I think the most calming thing about being a Christian is that one day Jesus is going to come back and he’s not going to take all this vain stuff with Him. He’s not going to take the money, he’s not going to take your GPA, he’s not going to take your resume, not your 401k or your trophies, he’s not going to take all the books and records, or the dirty dishes in the sink. All the messy stuff in your life is going to be gone and you won’t have to worry about it because it’s dust one day.

I think we live our lives as if the things we have are all we’re going to have and that it all is of the most importance, when really it’s just dust and to dust it will return.


Any parting thoughts Malachite?

Yes. I just wanted to go on the record and say what a positive experience this has been for me. I know the kind of buzz that surrounds these kinds of shows, the idea that it’s all for fame or scandal or whatever and I was once one of those people.

And sure - there are moments of ridiculousness and some people in it for the wrong reasons but it’s also more than that.

It’s a stripping away of all the outside stuff that makes relationships messy. There’s no social media or friend opinions just a bunch of people, warts and all, hoping to find a connection. And I didn’t but I made a great friend or two and I got to be in an environment where I was a total equal which was refreshing.

So yeah - my parting thought is this. If you’re from somewhere where how you look or who you are makes people treat you like less than a person - get out! It doesn’t have to be for TV show! There are awesome people out there waiting to let you in and you just have to be brave enough to look.

I’m heading out now with a much better idea of who I am and what I want from life and from love. It’s not what I thought I’d walk away with but maybe it’s better. I haven’t got an other half but I found a whole me.

Oh an everyone? Remember to separate your trash for recycling!

Thanks again to @dragonpyromania for the always conscientious Mal! His environmental warrior shenanigans were constantly endearing if not always the best recipe for romance and he will be a delight to have in the neighbourhood. We’ll catch up with him after the BC is over and see what life has brought this newly confident berry!

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Despite the omnipresence of romance in our culture, I'm strangely at ease with being arospec. It gives me an odd sense of comfort.

Yeah, I get what you mean. For me it’s almost like I’m glad I don’t have to deal with all of that messy relationship stuff which can be very comforting. 

Coffee Break #1

“I’d like to sock that guy in the face,“  America declared.  “Punch him right in his dirty mouth.   Well I mean good golly that’s awful, treating you that way!“  

characters: nyo!America, nyo!Lithuania, mentioned Russia
words: 1384
America wants to make everything better and ends up making things worse.  Lithuania holds onto her guilty secret.

read on AO3 (alt title-Side By Side)

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Jude & Connor - Crush

So in honor of 704 subscribers  -since i missed my 700 mark-  Here’s a little video !!
Also in honor of February being the “month of love”  due to valentines day i decided i’d do a cute Jonnor video before all the messy stuff 3b has brought upon us so far.

Song: Crush
By David Archuleta



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In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled and stay beautiful, babies.

xoxo - CUT/SEW

So I finished reading Kings Rising, and I immediately need to do two things:

One, reread it, because holy shit it was so good, and I need to reabsorb everything that happened.

Two, I need to like write up this, like, dissertation of the series as a whole. Maybe do one of those dumb powerpoint things to recommend it to everyone. Write a fic of my take on the epilogue, with all the politics and messy stuff that didn’t make it to the book (Damen attempting to reform Akielos for one). I just need to CREATE something, and this series is so great, and I wanna do something.

(is there an epilogue btw? I know there are some side stories floating around out there, but I didn’t get any of them on my kindle copies sooo…)

This series y'all, I swear.

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there's this boy that i'm in love with. he says the feeling is mutual and tells me he loves me all the time. we used to be in a relationship, a short one, but we "had a thing" for awhile. we identified as friends i suppose but kissed and stuff. it was all a very messy situation and recently, we haven't had the opportunity to do anything, but he's now single and i just really want to be with him. i want to try again. he expressed that he's scared of hurting me again today and idk what i should do

i’m honesty in shock anyone can tell you that i’m going through the exact same thing right now so at least know you’re not alone. the only thing I think would help would probably being entirely honest about what you want & how you feel. it’s hard to have expectations in this situation because that ultimately leads to disappointment but it all depends on what you’re willing to do. make sure you’re putting yourself first angel & take it step by step x

29.01.16 // this is so messy, then again all my stuff is. I just bought another moleskine specifically for German, I’m going to stop with duolingo for the moment and just concentrate and master the words I’ve already learnt. I feel like duolingo doesn’t do that. None the less Its gotten me this far and by this far I mean the utter basics but we’ll see how it goes.

hempredictable asked:

do you have a tag for ur art?? because i dont stumble upon it that much and i just love ur art!! ❤️⭐️

Oh man I’m a messy person I just keep all my stuff under “mine” Idk dude I hope that helps x

Orrrr You can look at my instagram bc I keep everything there :) @justyna_drawings


Hey! I haven´t posted here at all, so I thought I´d share this. Forgive the messy stuff everywhere. I´m reading The Cambridge Introduction to Narrative for English class. First week back at school was…good. I didn´t have a lot of work, but it was great, after all. I´m excited yet terrified at all the stuff I have to read this semester. Ah well, I can do this !


This is my working space, when writing, ad where I keep all my stuff…

Sorry for the messy background… My mom would throw a fit of she saw it…

The top is my laptop, that’s where I write my stories that I previously wrote on paper… Sometimes I just create them on the computer, but it’s, personally, harder to do that…