SJM, Feyre, & Beauty

Something I, SJM fans, and Anti SJM blogs alike tend to poke fun at or call out is Sarah J Maas’s tendency to describe all/most characters as beautiful. A lot of people argue that this is a bad thing, and often talk about it as if it is self-indulgent, petty, and a sign of poor writing.

I’m going to argue the opposite. So if that isn’t too offensive to you, feel free to keep reading below.

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from dusk till dawn ladies appreciation

guys one of FMA light novels was actually at Barnes and Noble

so I picked it up

mainly because there was a part in it where Al recounted how when they were six or something Ed and his friend released bugs in the classroom in an attempt to freak out the girls







WINRY ROCKBELL WAS A BADASS EVEN WHEN SHE WAS SIX YOU GUYS my theory about her being used to having to kick Ed’s ass from when they were children is apparently completely correct and stuff. 

Also Hiromu Arakawa illustrated this moment adorably so it’s so legit hold on I’ll go get it

but with that adorable illustration and moment and all, of course I had to get the book

even if the rest of it sucks, it’s worth it for that.

anonymous asked:

I don't know what I expected when I bought your book, but it wasn't man hating feminist propaganda. Your treatment of men is awful. They're all evil or incompetent and the women all save the day. You bait heterosexual relationships constantly even on the back cover where you say Marian meets Robin Hood and 'love blooms'. But then there are only lesbians. Not to mention the implausible diversity. 0 stars out of 5. I'm giving it to a thrift store.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to review my novel!! It means so much to me to receive reviews even now, over half a year after self publishing. I know I’m not one of the big cool great authors that everybody knows but hopefully one day I will be and getting feedback makes me feel like I can make it~<3

That being said, what the fuck are you talking about?

What’s implausible diversity, a group of companions from multiple cultures? Where does feminist propaganda come into it- because the main characters happen to be women? But it isn’t at all anti-feminist propaganda when the protagonists are all men? And, of course, the most important question: what on Earth is “baiting heterosexual relationships”?

For anybody interested in a piece of apparently man-hating, hetero-baiting, implausibly diverse piece of fiction where “there are only lesbians”- Robins in the Night is available on Amazon worldwide, or apparently in your local thrift store if you happen to live nearby this chewed up piece of Lego.

if ur Straight and vehemently hate any/all f/f ships maybe u should like. re-evaluate why you feel that way. i’m not saying you have to love All Femslash but if you mysteriously don’t like even a single f/f pairing ever don’t play pretend like it’s just “not your thing” my identity and relationships are not a fucking food you can choose to like or dislike. the hatred of women like us and the relationships we hold are rooted in real world homophobia that is ingrained in our society. you don’t get to pretend your distaste for fictional lbpq relationships exists in a vacuum where homophobia magically isn’t a part of your life experiences, because it IS. you grew up smothered in homophobia just like i and every other adult in the world and you can’t pretend you get to casually dislike seeing women in love while somehow separating that from your straight privilege and complicitness in homophobic violence.

there’s a reason you “just don’t like” f/f pairings, sweetheart, and it’s homophobia

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...I followed you for three years and I only learnt today just how much of a misogynist you are. You make a ranting post about how you think Eleanor's life should turn to shit for (as you think) 'doing a job' - and to justify it you precede it with the statement that she isn't pretty? As if her appearance could have spared her from your vile opinions? You have conclusively exposed yourself as a sexist, bitter person who verbally attacks young women for being in the public eye while worshipping-

-their mediocre male counterparts. And for the record, Eleanor’s participation in this so-called stunt is absolutely no worse than Louis’s. What is the difference between his benefit and hers? He gets money and fame. She gets money and fame. She holds his hand. He allows his fandom to harass and attack for the sake of a fiction formed six years ago that is all but dead in the water. Stop hating women for being alive and - horrors - pretty. Thank you.


Hey Taylor Swift, calling out a woman on her shitty behaviour does not a misogynist make. Neither does stating that she’s not as physically attractive as she obviously seems to think she is.

If you’re going to pretend that you followed me, then at least remember not to specifically say that you think Harry and Louis’ relationship is fiction, and that Louis is medicore. 

BLOCKED and go fuck yourself.

I hate going to look at reviews of women’s fiction books and they all start out with “normally I despise chick lit”

Okay that’s great?? Have a cookie?? I hope you, as a woman, can explain to me why you hate a genre written for and by women and every protagonist is happy in the end and has a good job and sometimes a boyfriend and learns to love herself in a lot of them. Please tell me what you hate about this. Times New Roman. 12 font. Double spaced. I will need it by tomorrow.

            ‘ what the hecki padalecki is a mara jade? is it a rock? ’ no, my woefully misguided friend. mara jade is the single greatest thing to have ever one out of the star wars legends books and comics ( and yes I am counting the book kenobi in that ). do you like hot redheaded girls? do you like characters who decide their loyalties and allegiances for themselves based on their own experiences and conclusions? how about a character with a tragic past and traumas who manages to rise above them stronger than ever? are you fond of multifaceted fictional women who can love and hate, fight and nurture, cry and laugh, and be their own person all the while? now imagine i take mara jade, who is all of these, and rescue her from whiny fanboys and dumb writers who kill her off for no reason. imagine that i love and nurture her and shower her with the devotion that she, as an actual angel, rightfully deserves. it’s a good picture right? wrong. it’s the best picture.


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(1/2) Im so tired of antis saying that creating content for these """problematic""" ships will normalize p*dophilia and abuse (not that they are anyways). First of all, there's a clear line between fiction and reality that most people can see. And secondly, as someone who is a CSA survivor: actual p*dophiles don't become that way after seeing media. They were like that before any outside influence. Just like how playing violent video games doesn't make you a serial killer. Seeing antis use

(2/2) this as an excuse to hate on other ships, and using actual CSA survivors as pawns, is really upsetting.


legit antis are like those middle aged women you get who argue violent video games make kids violent irl like I play GTA on the regular I haven’t punched any hookers yet or stolen any cars how fascinating


all right sit the fuck down this might take a while

I love shipping. It’s fun. It’s especially fun when people aren’t assholes about it, which people tend to be. But there are times when they go too far.

Disliking a ship is fine. I’m cool with people saying they don’t like it because they think it’s dumb, or don’t like the character’s dynamic, or it makes them uncomfortable, or even if they just don’t really like the characters together. What I’m not cool with, is people saying things like “I HATE THIS SHIP AND PEOPLE WHO DONT HATE IT SUPPORT ABUSE/RAPE/ETC” or “PEOPLE THAT SHIP THIS HATE WOMEN/GAYS/POC/OTHER THINGS” because that’s what I see a lot of nowadays especially after chapter 11 in rwby and The Force Awakens. This makes me angry because no, not all of the people who ship that thing are like that, and no, liking two fictional characters together doesn’t make you a terrible person, just like liking a straight ship more than a gay ship doesn’t mean you’re homophobic cough @ bumbleby and stormpilot shippers cough

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of ships that I find gross and in my mind I’m like ew how could anyone ship that ewewew but you will never see me go and tell people to KILL THEMSELVES (seriously wtf you guys) over a FICTIONAL PAIRING?? Like?? Hate a ship you see as abusive all you want and you may even be right about the abuse part, but under no circumstances is it ok for you to tell someone to drink bleach over it. Because doing that is honestly as bad as the abuse in the ship. 

Don’t go into that ship’s tag and yell about it. Don’t go on that pro-thatship blogs and send anon messages telling the shipper how much of a terrible person they are. You may think you’re doing some kind of internet justice, but in fact your being a self righteous asshole. The amount of hate I’m seeing in different fandoms right now is unacceptable. 

Stop telling people to kill themselves over fictional stories. Stop telling people to kill themselves period. Don’t tell someone they’re a horrible person and that they deserve to die over a ship they like. Just fucking don’t. You immature prick.

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You know who I don't understand? Neonazis, those people often are fucking ugly, indulgent in "degenerate" hobbies, and/or hate women and the idea of being family me. It kind of surprises me these rejects adopted an ideology that measures people by their physical appearance and behavior. I know they're stupid and all, but you'd think they notice that the nazis even had shit like measuring the facial features of white Germans.

There’s some post going around that compares a modern neonazi’s face to that of a (presumably fictional) nazi idea of a “subhuman.” They look very similar.

Why you should read the All for the Game series by Nora Sakavic
  • If I had to put Ao3 tags on these books they would be the following: 
    M/M; slowest slowburn to ever burn slow; broken boys; enemies to family; protective assholes; violence; blood; swearing; alcohol & drug use; tw for sexual abuse; sports fiction; aggression problem; attitude problem; 
  • Yeah, yeah, I know. Sports fiction?, you think. But believe me when I say it does not matter if you’re into sports or not. It’s also a fictional sport, mixing lacross, hockey and whatever else and it’s so freaking fast and aggressive, point is the writer invented a sport just for this story.
  • The ship may not be actually canon until the third book but the slow burn is heart wrenching and so well developed it blows my mind.
    Seriously you don’t even know it’s happening at first, you might even have problems figuring out who the ship even is, but when you do suddenly everything in your life makes sense
  • The women are awesome. I have seriously never read women in fiction this well and realistically depicted. You could literally swap every gender in this book and it wouldn’t change a thing.

more reasons to read these books: 

  • Neil: problematic and so not innocent, but still a cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure, must be protected at all costs, has lived trough so much and continues to live through so much
  • Andrew: literally a small ball of self-distructive psycho with a huge overprotective streak, you will hate him and then you will love him; just imagine a mixture between Ronan Lynch and Mickey Milkovich and add a little more aggression, unpredictability and pain and you got it (thanks to coldsaturn i can now not picture him as anyone else but Noel Fisher), sometimes he makes literature references
  • Matt: the true cinnamon roll of this story, still a little aggressive, but good to the core
  • Dan, Renee, Allison, Nicky, literaLLY EVERY SINGLE OTHER CHAracter
You shouldn't hate a female character just because they stand in the way of your 'beloved ship'.

You basically shouldn’t do that. I get angry about this all the time because of some immature people on fandoms. I, for one, am a Snowbarry shipper but I don’t hate Iris West. I like her because Iris West is a very strong female character on the show and I like to see strong, independent women on TV shows. Though, nowadays she only sits in Star Labs and only appears to comfort Barry when he is in need of some ‘comfort talk’. But that is the writers’ fault for having turned such a strong female character to a side character. Back in season 1 she was one hell of a journalist and she was very brave, she was a woman who could risk it all just for a good story to publish. She was very good at her job too. We don’t get to see that anymore and I hope they fix it.

Anyways, just like it has been done to Bamon in TVD (everybody hated Bonnie–the girl who sacrificed her everything to save her friends’ asses–just because they were Delena/Stelena shippers), also like it has been done to Lauriver in Arrow (everybody hated Laurel simply because she was with Oliver). That is wrong. Just like it’s being done to Caitlin right now, what you’re doing is ridiculous. Hating Caitlin is something I don’t understand. She is a female scientist and a very intelligent woman, part of The Flash team. Why do you hate her, I don’t understand your reasonings at all. I don’t think y'all are watching the same show with me because Caitlin is dope. She was casted aside in s2 which was unfair but now she is back and she has developed big time as a character. Just like Iris has so far.

Another example is, I’ve been an ex-Olicity fan before Felicity got all crazy and I stopped watching at the half of season 3 because of Oliver’s idiotic decisions. Then I found out they killed Black Canary. Today I saw on my dash a Lauriver scene and went to Laurel Lance tag and saw some Olicity fans posting hate posts to Lauriver shippers. That made me realise why the fuck I’ve stepped out of that fandom. Just let people ship whatever they want to ship. BLACK CANARY IS AN ESSENTIAL CHARACTER IN THE COMICS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, WHAT ARE Y'ALL EVEN TALKING ABOUT? I am not going into Bonnie Bennett because if I go down that road, I’m going to vomit so much hatred towards Julie Plec and those who don’t like Bonnie Bennett. Don’t get me started on that because that character has been suffering so much since season 1 it hurts my soul. I am so mad. I am mad because this is madness. The writers fuck up so many women characters in TV shows that it is unbelievable. I know most shippers are generally women, so how can you be so bashing and rude towards a woman character when you should be protecting them? They might be fictional characters but how you’re still supporting the death or sadness of a female character is beyond my understanding.

So if you hate a female character simply because they ‘might’ stand in the way of your ship, or ‘stood’ in the way of your ship before, you’re not making sense at all. Stop the hate & spread the love because we all need to see more strong and independent women in the TV show industry. (P.s.: if you after reading this decide to fight me on this topic, or unfollow me because of my opinions, this is my general reply because unless necessary I won’t be replying any negative shit coming to this post: fuck you.)

anonymous asked:

Do you Know any books with strong Female characters that are not tomboys or something like that. I cant find books with girly, kind and feminine characters that are Also strong. The Only one i Know is GoT sansa stark. I'm kinda tired that Every Female character has to be a tomboy( that cant stand other Girls which is the reason she Hangs out with boys ), i cant relate at all.

ahhhh I feel you!!! I hate it when female protagonists have the personality of a ‘tomboy’ because apparently women can’t be strong unless they show the typical characteristics of strong men (or that a strong woman has to hate other women to be respected)… 

some book to check out with feminine strong women (who get along with other women!):

  • throne of glass by sarah j maas. features protagonist celaena sardothien, one of my all time favourite fictional women. she’s a trained assassin who can seriously rock a ball gown.
  • vampire academy series by richelle mead. protagonist rose hathaway is an amazing woman who is the full time protector of her female best friend (this series also has awesome friendships between women!) and totally owns her sexuality and femininity. 
  • code name verity by elizabeth wein. two female protagonists that stand out the most, showing unbelievable courage and strength when faced by horror and death.
  • the unbecoming of mara dyer by michelle hodkin. poc protagonist mara dyer slays, murders, and struggles with insanity and her moral compass & also wears dresses.
  • the handmaid’s tale by margaret atwood. much darker than the books above, it’s protagonist offred is a woman living in a dystopian nightmare, but she faces it, and she lives it. and this book is a work of art. read it.
  • shatter me by tahereh mafi. just like the book above, this novel features a woman, juliette, forced into a situation where one would break, and she has the strength (psychically and emotionally) to pull through.
  • the grisha trilogy by leigh bardugo. though i myself am yet to read this, it’s been recommended to me time and time again for it’s amazing female protagonist.
  • daughter of smoke and bone by laini taylor. wonderful protagonist karou is an art student in prague who travels the world collecting teeth for her adoptive monstrous parents. she has a mysterious backstory and a spine of steel.
  • mistress of rome by kate quinn. features two amazingly powerful and influential women of ancient rome who fucking slay.

i’m sure there’s more, but those are the ones that immediately leap to mind!!

Reasons why the Olicity fandom is trash:

1. Throwing around the word “misogynistic” because if we don’t like their toxic and problematic fave, we automatically hate all women.

2. Being mad at justifiably angered fans that a favorite character died. (Listen you fucking children, if it was Felicity dying, would you want people to tell you to stop being mad and to get over it? I don’t fucking think so. Get out of my fucking face.)

3. Stupid fucking shippers celebrating the death of a fictional person. 

Me @ Olicity shippers/Felicity stans: Grow the fuck up.

I wasn’t going to post about this, but....

FYI: If you are triggered by talk of rape or incest, please don’t read this. I certainly don’t want to trigger you. 

Before you toss out a word like incest in regards to Castle and Alexis’ relationship, I’d like you to think about what you are implying. Maybe some of you think that its a harmless word, that its being used to convey your intense dislike of the storyline, Alexis’ character, or a dozen other things. Maybe you are using it with sarcasm. Regardless of the reason why, I think its important that you understand just what you are implying. 

The definition for incest is as follows: sexual relations between people classed as being too closely related to marry each other/the crime of having sexual intercourse with a parent, child, sibling, or grandchild.

The key words in that definition are ‘sexual relations’. There is no alternate definition. Incest means sexual relations between family members and, in implying that word towards Richard Castle, you are basically calling him a child molester that has openly and willingly manipulated his daughter into sexual intercourse. 

You are basically saying that Richard Castle has raped his daughter, or, alternately, that Alexis Castle raped her father. 

It’s not something to be taken with a light heart and a chuckle. It’s not something that you should be joking about or poking fun of. I don’t give a shit if they are fictional characters; incest and rape are serious issues and things that real people deal with on a daily basis. Dislike the storyline all you want, hate the character, hate the show, but this kind of crap? This needs to stop. 

Not only is there an absolute lack of foundation for that kind of behavior on the show, but this entire backlash has largely formed out of sheer jealousy. Women in the media are always being slut-shamed, always having to defend themselves or answer questions about why this character isn’t equal to a man. Stana Katic is often praised for the depth that she brings to Kate Beckett and, in turn, she has praised the writers for allowing her the opportunity to play such a nuanced character. Do you honestly think that if Castle and Alexis had any sort incestuous relationship that she would stick by him and put up with it? She’s a damn cop. She would never allow such a thing, much less marry a man who behaved that way. Likewise, she’d never allow Alexis to do such a thing because its equally as deplorable. 

So, let’s cut right to it. Calling Castle and Alexis’ relationship incest? Sure, you can hit my inbox up about how that isn’t the intention or what is trying to be conveyed with the term. You can reblog this with all the defenses in the world. But the fact is that there are some words in the universe that you don’t play around with. 

picspams ~ nobody asked game of thrones + why are there male characters on this show again? but i’m gonna do it anyways :D 

Rarewomen 2014 - Prompts and Treating.

Looking for women-positive and women-centric prompts to write fanfic for? Wanted to participate in Rarewomen 2014 but missed the deadline or weren’t up for a proper fic exchange?

You can now view all of the requests that were made for the challenge here, sorted by fandom or recipient. You can also access a spreadsheet with all of the author letters (sorted by fandoms!) for all of your treating needs.

In case it hasn’t been emphasized enough, treating is not only welcomed, but desperately encouraged. The main goal of this ficathon was always to generate more fanfic about the overlooked female characters, and treats certainly help with that. We’re leaving all the requests visible, so you are free to write as many fics of any length as you like. You do not have to be an official participant in order to write treats, so feel free to link the spreadsheet and requests around, if you think other people might be interested in writing you (or others) treats.

Anything you write can be uploaded to the main archive here. All stories will be revealed on May 10th.