okay so i did promise i would celebrate this milestone with a bang & so let’s begin the firework display!!! :) honestly though, i can’t believe what a year 2016 has been. so much has happened in the world, and to me in my own life. but really, the highlight (& this might sound lame but idc) is this site - during this year, i have met some people on here who i would probably give my life for. i have been allowed to just be me, weird and awkward, terrible and affectionate, over the top and silly, and somehow i have been loved for being this person. i’ve literally never felt that from a collective group of people before so… thank you. you will probably never understand how touched my soul is by this whole experience.

now, let’s cut to the chase. to celebrate this wonderful incredible achievement, i am hosting my first ever tumblr awards !!!!

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Favourite voice actors in Dragon Age: Inquisition
James Norton as Cole

Hello everybody and welcome to my first tumblr awards! I’m doing this in celebration of reaching 500+ followers (wow thank you!!) and mainly b/c I’d like to check out some of your blogs and follow more of you lovely lot c:


• mbf liberty

• reblog this post (likes will count as bookmarks)

• any type of blog can enter -  more categories will be added if different blog types enter

• ends July 31st and winners will be announced on August 1st


Xenophilius Lovegood award - for the blogger with the coolest URL going 8)

Gilderoy Lockhart award - it’s difficult looking this good! this award is for the person with the best looking theme 

Lucius Malfoy award - b/c looking your best at all times is a priority and so this one is for the best icon

Lee Jordan award - keeping everybody up to speed with what’s happening? this one’s for the best updates tab

Ron Weasley award - for the blog with the best posts and content

Draco Malfoy award - obsessed with harry potter? I can tell, you have the best harry potter blog in the known universe

Nymphadora Tonks award - the best multifandom blog in town

J.K. Rowling award - for the creators who are changing the world one post at a time

Fred and George Weasley award - YOU ARE SO NICE AND FUNNY and you always make me smile no other human being has anything on you

Fleur Delacour award - for the best newcomer (to be considered for this one either send me a message or put your follower count in the tags MUST BE BELOW 800)

Hermione Granger award - the best/the blog that has it all

Blaise Zabini award - and last but not least this one is for my personal favourite! You’ve likely won my heart and I am forever and always in awe of you



• A follow back from me (if I haven’t done already)

• I’ll put your URL somewhere on my blog until christmas

• S C R E E N S H O T  P R O M O 

• An URL graphic or playlist of your choice 

•  blograte/fancast

• my eternal love 

runners up:

•  A follow back from me (if I haven’t done already)

• Promo lists!

• blograte/fancast

• we’re now best friends there is nothing u can do

And I’m pretty sure that’s all of it! Thank you so much I love you all!!


Welcome to lohgbottom’s first ever tumblr awards! also I can’t make graphics

R U L E S:

  • follow me
  • reblog (likes for bookmarks)
  • check out @demcters
  • ends on the 30th november 
  • don’t be like 10 notes
  • have to post at least some fandom stuff
  • runner-ups dependant on the number of people who enter

C A T E G O R I E S:

  • Best url, icon, theme and updates tab
  • Best creations (please have the link somewhere on your blog!)
  • Best multifandom, doctor who, teen wolf and hp (may add more!)
  • Best posts, overall

P R I Z E S:


  • +f if not already
  • gifset/ graphic at your request (prepare for it to be bad)
  • spot in updates tab for a month & hall of fame (if i make one)
  • 5 promos 
  • love, help and friendship!


  • +f if not already
  • spot in updates tab & hall of fame
  • 2 promos
  • love help and friendship :)