7 Mineral Lime Walls - Mediterranea Colours - volume 1

Is the blue of Greece making you daydream ? Did you ever wanted to come back from your mediterranean vacation with the walls in your suitcase ? Stop looking for home-sitting those beauties and keep your savings for something else, here are a set of 7 shades of blue, memories of the southern european sea. Those walls of mineral lime are perfect for a subtle and soft touch, yet really chic.

The pattern looks good in all three heights.
Patterns don’t just stretch to fit, they were made in three different sizes, just like EA does it.
Patterns are really seamless in every direction : up, down, left and right.

Made with WallEz.

Category : Build > Wall > Masonry
Price : 5§

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Kaidan  Appreciation Week - 2

Day 2 - Childhood

Day 1 - Family

It took just a minute for Kaidan to find the right way to sit in the small chair left beside the little turian girl’s hospital bed: his heavy armor made him clatter clumsily. He finally decided to plop into it awkwardly and play it off as a joke.

It was the right choice–the girl tried to bury her giggling in the blanket pulled up the way up to her chin.

“Oof! It’s okay! No need to call the nurses! I’m fine!” he waved hysterically, and that earned an outright guffaw. “And what’s your name?”

“Juryte,” she peeped.

Kaidan had had kids climbing all over him all morning at his charity visit to the T’orah Mijel Memorial Children’s Hospital, and at least a dozen kids were still making a ruckus outside the door to Juryte’s isolation room, waiting for him to come back out. Most of the kids in isolation rooms had been shy and sheepish, and Juryte was no exception, but Kaidan was getting used to what would get them talking. 

“You’ve got a beautiful room, Juryte! I love how you’ve decorated it.”

“Thanks, I hate the hospital.” She rose up slightly from underneath her cacoon of blankets.

“I get what you mean, when I was a kid, I was always in the hospital!”

“How come?” 

“Well, I was always hurting myself. Later on I had really nasty headaches,” he told her covertly, and she listened with wide-eyes. “I was always in for tests and scans and check-ups. Bleh. Was always ready to leave. I made some good friends though…”

He found out all about how how Juryte’s parents had died in Sovereign’s attack three years ago (he steered the conversation away from that) and that her uncle was taking care of her now, and all about how she liked to build model ships.

“Which one’s your favorite?” he asked, pointing to the ships lined up near the window. When she pointed one out, he pulled it over biotically.

“That’s so cool!” she squealed. “I wish I was a biotic!”

“Ha, well, mine didn’t start up till I was just about your age…”

“Really? I hope I have them.”

Kaidan smiled. Turian biotics were feared, the culture was terribly suspicious of them. And they were plenty rare. But the same could be said about human biotics too. Kaidan’s biotics had been a burden hanging over his head since he was this girl’s age, but to Juryte, they were awesome. Not something to be hated or feared.

“Y’know,” he said lightly, taking tiny Juryte’s hand in his. “The guy who taught me biotics was a turian…”


datamarluxia asked:

Unpopular opinion: I think that if Xion does come back in KH3 it will be out of fanservice. It just doesn't make sense to let her be her own person i mean... she's a part of sora's memories after all.

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

I mean it sounds horrible to say I want her to stay dead, but this series is pretty bad with making sacrifices permanent. We’ve been told that Sora can save everyone, and that’s great and all, but it kind of defeats the nobleness of those sacrifices when it didn’t really mean anything

Send me opinions!♥

anonymous asked:

Unpopular opinion: Haise won't recognize Hide. Kaneki won't come back from simply seeing Hide.

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

as much as i would love their reunion to be all fairytaley i just don’t see that happening in the manga. although i’m sure meeting hide will have some kind of impact on sasaki and maybe it will trigger some of his memories

opinions °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

I avoid going to bed because once my head lays on that pillow, all I can think of is him. “Missing him comes in waves and tonight I’m drowning” has never been more true to me except I’ve been drowning for days and I just want a break, I want to come up for air. I want to push him to the back of my mind where he will become a faded memory. He broke me and all I want is his forgiveness. 

that one song ever just randomly come on, and you know your gonna get all emotional if you sit there and listen to it. but you do it anyway because it brings back so many memories.

pkmntrainerfixc asked:

tell mea bout your memories snufkin :O

oh i have quite a lot of memories,,

Like this one time,when i was very small and had yet to start traveling,i remember when i use to live with my mother and father i’d always hang around the fields around our home,i would always put flowers on my hat !! they all looked very lovely then,another memory i have was when this lady accompanied me on one journey i was going on while away from moo-/min valley,i don’t remember much about her but i believe she was in search of a place to live and settle down,so i allowed her to come with me while I just journeyed around 

another memory i have is one time when i was out getting more firewood since it was really late,some people had raided my camp ! they were still around when i came back from getting wood,i ended up hiding and trying to figure out what they were doing.i didn’t figure out what but i did end up scaring them a little bit before they left !

anonymous asked:

What was your favorite thing about DCI?

“Was”? Is*
I’m not completely done yet, I still have two summers left after this year😂

But hands down, the friendships you make with your corps family and members from other corps.
You’re only with them for a short amount of time, but the memories you make/made with them over the summer will last a lifetime. And it’s great to share those moments with such wonderful and special people.

Those memories and special bonds are what make you want to come back to the activity and do it all over again.
You’ll realize you miss them when that good ol Post-Tour Depression hits ya.
And I’m sure it’s even worse when you age-out. I sure ain’t ready for that.

  • T.A.O
  • 黄子韬
  • T.A.O

T.A.O by Huang Zitao - lyrics:

I believe in my persistence
I believe in my option
At the leaving moment, I understand the so-called freedom
When I’m walking out alone, I know the reason why

I’m back
My one way road is a pinnacle one
All the obstacles, I walked through it
That’s my one way out
Yeah everybody huh come follow me
I am T.A.O
W-wait a minute hold up
W-wait a minute hold up
W-wait a minute hold up
That’s my team
Let’s pour up, the strength is still here
Everything’s on me, no new friends
I trust in no fate so I will prove it by myself

The time i have lost, the life that can’t be brought back, the memories of the past, I don’t want to think about it anymore
One love? Where is it? Tried to find, but found nothing.
True heart for true heart? Can it even be trusted? Where is it? Where is it?

Let forget things that passed
Let re-fill the vacancy with my current condition
No longer be tied in those shackles
But the promise will not be broken

I’m back
My one way road is a pinnacle one
All the obstacles, I walked through it
That’s my one way out
Yeah everybody huh come follow me
I am T.A.O
W-wait a minute hold up
W-wait a minute hold up
W-wait a minute hold up
That’s my team
Let’s pour up, the strenght is still here
Everything’s on me, no new friends
I trust in no fate so I will prove it by myself

The clock rewinds back to the middle
Then back again to the beginning
But i am who i am
You hate me hate me hate me cause of everything i am
But you love me love me love me cause of everything i am

This song requires a bit of an explanation. This song was written when I first accepted my gender identity (genderfulid). I was deeply in love with a girl who had a boyfriend at the time but told me that I couldn’t treat her as well as he could because I wasn’t a boy. That struck a cord with me because I felt like a boy when I was with her and that made me realize I actually felt like a boy a lot more than I thought I did. I began to struggle with being a women but having all these feelings that did not match that vision in my head, remembering times at a younger age where I NEVER felt like a “girl” and I would argue with my mother about the fact. Being in love with this girl made all those memories come flooding back to me and it me realize that I wasn’t JUST a girl, I never had been. I was a boy too and it was painful to feel like I would never be able to show her how much she meant to me because I would never be a “boy” in her eyes. This song means a lot to me.


Aqua Appreciation Week - Day 2 - favorite sad scene

Taking that first step back and realizing where I had been standing all along, I think this was one of the first places I actually started to cry during BBS.

Chain of Memories was my first Kingdom Hearts game, and so it’s always been with me even though I’ve never finished it properly. My first memories of the series come from standing in front of this castle and trying to solve its mysteries.

Even though by the end of BBS, I knew everything there was to know already, seeing all the pieces fall into place for myself at last absolutely broke my heart.

I was right back where I started.


Unfair Mario a ridiculously hard Mario game which trolls you with false information and unseen booby traps

The game follows the same format as most Mario games - you must traverse hazards and get the plucky plumber to the end of the level.  Unfortunately for you each level is littered with hidden traps which you won’t see until it’s too late.  This means if you have any chance of making it to the end of level flagpost, you must memorize the locations of each and every trap - making the game just as much a test of memory as platforming skills.

There are 10 levels in Unfair Mario, but anyone who makes it to the end of all 10 without smashing something in frustration deserves a medal.  It’s a deeply frustrating but surprisingly addictive game that keeps you coming back for more punishment.

Play the Full game, Free (Browser)


VidCon was awesome and you’re awesome! also thank you I’m crying 

I’ve got a lot of thoughts and feels about this year’s VidCon, and the future, and how this YouTube and online video thing is all uncertain and exciting and great. And that’ll come soon enough. Also click the photos for more info/sources.

For now I just wanted to share a moment that happened at the end of the Ask Emily Q&A where Joe asked for his final question: 20 years from now - or in any number of years - when you look back on The Brain Scoop so far, what moment will stick out in your memory? 

It’s an incredibly broad question since there hasn’t been a single dull moment in the last 2.5 years, but as I was thinking of an answer I just became really overwhelmed, sitting there in front of this audience of passionate learners and curious answer-seekers. And I said, in the end there is no specific moment. This program and my life has been on a rocket ship blasting a million miles an hour ever since we launched. The last few years have shaped into the most rewarding, enlightening, full and enriching moments anyone could ever hope to experience during their lifetime. In the end if this is all I ever do, if I move on and it turns out my fun run with online video and natural history museums ends as quickly as it began, it won’t matter. I’m one very lucky and fortunate person, and it is all because of you – the followers of this blog, the viewers of our show, the people I high-fived and embraced at VidCon, the fans all over the world who believe in what I’ve been trying to do for years and are helping to make it happen. This is for you, and it’s because of you.  

I want to give you all one massive hug. Thank you for giving me the best years.


“Only your light can bring it back to my life.”

If you take a book with you on a journey, an odd thing happens: The book begins collecting your memories. And forever after you have only to open that book to be back where you first read it. It will all come into your mind with the very first words: the sights you saw in that place, what it smelled like, the ice cream you ate while you were reading it… yes, books are like flypaper—memories cling to the printed page better than anything else.
—  Inkheart by Cornelia Funke