shouting fans. Clark glances at you, “Sad thing is we know each and every one of those guys.”

    You nod, “Half of them are scum.”

    “We should get a car.”

    You roll your eyes, “When you fly you can break Mach 1. We are not getting a car.”

    “Is flying your suggestion for this situation, because I’ll remind you that you’re wearing a skirt.”

    You smirk, “I have shorts on underneath.”

    The two of you stare at each other, before you surge forward and push open the doors. You stick your fingers in your mouth and let out a sharp whistle. The flashes from the cameras stops and you smile, “I’d just like to remind ALL of you, that there is a very good chance that we have worked together before, or at the very least I’ve worked with someone who knows you. That means I know your dirty little secrets. Also remember that I’m not my husband and I have no problem hanging you out to dry. So stop looking for news and go find a celebrity to photograph instead.”

    More than a few of them look nervous, and all of them know what you’re capable of. Clark comes out a minute later and asks, “Was that really necessary?”

    You stare at him for a minute, before turning and walking down the street. You murmur just loud enough for him to hear, “I married a boy scout.”

    He catches up, and takes your hand a moment later. You get stopped several times on your way. Mainly by fans. You get more than a few stares, but you make it to the office eventually.

    The stares are enough to unnerve even you. You’re proud of the way Clark keeps his head high and his eyes on his desk. You take your seats and get to work. You’ve almost blocked out the being watched feeling when Perry yells, “Kent. My office NOW!”

    You both jump up, until he says, “Superman only.”

    You wince at the use of the name, but watch as your husband walks in. Then you realize everyone else’s eyes are on him, and turn back to your work. He comes out half an hour later and slumps into his chair.

    Clicking through the images you ask, “Do I want to know?”

    “I’m not allowed to write about Superman anymore.”

    “As expected.”

    “He wants me to cover what it means to have superhero identities exposed. Interview the League and such.”

You laugh, “Can I be there when you ask Bruce for an interview?”

Clark just groans.