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Dimples Peanut: 9. things you said when i was crying

She could get used to this, she thinks.

It’s half past the children’s bedtime on a quiet Friday night. Their demons of the week have come and gone (some of them vanquished, others sent back to that hell known as Oz), and their home is finally starting to look lived in, after so many months away chasing memories and Dark Ones and ghosts from their past.

Needless to say, Regina is more than ready to enjoy the wine she’s just poured, not to mention a very shall we say eager Robin wrapped around the back of her, nosing kisses along her throat at the bottom of the staircase, all warmth and breath and toe-curling stubble.

Maybe it’s the cabernet that’s melting her insides, or maybe it’s something else—that thing Robin is doing with his tongue, for one, or the palm he’s dragging past her neckline, and oh—mmmm—

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The first crack hurts the most.
—  And I don’t think I’ll ever be okay. I’m not fine. I’m not happy. I’m not through with you, but isn’t that how it ends every time? Someone leaves happy. Someone leaves sad. I tried to lie about happiness, but you can’t fake it until you make it with that concept. It’s a mirage and you’re the desert. The sands of time slowly becomes quicksand; drowning & suffocating. When memories are all we have left, we try to make room for others. That’s also a lie. We’re liars. There’s no going back. Just more cracks and tombstones because every night, you die. A million times over for every passing minute. You’re digging your own grave because of them. I said it’s time to let go, but how come you can’t leave me in peace. It’s time to rest in poems because lately the thought of going home is utter and absolute bullshit.
Siblings (Newt)

{Requested by two anonymous}

Request/description: Could you do a Newt imagine where you’re the only British ones in the glade?

Can I have a Newt imagine where they are the only British ones and everyone teases them and come up with nicknames for them. You soon get your memories back and find out that your brother and sister

A/N: These requests were really similar so I tried to combine them I hope that’s okay.

Warnings: None

Word count: 716


Ever since you’d come up in the box, everyone was suspicious. Why did you have a British accent? Why were you the only girl? Secretly, you did like all the little things that made you different from the boys.

Of course it did help a little that Newt was there, since he had the same accent as you. You’d toyed with the idea of knowing him before your memories were taken from you but there was no way to know for sure. You just decided to not think anything more of it until you knew for absolute certain.

That was, until today happened.


Newt greeted you on the way to the gardens and you waved back warmly. You really couldn’t shake the feeling that you knew so much more about him than the others did. Kind of like you’d spent a lifetime with him, which only aggravated you more. Why couldn’t you remember?

Finally you’d had enough.

You look back to Newts retreating form and jog after him. “Newt?”

He spins around and smiles. “Yes?”

You put a hand on your hip as you come to a stop. “Why are we the only ones with British accents?”

Newts eyebrows furrow and he scratches his jaw. You become more infuriated. You knew he was going to do that! He always did when he actually considered or thought about something.

“W-well I suppose I don’t know. I mean I’m sure that whoever put us in here had a large diverse group but for us to have the same accents is a bit odd, yeah?”

You nod and cross your arms. You watch his body language, nearly predicting it. Either you were psychic or you really did know Newt better than anyone here.

Newt threw his arms up after a moment more of thinking. “I don’t know. We could be siblings maybe, but we won’t until one of us can remember.”

Your body goes rigid and you listen to the last word of his sentence as it tugs at something within you.

And then, you remember.


“Y/N,” Newt says hurriedly. “You need to remember, okay? You have to.”

You take in your surroundings. The walls you’d seen a million times, the guards that had kept you here for years. WICKED.

His hands are gripping your shoulders tightly and you nod with a big swallow. “I-Ill try.”

Newt casts a nervous glance over his shoulders at approaching footsteps.

“They’re sending me up next. I don’t have much more time, so all I can ask is that you find some way to remember. It could save us all in the end.”

Your eyes tear up and you nod. “Be safe.”

Newt lets out an airy laugh and pulls you into his arms. “Of course I will. I have to be there when my little sister comes up, don’t I? Someone needs to look after you,” he chuckles.

You roll your eyes and rub at the tears in them as he releases you.

Finally the approaching footsteps turn the corner and your throat goes tight. Ava Paige.


When you come back to the present, you’re shoulders are once again being gripped by Newt. You stare into Newts concerned eyes and he shakes you a little.

“Y/N? Can you hear me?”

You step back and rub at your temples. “Newt,” you laugh a little. “I remember now.”

Newts eyebrows give their signature furrow and you hug him this time. “You’re my brother,” you whisper.

Newt goes rigid in your arms and he pulls away. He stares at you with a questioning eye until he realizes that you were serious.

He stares over your shoulder for a moment, but not at anything in particular. He was remembering, like you had.

“You know it too, don’t you,” you say shakily.

Newts eyes go from over your shoulder to yours slowly. He nods. “Yeah…I think I remember. It’s a little fuzzy, but I’m sure of it.”

You’re hugging each other now and smiling like Minho had just cracked one of his stupid jokes.

“You know it’s even funnier when you realize that I was the one who looked after you in the end,” you laugh.

“Oh please, the Gladers would’ve pushed you around without me,” Newt smirks.

“Sure,” you chuckle. “Sure.”

I distance myself when I can feel my walls coming down. Because that scares me the most. Those walls protect me, they make me strong, empowered, independent. They keep a level head on my shoulders and all my deepest darkest emotions and feelings in check. But when I can feel them breaking and weakening … I run. I run because I’m terrified to see what’s behind them. To let the monster that has been pent up for years harbouring pain, disappointment, insecurities, sadness, hurt, distrust, and everything beyond or in between those emotions, free. The memories that have tied me down or broke me surfacing to be relived again. The thoughts that have kept me awake, sleepless for days, coming back to steal precious sleep away. I cannot even forgive that side of me. I cannot love those parts of myself. I cannot live with the mistakes and regrets I’ve made. So how would someone else be able to face the monster? Or live with my sorrow if I cannot.

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why do ppl wanna paint bucky as this violent impulsive person like pls

idk… idk
i think people are taking this footage we got and coming up with all these theories even though its just. a trailer. we always make all these assumptions and then when the movie comes out usually none of those things come true

and tbh i just gotta say what i think for a moment here
in that scene where bucky goes after tony, he’s still wearing that red shirt. i dont know how much he’s going to be wearing that shirt in the movie, but he was wearing it when steve found him. my dad pointed out “but he remembered steve! why would he harm tony if he has his memory back” no. he remembers steve. the man that was important to him through most of his life. i highly, highly doubt he remembers everything. he probably remembers bits and pieces. of course he remembers steve. also, the expression on bucky’s face???

he definitely wasn’t himself there. that was the winter soldier right there. someone is still pulling his strings and messing with his mind. i KNOW someone had to make him go after tony. and a lot of people are saying it’s ross (?)

but yeah. people can shut the hell up with this “steve made bucky go after tony”. because even though i don’t agree with steve’s ways in civil war, steve is still a good man. he would never do that.

not that anyone cares but speaking of cats, every time my sister and i would go back to romanian to visit, my grandparents would prepare me a batch of kitties to choose from. like they asked all their neighbors and friends and theyd get at least 7+ kitties so by the time i arrived, there would be just kitties all over the yard. funniest memory is a few weeks after i got there, there were already 6 kitties there– and one day i hear the doorbell ring so i run to get the door and its these two oooooooold grannies holding a box and a bag. they come inside and lo and behold - you know what is in the box and bag? two new cats for me- black ones!! bc my grandma knew that black cats were my favorite so she called her granny friends and they brought over two cats- one was a TINY BABY WITH BLUE EYES and the other one was an adult but it was SO SMART AND HYPER omg he was adorable my sis loved him he was kind of like a dog so playful. 

anyways cutest memory- the two old hungarian ladies with black kitties in a box/bag ;A; 

and here are some photos from that year (2005) 

cat whisperer-Leti
HTGAWM Boss Teases 'Dark, Twisty' Christophe Arc, 'Keating Five' Bonding
When How to Get Away With Murder last aired a fresh episode, your Thanksgiving turkey was still in the freezer — which means we've had 84 days to ponder that crazy flashback of Annalise and
By Michael Slezak

Executive producer Pete Nowalk is well aware that that’s a pretty long fast between OMG/WTF feasts, which is why HTGAWM won’t skimp on fleshing out that shocking backstory when the ABC drama returns this Thursday at 10/9c.

“We’re going to see flashbacks throughout the rest of the season,” promises Nowalk. “I don’t like to tease something and not revisit it — and the flashbacks are really fun to write. Famke [Janssen’s Eve] is coming back, too, so take from that what you want.”

Just don’t expect a lot of misty, water-colored memories as the show delves into Christophe’s childhood. After all, Eve’s parting comment — “Good God, Annalise, what did we do?” — implied some kind of misstep on the part of the young attorneys/sometimes lovers.

I am so rock stupid sometimes

Soooo I’m slowly trying to fill my Pokemon Y pokedex to get a shiny charm.  It’s actually a lot of fun, and I’ve got a load of pokemon from wondertrading that I never expected to get as well as evolving a whole load of ones I already had to fill gaps.  Lots of trips to the Battle Mansion, lemmie tell you.

Now because I don’t have a great memory I’ve been going online to check what pokemon evolves with what and when so I don’t waste my time training up pokemon that just need a stone or event to evolve.  

So I just hopped online to check a pokemon to see what level it evolves.

….but all the search results come back in French 

And for a second I sit there completely confused and weirded out wondering why.  

Is it a glitch?  A virus?  Has someone hacked my computer and changed the language settings?!?!? AAAAAAAAAAAGH WHY WHY WHY


then i realise the problem is I put in what I thought was the pokemon’s name (Chinchidou)….which is in fact it’s FRENCH name (from a wondertrade), instead of it’s english name (Miccino)

Hence all the results were from French pokemon sites

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So then Cole and Erika got to go on a date, by popular demand.

Cole’s turn-ons are red hair and face paint, so I was thinking he’d solve Janet Starchild’s problem; and his high school sweetheart will be along in a couple of semesters; but he made his own plans perfectly clear.

i just wish my brain held onto better things. i wish instead of staying up for hours going over every small mistake i made, i could lie there and think of all the good things i’ve seen that day. i wish the bad stuff didn’t come rushing back still tasting fresh even years after it happened; i wish the good stuff wouldn’t fade. i wish i could sort through my memories and only take the best ones with me.

yall: lmao zayn hates ot4 so much what the fuck

zayn: “one of my fondest memories is when we all got together by the campfire”, “it takes time but i hope we can all come back together”, “my brothers” 

In the briefest of moments it all comes back. The pain. The loneliness. In short bursts. Random anger and hurt. Unresolved feelings. Tension and suspense. In brief moments, the memories you locked away explode out of their cage and slice through your thoughts. It clogs up your brain ‘till everything reminds you of it.
—  Classy
December 24th and we’re through again.
This time for good I know because I didn’t
throw you out — and anyway we waved.
No shoes. No angry doors.
We folded clothes and went
our separate ways.
You left behind that flannel shirt
of yours I liked but remembered to take
your toothbrush. Where are you tonight?

Richard, it’s Christmas Eve again
and old ghosts come back home.
I’m sitting by the Christmas tree
wondering where did we go wrong.

Okay, we didn’t work, and all
memories to tell you the truth aren’t good.
But sometimes there were good times.
Love was good. I loved your crooked sleep
beside me and never dreamed afraid.

There should be stars for great wars
like ours. There ought to be awards
and plenty of champagne for the survivors.

After all the years of degradations,
the several holidays of failure,
there should be something
to commemorate the pain.

Someday we’ll forget that great Brazil disaster.
Till then, Richard, I wish you well.
I wish you love affairs and plenty of hot water,
and women kinder than I treated you.
I forget the reason, but I loved you once,

Maybe in this season, drunk
and sentimental, I’m willing to admit
a part of me, crazed and kamikaze,
ripe for anarchy, loves still.
—  Sandra Cisneros, “One Last Poem for Richard”

- Alex was the only person able to bring Kara back
- Alex said to James that if Kara couldn’t come back with her, she wouldn’t coming back either
- Kara was only back because in the last minute (even with her memories erased), she remembered Alex, and she remembered her family


February Horoscope 2016

Aries: This month is going to be uneventful. Things will be happening constantly around you but not in your own life. It may get boring at times, but just keep making things interesting; find a new hobby, write, draw, discover music and try not to let the inactivity get you down.

Taurus: Everything feels like it’s changing. Maybe someone is becoming distant to you, perhaps your school/work has completely plummeted or risen. You may feel uncomfortable with all the change, but embrace it, think of the pluses. Not every change has to be a bad one, even if it feels that way.

Gemini: You’re feeling nostalgic this month, memories flooding back, friends slowly coming back into your life. However, remember, just because all seems good doesn’t mean it is, nor will it last forever. Enjoy it while it lasts, but know you’re going to get bored soon enough.

Cancer: You’re so blind to everything around you. You’re feeling self-centred this month. You need to stop being so lazy and get up and do something instead of relying on others to do it for you. You’re so much smarter than you think, you just need to try harder. You can’t rely on others forever.

Leo: You miss someone right now. It could be in a many number of ways; you just haven’t seen them in a while, you’re becoming distant to them, they’re becoming distant to you, maybe they passed away. Although everything seems to be going to shit you need to know it may not be as awful you think.

Virgo: You’re not sure how to deal with anything this month. You have so many responsibilities that you can’t face so you’re just hiding away. Get up and start doing some work. You’ll thank yourself later.

Libra: This month will be eventful. Many things will be happening, good and bad. You need to remember that you don’t have to balanced and unadventurous 24/7, remember to have some fun this month.

Scorpio: You feel like nothing is changing this month and you can’t stand it. Everything is just staying the same and it’s getting boring. However, you need to stop blaming everyone else for this, if you want change then go out and change something instead of waiting for it to happen.

Sagittarius: You feel like you’re forgetting everything this month, no memories to look back on, no old friends to catch up with. You need to remember that so much has happened to you and just because it’s hard to pinpoint your memories doesn’t mean they didn’t happen.

Capricorn: You are only focusing on others this month. It feels like everyone’s problems are more important than your own. You need to stop being so selfless and feel bad for yourself every once in a while.

Aquarius: You’re not feeling very empathetic this month, you don’t seem to care much about anyone else’s feelings and it’s making others feel like shit. Maybe instead of focusing on yourself all the time you could try and empathise with others for once.

Pisces: You’re trying way too hard to deal with your problems this month. This is because you’re tackling them all at once and it’s not good. Try making a schedule and sorting things out one thing at a time rather than doing everything at once and not getting anything done.

Keeping Track

Mainly DS, Metro and Mags

Wednesday 3rd Feb

Shocking news for Chas

Aaron reveals his devastating secret to Chas

Chas’s world crumbles as the truth comes out.

Chas apologises to Aaron. When she insists they are spending the day together, they travel to the seaside where she took him as a child. As they reminisce, Aaron’s mood suddenly changes. Chas tries to talk to him but he refuses.

Robert knows there’s a chance the truth could come out

Back from the day out, Chas thinks all is well but she is shocked when Aaron reveals that his dad raped him. Chas’s world crumbles as a distraught Aaron relives the painful memories.

Thursday 4th Feb

Aaron confides in Robert again

A confrontation leaves Chas shaken

Chas confronts Gordon about Aaron’s allegations

Can Gordon manage to talk his way out of trouble?

Chas is thrown when Aaron explains that he doesn’t want to tell the police about Gordon. He insists that he’ll be okay as long as Gordon isn’t around, but he can’t face anyone else knowing.

Later, Chas breaks down as she confronts Gordon about what he did to Aaron. Gordon feigns disbelief at her accusations, but Chas is adamant that she believes Aaron. When a deceitful Gordon continues to protest his innocence, will he change Chas’s mind over what happened? Gordon gives his opinion to Aaron’s story (ugh this will be awful)

Aaron’s secret could be about to spread

Will Chas tell Cain about Aaron’s traumatic past? (Yes she does)

Chas is clearly in a state as she tells Cain that she needs to be alone with Aaron. Aaron is floored by what she says.

Later, Cain is concerned for Chas and soon provides a shoulder to cry on. Will Chas keep Aaron’s confidence? And if she did share Aaron’s secret with Cain, what would he do with the information?

Cain wants revenge

Friday 5th Feb

Aaron gets a wake-up call as the repercussions continue

Will Aaron report his abusive dad to the police?

​When Chas talks to Aaron, will Aaron finally go to the police about his dad?

Monday 8th Feb

Aaron reports his father to the police but struggles and worries how they’ll prove the allegations. Cain tells the rest of the family about the abuse and Adam tells Robert that Aaron has gone to the police, grateful for his part in getting him to open up. Later, Aaron gets out the photo of himself he took from Gordon’s house and rips it into even smaller pieces. Is the net finally closing in on Gordon or will he manipulate his way out of it?

While Cain tells the rest of the family about the abuse, Adam informs Robert that Aaron has gone to the police. Adam is grateful for Robert’s part in getting Aaron to open up. But is the net finally closing in on Gordon, or will he manipulate his way out of it?

Also today, Adam is shocked when Nicola tells him that she works in the office full time now and they both bicker (looking forward to this hehe)

Tuesday 9th Feb

Robert tells Aaron that he was proud of him for going to the police, but Aaron is tormented. Gordon threatens to get Cain sent down for what he did, unless Aaron tells the police that he lied about the abuse. Gordon is adamant that Aaron won’t win, leaving him shaken. Aaron tells Chas about Gordon’s threat and she’s shocked when he says that he’s leaving.  Later, Moira and Chas try to hide their dread when the police arrive, wanting to talk to Cain about an attempted murder

Furious that his attempts at blackmail didn’t work, Gordon goes ahead and reports Cain to the police - and it’s not long before they arrive to talk to Cain about an attempted murder accusation. Has Cain found himself in serious trouble?

Wednesday 10th Feb

Chas refuses to tell Robert where Aaron is, but she is taken aback by his genuine emotion and concern for her son.

Robert’s love for Aaron couldn’t be more clear in the wake of his departure from the village – and Chas is left astonished by how emotional he is by Aaron not being around anymore.

Chas updates Paddy and Rhona on Aaron, telling them he’s gone away for a while. Tess opens up to Rhona about a married man she’s been seeing and Rhona advises her to do what makes her happy. How will Paddy react when Rhona tells him Tess’ plans to move to the village and has had an affair with a married man?

Thursday 11th Feb

Carly tells Tracy that she had a friend who lost a baby. However, Carly has a secret photo showing herself cradling a baby, who is clearly her own. (oh dear…)

Thursday 18th Feb:
Robert wants to support Aaron

Chas asks for Cain’s help


Friday 19th Feb:
Chas reaches out to Robert


W/c 22nd:

Aaron returns, the mugging, George Sampson’s character showing up & also Liv/Sandra coming along.

Monday 22nd Feb:

Tuesday 23rd Feb:

Wednesday 24th Feb:


Thursday 25th Feb:

Friday 26th Feb:

Monday 29th Feb:

Tuesday 1st March:

Wednesday 2nd March:

Thursday 3rd March:

“Week 8 George Sampson: He has a huge scene with Robert (spoilers 23rd Feb) - wish i hadnt read: All I am going to say is why… Emmerdale why.
Seriously… soo annoyed.“ 

What Next?

Will Robert be able to bring Aaron back home?

Will he help Aaron face the future as his friend or something more?

Has Gordon already done his worst?…or is there far worse to come? (cry!)

Will the police be able to prosecute Gordon?

Which long suffering lad is mugged…. By a face from his past?

come back to me o5 [jungkook&you]

Summary:  you didn’t expect for Jungkook to forgive you, when your last words to him were i hate you. but you had no idea that his memory would erase everything about you, let alone have his fair share of hating you.

a/n: ughhhh shitty update again. i think it’s cuz i’m just real tired lmao. but here it is guise. the ending to this series. don’t kill me. ily all. <3

part o1 part o2 part o3 part o4

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Scars are the reasons why we’re all reminded of regrets, pang of broken hearts, and why we cry bitter tears which puts us to sleep—only to receive annoying and painful headaches the next morning. But without these scars, we wouldn’t know about mistakes—and with mistakes being done and did, we learn to never create it again.

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