OKAY UHM FIRST OF ALL I BIT OFF MORE THAN I COULD CHEW, I WAS GONNA DRAW ALL OF THEM. LIKE ALL OF EVERYONES CHARACTERS, AND THEN HALF WAY THROUGH DRAWING THIS I THOUGHT TO MYSELF, HOW IN THE HELL WOULD I BE ABLE TO DO THAT? SO U  H NAH. sorry ;; these are the only characters i got done. 25 people. idk i feel kinda bad but i just dont think id be able to do such a task- so uhm ye here you go. im sorry its shit xD like its all messy,,,

vg stuff belongs to @blogthegreatrouge  also if u ever see my submission, his name is actually bob. bob is his name, not max. its bob. AND NOW THE TAGGING WILL COMMENCE

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AHHH don E

Hello, friends! I’ve had a few people interested in finding out how I made these gradual-colour gifs I posted recently, so I thought I’d do a tutorial for anyone who wants to give it a go :)

As I’ve mentioned before I didn’t use a tutorial myself, I just figured out my own way of doing it using my Photoshop/gif knowledge and an existing gifset as a guide. I also had to work around a few Photoshop glitches I usually struggle with, so my way might be slightly over-complicated ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) But anyway let’s get started!

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I think the most calming thing about being a Christian is that one day Jesus is going to come back and he’s not going to take all this vain stuff with Him. He’s not going to take the money, he’s not going to take your GPA, he’s not going to take your resume, not your 401k or your trophies, he’s not going to take all the books and records, or the dirty dishes in the sink. All the messy stuff in your life is going to be gone and you won’t have to worry about it because it’s dust one day.

I think we live our lives as if the things we have are all we’re going to have and that it all is of the most importance, when really it’s just dust and to dust it will return.

TodoBakuDeku: Parent Headcanons pt 2


- Biological gender: Girl!! (If she wishes to change it later in her life, you bet her dads would support her cause she is their precious baby)

- Baby’s name would be Midoriya Katsudo  緑谷 勝凍 (boyish name but meh) (the other two marry into the Midoriya fam) 

- Spiky green hair with the heterochromatic eyes (like Shouto’s)

- EXTREME CHUBBINESS, nicknames are Katsudon (PORK! CUTLET! BOWL!) and Piglet (based of my own experience)

- Quirk would be Explodo + Hot ‘n Cold = Explodo on one side, danger ice shards on the other (but like, won’t be discovered until she is 3)

- Ochako passed out the moment the baby was out but had a smile on her face

- Izuku cried. Shouto cried. Katsuki had “fucking dust in his eyes”

- First dad to hold Katsudo was CANDY CANE DAD. Admiring her adorable face and her floofy hair

- Izuku was next, rocking her back and forth coaxing her to sleep with eyes filled with awe

- Katsuki was secretly nervous to hold the tiny human, afraid to break her but ends up doing just fine (”holy shit… we made this” “with ochako’s help kacchan”)

- When Ochako wakes up, Tsuyu’s by her side along with the new dads telling her what a wonderful person she was and thanking her for all her effort (Katsuki was passed out after worrying about the baby’s birth) 

- She holds the baby and the adorable little one looks up at her and gives her a gummy smile. Cue melting of everyone who’s in the room’s hearts 

-Unfortunately, not everyone can come and visit them at the hospital due to all their work, but everyone took a day off for “Ochako and Katsudo’s discharge from the hospital” party (aka, the baby shower)

- Everyone from their class, All Might and even Aizawa-sensei came and congratulated the trio on their addition and Ochako enjoyed the attention she got for being the world’s best Godmom. (she literally gave birth to the kid, she definitely deserves the title)

- Baby things were given by everyone like… their various hero merch (Blankets, figurines, posters??? why). All Might and Aizawa-sensei gave the most normal items ever. Diapers.

- Ochako breastfeeds the baby. The most natural source of baby food. (She stores a few bottles of them in the fridge cause she doesn’t want to have to wake up every time the baby is hungry)

- OT3 takes turns to take care of the baby whenever she cries for whatever she’s crying about (Shouto>Izuku>Katsuki)

-Piglet loves to see Katsuki’s grumpy face for some reason and it always makes her laugh (which definitely makes him turn into a pile of mush on the inside)

- Izuku loves blowing raspberries at her chubby tummy, in which she enjoys too

- Todoroki is the one to handle all the messy stuff, burping and diaper changes, he doesn’t mind at all and believes that it is his job and he loves it

-Ochako takes Katsudo to see Tsuyu (the other Godmom, considering they’re married and Ochako is a Godmom, soooo)

- Tsuyu does a weird but cute(?) version of peek-a-boo where she sticks her extremely long tongue out which makes the baby laugh lots 

-Overall the baby loves laughing, which spreads joy to everyone around her like a teeny ball of sunshine and only cries when uncomfortable.


THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO LIKED THE PREVIOUS ONE WHICH I THOUGHT WAS TERRIBLE(?) CONSIDERING THAT IT WAS MY FIRST HEADCANON IN A V LONG TIME. (was actually inspired by cloversdreams, an amazing af writer of the OT3 on AO3 and heroesfly and their gr8 aus here on tumblr!)

Part 1

anonymous asked:

Can I have a Solangelo coffee shop from a barista's pint of view? Oddly specific, but hey, I need it.

I already saw a couple versions of the coffee shop au, so I will do like Nico is the Batista, ok?
♡ Nico works in a coffee shop next to the medicine school
♡ Everyday, he sees the cute blond student. He always order the same thing, the biggest and fullest of cafeine coffee they have
♡ Nico is not a smiling person, but he can’t help smiling every time the boy walks through the door
♡ Nico is the one who always takes his orders and the other employees make fun of him for it. He pretends to be annoyed, but he has to work hard not to blush.
♡ The boy is always polite and kind with Nico
♡ Nico learned to read the boy’s mood. When he showed up in clean clothes, tidy hair, and an organized backpack, it had been a good day and the boy was smiling. When he came in with rumpled clothes, messy hair, and carrying all the messy stuff, it had been a bad day and he just smiled tiredly. These days, Nico would pay him a muffin and say it was courtesy.
♡ Nico knows the boy’s name is Will bc he writes in the cup, but he mentally call him Doctor Sunshine
♡ Then one day, Nico was really distracted and when Will made his order, he wrote Doctor Sunshine in the cup and did not notice. When Will went to get his coffee, he looked at the name on the cup and asked, smiling, “Is this me?” And Nico only wanted to bury his head on the floor and disappear, but Will just smiled broadly and went to sit
♡ After that, Nico started to avoid Will. Every time the boy entered the coffee shop, Nico would invent something to do and ask someone else to attend Will
♡ After a week, one of the staff handed Nico a paper, saying “the blond guy said you have a doctor’s note”. It was a medical recipe with “I recomend you to meet me after your expedient” write on it and signed as Doctor Sunshine
♡ Nico pretend he was cool all day, but he was so anxious he couldn’t stop moving
♡ At the end of his expedient, he meets Will waiting out side the coffee shop. Will open that fucking sunshine smile and Nico couldn’t help but smile too. So they walking down the street, talking and happy.
Hope you liked, anon! And sorry about the english :c
Feel free to send more requests!

In Her Honor

series: khr
tags: gen, wip, one-sided K27
summary: Tsuna was born a girl. 
notes: I could give you a full essay rant on the way genderbent Tsuna is potrayed in fanfic

Sawada Tsunayoshi is born a girl and although he is briefly disappointed, Iemitsu is mostly relieved. A daughter to dote on, he thinks. Far away from blood and mafia. Pure and innocent. His child.

“My little darling,“ he coos to the baby. “My tiny, itty-bitty tuna fish!”

The nurse in charge of writing the birth certificates hesitates over her name. Tsunayoshi, she mouths, brows furrowed and uncertain. This is a little scandalous, isn’t it? Out loud, she asks the couple if they are sure. After a minute of their reply, she writes the characters down, slowly and carefully.

The ink is barely dry when Iemitsu leaves for Italy.

Nana smiles distantly and thinks about nursery room colors and spinning mobiles.

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Asking for It - Part 2 (Joker x Reader)

Originally posted by kurokumorithedarkshadow666

Part 1

Imagine the Joker breaking into your apartment to hide out from the cops. However, he doesn’t know what kind of surprise is waiting for him.

A/N: I was really surprised by the amount of people who enjoyed the first part of this. So I hope you guys like this one, there’s going to be a third part so don’t worry~

Warnings: Casual murder (cause the Joker is the Joker)

It’d been at least two weeks since Gothams most wanted criminal broke into your house and stayed the night. The memories of the night you’d spent with him still brought crimson blush to your cheeks. You’d never done anything impulsive like that in your life. He was clearly a bad influence on you. Or maybe, you were secretly into things like that. Who knew. He was gone before you woke up, the only thing remaining of him was a Joker playing card that sat on your nightstand. The existence of that card was the only thing that assured you that you hadn’t dreamt the whole thing.

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Ok but 3AM feedings, just imagine Alec stumbling down the hall, baby Max cuddled into the crook of his arm, with his sweats falling down and one hand on the wall to keep himself upright and generally moving in the right direction because there is no chance he’s seeing more than a slither of coloured blurs at this time in the morning and fuck. that. if he’s going to even attempt to open his eyes fully. Nope. He can find the kitchen by feel alone easily enough. And he does so there. He finds the fridge by locating the cold object in the room that isn’t the floor and then he plucks out one of the pre-made bottles and dumps it in the waiting saucepan on the hob, the one with an inch of water already in it, and flicks on the heat. Now he’s just got to wait like five, ten minutes for the damn thing to heat up and Max starts fussing again in the crook of his arm so Alec offers his pinky knuckle for Max to suckle on while they wait. That and the soft murmuring of Alec’s gravelly sleepy voice seem to soothe Max before he can start screaming for sustenance like a freaking banshee. Somewhere between minute one and two Alec stops offering up quiet promises of warm milk and his head tips back for a quick doze just standing upright in the kitchen, mouth open and possibly in danger of drowning in his own drool as he ‘bounces’ (more like a twitchy jerk every half minute or so) Max in his arm. Magnus is forever amazed that Alec never burns the house down in the morning feeds because for some magical shadowhunter reason that Magnus is so not jealous of - shut up Ragnor he isn’t - Alec’s back to alert, or what counts as alertness at three fucking am, by the time the water’s bubbling along and hey presto perfectly warmed milk. Magnus wants the Lightwood lineage checked for a warlock ancestor because no matter how often he tries, he can’t get perfectly warmed milk without magical intervention. 

prince-leorio  asked:

i loved your fic!! please tell me more klance things that make you weak 👀. if you don't mind of course!

ahhhhh okay my dude i’m sorry this took me a while 2 answer - it’s not bc i didn’t see it, it’s bc i wanted to give it the Meticulous Consideration™ it deserved jkgddsgjg ANYWAY here’s my attempt at sharing things that are My Jam  👀 👀 👀

  • ok so like the #1 Best Klance Thing imo is their relationship progressing from Just Physical to being full of E M O T I O N S, this is in both the fics i have written bc i just LOVE IT SO MUCH.
    • the tension of the rivalry develops into “oh shit he’s hot” unresolved sexual tension, so they start messing around, almost pissed at the other for being so fucking pretty and putting me through this hell – it’s a bit rough, a bit messy, all that good stuff. they look at each other and just want to s c r e a m, because why is my heart exploding from seeing this loser and his stupid perfect face and gorgeous eyes and–
    • –and then the gay feelings start hitting them both in earnest. none of them want to say anything because they are both insecure about themselves and where they stand, so they just… pine and pine after one another, trying to express what they feel in the moments when they get to have the other in their arms
    • keith kissing lance uncharacteristically soft, so he can breathe him in a few seconds longer; lance running his fingers through keith’s hair or over his skin, just marveling at him, at every detail; those small, tender moments that they think is all they’re ever going to get.
    • but then, eventually, one of them won’t be able to take it anymore and a confession will just slip
    • if it’s lance it will be soft and gentle and earnest, because he thinks about things, turning every scenario over in his mind ahead of time, and finally decides he just has to say what he feels even though he’s so nervous he thinks he’s about to faint. if it’s keith it’ll be more impulsive: it’ll come out when he least expects it, whenever he starts getting emotional, because eventually all the feelings he’s bottled up will come spilling out of him all at once
    • of course its mutual. this is where it REALLY gets soft and gay, and lance will inevitably say something dumb and keith will hit him and then kiss the stupid smile off his adorable face
    • (sdjglksjdg i feel like i just summarized my multichap fic but i mean… i wrote it like that for a reason :’’)))) )
  • insecurity & jealousy that get resolved in the end have always been a lovely trope and it works so well for klance i just… its truly amazing
    • lance, of course, has this inferiority complex toward keith because keith is just Good At Everything, and he has this cool aloof vibe that lance envies – he’s always been the goofy class-clown type, and lowkey wished he could be the Hero from all the dorky movies we all know he definitely watches, and keith just embodies all of this to him.
    • keith meanwhile thinks lance is absolutely radiant. it’s not necessarily that he wishes he could be like him, because keith has his own way of understanding the world and doesn’t feel the need to change that. but he wonders how a person can have such a glow, making everyone around them laugh, enrapturing the room, existing so naturally, so easily. it’s the opposite of everything keith is, and it blows him away, it makes his heart Ache.
    • and when they come together, they start to realize that they can both be so much more that way. lance is keith’s #1 fan and supporter, bc he admires him so much and believes in him no matter what, even after discovering that he is a Known Dork and awkward cutie. meanwhile keith will hold lance up whenever he starts feeling insecure, or like he’s not enough, because he’s seen lance from the outside: he’s seen that light he has, and it never fails to make him feel warm, and he is going to make sure lance knows just how wonderful he is.
  • and then, as boyfriends, still being able to compete about everything because it’s in both their personalities – but it’s Good and Playful and tbh they probably end up competing to see who is the better kisser bc they both have poorly veiled ulterior motives and, well, it is up 2 u from there  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

this got really long and i’m tired so it’s probably incoherent,,, but i hope it’s what u wanted!! and thank u for reading my fic and sending me a message, it truly made my day <3

anonymous asked:

hiya!!!!! can you do one with Junkrat standing around the reader while being super awkward and starting really weird small talk which makes the reader really confused?? (like what is he muttering on about?????) basically junkrat being an embarrassing and awkward fool around his crush

Subject: Junkrat x Reader
Word Count: 1k words

hope you like it!!

You were told to sit at this point, wait, and look out for anyone suspicious. Except that they told you to work with this guy and he was more suspicious than anyone else. 

You had met him some weeks ago on a different job. He introduced himself as “Junkrat” but, when you gave him a look, he added hastily that his real name was Jamison. “That’s a name you don’t hear often,” you try to say conversationally, but he just started cackling madly so you shut your mouth and did what you were supposed to.

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Imagine #28 Working at Barcelona FC (part 3)

PS: I hope you guys like it! I’m sorry if it’s short, but I have an important exam tomorrow :/ If you guys want more, I’ll write a longer one tomorrow night :)

You were in the locker room alone, still shocked by Neymar’s actions. He actually just kissed your forehead and told you not to make him jealous. You were so confused, but you couldn’t help but smile. His word made you happy.

You walked out and saw that the boys went to talk to Neymar, asking him what is wrong with his leg. You walked to the coach and told him what went wrong.

“He needs to rest until Thursday; if the pain won’t vanish he won’t be able to play.”

“I see… But does he need any special threatens for the recover?”

“Well, it would be good if he would get a massage from a specialist.”

“Okay, so you will do it, you are a specialist aren’t you?”

“Yeah, of course, I’ll do it.” You said remembering, you had to be the one doing this kind of things. Then you got in panic when you realized that you would have to spend every day alone with Neymar to help him recover. You didn’t know if it was a good thing or a bad thing, since it was all confusing.

The training finished and you went back home. You unpacked all your boxes and finally made your house look decent. You sat on the sofa and watched a TV show and fell asleep in the middle of it. When you woke up you realized that you slept for more than 10 hours.

Since you were early and still had more than an hour before going to work, you decided to go google Neymar. You felt so stupid doing it, but all you wanted to know was if he had a girlfriend or not. You noticed a picture of him kissing a girl with brown hair and clicked on it.

“Neymar and Bruna: Broke up!” you saw the title and felt relieved, you saw a picture of her and she was beautiful.

Then the time came and you got yourself in the car and drove to the stadium. You came earlier and no one was there, even the doors were still close so you had to wait outside. You were looking at some stuff on your phone when you noticed Rafinha coming out of his car.

“Hey, you’re early.” He said with a smile, you never noticed how cute he actually was.

“So are you.”

“Yeah, I had to go buy something and now I’m early.”

He was kind and you two both had a laugh and talked about different things, it was the first time you actually talked with a boy so calmly. After a while, you saw Marc and Bravo coming together.

“Hey, the door is still closed?” Bravo asked confused and tried to open it.

“Ola!” Marc said and once again, he putted his hand around your arms. You didn’t say or do anything, you just blushed and looked at the ground embarrassed.

The boys started talking between each other, you didn’t say anything and Marc was still with his hand around you. Then you noticed almost everyone coming, all the stuff members, Messi, Pique, Xavi, Iniesta and then your eyes stopped on Neymar.

At first, he didn’t notice you were looking at him, but when they all came closer and one of the stuff members opened the door. You saw how he looked madly at you and then at Marc, but he just walked inside ignoring both of you.

When the boys got ready, they all came to the pitch. They all started running except for Neymar, who had to rest for three days. You heard the coach telling him that he will have a special treatment and that you would help him. As he said that his eyes moved in your direction and he smiled.

You walked closer to them and the coach told you to go do what you have to do. You agreed and walked with Neymar in the locker room, where you would have to give him a massage.

He laid on the bed and smiled. You were embarrassed, because he was looking at you with a smirk and you couldn’t stop thinking about what he said the previous day. However, it was your job and you had to be mature and do what you had to do.

At first as you started massaging him, you two were quiet, but then he broke the silence.

“I guess Pique was right, you do know how to work with your hands.” He laughed, as you got even more nervous with his comments.

“It’s part of my job”

He laughed at you being all nervous and stopped your hand from massaging

“Relax, why are you so thigh?”

You continued massaging and answered, “I’m just shy”

“But you’re not shy with Marc”

This time you stopped and looked at him shocked “Wh… what? I didn’t do anything,” you said staring at Neymar who had a smile on his face. He was so proud of himself for making you feel uncomfortable.

“I thought I told you something yesterday, about not to make me jealous.”

You looked back down at his thigh and continued massaging, ignoring his words. Suddenly he moved up, sitting on the bed, but with his head in front of your ear.

“You have to try harder.” You felt his breath on your neck and you were so shocked you didn’t move, you just kept working on his thigh.

He smiled, took your chin and turned your face just a few centimetres from his face. You were confused and your heart felt like it was going to explode. He was looking straight in to your eyes and you saw he was getting closer to your lips.

“Hey, Neym…” You heard Messi rushing inside.

Neymar moved back on the bed as nothing was going on, but Messi knew something happened, since you were staring at the ground and ignoring Messi.

“We need you there; you have to hear something about the opposite team for Saturday”

Neymar got up of the bed and told Messi he would come.

“This isn’t over” He whispered in your ear and walked outside to go to the other boys. 

anonymous asked:

Video anon here, I'm glad you liked it. Bespoke!Eggsy was absolutely the first thing I thought of when I saw it, and I just had to share. :D Also, I was re-reading the Bespoke verse (I love it so much 😭 ) last night, and I was wondering while reading the last posted fic (where they fight) if Eggsy is ever going to be okay with anal sex or is that something he'll never be comfortable with given his past? Is it even something that they feel like doing in the dynamic between the three of them?

Thank you! :D And yes, we have plans for all sorts of ongoing stuff (messy history for all of them to process once they’re ready/the first time Eggsy thinks he might want to see people who aren’t them and feels weird about it/family holiday as soon as the world stops flinging its shit around for them to clear up/Michelle finding out what’s going on/etc) - just need to figure it all out.

It’s d day friends and neighbors.  I’ve started my Mary Kay routine (cleanser, moisture, all that).  I got up early and I’m eating a good breakfast of cinnamon waffles with honey and orange juice.  My suit is laid out (not putting on until later, don’t want it to get messy) All my stuff is packed and ready for when I get to work.  I took all my meds.  All that’s left is to put the suit on, put the make up on and go for it.

I need all the good vibes you can send me.  I want this job so bad guys.

Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

And, once again, this is how Loki deals with everything—by falling right back into the habit of being a little smirky shit.  It’s easy to see the emotion on his face here, that he’s reeling and wobbly, that he cares very much in these moments.  That he’s in pain and hurting and upset.

But, having gotten the reaction out of Thor that he’d been needling him, Loki having been more unbalanced by it than he intended, this is right what he goes back to, the spoiled kid who skates out of things by making a funny comment and his best attempt at a, “Aren’t I a little stinker? But you love me anyway.” face.

He doesn’t know how to handle genuine emotion anymore, no matter that he was the one who wanted this, so joke joke joke, smirk smirk smirk, and you’ll ignore the lingering pain and hurt in his face.  And this makes him a fascinating character to me and makes me love him dearly and want to pry him apart to see all the messy stuff under the surface, but it also makes me want to smack him upside the head for being such a little shit.