Real life is messy. We all have limitations. We all make mistakes. Which means, hey, glass half full, we all have a lot in common. And the more we try to understand one another, the more exceptional each of us will be. But we have to try. So no matter what kind of person you are, I implore you: Try. Try to make the world a better place. Look inside yourself and recognize that change starts with you.

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Hoi, just wanted to say that you're such a great artist like wow ouO You say your Skelebros are bad but when I saw them they've influenced how I've drawn them by a LOT. :S So ye. Also if you wouldn't mind, could you post your brush settings? Thx and have a great day ^-^

((I’ve actually gotten a lot better at drawing them since I did a lot of practice before they showed up lol

ok brush settings! 

step 1! use clip studio paint/manga studio 5 because it’s the only relevant art program out there

step 2!

this is my lineart pen. lots of variance in pressure. it’s also the only brush I use consistently. for colors I use a pen with way less difference in pressure, but I use the same thing for all of the color.

I use this for sketching and quick messy stuff like the intermissions!

both of these brushes are just standard clip studio brushes. the only one I tinkered with was the pencil brush and even then I think I only changed the texture setting.

couch-ridden selfies #5076 and #5077 i left my hair in a braid for like a day and this happened

and for the LONGEST time anything REMOTELY curly or frizzy would set off the oh-no-i’m-gonna-look-stupid-like-i-did-when-i-was-little alarm but

that alarm isn’t going off right now.

like, this:

is how i’ve been blow drying my hair to look since i was like, sixteen, but the first two? are closer to what my hair naturally does? and also feel more like me?

and i don’t hate me the way i used to?

which is exciting

Close friendships are one of life’s miracles–that a few people get to know you deeply, all your messy or shadowy stuff along with the beauty and sweetness, and they still love you. Not only still love you, but love you more and more deeply. I would do anything for my closest friends, and they would do almost anything for me, and that is about as spiritual a truth as you can get.
—  Anne Lamott

1 small apple -55
Green Tea -0


1 small apple -55
Green Tea -0

1 cinnamon Crispbread -60
1 Gum -3

Total:173 calories today.

Getting in control again after the binge yesterday,feeling great but tired.
Yesterday after the utterly huge and disqusting binge i weighed in at 60.1kg..
This afternoon I weighed in at 59.4kg so I have lost 0.7kg so that’s great ♡

Im sorry if my blog is messy and stuff,i love u all and i hope you had an lovely day today ♡

elinor. tag dump!

here is a little about conrad! his full name is conrad trackfield and he is scamper lad
he is supa fast and is 15 years old. he has been doing cross country since he was little and is on the high school varsity. he is known for his incredible speed and agility! plus he is super flexible!
the only thing is that he is COMPLETELY inattentive. not only does he not wanna pay attention but he just cant. he talks way too quickly and is a klutz and hates to tie his shoe laces.
he runs so fast and so much that his hair just sticks out all messy from the wind and stuff! he gets confused super easily but he is definitely a team player and extremely energetic, always 100% effort try hard. park cores.
more about him to come!!!!

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Oo I'm excited to do the handwritten thing!! ^^ I will definitely take my time and try to make it nice looking :) but I'm so happy to be tagged!! โ™ก I never get people talking to me on here besides spam-blogs/spam-adult-blogs b/c of some of my content

I just wrote normally lol. Hence why it’s messy. And I have a different blog for all my NSFW stuff (which reminds me…I have to update it lmao), but porn blogs still follow my main and fic blog -_-

I’d be happy to talk to you more! I only talk to a few people on here, and they’re all SPN related


I wish there was a Photoshop equivalent of that writer’s block app that keeps you from accessing other things when you should be working. Except I’d also need this app to keep me from opening any blank canvases or opening any other wips.

I had been doing so well with my MEBB pieces and now my motivation has just tanked. Part of it is that so much of my time has gone to my garden lately and when I’m exhausted after that, all I want to do is sketch messy shippy smutty stuff. Come back, motivation!

Hello again! (this is a long one)

Some of you may have seen that I’ve recently been looking into copyright laws (I’m super late into the game, I know) and am looking into the “gray area”-the simple act of drawing and posting fan art NOT for profit (I’ve heard conflicting answers from a lot of sources) Sooo, due to the messy nature of all that copyright stuff:0, I will probably be stepping away from fan art-I don’t own any of the characters, I never did, everyone knows that (Sorry guys!!) until I get a clear answer (from the source, so I know for sure). I’ll totally still be drawing and posting other stuff, so hey, if you’d like an anthropomorphic animal sipping coffee for an icon, I got you (maybe) :)
P.S. for the ones who are currently waiting for fan art, I’m going to try to get this resolved today (if not today, tomorrow but hopefully today), bc I’d hate to not be able to finish them! However, if I do get the red light, I won’t be able to😢. And I know a lot of other artists don’t have a problem making fan art, since it’s not really one that’s enforced, but I personally wouldn’t be comfortable doing something that’s technically illegal(!), even if no one actually cares (unless you’re making $$ off of it, and even then it still slips by a lot) soo…we could either work something out (another equally good looking anthropomorphic animal motivating you to pass your internship?) Or if not, a very apologetic, tear-filled no :,( (really, I wanna cry, bc that comic’s coming along very well)

I feel like this is probably an unpopular opinion, but I actually liked AOU more than Civil War. I know the usual complains, and yeah, it’s not perfect, but there was just too much going on in Civil War, and it felt like a lot of character development was sacrificed because of it, and I know that characterization wasn’t perfect in AOU but I dunno, there’s only so many stories you can tell in one movie and CW just did way too much and most of it wasn’t necessary and they didn’t accomplish much of anything either

like AOU had a goal. Defeat Ultron. and what did they acomplish in Civil War? they destroyed the Avengers, they did find Bucky, so that’s an accomplishment

but they didn’t save the world, they didn’t successfully come to an agreement on the Accords. 

they just introduced a lot of new characters and new plots, and then tortured Tony a bit, and then threw in more new stuff, then tortured Tony some more. 

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  • wanda is a messy person, her stuff is always all over the place.  she doesn’t even  LIVE  with steven but he sometimes finds hair ties or accessories at random places in his apartment. the weirdest was a ring of hers in the freezer.
  • they either have the exact same taste in food or they couldn’t be more opposite. ex ;  his opinion on thai is  completely different  than hers but they both have the exact same chinese order.
  • wanda likes the travel channel. steven falls asleep to it.
  • steven hates how many random stones wanda leavs around his apartment.  it often ends in meaningless fights  ( ‘they’re sTONES NOT ROCKS, STEVEN. THEY HAVE GOOD ENERGY.’ )  that get resolved with either sexual favors or someone going to get food for the both of them.  most of the time, it’s steven. 

  send a  👫   & I’ll write four headcanons i have about our muse’s relationship